Barack Hussein and The Cabal’s #DancingBoys. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

(A bit of a forewarning: I’m all over the place in this article. But hopefully, you’ll be able to follow all the threads).

Maybe it was the past week. Maybe I was just tired. But I was at the end of my patience, and my energy.

Between the site being attacked and repeatedly going down, the technical issues that cropped up in the wake of me trying to fix it, the time spent trying to catch up on all the research I had missed while I was spending hours trying to fix the site, the ban from reddit, the persistent and raging ear infection in my left ear, or the constant shilling on pretty much every platform I posted on…

Yeah, I’m a bit late with this article.

The big advantage to that, however, is that some things have since come in to clearer focus over the past 48 hours that were not in focus before. Believe me when I say, I was fighting it out on the boards late into the wee hours of the morning last night, because I believed I had stumbled across something (thanks to a few Legionaries on Gab) that anons had largely missed.

And for the record – I’m going to focus this article on the drops Q left on the 15th, and write a separate article for the drops that are happening on the 17th. Believe me, when you see the length of this thing, it will be better that way.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the recent Qdrops.

A member of QTeam was at Google, it seems.

Yup, that’s one of the Google Bikes they have all over their campus.

And they made use of a guest pass…

Which means they were invited there. But why? Who were they meeting with?

More on that meeting in a bit.

(Q’s drops started without his Tripcode in place, so once he fixed that, he validated the previous posts by pointing to them as authentic). And that’s when anon asked:

[[RR]] was at the White House yesterday, as per Q’s drops:

So Q is now telling us that the meeting between RR and POTUS took two and a half hours. Why so long?

This alone makes me wonder – did Qteam get him to flip and spill the proverbial beans?

Will he step down, now, instead of being fired?

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

I’ll be honest. I’m struggling with the “Access Kills” bit because… I suppose the question is what… or whom, does access kill, exactly?

I suppose one answer would be that access to these e-mails kills the Russia investigation into Trump, though it’s still entirely possible this has double meanings.

The other possible meaning would be, most likely, a Seth Rich reference. And perhaps a reference to the two NYPD cops who were 187’d after that.

As for the IG report – yes, it testifies to the fact that the “13 Angry Democrats” all had these accounts.

And for reference, #QAnon already told us who the 13 Angry Democrats are:

Note, some RINOs in there.

And here we also have Q saying ES (Eric Schmidt) is KEY.

Well, we know ES set up the North Korea servers, as well as private Gmail accounts for #TheCabal. My current understanding is this gave the Cabal control over missiles over there, but it’s also possible the private server ALSO handled the Gmail accounts.

What I want to know is:

1) is this the oft-referenced “key” Q has talked about on more than one occasion, and-
2) did ES flip?

If ES flipped, that could explain the Google visitor pass/bike/campus images above. If Trump was given the server as part of the NK deal, well… It would make sense that ES would flip. Trump would have the smoking gun; enough to lock ES away for life.

Maybe ES is cooperating now, in exchange for an easier sentence.

So now we might have two bad guys spilling the proverbial beans in an effort to save their own hides – ES and RR.

Okay, Q verification! Cool, cool. But what did he mean by this?

If you were on the boards tonight, you saw my #RagePosting over this point. Ignore my typos. How on EARTH do you derive 5:5 from these numbers?

It was driving me MAD.

Thankfully, one incredibly autistic #Anon explained it perfectly, with a #QClock, no less:

Ah, when you map those numbers out on the QClock, you see they’re equidistant from 25, aka 5:5.

Not a bad explanation, I think.

Best one I saw, anyway. I’ll have to keep that “looking glass” concept in mind for the future.

And of course, everyone sees it. It’s a peace sign! And it’s pointing to the North (and West)! Almost like it’s pointing towards North Korea.

But if you know anything about the history of the peace sign, you know it actually originated in the UK as a symbol for the campaign for Nuclear disarmament!

See where I’m going with this?

I think this is a subtle signal that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat. They are disarmed. #TheCabal has lost.

Many of you will indeed be happy to learn that a #Qproofs section will be added to soon, especially as Anons start to produce more high quality infographics that make these complex subjects digestible for normies in mere seconds. You’ll remember Q called for these in order to help start redpilling the normies who haven’t been here for the last 8-9 months. I’ll do my best to add a bunch of the best ones here, as well, in the immediate future.

Ohhh baby! Q confirms that Manafort was a plant. “But a plant by whom?” you may be asking.

Oh how quickly we forget!

One hint. The name starts with a P and end with an odesta.


(And isn’t it funny that even with a Democrat plant literally running Trump’s campaign, Trump still won! Hilarious!)

Speaking of which, Anon has a theory about that:

And another Anon examines the “water” part of Q’s drop more closely:

Here, for instance, is the Bibi reference from the 10th, in case you missed it:

I’ve been uncertain about Netanyahu in the past – but this makes me lean more towards him being a good guy, trying to deal with The Cabal on his own turf.

I mean, did you ever think you’d see the day where Israel would be offering Iran environmental help?

“#Trumors” have flown around for the longest time that this guy was actually one of Obama’s secret gay partners. Previously identified as “Sal Maqbool,” Q is telling us this guy has changed his name and ended up in the Obama administration.

