A Real PAIN in #TheCabal’s “#Wangdoodle” #IGHearing #NEWQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

So I watched all (but the last half hour – where I had to skip out) of the #IGHearing today, expecting #BOOMS to start dropping.

Instead, Senator Kennedy unintentionally dropped one of the single funniest lines I’ve ever heard in a Senate hearing, and one which will surely go down in history books.

That’s right, folks. He uttered the phrase “It rhymes with ‘wangdoodle.” This demure Southern gentleman was forced to read the harsh language in the Strzok texts in a public forum, and was so flustered, so shaken, he attempted to communicate his point in a way that would still get the meaning across without scandalizing those around him.

And “wangdoodle” was the word he landed on.

I want to be clear. I have absolutely nothing against Sen. Kennedy. Actually, I like the guy. But sir, there is nothing on planet earth that rhymes with “wangdoodle,” and that makes it all the more hilarious.

And so, I inaugurate a new hashtag today:


I plan on using it often.

Second up on the bill – #GEOTUS today announced the formation of the SPACE FORCE!

Space just because the 51st state, folks!


Guys… I hope you understand what this means.

/pol/ just memed Space Marines into reality.

They shall be my finest warriors, these men who give of themselves to me. Like clay I shall mould them and in the furnace of war I shall forge them. They shall be of iron will and steely sinew. In great armour I shall clad them and with the mightiest weapons shall they be armed. They will be untouched by plague or disease; no sickness shall blight them. They shall have such tactics, strategies and machines that no foe will best them in battle. They are my bulwark against the Terror. They are the Defenders of Humanity. They are my Space Marines…and they shall know no fear!” – The God-Emperor of Mankind

Okay onto the #NewQ, starting with the first few posts that got cut off after I posted my last article. I’ll try to get through these quickly so we can focus on the newer stuff:

EU Cabal is doubling-down on their role in their plan, even as the populist/right-wing uprising spreads across Europe:

Heeeeeey, what did I say!

No really, go back:

This… is not a message for us.

This is a message for those Cabal members, lurking on the board. Remember their little lunar-based, spirit-cooking, Matriarchal, neo-Babylonian death/fertility cult? Yeah, this is addressed to them.

Not a message for us, confirmed. (But stay tuned, because I was a bit off here, with my guess. More on that in a bit).

This was funny to see this morning, and if you follow my Gab, you may have seen this pic already:

Yuuup, there he was, front and center!

Here’s #QAnon’s video link:

Clapper is squealing like a stuck pig because the walls are coming down around him. He does not was to be caught in his treason and subversion.

But he’s got one last trick up his sleeve.

He’s trying to get investigators to believe that SETH RICH was the Russian spy working with the Trump Campaign.

YEAH, you read that right.


U.S. intelligence officials last year identified a “suspect” who served as the “cut-out” for Russian intelligence to funnel thousands of Democratic National Committee emails and documents to WikiLeaks, according to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

In an interview for the Yahoo News podcast “Skullduggery,” Clapper told Chief Investigative Correspondent Michael Isikoff and Editor in Chief Daniel Klaidman that intelligence officials were “pretty confident” that they had identified the conduit for the hacked emails to WikiLeaks by the time he left office in January 2017. He declined, however, to provide any details about the suspect’s identity.

“We had a suspect,” said Clapper. “I don’t know whether the suspicions we had at the time were conveyed [to Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller] or whether they were validated.” U.S. intelligence officials were “pretty confident at the time but not sufficient enough to publicize it,” he said.


Not only are these scum willing to murder you in cold blood, but they’ll slander your memory, too.

Clapper is telling whatever deep state buddies he has left to pin this thing on Rich and call it against Trump, already.

Oh, see, now this is interesting. My initial thought was Q’s message was to the Cabal – because, frankly, every other time he’s mentioned “D,” it’s been a reference to the Democrats (and I’ve documented this extensively). That, combined with solar references, made me think spirit cooking, and #TheCabal. The lunar stuff threw me off.

But #anon here is taking an inverse approach – thinking this is a message to the good guys.

