When I Was 18 People Called Me… #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

I’m glad I held off on publishing this, not only to see what Q added, but what anons could dig up.

And boy-oh-boy, is there a doozy at the end of this article.

Don’t wait! Get reading!

Picking up where I left off last night:

Protests are continuing to grow across Iran even as the regime in Tehran attempts to crush them. The demonstrations are increasing at a time when the leadership of the ‘Islamic Republic’ is struggling to adapt to its newly-reduced status after US President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the 2015 Joint Collective Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal between the regime and the P5+1 group of nations. With President Trump imposing the most severe sanctions to date against the ayatollahs over their nuclear program and the regime’s malign activities in neighboring countries and sponsorship of terror which have undermined security and stability regionally and globally, the regime has lost the geopolitical power it gained under his predecessor Barack Obama, the originator of the JCPOA agreement which was widely viewed as his “legacy deal.”

The people are starting to rise up against their “masters,”  hopefully (and finally) undoing decades of CIA interference and blowback:

I’ve always felt so badly for the people of Iran because everything in that nation collapsed after the Islamic Revolution, and they were put under a brutal system of, ostensibly religious control.  After all, Islam, the #ReligionOfPeace, means “submission.”

Hopefully, the good people of Iran will free themselves from this death cult.

Regime change is coming to Iran. Let’s pray it happens quickly, and as peacefully as possible.

Ahhhh, so now the “Melanie” tweets finally make sense!

Come on, do you really think Trump doesn’t know how to spell his own wife’s name? Do you really think he hasn’t added “Melania” to his default dictionary.

This was purposeful.

As for the Viva Le Resistance message, it was disclosed in the #IGReport.

Some more choice messages from “FBI Attorney 2:”

Just to be clear here:

The Viva Le Resistance message, that was sent TO Lisa Page from a heretofore unidentified FBI Attorney, known only as FBI Attorney 2:

So who is FBI Attorney 2?

Kevin Clinesmith.

As for [J C]

Take it away, #Anon!

No wonder Rosenstein made sure that was redacted!

First, here’s the image Q linked to:

And here are the two news reports:

“Melts down?” Really?

Who or what is QAnon? Just asking that question sucks you into a world that’s like Pizzagate on bath salts, a galaxy-brained, 4chan-bred conspiracy theory that has apparently convinced an alarming number of adults that all kinds of preposterous things are true.

You know, for the most part, the mockingbird media wants to avoid talking about #QAnon. Why? Because they don’t want to give it any more attention.

However, there comes a point where they can’t ignore it any more, and they have to start spinning up their machinery in order to actively discredit it.

We’re at that phase right now, but I think it’s coming a little too late in the game for it to be effective.

Take this, from the first article:

The sign the armored truck driver held up on the bridge appeared to reference the idea, promoted by QAnon, that Trump possesses another OIG report that would bring down his enemies once and for all. The second report supposedly proves the FBI, the Justice Department, and top Democrats broke laws in an attempt to stop Trump from winning the presidency. Now Trump just has to release it, QAnon says.

Okay, and what’s this mockingbird going to say once Trump really does release the other OIG reports?

Protip: it doesn’t matter, because the reader of these kinds of articles don’t care about facts and details. They care about feeling smarter, more informed than those around them; content in their smug, self-satisfaction.

They won’t go back and re-read this once the new versions of the report come out. They’ll just go, “Hey, that’s that crazy 4chan conspiracy theory, QAnon!”

Wait until the likes of Stephen Colbert and John Oliver get the go-ahead to start talking about Q!

#Anons figured out who [J_C] was referencing by looking at Trump’s tweet this morning, with the extra “p” at the end.


First things first: I backed up the video Q links to here, on my Gab Channel:

Source: https://gab.ai/tv/watch/16872

Secondly, that’s Texas Democratic Rep. Shirley Jackson Lee.


She says in the video that the Republicans are planning on firing Rod Rosenstein this Friday!