Sidenote here:

This photo is doctored. I posted this on Gab at some ungodly hour in the morning last night, but an anon ran some error-level-analysis on the photo. That glitchiness you’re seeing all over his shirt is evidence that this was drawn on, after the fact.

But this doesn’t look like digital editing, even. It literally looks like someone took a Sharpie (black marker, for those outside the US) and drew a turtleneck on Obama.

And even stranger… when someone happened to post this exact same article to my Gab… the thumbnail that came up looks like the whole jacket is blacked out, as well.

It’s almost like the media was trying to coordinate this image drop in phases, uploaded an earlier edited image which got sent to some kind of cache, but forgot to take it down after settling on a different version of the image, and no one noticed.

Of course, none of this helps us identify the other guy in the photo, does it?


This is what happens when I’m late to Q drops.

Q confirmed Sohale Siddiqi.

Leaving the other stuff up, so you can see how wrong I was.

But WTF Q? 

This guy doesn’t work for the Hussein Admin.

That crumb alone threw me off for days. WTF.

There were a lot of candidates flying around for days.

Richard Verma, Muhammed Hasan Chandoo,  Sohale Siddiqi, Islam Siddiqui, and many others. The problem was – these guys were often missing the mark in one or more of the specified categories Q mentioned. I wasn’t satisfied with the answers I had seen, so I asked Gab, and more than one Legionary responded with this guy:

This is Vali Nasr. After some quick research, and seeing these photos, I was convinced:

So I took it to the boards, and as soon as I did, massive shilling set in:

Yes, you read that right. This guy was a member of the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board, and also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. That photo is five years old now, he was born in 1960, and dyes his hair.

And yes, I really had to slug it out with the shills and other anons last night to get this noticed. It was like going to war. Some of you may have observed the carnage on the boards, but it was take-no-prisoners.

But I was really glad this morning to wake up and see this:

My response:

Still, some anons didn’t like me, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯ my goal was never to be “liked.” It was to get the truth out there, and they all had to admit – there was something to this theory.

Mission accomplished, I’d say.

And then there’s this:


I’ll add here – yeah, at first, I too thought it was the Sohale Siddiqi guy identified in that PBS Frontline Interview – and it may still be – but the BIG problem with that is 1) he never worked for the Obama Administration, and 2) all the photos of him have facial hair.

The OTHER possibility Anons brought up was the idea that Q was talking about the THIRD man in the room – the photographer.

That’s since been identifies as Phil Boerner.

Problems: While he visited the White House, he was never part of the Obama Administration in an official capacity.

So… You see the problem we have here.


This is just more evidence that Hussein’s marriage to Michelle is a total sham set up by their groomers, right?

Which makes sense when you understand that Valerie Jarrett is their Muslim/Communist/Iranian handler. (And believe me when I say Jarrett doesn’t just operate here. I haven’t even written abo her Hollywood connections yet).

After all – the Obama’s kids aren’t even their own! Obama prefers men and, well… You all have seen the “Wendy” pics.

Sasha and Malia Obama – Really Barack and Michelle’s Kids?

Everything about these people is a sham. Everything about them is a LIE! It’s a carefully cultivated image designed to fool the American people. Well, we’re not being fooled any more!

No need for me to re-invent the wheel. Anon gives a pretty stellar answer:

And while I wouldn’t endorse the idea that they’re all Pakistani’s, I would clarify and say they’re definitely all Muslim Brotherhood. They worked their way into the system, and soon, opened the floodgates for operatives to slip in everywhere, unnoticed!

But hey, you were just a hateful, xenophobic bigot if you noticed any of this before. At least, that’s what the MSM would have you believe. Remember how the Tea Party was labelled “Nazis” by the MSM?

Same Alinsky tactics.

And this is the final nail in the coffin for me. Q says to search foreign posts (State), and Nasr was literally on the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board. The rest of these potential candidates don’t even come close!

That’s some major-league #MuslimBrotherhood subversion right there, and the reason I’m harping on this point about the connection between the #ReligionOfPeace and these two is because in Muslim countries like Afghanistan, there is a distinct homosexual “tradition” you might not be aware of. Hollywood has certainly taken to importing this practice – which is something #CDAN has taken to reporting on, on a regular basis.

I am, of course, talking about #DancingBoys.

“Dancing boys” are usually between the ages of 12-15, dressed in women’s clothes, and paid to perform in front of groups of men. Afterwards, they are often prostituted or raped. It’s a very common practice over in places like Afghanistan. And as part of these Muslim communities, part of me has to wonder if Barack Hussein was one such dancing boy in his youth. It would certainly make a lot of sense when you consider what’s coming next:

And these topics are fresh in my mind, because I think it’s no surprise that Q is harping on the pictures of Hussein and Vali on the very day this photo was leaked to the boards:

(I hope you’ll bear with me here, because I need to take a big detour from Q’s drops for a moment).

I posted this a couple of days ago on Gab (which is why you should follow me on Gab, if you haven’t), but I’m going to expand on that initial post here.

Yes, this photo was ripped from an Instagram account earlier today, and yes, that is Hussein in drag, complete with devil horns and everything. Your eyes do not deceive you, (and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was left for us to “discover” by a helper.)

