Live Gabbing the Horowitz/Wray/ IGReportTestimony

Just an FYI – I’ll be live-gabbing commentary on the Horowitz/Wray/IGReport Testimony over at

Here’s a live video, if you want to follow along:

And don’t worry; the Q posts that landed after I finished my last article will be included in a forthcoming article!

14 thoughts on “Live Gabbing the Horowitz/Wray/ IGReportTestimony”

  1. Your efforts here are seriously helping me stay employed. I would have loved to take today off and watch. But now that’s almost every day. LOL! Thanks for your continued decodes and commentary!

  2. Listening carefully but the lady in white typing on her apple laptop (directly behind Horowitz ) appears to been notified of starling info. I even lip read her mouth and she said WOW!!!!!Can you make out her screen on her phone as she turned it forward to speak on?

    • Are you referring to 1:04:00? She looks shocked, no doubt. Hard to tell exactly what she is looking at. For all I know, she could be going wow over a silly post on Instagram.

      My questionis: who the he11 was the genius who put that chick in front of the camera at a Congress hearing, causing a distraction to viewers, and why didn’t anybody teach her some manners, tell her to put aside her gadgets down because there’s a hearing in progress?

      This is the future of this country. A nation of attention-needy retards who just can’t stop using their hands, even to pretend to show some decorum.


  3. NeonRevolt, do you know if any anons have done a retrospective on “FBIAnon” (from the summer of ’16) in light of the facts revealed by the IG report? Chatter at the time was that FBIAnon was “plausible.”

  4. She didn’t say, “Wow!,” she said, “What??”. Same difference; she was still surprised/outraged about something. Probably saw her electric bill. :p

  5. I read somewhere else that she had seen that the Capitals coach resigned which was revealed in the news about that time. She was real interested in the hearing I guess.


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