Q hasn’t told us that. None of the Anons knew that.

The ONLY possible way she could have known these spoilers was if it was leaked to her.

HOWEVER – big caveat – this might be intentional disinfo.

If the good guys are trying to round up and kick out all leakers, someone might have intentionally given bad intel to someone they suspected of being a leaker. Someone who potentially works on one of the subcommittees Rep. Jackon Lee works on, and they, in turn, leaked that bad intel to Rep. Lee, thinking it was true. Trump may have no intention of firing Rod Rosenstein. In fact, given their 2.5 hour meeting at the White House, I very much doubt this is as the case.

But the Dems are in absolute panic mode right now, trying to throw up whatever they can to try and stop what’s coming, that they’re getting sloppy and making very public mistakes.

Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I believe this was a setup. And she took the bait!

Horowitz explained some of major technical hurdles they had to jump over in trying to recover all these texts, yesterday during the IG Hearing. If I recall correctly, this was about the one text in particular where Strzok says they’ll “stop Trump” – a damning text which proves animus. It was very evident that the FBI had made every effort to obfuscate and erase these texts; however, they were able, after contacting a vendor and going through three other processes, to find a database deep within the phone where the missing messages were stored.

Evidently, the FBI didn’t even know this database existed – according to Horowitz. Otherwise, it would have been erased as well.

It’s bleachbit all over again!

Forget the almost five hours of madness, with anons trying to figure out who was in the pic. Yes, there was the filename, and that was kind of a giveaway. But there were lots of theories, and lots of images flying for hours.

But Q finally settled the debate:

If you need more proof:

This becomes the central question, then:

Anon had a theory:

Another anon expands:

Ah, @Jack. Looks like you’re busted!

The only thing I’m curious about, then, is the significance of the “What a wonderful day” marker. Q has used it 4 times in the past 6 days.

My favorite theory is that it’s part of the code #TheCabal uses to communicate out in the open, on platforms like twitter (think back to when Q disclosed the fact that the Pope used the word “concrete” as a codeword):

In which case, Q is talking directly to them, mocking them yet again.

The other theory would be that it’s a phrase to look out for – either in upcoming POTUS tweets or one of his speeches.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see both theories come true!

Q doubles down here on the POTUS proofs by posting ANOTHER picture. And right about then, Anons noticed the timing of Q’s post, and Trump’s tweet:

#NoCoincidences, Q.

Conspiracy no more!

And this should surprise no one. Just remember what Q said 5 days ago:

Q is going public. 8ch is going to be flooded with normies, awaiting drops, very soon.

The media is starting to ramp up it’s “Conspiracy” attacks, and the proofs are there to combat it.

I’d keep my eyes peeled for these other proofs, which are already scheduled on the clock.


Oh, and BTW – before we go.

We found Hussein’s third grade photo…

From Indonesia.

Full Size: https://www.neonrevolt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/953dbf6fc2fedf846d6f270f00fcb1ce48f39b3a2e23cb4d5bd28380121684b4_compressed.jpg


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35 thoughts on “When I Was 18 People Called Me… #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. Aw man i wish US come change my country shitty commie regime.
    fucking commie is basically china’s lapdogs at this point.
    wait a couple more years and US will LOSE the whole SEA.

    • NEON the first pic is NOT Trump only the second. Trump doesn’t have gray hair near ears and he doesn’t hav ebad skin. The first is Horowitz and the Anons proved that with several pics. from the angle. The SECOND pic is Trump.

      • But I could be wrong. Now that I see a picture from the meeting w/the Spain guy, in whatever office they allow all those reporters, it looks more and more like Trump. Q right again, me wrong again. Go Q!!!!!

    • “Viva le Resistance” is no French. It’s a pathetic attempt at pretending to know French.

      The correct expression is “Vive la Résistance”. JPC was virtue-signaling.