When I posted the photo, I was accused of spreading a fake image by more than one person. And I understand, this is an unbelievable image, but I can assure you – this is not photoshop.

I was able to perform an error-level analysis of the photo, and what that means, very simply, is that you would be able to see digital artifacts in the photo if it were edited. Other anons have since performed similar analysis of their own.

This is what the error-level-analysis of this photo looks like, and yes, it’s real:

If you need more convincing, an anon put this together. You can see the distinct vein along the temple, and line in the cheek are a match.

And because this one is a really obvious photoshop, I think it might be helpful to show you what error-level-analysis looks like here:

See that bright purple outline along the face of the image on the right?

Yeah, that’s the digital artifacts left behind by the photoshop process. That’s one way to tell if an image is photoshopped or not. If you look at the top image again, you’ll see – no artifacts!

As for the guy next to him – that looks like RINO Artur Davis!

Huh! What a coincidence!

An Anon was actually able to find the headdress Obama wore, for sale here. Note the comment, and the date:

I have an Illuminati themed wedding on the 29th of october this year in New York for halloween. it is the wedding of a member of a quite famous family (i don’t want to mention publicly) and there will be a lot of press.

Funny, for all the media that was supposedly at this party, I don’t remember a single member of the press talking about a President dressing up in drag, do you? Amazing how there were absolutely no stories published about that, anywhere.

This next image shows the account the photo was ripped from, along with the dates and the caption “class and grace,” which may very well be a code-word for the Barack and Michelle.

And here’s a bonus witchcraft-related post from that same account:

Now, Neon Revolt is a Traditionalist page, and I make no bones about that. It’s right in my tagline. Honor, duty, faith, family, tradition. These are the pillars of Western Civilization. So while what I’m about to say might offend “modern” sensibilities, it’s only because we’ve been systematically targeted for so long with demoralizing propaganda that we’ve forgotten what a happy, healthy, productive culture looks like. These pillars of civilization have been systematically attacked for so long now, it’s almost like we’ve forgotten what they were, and why they were there in the first place. And then we sit back and wonder why we were losing so much ground, being overrun for so long by so many outside forces.

But the simple fact is this:

Transgenderism is a disgusting, degenerate psy-op designed to turn little American boys into sexual playthings to be used and abused by grown men.

It’s a practice deeply ingrained in Islam, and designed to legitimize pedophilia in the mainstream. After all, “love is love,” right? The argument goes that some people are attracted to men, others women, others trees, others still… children.

See how the slippery slope works?

Think I’m kidding?

Then why did a SEVEN YEAR OLD just win the LA Pride Parade?

Ever hear of “Lactatia?”

What about RuPaul favorite “Desmond?”

Why are CHILDREN being invited to a burlesque show put on by drag queens??

Why is THIS being marketed to children!?

This is what systematic demoralization looks like. Bombard the suggestible and vulnerable with messaging, and push the Overton window that much further as the generations gets older.

Never forget; the slippery slope is very real and very dangerous!

But NEON! You’re being hateful and bigoted! These people are expressing who they feel they really are inside!

Clearly, you haven’t seen my favorite video on that subject:

Everyone has been so demoralized for so longer, so many are now terrified of being called things like racists, bigots, extremists, etc. Well, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called a “Nazi” over the past few years, because I had the audacity to acknowledge the simple facts attested to by nature, itself! I can’t tell you how many friends and connections I’ve lost, because I chose to speak the truth, instead of being intimidated by these cultural Goliaths!

When I was ten, I was into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Thunder Cats, Ghostbusters, Batman, Power Rangers, riding my bike, and catching gigantic frogs in the nearby creek. I wasn’t twerking in a dress for crowds of gawking degenerates in drag.

These boys? They’re being abused – and being groomed to “like” it.

Is it any surprise that we’ve seen “Storytime with Drag Queens” pop up at Public Libraries across the nation?

Yeah, the picture above – the one with all the horns – that was taken at the MICHELLE OBAMA Library.

This is not an organic movement. This is a politically driven movement that can be traced back to San Fran, and the likes of the Radar Productions.

And it is no coincidence that this “suddenly” appeared at the tail end of the Obama presidency. This is planned, deliberate, and strategic.

The goal of Demoralization it to make the men weak, the women marriageable, and to destroy the children.

That way, you can enslave a nation.

If you don’t understand by this point that the traditional Christian nuclear family is the last bastion of freedom and stability in this world, you better learn real fast. Without the family, there is no nation. And you can’t replace it with some cancerous “genderfluid” mutation, and expect the nation to thrive. The good, the true, and the NORMAL; not the deviant, the aberrant, and the degenerate, are what keep this nation happy and free.

The liberal, bourgeoisie, Marxist ideal of “choice” as the highest social good – as the ultimate expression of “freedom” – is, in actuality, the altar upon which we sacrifice our future, and the future of our children. The cruel irony of it all is there’s nothing more enslaving and devastating to a society than sexual degeneracy. Just read Libido Dominandi by E. Michael Jones if you need more proof of that.

Some decent Americans are thankfully starting to take notice and stand up to these Satanic indoctrination events. Some, but the truth is, we need entire congregations storming these events. We need this evil driven from the public square and shamed back into whatever dark corners it spawned from. Why?