In which case, this is probably a message to (D)evin Nunes (thought some thought this mean General Dunford – and… I don’t want to dismiss that theory. More on that in a bit). The heat lands on the 13 Angry Democrats, first, and all this is helped along by Trump declassifying everything; thus, “(Undiscovered) facts emerge.”

As for the line, “Ability to move forward?” Pfft. I was good until that line. Could refer to half a dozen things. The Russian collusion investigation. The release of the full IG report. Unsealing the sealed indictments. Etc.

And Occam’s Razor basically just says that the simplest explanation is the best.

Which, as we all know, is something Q is really famous for; all his really simple and easy-to-understand and not-convoluted-at-all explanations of everything.

Back to the point about General Dunford. Remember the Space Force announcement today? Yeah, General Dunford is the guy in charge of it, and anon assembled a bunch of crumbs into this infographic:

Full Size: https://www.neonrevolt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/c96471e069432e1ba20ed9d170625066a37f1798585233ccd2c0916819e77ca6.jpg

The House Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat, Adam Schiff (Calif.), said Sunday it was “deeply disturbing” that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) received classified information about Hillary Clinton’s emails from FBI field agents in 2016.

“This is the first that we’ve heard about it, and it is deeply disturbing because if this was shared by New York field agents with Devin Nunes, was it also shared with Rudy Giuliani? Or did Devin Nunes do something, which we have seen subsequently, which is coordinated with the Trump team?” Schiff said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”




Hey Shifty! Don’t you know?

Yes, this was mentioned during the IG Hearing. Senator Durbin got all out of sorts, because Trump had two – count ’em – TWO iPhones. One for his calls, and one for his “twitter habit” as liddle Dickie put it.

Seriously, was anyone else having flashbacks to this story from last year?

Two phones?!?


But woowwww. I did not realize at the time that knowing that Trump had two iPhones was classified info. Durbin just totally outed himself ON RECORD.

These people are stupid!

But incredibly autistic anon actually answers Q’s question (How did that particular Senator know that kind of highly classified intel?) directly with a name:

I’ve never heard of this person before. I have no idea how incredibly autistic anon had this detail stored in his big, beautiful brain, but I am deeply appreciative.

Source: https://www.politico.com/story/2015/04/hillary-clintons-power-players-116874

Senate Judiciary Committee leaders on Friday said they are seeking information about former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s alleged interference in Hillary Clinton’s private email investigation.

The bipartisan group is inquiring about Lynch’s communication with Clinton campaign aide Amanda Renteria — whom Lynch reportedly assured that the FBI’s investigation wouldn’t “go too far” — as well as documents and information indicating whether the agency probed that alleged conversation.

Oh, but wait a second. It was all… RUSSIA’S FAULT!!

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/latino/ex-clinton-aide-amanda-renter-blasts-russia-over-reports-it-n764631

According to the Post, FBI officials became more certain late last summer that there was nothing to substantiate the Russian document, which described a supposed email suggesting Attorney General Loretta Lynch had told Rentería privately that she would not let the FBI investigation go too far into Clinton.

Okay, so this little schemer is behind all kinds of Democratic subversion.

Wouldn’t be surprised if we found her “suicided” soon, consider that she’s lower-level, in the grand scheme of things.

Q pulls an old Q post from the archives!

And I think in light of the new information we have about Amanda Renteria now, Q implies that she knows who all the alias are.

…Adding to my theory that they’ll try to suicide her.

Let’s do a line-by-line for this one, with Q in bold, and my lines in regular typeface:

IG email investigation (weakest of set).

The three PAINS Q mentioned before refer to the three different versions of the IG report, the first one (which we’ve seen) being the weakest.

Opened door to:
Weiner HRC / Others – crimes against children.

Think back to when the #IGReport mentioned Weiner’s laptop.

What did I say then?

Weiner’s laptop had Clinton emails AND cp on it.

But… we know these were his “insurance” files.

Which means those illegal images didn’t come from him, necessarily.

So the question is… who did they come from?



Once more is revealed about this particular point, it will be headline news, everywhere, and Senators, Congressmen, and the general public will be screaming to know more.

