Where Are the Proofs!? #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Okay, I have to first apologize for all the site issues of late. If you’ve been encountering errors and such – yes – I found out the site has been under attack.

If you follow me on Gab, you’ve seen all the status updates, but in short, it looked like a renegade plugin was wrecking things at first, and when that turned out to not be the case, it was determined that a team of bots was attacking the site.

I installed and upgraded countermeasures today, so we’ll see how that all goes, but it was like trying to wrangle a wild beast. It would twist, and I would pull back. It would thrash, and I would rein it in. It would snarl and bite, and I would grit my teeth and hang on.

So hopefully, hopefully the issue is solved.

In the meantime, let’s get into the latest #Qanon drops, starting with where I got cut off last night.

But Neon! Didn’t you post this drop in your last article?

Why yes, dear reader. I did.

I just wanted to laugh at @EyeTheSpy again.


But it brings up a valid issue:

The basic gist of this is that while Q congratulates #Anon on his ability to deduce a date from his old password, Q indicates that there’s something else here, hidden in the (23) reveal.

This point held me up considerably, trying to figure it out, until it smacked me right in the head. DUH!

Think Military.

I believe what Q is referencing is a modern version of this; whatever the Ghost Army became after WWII.

These guys were the best, engaging in all kinds of wartime deception.

So what I believe Q is cluing us in on is that some kind of massive military deception operation was underway, and by the time it was revealed publicly – 5/19 – it had already accomplished its purpose; whatever it was – be it positioning the enemy where we wanted them, holding attacks at bay, or whatever.  I really hope we get a much clearer picture of what this deception involved, because this is a hilarious tactic to use against an enemy. Especially because once they knew they had been deceived, there was nothing they could do about it!

Imagine how demoralizing, how devastating that had to have been for The Cabal.

The mental warfare going on here is just as important as the actual warfare.

(Of course, I reserve the right to be profoundly wrong on this front, and adjust at a future date. And just for clarity, I’m not saying Q is having troops use inflatable tanks somewhere. I’m saying they’re engaging in deceptive practices out in the field. But if 23 turns out to be something else, you will of course be informed, first).


UPDATE: I’m exercising my right to be wrong here.

I think anon got figured it out, early this morning. Q is referencing the picture of POTUS and all the generals. 23 individuals in the photo, all total.


What recent news? This recent news:

The details of the June subpoena shows that Aaron Rich’s legal team at Boies Schiller Flexner LLP is trying to get its hands on a lot of communications sent over various accounts. Attorney Michael Gottlieb listed “primary accounts” for the defendants named above, plus Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Roger Stone, Kim Dotcom, the website Gateway Pundit and its current employee Cassandra Fairbanks.

The subpoena asked for communications (“tweets, re-tweets, likes or replies on Twitter”), direct messages, documents (including but not limited to video/audio recordings, email attachments, notes, calendars, diaries, etc.) and related metadata about the following “Topics” sent by or to the “primary accounts” mentioned above:

The subpoena also asked for communications, directs messages and documents about topics mentioned sent by or to “secondary accounts” from Jan. 1, 2015 to present. A secondary account was one defined as “any Account that communicated with the Primary Account.”

When it comes out that Seth Rich and Julian Assange were actually in contact with each other regarding the DNC leaks, forget it. It’s over. Hillary, Wasserman-Schultz, and others are now co-conspirators in a murder case.

Seth Rich saw wrongdoing happening in his country, and he tried to do something about it. He’ll be remembered as a hero by everyone, soon.

This is the video Trump showed Kim Jong-Un.

Scott Adams said, of this video:

“It might be the best thing that anybody ever did in a negotiation; period. It might be, in the history of the world, the best thing anybody had ever did. It hits every note perfectly.”

X (formerly Twitter) X (formerly Twitter)

But Q really spells it out for us here by pointing out the “Dark to light” reference at 1:07.

So, a definite case of future-proves-past.  Add it to the list of #QConfirmations!


Now this is brilliant. If you remember the older Qdrops, you’ll remember Q calling out, very early on, that Obama had actually been to North Korea last year.  You’ll recall all the work the Cabal had put into that place, between Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, and so many others.

(Actually, while we’re on the subject – on the very old Facebook page I ran – the one that got deleted – I posted an infographic showing how North Korea’s missiles were identical to SpaceX’s designs. I had it on an external HD that has begun to act up, but I’d really like to get another copy of it. If anyone has that infographic still, I’d appreciate you uploading it to kek.gg, and posting a link the comments below. Thank you!)

I like to sit back and imagine Obama sweating as he picks up the phone, heart pounding as he fumbles along the dial, anxiously leaning forward as the line starts to ring until –

“죄송 합니다만 지금은 통화를 완료 할 수 없습니다.