Because at the end of the day, it is abhorrent that we, as a society are tolerating CHILDREN being groomed like this.

And the truth is, we have so much power. I love that this humble Alaskan pastor went by himself and courageously spoke the truth in the public square, but imagine if ONE church congregation got together to show up at one of these events. I don’t know about you, but I know some pretty big church congregations. You don’t even have to be violent or intimidating. Everyone could go there and turn it into an impromptu worship session; create an environment so abhorrent to these Satanic abusers, they can’t tolerate it.

Something like this would be a beautiful act of rebellion against an ideology that would enslave the vulnerable and confused:

Okay. Rant/Preaching/Teaching over. Thanks for humoring me. Back to Q drops:

This is the drop Q is talking about:

Weiner’s laptop had Clinton emails AND cp on it.

But… we know these were his “insurance” files.

Which means those illegal images didn’t come from him, necessarily.

So the question is… who did they come from?


Heyyyyyy, what did I tell ya! “13 Angry Democrats” listed in this drop, from way back when.

Anon posts this image:

And if I’m reading Q right, it looks like we’ll be getting some gmail draft comms released to the public in the very near future.

Won’t that just be exciting!

Now, out of all the crumbs Q left, this one probably gave me the most headaches.

These names were all listed months ago. Anon pointed us to this image, which made the rounds like 5 months ago. Point is, the names have been open source for a long time:

The new info here is the revelation that “the Bridge” is the Podesta Group.

Well, at least I also don’t feel so dumb now. Literally no anon was able to figure out what “the bridge” was for MONTHS, so Q just finally straight-up told us. (Probably would have helped to know what that bridge was connecting, Q. You know, tell us what A and B were, instead of making us guess what A and B were, and then trying to figure out what connected A and B together – so now we’ve got three unknowns, instead of one. Hard to expect anyone to make connections, when they don’t know what they’re connecting in the first place).

For past reference, these were all references to “the bridge.”

Yeeeeaaaahhhh, there was no way anybody was getting that from those crumbs. Sorry, Q. Maybe now tell us what the Keystone is?

One anon noticed a mistake in the list of media figures:

Some people took it as an indication that the name Stefan Halper has been signaled this whole time, but that mistake is pre-existing, as shown in the gif above.

As for Q’s questions, refer back to the Manafort inquiry. Manafort traces back to the Podesta Group.

I imagine they closed their doors as soon as the investigation started, in order to hide their illegal activities. I’m not sure how closing up shop would prevent, for instance, legal discovery, but I’m sure it would help impede those efforts.

As for the rest of this drop, let’s look again at Q’s questions:

Anon has a pretty good answer:

And the image Q included is from page 563 of the IG report, and is a chart of all the FBI leaks, to various journalists. Given the above point about Huber’s ongoing investigation, the IG Report literally could not include their names. But rest assured, the target has been painted.

Remember the drop back in December?


So the IG Report was largely focused on FBI wrongdoing, while Huber’s investigation is largely focused on the DOJ’s wrongdoing.

Of course, Q isn’t revealing anything The Cabal doesn’t already know.

This isn’t something they announced, either. It became apparent as soon as Trump put his guys into office, and they began purging the bad actors there. The Cabal read the writing on the wall, and decided to NOPE on out of there.

These guys have been living under the Sword of Damocles ever since. No wonder Skippy has been losing his cool on twitter.

Take that last notion to heart, because when things really start going – we’re going to need everyone to be very loud, and very organized.

The world is about to change, folks.

Thanks for bearing with me, with this article. I hope it was worth the wait.

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  1. By His stripes YOU ARE HEALED. You know THE HEALER! Walk in that place of peace and victory. He is Spirit.. SUPERNATURAL…. Praying without ceasing for the faithful patriot believers….

  2. obamas marriage was arranged but during the term of mayor sawyer a sawyer adjutant was michelles father
    they are his kids imho
    and he does like women esp blondes
    he also TAKES orders from someone
    who remembers the glitches with audio and the Russians
    who was Obamas real father and where was his allegiance

  3. Damn good article. I admire the way you and the anons put all this stuff together. But the depths of the subterfuge and the depravity are so depressing. I always hated the show “The Americans” because it made me sick how anyone could do that, and this is far worse than “The Americans”.

  4. Others were pointing to the @GenFlynn Twitter account cover page to “watch the water.” It went from a rough sea to a calm sunset.

  5. If all that glitchiness refers to doctoring of the picture then the hair around one of Obama’s ears was colored in, as was one of the ear’s of the other guy. Maybe they had joints behind their ear?

  6. Probably nothing to do with anything, but I’ll throw it out there:
    James 5:5 – You have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.

  7. Neon, you are truly gifted! Thank you for your insight as we all struggle with these inhumanities happening in our families, our communities, our country and our world! I too, have lost many friends and much of my family thinks I’m either paranoid or gullible or frankly, “losing it”! I pray for all of us and pray that I can be of service with kindness and understanding when all of this news breaks? As Q has said, many will not be able to digest this! God bless us everyone!

  8. Where you show Obama’s headdress for sale, to the right of that picture there are some people chatting about it.
    I did a double take when I saw one of them had written:
    I am a model signed with Q in New York.