They won’t be able to walk down the street! And I think the disclosure will start with the Haiti drops.

Ref to Huber?
Non public.
CF investigation ongoing.

Grand Inquisitor Huber’s independent investigation is bound to dovetail with the OIG findings, at this point, and it will reveal the human rights abuses, child trafficking, sex slavery, and possibly even human sacrifice as perpetrated and facilitated by the Clinton Foundation.

No one will be able to spin it any other way. The corruption is heinous and systemic.

Ref to Huber?
+FBI protection of HRC.
+FBI criminal acts.

Huber’s investigation will show have the FBI was completely compromised during this time, and helped Clinton (and the Clinton Foundation) achieve these heinous acts.  In They knew this whole time, and did nothing to stop it – and even colluded with Hillary to make sure it could still go on! They facilitated and participated!

Ref to Huber?
What about DOJ texts/emails?
Why did the intel comm rate sections of the IG report @ highest level of NAT SEC?
What does it involve?

Those comm sections of the IG report were classified, because they were relevant to an ongoing investigation.

Oh yes, Huber’s investigation will reveal the exact manner in which the DOJ and the White House colluded to get Hillary off the hook – and worse, such as promising “Cankles” Lynch her Supreme Court seat.

Ref to Huber?
IG report release does not coincide with true start date (info push to) of Huber re: above.

Rosenstein’s role in all this – signing the FISA warrants and editing the IG report – will be confirmed by Huber (as I imagine this will come out before Huber gets rolling, but hey, nice to see some redundancy in the plan).

Scope & Size biggest in history.


Grand Jury in place?

Oh yes indeedy! DOJ “accidentally” confirmed it almost three months ago:


This post is really straightforward, and doesn’t require much extrapolation from me. Here’s the links Q pointed us to:

And a lawfag came on tonight and gave us a little bit more info:

By the time I got around to reading this, the video had been removed by the “user.”

Uh-huh. Sure. Just like how all the livestreams of the IG Hearing on youtube today simultaneously stopped working all at once, complete with archaic error pages.

Luckily, I found a backup, and put it up on Gab – edited down to the section Q wants us to pay attention to:


Listen to these sagacious #Anons!

Ah, time for ole No-name to make his great escape?

Wonder if he’s got-

Hope it’s not contagious!

UPDATE: Q is still dropping!

Here’s Q’s video:

And… oh wow, Amanda herself was the one running for CA Governor!


Anon had this to say:

Anon answers the campaign manager question:

Ding-ding-ding! “Secretary @HillaryClinton.

We have a winner.

And when Q says “Risk is HIGH” – I think he’s confirming my suspicion that Renteria will be suicided. Not only her, but Trujillo, as well.

I suppose pray for their safety, if only to let them testify as witnesses, and rightfully go to prison, instead of just suffering needless deaths.

Ms. Renteria has, of course, spent the day freaking out on Twitter, but you can sift through that mess yourself if you want, here:


X (formerly Twitter) X (formerly Twitter)

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48 thoughts on “A Real PAIN in #TheCabal’s “#Wangdoodle” #IGHearing #NEWQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. Actually Neon, the disclosure by Durbin was MORE DAMNING than you realized. Durbin disclosed SPECIFICALLY THAT KIM HAD THE PHONE NUMBER TO THE TWITTER PHONE! Now THAT is what I call highly specific intelligence.

    • You know where that came from? Dianne Feinstein, James Wolfe’s boss, the “security” guy who gave away classified data to NYT Ali Watkins in exchange of her p*ssy.

  2. So much is happening. I am so excited and for the first time in years I feel positive and hopeful about the future. The great awakening just keeps on giving. I got a bottle of champagne chilled for when the first major player gets arrested.

  3. Hey Neon, I’ve the dubious distinction of being first cousin, once removed, from Sen Dick Durbin. My dad and uncle used to pick on him in adolescence in St. Louis, Illinois. My dad really loathed that little piss-ant. He used to call him…get this…”little Dickie Durbin.” Just wanted to share that that was how my dad, his cousin, referred to him.