  2. I am Indonesian. Foreigners have always been able to attend local school without a problem. Fifty years ago (when Obama was a student here), proper documentation wasnt even required. Many Indonesians didnt even have birth certificates to start with. My parents dont have birth certificates. When they were issued Identity cards, they just gave their chosen names and date of birth. No question asked.

  3. No. Officially, Indonesia doesnt recognize double citizenship. One must give up Indonesian citizenship/passport if he/she obtains another country citizenship/passport or if he/she enrolls in foreign army training. But, documentation is messy here. It was easy to make any documents here with money. Its a lot harder now, but still possible. In remote areas, people still dont have birth certificates and IDs.

      • It seems Akismet doesn’t like Anna Von Reitz quotes & her articles via links hosted from Paul Stramer here…in reference to:

        “…they are still free,…”

  4. Children with parents of mixed citizenships are allowed to choose desired citizenship once they turn 17 years old.

  5. I was an expat in Jakarta in 1970 and attended the international school there (at the time it was called Jakarta Embassy School). Anyone could register except for those with Indonesian citizenship. Since his mother was an American citizen from Kansas, its never made sense to me why he wasn’t a classmate at my school. I expect that his (adopted?) dad wanted him immersed in the the Muslim culture because his citizenship was changed to Indonesian.

  6. The FBI Atty 2 (Viva le resistance) has been identified as Kevin Clinesmith. So, was Q & anons wrong? Or misread drops? Confusing now!

  7. I think that the masses have woke to MSM lies from them trying to cram crooked Hillary down their throats during the election and lying about her supposed popularity. There will be a small segment of elderly folks who only watch MSM that will buy the bullshit but I think it will be a case of thou doth protest to much. Many normies I know have started waking up. After you realize 911 was an inside job, a plot against Trump doesnt seem far fetched at all. Q wants the memes out because its a fast way to redpill the masses and get them interested in finding out more. Once they really look into it the proofs are there. Getting them to wrap their heads around the satan worship, canabalism child sex trafficking etc..is going to be a little harder as most people don’t believe people can be that sick and don’t want to accept they have been so fooled, but again the proofs are there.

  8. “What a wonderful day… in the neighborhood? – Mr. Rodgers

    “Mr. Rodgers” a code name / call sign for something established in GJS and JM’s era?

  9. Great work as always! They can say what they want but many of Q followers, myself included have been awake to the evil doings of the Cabal or what ever name you want to call them, for a very long time. We finally getting to see the takedown and exposure of this evil. Unfortunately evil will rise again, but I believe it will be exposed first, at least I pray it is. Many will still chose evil over good and dark over light. God bless all who are shedding light on this.

  10. Just a reminder. Q has said there are texts from FBI agents discussing the asasination of POTUS and family.
    Lots more info coming to sink the Deep State black hats. Panic is in the air. Witnessed by the border hysteria of recent days. Distraction campaign in overdrive. These are the days that will be remembered forever. The destruction of the cabal that has plagued this good earth for centuries. And we ANONS are part of it. #thegreatawakening.

  11. The two iphones issue. Is that the ZTE and the pallettes of NON-corrupted iphones i.e. POTUS has one of the clean phones and another Q confirmation? Just a suggestion.

  12. Remember the stories going around on May 22 about Trump having two phones, one for Twitter, one for voice calls? He was regularly swapping out the voice call phone, but the MSM was hitting the swooning couch over the fact that Trump wasn’t swapping out the Twitter phone because it was “too inconvenient.” Maybe he didn’t swap it out so he would continue to have a false information conduit to the Clowns?