  9. Yes! Neon, it was worth the wait…I am still very new to this, but I am praying for the Lord to guide me in all of this…my prayer for you is that the Lord comfort and refresh you…with wisdom and discernment and cover you with a hedge of protection. I was aware of the Michelle Obama library “horror show”…my heart and spirit “spun”, just by looking at that pic….but the Lord is my Strength!!
    I am still going to wait a little while to see if there is a way you can figure out for me to mail in support. The guy I study Bible with (he is good friends with Gov. Huckabee, Michelle Bachman, and many others), lives in Israel, but I Mail support to an address in Glendale, California….anyway mabe you could do something similar??
    If not, I understand…God bless you Neon, Q, all the anons, and our awesome President ….over and beyond measure…❤✝❤

  10. Something to consider. I always assumed 5:5 meant, “5 by 5”, as in, am I coming in loud and clear? Here’s the origin of the term. Note it’s humble beginnings is…Q code:

    The term has its origins in the Q code used for commercial radiotelegraph communication, and later adopted by other radio services, especially amateur radio. The first number is the answer to the question “How do you receive me?” (Q code QRK), typically answered with “I am receiving (1–5)” where 1 is unreadable and 5 is perfect. The second number is the answer to the question “What is the strength of my signals?” (Q code QSA), typically answered with “The strength of your signals is … (1 to 5).”. “5 by 5” was the answer to the QRK/QSA questions to indicate the best quality signal. “5 by 5” being the best quality was applied to other things by analogy.

    via Quora

  11. Thanks Neon for all your hard work. So appreciate your comments on the degeneration and infiltration of our society and the need for us to step in where our tolerance for these insideous absurdities has allowed this evil to creep in and sully us in every way possible. We now know the horrendous plan was absolutely about targeting and indoctrinating our children as sexual playthings, food (omg!) and spiritual possesion. We are the majority and we have been bullied into submission by a bunch of frauds and freaks whose only power is our ignorance. Sending you lots and lots of love and supportive energy to continue this beautiful mission of truth coming from your heart and soul. Nothing is more nobel and we the awakened are totally dedicated and all participating behind the scenes as well. An army of god and wide awake patriots worldwide creating a new reality out of this hideous nightmare. We have to love everything back into wholeness by bearing witness as all this reveals and taking action so that nothing like this can ever be allowed to happen again!!

  12. Neon, 5:5 is the slang Corsi and CBTS people use. It means…’Am I clear?’ Or ‘clear’?
    It’s supposed to mean out of a scale 1-5 with 5 being the best, the audio is coming thru crystal clear, 5, and the visual is coming through Crystal Clear, 5.

  13. I have reason to believe that 5:5 represents “Loud and Clear”. In the latest usage as a question from Q after his explanation.

    Your attention is directed to Post #854:
    Is the stage set for a drop of HRC +++ + +++++(raw vid 5:5). EX-rvid5774.
    We have it all.
    Re_read re: stage.
    The nail in many coffins [liberal undo].
    [Impossible to defend].
    [Toxic to those connected].

    +++ + +++++ = “with a child”

    Raw vid 5:5 = raw video “loud and clear”

    The so-called peace sign is a satanic symbol known as the broken cross of Nero. It is an inverted cross that is broken.

    Related info prevalent on Internet.

  14. Noam Chomsky once said “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”
    You sir produce exempliay work for those of us whom wish to be break free and seek truth.

  15. Great job! Can’t wait for the next post. I am sure that it will be great as well:
    1) The peace symbol is also used in witchcraft. If I remember correctly, it is a upside down crucifix. The peace part can be interpreted as satanic
    2) There was another roommate of O. He was a main actor of the Blacklist TV show, Harry Lennix (that guy trained him to act and develop a Chicago style accent. I remember hearing him talk about it once but they squashed the story somehow.
    3) There was another roommate/BBF that was in HI with him. There was a woman that knew him back then that described the relationship with the very gay drug dealer (Marie Pope I think was her name). The dealer was killed in the 90’s with a hammer to the back of the head.
    4) I wonder if the world will every know that Micheal’s real name is Michael? Or how she lost her law license.
    5) NR, can you give us an article at some point in the future on what to do for when it is go time – set up twatter accounts, other socials, where to access memes, how to attack their counter narrative, etc.. I can’t wait to give them hell.

  16. We could finally see some very damaging facts this coming week. I want to commend u for your dedication and determination in decoding Qanon post. Im sure u get a lot of compliments on your work but I really want to THANK YOU for fighting the good fight. This is an incredibly important time for our country. It makes me sick and angry to think our government was infiltrated up to the highest position. They have been gradually placing their imposters throughout in important positions. Using political correctness along with a MSM that has not only failed us in their primary job to keep governmental powers in check but have been actively going after patriots. The fact that they were able to shame us into not challenging real concerns is a important lesson to be learned. We are so blessed that GOD has stepped in to stop this Luciferin led evil whose ultimate goal was our destruction. The Democrats have been willing participants along with some Republicans and I hope each pays a heavy price for their treason. Again THANKS & GOD BLESS YOU !