  4. And you’re right, we do pray for the Renterias, and the lot of them as they’d hardly be passing in a state of grace and God Wills all be saved 🙂
    “Many are falling into hell like snowflakes because they have no one to pray for them.”
    OLO Fatima-

  5. Dude –

    Excellent, and well-delivered on your part!

    Q is killing it, and the other side does not get it. They are stupid.

    It is unfolding right before our eyes! Thaks!

    • The real Q uses a specific tripcode. When that tripcode is missing, it’s a flag you might be dealing with a fake Q.

      Some times Q posts anonymously, then confirms the team’s identity by replying to their own anonymous posts. Personally, I like this method better than having Q identify themselves on every post.

      It’s also efficient in terms of security. The Deep State has probably developed tools to search 8chan by trip code to quickly find Q’s posts. By posting a series of anonymous posts then replying to them, Q can bypass DS’s tools and still send the message out there to those who have learned Q’s comms.

  6. Thanks mate. But gotta correct you on something. Both “Hang Noodle” and “Dang Poodle” both rhyme.

  7. Whatever the Cabal is taking (or chewing on) is causing those Schiff wide-open eyes. You can see those same exact abnormal eyes on many of the Left like Pelosi, Hillary, Huma and even Hogg. It’s not normal and its got to be a symptom of something they are all taking.

    • might it be that when you LIE..you blink a lot so to NOT blink…so their ‘trick’ is….eyes wide open ….imo

    • There are some specific signs that are clues to tell if people have been “programmed” with MK Ultra and the like, pursed lips is one (JC, mcabe, tons of others do this), profusely licking the lips (John Kerry does this, I think No Name does it too) the lack of blinking is another. Then again, maybe Mr. Elder has a better answer down below. Seems plausible [Naughty] Who is your favorite little rascal?!?.

  8. Awesome break down. When I am on 8ch going through all the notables and post, I say to myself, “self” ha haa, just kidding. I say, CANT WAIT TO READ NEON

    • I hope and pray friend!! My two favorite words in the Bible are BUT GOD….I hope in whatever way….all this comes to Light… Blessings

  9. Space Force.
    Where there will be massive usage of AI/Robo-tech (no pun intended), and not so much human.

    • Fifty Sense…he prolly could not bring himself to say the “f” word….see my post here for the reference to the old term WANGDOODLE….or back in the day it was wangdangdoodle…. God bless you friend….MAGA!

    • I think it’s akin to saying “Pardon my French”.
      The word he refrained from reading was likely clear from the context, so a literal rhyme is not required.
      All that’s needed is to say the passed-over word rhymes with… and then ANY goofy word can be substituted.
      No need to be obvious and say it rhymes with Chuck or buck, etc.

  10. Neon!!!!!!! I know where WANGDOODLE comes from and prolly why Kennedy used that term….(he is just a little older than me). There is an old song called “wang dang doodle”…originally put out in the 60s by Howlin Wolf and also KoKo Taylor…I remember the rendition by Savoy Brown, put out in 1971…(my era). I moved to Venice Beach California in 1971…and let me tell you…it was a wangdangdoodle all the years I lived there!!! (I could write a book)… And before That, I came within an inch of my life of ending up on Charlie Manson’s “ranch” in the desert…(I hung out with Danny DiCarlos sister… alot…he is in the book Helter skelter) believe me I would have been “toast”….But God did not allow that to happen..HE has had His hand on me my whole life. Anyway, a wangdangdoodle, is a big party, out on the town…and there is an annual fesiival in Forest Mississippi, celebrating wangdangdoodle.
    Excellent post Neon…Lots of info!!!! THANK YOU. Still new to this and “wet behind the ears” …I only follow you Neon, when it comes to this. The rest of my time is devoted to Bible study….❤
    God bless you, Q, all the anons, our awesome President, and the USA!!!!!