  13. Not to nitpick, but that horrilbe woman that’s ruined a certain shithole area of my city is Sheila, not Shirley.

  14. I’ve attempted to red-pill many people in recent weeks. Those who already support POTUS, but aren’t anons, are skeptical, but glad our side is doing well. But for them, and for everybody else I’ve spoken to, the attitude is: WHO CARES? Most people don’t read the paper or watch the MSM news anymore. They see nothing in the news that impacts their lives. They just don’t care. Emails, OIG, Uranium One, NK, WW3, plots, treason… they look at me with zombified faces. That leaves no common ground on which to even begin a conversation. It will require something monstrous that DOES affect them, before they even take notice. We’re having the time of our lives. They’re doing brutish, nasty and short! Thanks again. You’re the best.

  15. @hitTHEpost…You can smell their panic. Clapper and Brennan (where has he been?) were the first to bring it to my attention with their deranged comments. You can see that this bho-created border issue is being used as a distraction from the indictments/doom coming their way. I have been saying that the perps must be having sleepless nights sweating blood. The squirming that no-plea-deal-Andy is showing, and the squealing about children they never cared for when bho was caging them, are the obvious symptoms.

  16. US citizenship is highly valued here in Indonesia, and in many other countries. For one thing, it’s a ticket to US universities. I seriously doubt Obama’s parents ever thought of ditching Obama’s US citizenship. He didnt have to do that just because his parents wanted him to be enrolled in a local school. Besides, international school like Jakarta Embassy School is incredibly expensive, like USD 30-40k per year now. Foreigners have always been welcome at local schools – just like there are lots of foreign students in the US or almost anywhere else in the world.

    • If what you say is accurate, Sotero (or whatever name his was back then) could’ve attended the Indonesian school as a citizen from any other country. JES (now JIS) might be incredibly expensive today but that wasn’t the case in 1970 so cost may not have been the issue. What is true then and probably still to this day is that it is an exceptional educational system compared to the local Indonesian schools. What has always been omitted from its curriculum is the the teachings of Islam based on the Koran. THIS would be key to their decision to place him in an Indonesian school.

  17. For what it is worth, I have a long time friend who knew Obama well on Oahu…played basketball with him in grade school & had pictures of his own mom & George Bush Sr together along with another picture with Pope John Paul which I witness 15 years ago…She passed on a few years back. Her last husband was a General Mills executive, I believe.

  18. Obama was a red diaper baby like his mother. She didn’t want him to associate with anyone but other red diaper babies or foreign peasant types. He isn’t a Muslim, he is an atheist and possible satanist the higher he goes.

  19. J P Carlin resigned in 2016. Refused to sign fals FISA order on Trump. Prefered to resign as a top DOJ Asisstant Attorney. Good man.

  20. This popped into my head last night after remembering reading about this when Fuddy in Hawaii died in a plane crash after the Birth Certificate BS. Had you ever heard of Subud, its a death cult out of Indonesia,c0uld the scout uniform be dress code for this cult, there is a girl in the front row wearing a scout uniform also. Could these guys all be part of the Indonesian school as well as the Subud cult? A order that to get to your ” better self” you sang and danced to your god. Or a deception to the outside world as is allowed in the koran, to hide your muslim upbringing. http://www.thenationalpatriot.com/2014/01/the-real-obama-an-indonesian-muslim-socialist-puppet/

    Obamas heritige is one lengthy puzzle that I believe is comlicated as to never finding the truth as the deception is played out.

    Great decoding Neon, keep up the good fight, hopefully the begining of the end is near for these poor excuse of humanity, if they even qualify for that possible compliment. WWG1WGA! May God watch over you and yours and keep my out for the next article and decode.

  21. Aparently there is no other mwans to message you so I pray you read this comment on this old post. I was digging the other day, curious about Obamas mother and how she died. I foud this veru interesting article by someone who clearly knows how to do deep research.
    Here is the article summary,
    Obamas mother worked for the Ford foundation in Indonesia, and was close to the Rockefellars. Just before Barack ran for president in 2006, she died, but a death certificate was no where to be found until later under mysterious circumstances. It looks like this was a hoax, and she is still alive in NYC under one aof many aliases shes has used in the past and still working for the Ford foundation.
    Here is the link….


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