  17. With reference to the 5:5:
    Q Post 803 (FEB 21 2018) Cites [SIG 5:5 READ]
    Q Post 807 (FEB 22 2018) Shows a tweet from President Trump which includes a photo of the President’s hands holding a list of points. On the list point 5 is visible, in line with the President’s 5th finger. The 5th point reads:
    “I hear you”.
    This was deduced by an Anon some time ago, ergo 5:5 = I hear you.

  18. Thank you very much for your hard work on the Q posts. I also agree with you on the “Transgender” “Child Grooming” demoralization in our country. It is absolutely an abomination before God. Evil deeds that spread like a plague in our society if it doesnt get stopped by good people.
    I pray everyday that God will bring strength and grace to those he has placed in battle to stop this vile wickedness and save his people and our beloved America. I pray for President Trump, Q Team, my fellow Patriots and all the Truthers who continuously stay the course to wake those who still sleep or refuse to see truth.
    I deeply appreciate your breakdowns of Q posts and I admire your skills, Thank you.

  19. As always great article brother, I agree whole heartedly and as a person in a Public School setting, I have been told that practices of old, are being replaced all the time. In fact I was informed 3 years ago, that if I volentered again to read to students in kindergarten and 1st grade, I was putting my job in jeopardy. That the new administration had other plans for the reading programs. I remember seeing placards of Hussein all over the schools as if he was a god for them to worship. The advertising for a better tommorow, the as a person living in the US we consume an unfair amount of the worlds resources and must learn to live without or as a fair share, that multi culturism was the way of the future. Almost like they were transforming the schools into a small Nazi youth, tell on your parents, crap like that. You know why school districts are always short on money, because admin and everyone else steals it, they know they will not be prosecuted because of bad optics, other than being let go of there jobs, they pay so poorly, unless you are superintendant or upper layer management and you give yourselves pay raises every year and freeze up every one elses for the last 8 years including promised step raises when hired, been digging on this but local media doesn’t have anyone who would touch this shit. My children will not grow up to be groomed or any of that other shit. Good work brother, have sent emails chains to friends of you stories and shared a few here and there, read my boss on the Pope and the disappeared and he was blown away and he is not big into any of this, starting to red pill him one person at a time.

  20. Hi Neon,
    I hope you feel better soon and thanks for persevering. Two comments: 1) Is that a gun in Hussein’s right hand? There are references in Q drops about photos of him. I wonder if the clothing in this photo will eventually match the clothing in the photo of him aiming that gun? And 2) There was a 5.5 magnitude earthquake in Iran near a nuclear plant shortly after the Syria ordeal:

  21. Great job Neon Revolt I too would like to mail in my support if you choose to put out a po box. My credit card and pay pal accounts were closed after too many hacking attempts. We will keeping praying and fighting to beat these evil people.

  22. Isn’t (neocon) B. Richardson in the NoKo pic with ES? Bill is also on the strategic board of Genie oil which hasn’t been alluded to yet as far as I know. Some food for thought

    Also, you are thinking of Bin yahoo as a white hat…Wtf.. seriously???

    • My thoughts exactly on Netan-yay-hoo. He’s America’s worst enemy, by far.

      The film on the “culture” of Afghanistan, in the name of Islam, demonstrates what an indefensible sham Islam truly is. It is the most corrupt, debauched, perverted form of government on earth, disguised as a religion.

      Hope your ear infection heals soon and you’re not in too much agony. But, if you are, don’t forget to offer it up, Thanks for persevering through the pain. Bless your little cotton socks.

  23. The mustache in the photo looks photo shopped. Maybe Q meant the man didin’t have facial hair in the original photograph. He just said, “No facail hair.”

  24. I like the theory that Manafort was a Podesta plant in the Trump campaign. It makes perfect sense. Consider the time at which Manafort served as Trump’s campaign manager. It was the height of the primaries. At that time, WHO wanted Trump to be the Republican nominee more than anyone? Every single Democrat on Earth. I recall some hard-left commentators groaning how the MSM gave Trump “billions of dollars in free advertising” with their non-stop coverage of him. And, indeed, they were setting him up for a tremendous defeat. After all, they’d done it before. Mad Dog McCain was a wonderful specimen of the big MSM setup. All we heard throughout 2007 into 2008 was how great the “Maverick” was. Nobody else could hold a candle to him — until he clinched the nomination and proceeded to run the worst presidential campaign in American history, dogged to the grave every inch of the way by his former pals in the MSM. Trump of course received the exact same treatment, but he played all too different a ground game than Mad Dog or W or Dole before him. As soon as Manafort had done his job clinching him the nomination, it was “Bye bye, buddy. Hugs & kisses to Hitlery and the rest of the jugend.” So Manafort’s situation becomes all the clearer now.