  11. Thanks again for what you do here Neon…I really have no time to red Q and do research to unravel the team’s rebus format…thanks…

    Why is it, that my favorite Dem Cartel prat fall comic (wee Adam S), always appears in net blogs and meme pictures with a look on his face like he was just pegged by one of his butt surfing patrons? I mean, the guy really looks like he’s taking 14″ strap-on in his safe space. Does he do this on purpose to entice pervs to support him?

  12. Well done @NeonRevolt for your thorough work and cogent thoughts

    This whole phenomena isn’t a left vs right battle, it’s the people against elitism. WWG1WGA captures the spirit beautifully.

    Your dumping on leftism as a whole is misplaced.

    Everyone non-elite finds the crimes of the corrupt & priviledged abhorent. Human trafficking & exploitation, pedo crimes, cannabalism, extreme wealth aggregation, mind & media control, political capture, hyper resource extraction, diminuation of women, influence peddling, currency manipulation, hyper consumption & country subjucation.

    This is boarder than just America, it applies to the whole planet. Every nation has it’s problem with elite covert influence & arrogant above the law behaviour. Some of Qanon is specific to America’s unique form of mis-governance and large size, yet the issues are universal. A similar revolution in other countries, especially fveys members would be awesome.

    The dysfunctional Democratic party, as with many other political parties world wide, needs a complete open book reset & reformation, possibly as something more effective than a ‘party’ so susceptible to elite capture.

    Religion might give you strength, yet it is tangential to this battle. Much like transvestism, you’re free to have your own mental health issues, as long as it doesn’t affect others. Religion is just another mind control tool for the elite of that sect. Religion is not strong amongst Autists.

    The boost in pride & prestige for autists and anons from this movement has been awesome. I hope they don’t celebrate with more ‘mountain dew’ or similar fake food stimulants, it’s the last thing they need for their own mental health.

    So on with the reveals, show the facts, joint the dots, inspire the people to exercise their power, and down with the elite and the structural systems & secrecy that enable them.

  13. I’m thinking Trump’s Space Force is in part to rid us of rouge C_A spy satellites and other satellites with exotic technologies that pose a threat to our freedom, privacy and safety.

    • Even though the social control strings have been cut, the weather control has been curtailed and their nuke trigger fingers have been severed -The Cabal still has 2 trump cards they could play that they have been working on for years. I have yet to see any discussion of them squashing any bugs in the virus research or ETs that they have been sitting on. The Vatican doesn’t have a telescope named LUCIFER for nothing. They have had some pretty nefarious people researching/plotting both. I think that you can pull up an interview with Prince Charles talking about how if he were reincarnated – he’d like to be a nasty virus. It has been a dream for a long time to wipe us out while they are immune. The space force may be to counter the stuff they have been working on in space. Remember the wikileaks email where Podesta was discussing the disclosure and zero point energy?

  14. Another great one Neon. I too remember “wang dang doodle” from the 70s. Since I was born and raised in SC I wasn’t surprised that an older Southern gentleman wouldn’t use the “f” word in mixed company. It’s how we were raised, to respect women and honor the children’s innocence.

    Keep up the good work, sir!

    • The whole F word thing is an interesting topic.
      I was in high school in the eighties, in a good-sized midwest college town.
      As I recall, even the most “sex, drugs and rock & roll” types would refrain from throwing the F word around…
      and this is only thirty years ago. Conversation topics certainly went everywhere, the crude, rude and lowdown…
      but using the F word was looked at as boorish, a sucker’s way to look cool, etc.
      The word only came out as an expression of extreme anger, “the party’s over”, “no more jokes” type moments.
      When you heard it, you knew someone was seriously pissed off.
      …or if you dropped a heavy box on your feet… “F—!!”
      Nowadays, college kids especially use it the way we used “like”, as a space filler in conversation, and absolutely constantly.
      Sad turn of events I believe.

  15. Hi! I noticed that in the info about Amanda Renteria’s campaign manager, the name Antonio , as in Antonio Sabato came up. I thought he was running a MAGA campaign. If he’s involved in that mess, it makes me wonder. Any thoughts?
    Thanks for all the awesome research as well!