  25. I should remark on the whole tranny obscenity now gripping America’s windpipe. The situation is utterly ridiculous from a legal and cultural standpoint, since the total number of trannies even in a wacko city like San Francisco cannot be more than 1/4 percent of the population, and less than 1 in 10,000 in the rest of the country as a whole. That’s a pretty small number of mentally ill people to base a revolution on. So why is gender-bending in everyone’s face right now? Clearly its because the politically weakened Democrats are using the clinically insane as a weapon against their enemies in order to weaken them in any way possible. Republicans have mostly folded on the whole Gay thing, as well as the Fem-bots. The only new place to go now, in order to accuse their political enemies of being haters, is in the realm of the revolting and insane. And noone should question the diagnosis of insanity for any man who feels the need to don women’s clothes in public. I mean, remember all those cartoons and movies from the 1940s and 50s where guys dressed as Napoleon were being chased down by the guys in white coats holding butterfly nets? There was a belief that anyone so delusional as that must pose a danger to himself AND society in general. Just the idea of abnormal behavior, even if it was nonviolent, posed a threat to the good temper and feeling of society in general. After all, if the streets were filled with Napoleons roaming around calling out for Josephine, the average citizen might question the sanity of the society in general, and whether it was worthwhile to work to better one’s community. Clearing the streets of the cuckoos was as much for our benefit as it was for the insane man, who could use some kind of treatment to remove his delusion. However, the 1960s saw Psychiatry crash on the rocks of its own making. The psychiatrists had abused their powers and a reaction set in, stripping them of their god-like power to detain patients indefinitely and for any reason. California Governor Ronald Reagan famously defunded the state mental hospitals, a thing for which the leftists eternally condemn him as cruelty unbound. Yet, it was the left that demanded the psychiatrists be reined in and stripped of their power to remove the insane from our sight. Reagan shuttered the madhouses as a consequence of their campaign. The rest of the country followed suit. Since that time, the mad and the insane have been on the loose. Incarceration now is reserved only for those madmen who pose a physical threat to themselves or society. But mental, moral, or tasteful threats? No. We must suffer the ghastly display of raging insanity and, for the sake of a self-serving political cabal, be forced to embrace the insane or be condemned for it.

  26. If Hussein’s black shirt was Sharpied in with a marker, I’m thinking that he was actually bare-chested in the picture and that would make it even more disturbing.

  27. When Q said, “Track history,” I don’t see that as confirmation of the post he referred to, # 1784493. Often, when Q confirms or agrees with a post, he posts just the number of the post he is confirming and nothing else. I took “Track history” to mean people need to dig more and see that that might not be the guy.

    I agree with others who think “5:5” means, basically, okay. Q shows the time stamps and says, “Okay?” — meaning, “Do you see it now?”

    Thanks for all your work, NeonRevolt.

  28. All of this about Obama is rather creepy, I knew he was creepy to begin with, but this is outrageous about him. Makes total sense why he’s out to divide the country still even while he’s no longer President.

  29. Found possible 32 18 on Fox this morning! At the beginning of the video, about the sudden appearance on the lawn, I’ve always thought that “Access kills” might refer to the media access and the people’s access to the president kills the storylines, there’s no room for error when he speaks directly to the people. He spoke with Fox for a little over 30 minutes but this clip says he spoke with the other media for 18 minutes, not 15, not 20, 18

  30. Few things: 1) when my husband lived in BritCol, he said Pakis and east Indians routinely used each other’s drivers licenses and passports, bc no one could tell them apart; 2) in twat post of the headdress, she says she is signed up as model with Q; 3) Q uses the word delta in post 1534; 4) Q says keep eye on ball in post 1510 – the bridge diagram, is that a ball? otherwise, in the “This will get DJT elected” video, DJT hits a golf ball, also there are two times in that vid where there is a globe spinning (the world turns). I think it would be appropriate for the soon-to-be-arrested MS13 junks to be incarcerated with the soon-to-be-arrested angry 13.

  31. In military radio comms, doesn’t 5:5 just mean “loud and clear”? First number is for volume and second for clarity. Scale is 1-5.

  32. I’m not saying this is particularly relevant to anything Q-related per se. But the people trying to jump through hoops to suggest that the peace symbol is a laundered covert Satanic symbol are doing a disservice. It’s simply not the case. The peace symbol, however, is in fact an archaic symbol with an intriguing connotation in the Jungian collective unconscious sense. It is the “pagan” Nordic runic symbol for “Death” (whereas the inversion of the same is the Nordic rune for “Life”), and its adoption at that time is all the more interesting when one accounts for the well-known association of runic symbolism with and its use by the National Socialist regime, particularly to denote Waffen SS divisions and even the Schutzstaffel generally.

  33. And if it is in fact utilized in witchcraft (which I cannot personally attest to), that would be the likely source of it. As far as I know, contemporary “witchcraft” or “Wicca” is just a hodgepodge of antinomian, pseudo-feminist Euro pagan ritual, primarily Celtic but surely with some early Germanic referents as well. Although I cannot speak to “witchcraft” practice, obviously the rune itself would likely be used in runic divination rites or “rune-casting” given the importance or centrality of the principle associated with it.

  34. Neon,

    Great article. The transgender thing always was a red flag for me. It shows how much control they have when it was declassified in the medical handbook as a mental disorder.

    My argument with people that do not think these things through is this – what does a person suffering from anorexia see when they look in the mirror? They see a person who is overweight and needs to lose weight. They feel like they are fat and need to continue to slim down. EVERYONE else sees a person who appears ill and malnurished. Many in women their cease menstruation, and not even that clues them into something not being right. They have body dysphoria, in which their mind is telling them they are something or look a certain way, when clearly they do not.

    So the question is do you then tell that person to go and get bastric bypass surgery and encourage them to be their “authentic self”? No absolutely not. They need to see a therapist immediately. The same goes for people that believe they are not a man or a woman. You don’t encourage them to start on hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgeries. It’s truly insane. They have gender dysphoria, their brain is telling them they are something they clearly are not, based on their chromosomes and sexual organs.

    The push for children to take hormones and transition to a different gender on their own discretion is where I began to see the agenda here. If children can consent to changing their gender and hormone therapy, who’s to say they consent to a relationship with an adult? It’s their chuoic right?

    Also on another note, I wonder how these libs would react if you had Christians trying to get their sons that (in their opinion) were behaving too feminine, on testosterone treatments?

    The fact is, Satan has used these issues to deceive society. Including homosexuality. God wants us to find our indentity in Him, who made us in His image, not in anything of this world. Homosexuality was never an identity until it was pushed so heavily in Hollywood and through activists spreading this ideaology. It was always a behavior or choice, because obviously it is not natural in anyway. Which is why it says in 1st Corinthians that adulterers, fornicators, blasphemers, idolators, liars, theives and homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God.
    Were you born a liar? A thief? An idolator? A fornicator?

    I know I was born with a desire to have sex. But having sex is a choice that is made. It is an action, a behavior, a decision. Same with homosexual behavior. It is a choice to engage in that behavior. Once people were convinced they were born that way, it was part of their identity, and everyone deserves to be loved, it went from a choice, a behavior, to an identity. Satan has deceived many. Do not back down from the truth of Jesus Christ.

    God bless you. Keep it coming.

    • On the contrary, being homosexual is not a choice. And neither is it “being born that way.” Rather, it is a conviction, a matter of faith. I personally witnessed a normal healthy man at my workplace gradually turn gay. He struggled with it for a long time, and came to “accept” his homosexuality in clear, decisive steps in very much the same way I witnessed high school friends become born again as fundamentalist Christians. My coworker soon adopted all the trademarks of the homosexual, determining he was “always this way”, much the same way my friends were convinced God had chosen them for salvation even before they were born.

      It is from this observation that I determined homosexuality to be a religious faith, with the political/cultural behaviors the creed and doctrine of that faith.

      Because of this, all laws granting protections to homosexuals are unconstitutional, as they grant state establishment of a religion; protections for them are already covered by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 anyway.

    • Very well said, and interesting perspective I haven’t heard before.

      I don’t want to be misinterpreted here, Im not saying the feelings of attraction are a choice. The choice to act on those feelings is what Im referring to. In our culture today it is being celebrated and pushed by mainstream media/pop culture as something to take pride in.

      Isn’t that whole concept pretty ironic? Jesus tells us ego and pride are our enemy, and here we see why.

      Much in line with what you’re saying about it being a religion/culture they adopt, I meant that they find their identity in that culture/religion/sexual orientation when that is not what God intends for us.

  35. Why wasn’t the E.O. blocking Property of Persons involved in Human Rights Abuse, 12/21/17, used against the Clinton foundation? Or will it be eventually?

  36. Our society has fallen so far that frankly I can’t imagine anything that might have been on Barry’s shirt — pre-sharpie redaction — that would get a rise out of what you refer to as the normies.
    In addition if it can be proven he swung both ways, he’s certainly not going to lose any of his base over that.

  37. Hi Neon – awesome work as always. I noted the word Keystone and this may reference the Keystone PL in ND. Also someone above mentioned the Obama daughters – Malia & Sasha – they are the children of or their real parents are Dr. Anita Blanchard and Martin Nesbitt.

    Finally – this is my favourite Trump quote from last week to Jean Claude Juncker youre a brutal killer“
    as it relates to trade obviously during G7. (IMHO – Juncker is a dictator, so it made me smile)

    thank you, Neon & team

  38. Thank you NR for preaching the truth. May the Lord Jesus Christ open eyes and break hearts to THE truth. May the Lord revive the USA! Please Lord! Please save the children.Amen.

    • Nah. You’re just not paying attention.

      Get ready. The world is about to change, and you’ll be left wondering, “What happened??”

      The explanations will be here waiting for you, when you’re ready.

  39. ” raging ear infection in my left ear”

    I used to have them frequently. A pharmacist told me to swab inside my ears with hydrogen peroxide after showering, do not twirl the swabs, just get the HP in there, I’ve not had an ear infection since. He said this also prevents colds.

  40. I’m no anon but have been aware for over a decade. Have you been following the RAICES contribution to stop the child trafficking at the border? I decided to do a quick look into it. RAICES is out of Texas and they’re staff attorney is Farheen Siddiqi. It’s on LinkedIn. Now I may be way off base and I’m not on the chans or even close to what Neon has done on this site but I’m hoping maybe this little tidbit helps?

  41. You think Bibi Satanyahoo may be a “good guy.”
    You’re fucking deluded, mate.

    Research his thoughts on Christian Zionists; hint: he thinks they’re “scum.”

    Research what his people do to countries they “hate” (namely America, their golden calf.)

    The Synagogue of Satan is NOT your ally, they are NOT good people, the more I watch this unfold, the more I am convinced Trump is NOT America first (he’s all about Israel) and Q IS MOSSAD.

  42. Neon…

    @elenichle on Twitter is claiming the photo of Barry in the head dress is photoshopped.

    Care to throw some knowledge her way?

    Thank you, brother!


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