  16. Trump’s Space Force speech had a couple of comments that caught my attention. Mentioning the force would be “separate but equal” and the line about us being a nation of pioneers.
    Separate but equal stems from the Plessy v Ferguson case that the Supreme Court ruled on in the late 1890s. It is when the SC said that state govts had the right to mandate separate facilities for blacks and whites. When that was overturned by Brown v Board of Education they also threw away the Right to Freedom of Association.
    It could be Trump used that phrase just to trigger the Left but there could be a deeper meaning as well.
    The nation of pioneers line is a phrase that has been replaced with calling us a ‘nation of immigrants’. The immigrant one is a relatively recent phrase as most people over 40 can tell you we used to be referred to as nation of pioneers. It shows a shift away from the open immigration policy and a return to our roots.
    Its also good rhetoric to use against those who claim the statue of liberty is the be-all, end-all of our immigration policy.

  17. Hi Neon
    Been lurking for a while and following Q since he was an Anon… thank you for your great work:)

    Is there a link yet listing Q proofs that we can copy and paste when replying to the shills?

    They are getting more and more on the Q boards and channels and I would love a quick link I could fire back rather than just listing the ones from the top of my head..


  18. Having debates on this and don’t have any fa t’s to back up the children in Obama thing.. Can you advise..

    “Have you heard that children were separated from their parents under Obama & Clinton? Then, you need a little Facts vs Myths lesson. Michelle Martin, PhD Cal State Fullerton summed up the most important facts:

    There is so much misinformation out there about the Trump administration’s new “zero tolerance” policy that requires criminal prosecution, which then warrants the separating of parents and children at the border. Before responding to a post defending this policy, please do your research…As a professor at a local Cal State, I research and write about these issues, so here, I’ll make it easier for you:

    Myth: This is not a new policy and was practiced under Obama and Clinton – FALSE. The policy to separate parents and children is new and was instituted on 4/6/2018. It was the brainchild of John Kelly and Stephen Miller to serve as a deterrent for undocumented immigration, approved by Trump, and adopted by Sessions. Prior administrations detained migrant families, but didn’t have a practice of forcibly separating parents from their children unless the adults were deemed unfit. https://www.justice.gov/opa/press-release/file/1049751/download?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery

    Myth: This is the only way to deter undocumented immigration – FALSE. Annual trends show that arrests for undocumented entry are at a 46 year low, and undocumented crossings dropped in 2007, with a net loss (more people leaving than arriving). Deportations have increased steadily though (spiking in 1996 and more recently), because several laws that were passed since 1996 have made it legally more difficult to gain legal status for people already here, and thus increased their deportations (I address this later under the myth that it’s the Democrats’ fault). What we mostly have now are people crossing the border illegally because they’ve already been hired by a US company, or because they are seeking political asylum. Economic migrants come to this country because our country has kept the demand going. But again, many of these people impacted by Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy appear to be political asylum-seekers. https://www.npr.org/2017/12/05/568546381/arrests-for-illegal-border-crossings-hit-46-year-low

    Myth: Most of the people coming across the border are just trying to take advantage of our country by taking our jobs – FALSE. Most of the parents who have been impacted by Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy have presented themselves as political asylum-seekers at a U.S. port-of-entry, from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Rather than processing their claims, they have been taken into custody on the spot and had their children ripped from their arms. The ACLU alleges that this practice violates the Asylum Act, and the UN asserts that it violates the UN Treaty on the State of Refugees, one of the few treaties the US has ratified. This is an illegal act on the part of the United States government, not to mention morally and ethically reprehensible. https://www.nytimes.com/2001/12/21/us/meatpackers-profits-hinge-on-pool-of-immigrant-labor.html

    Myth: We’re a country that respects the Rule of Law, and if people break the law, this is what they get – FALSE. We are a country that has an above-ground system of immigration and an underground system. Our government (under both parties) has always been aware that US companies recruit workers in the poorest parts of Mexico for cheap labor, and ICE (and its predecessor INS) has looked the other way because this underground economy benefits our country to the tune of billions of dollars annually. Thus, even though the majority of people crossing the border now are asylum-seekers, those who are economic migrants (migrant workers) likely have been recruited here to do jobs Americans will not do. https://www.upi.com/Top_News/Opinion/2016/10/26/Donald-Trumps-wall-ignores-the-economic-logic-of-undocumented-immigrant-labor/2621477498203/

    Myth: The children have to be separated from their parents because there parents must be arrested and it would be cruel to put children in jail with their parents – FALSE. First, in the case of economic migrants crossing the border illegally, criminal prosecution has not been the legal norm, and families have been kept together at all cost. Also, crossing the border without documentation is a typically a misdemeanor not requiring arrest, but rather a civil proceeding. Additionally, parents who have been detained have historically been detained with their children in ICE “family residential centers,” again, for civil processing. The Trump administration’s shift in policy is for political purposes only, not legal ones. See p. 18: https://www.aclu.org/legal-document/ms-l-v-ice-plaintiffs-opposition-defendants-motion-dismiss-doc-56

    Myth: We have rampant fraud in our asylum process the proof of which is the significant increase we have in the number of people applying for asylum. FALSE. The increase in asylum seekers is a direct result of the increase in civil conflict and violence across the globe. While some people may believe that we shouldn’t allow any refugees into our country because “it’s not our problem,” neither our current asylum law, nor our ideological foundation as a country support such an isolationist approach. There is very little evidence to support Sessions’ claim that abuse of our asylum-seeking policies is rampant. Also, what Sessions failed to mention is that the majority of asylum seekers are from China, not South of the border. Here is a very fair and balanced assessment of his statements: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2017/oct/19/jeff-sessions/jeff-sessions-claim-about-asylum-system-fraudulent/

    Myth: The Democrats caused this, “it’s their law.” FALSE. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats caused this, the Trump administration did (although the Republicans could fix this today, and have refused). I believe what this myth refers to is the passage of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, which were both passed under Clinton in 1996. These laws essentially made unauthorized entry into the US a crime (typically a misdemeanor for first-time offenders), but under both Republicans and Democrats, these cases were handled through civil deportation proceedings, not a criminal proceeding, which did not require separation. And again, even in cases where detainment was required, families were always kept together in family residential centers, unless the parents were deemed unfit (as mentioned above). Thus, Trump’s assertion that he hates this policy but has no choice but to separate the parents from their children, because the Democrats “gave us this law” is false and nothing more than propaganda designed to compel negotiation on bad policy. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-democrats-us-border-migrant-families-children-parents-mexico-separate-a8401521.html

    Myth: The parents and children will be reunited shortly, once the parents’ court cases are finalized. FALSE. Criminal court is a vastly different beast than civil court proceedings. Also, the children are being processed as unaccompanied minors (“unaccompanied alien children”), which typically means they are sent into the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), which is part of the Department of Health and Human Services (DHS). Under normal circumstances when a child enters the country without his or her parent, ORR attempts to locate a family member within a few weeks, and the child is then released to a family member, or if a family member cannot be located, the child is placed in a residential center (anywhere in the country), or in some cases, foster care. Prior to Trump’s new policy, ORR was operating at 95% capacity, and they simply cannot effectively manage the influx of 2000+ children, some as young as 4 months. Also, keep in mind, these are not unaccompanied minor children, they have parents. There is great legal ambiguity on how and even whether the parents will get their children back because we are in uncharted territory right now. According to the ACLU lawsuit (see below), there is currently no easy vehicle for reuniting parents with their children. Additionally, according to a May 2018 report, numerous cases of verbal, physical and sexual abuse were found to have occurred in these residential centers. https://www.aclu.org/news/aclu-obtains-documents-showing-widespread-abuse-child-immigrants-us-custody

    Myth: This policy is legal. LIKELY FALSE. The ACLU filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration on 5/6/18, and a recent court ruling denied the government’s motion to dismiss the suit. The judge deciding the case stated that the Trump Administration policy is “brutal, offensive, and fails to comport with traditional notions of fair play and decency.” The case is moving forward because it was deemed to have legal merit. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-06-07/aclu-suit-over-child-separations-at-border-may-proceed-judge


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