No! A pre-recorded operator!

And then the receiver slips from out between his hand, down to the floor, cracking on the tile as it finally dawns on him how well and truly screwed he is.

And it just goes to show how much attention to detail these white hats have. “Don’t forget to change his phone number, Larry.” And Larry goes to North Korean Telecom (or whoever), and gets it done.

Well, they were in the [killbox], soooo….

Anon is 100% correct. This is hilarious.

But – quick refresher for those who may just be joining us on this Q-journey.

ES is Eric Schmidt.

Eric Schmidt ran Google/Alphabet for years, as one of its founders.

Google itself is one big deep-state operation.

Eric Schmidt went to NK in 2013 to install a computer network there. You can find the photos with a simple search.

The computer network was built for the express purpose of giving the Obama White House, and the Deep State/Cabal control over NK’s nuclear arsenal…

Which they had had since 2004.

So yeah, he knows we know, and he knows he can’t hide much longer. He’s a traitor and his “nuclear treason” is about to be exposed to the world.

No wonder he can’t sleep.

But on a serious note, you should be sitting up and paying attention to Senator Jeff Flake (Arizona), because he recently went with Eric Schmidt down to Cuba, and frankly, the whole affair just reeks of Cabal.

And judging by some of the Leftist messaging I’ve seen on various social media platforms against Flake (who is no good guy; don’t get me wrong) I think they’re threatening not just him, but his family as well.

Ahhhh, okay. The four booms correlate to the actual documents signed by Trump and Kim Jong-Un.

Can’t wait for more #booms!

Misspellings are always intentional; we’ve learned that by now. Looks like Q is drawing our attention to a very specific misspelling from one of yesterday’s Trump tweet, where there is a missing “i” and a missing “p.”

One anon had this idea for the meaning:

But I completely disagree with this idea.

I think the missing I is the same as before – Iridium. There’s no reason to change that comm:

The Missing “I.” Satellites, Iridium, and the Importance of Secure Comms. #QAnon #GreatAwakening

And I think the missing P is exactly as it was before. P = Pope.

So this post is really telling the Cabal – we’ve cut your communication lines and your leaders are falling.

Plus… I believe this fits in with the larger narrative Q is trying to paint here.

But more on that in a moment!

(I know, I know, you hate it when I do that).

But hey, if you want to disagree with me on this, that’s fine. That’s why I included anon’s post above. It wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong, and his interpretation is certainly plausible.

I can’t wait for this to happen. The IG report lands at noon on Thursday, so that’s definitely going to kick-off this dramatic shift in the national narrative, especially once Grand Inquisitor Huber gets unleashed.

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. ”

-Napoleon Bonaparte

Now this is an interesting drop. A lot of anons just assumed it was a picture of AF1, but, well:

So what is this a picture of?

Anon helps sort us out:

And then anon connects it to this:

Did Q really just give us #HAARP confirmation??


I mean… the thought had crossed my mind during that original drop, but I dismissed it as, frankly, too far into Alex-Jonesian territory.

I don’t know if everyone knows what that means, but basically, well… I’ll try to break it down for people who may not be familiar with the concept.

Around the earth, shielding it from cosmic rays is something called the ionosphere. It’s just this electrically charged layer that protects us from getting blasted to death by the sun’s radiation, among other things, and it also has an effect on the weather. Basing their designs on some of Tesla’s ideas, DARPA build that HAARP facility you see before you in the screenshot. It was theorized that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program – could manipulate the weather by charging the ionosphere – triggering all kinds of atmospheric phenomenon… like, for instance, the two legendary floods we saw during Trump’s first year in office.

Trump had the official HAARP facility taken over during his first months in office, so I don’t think Q is saying this is where the potential weather attacks are originating from…


…But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other HAARP facilities around the world.

And that’s not even the most notable part of all this.

Anon drops this, and things become really interesting:

You know my theory, that Q+ posts are actually messages from Trump.

Needless to say, someone’s about to do something dangerous.

A Legionary on Gab referred me to this article, before I embarked on writing this post:

A notable line from the article:

The closest thing to something like that would be the Ohio class nuclear ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) based not too far away at Bangor Trident Base/Naval Submarine Base Bangor, but those apocalyptic machines don’tlaunch missiles in the Puget Sound even for testing.

This also brings new meaning to the term “D5.”

(Although… I’ll mention this in passing, even though I haven’t seen any sort of confirmation regarding it. Some anons dispute that this is a missile at all. They cite the lack of exhaust fumes, and the long light trail. Personally, I think it looks like a missile captured on a camera with a long exposure. But some anons contest that it’s actually something more akin to a hyperkinetic railgun sabot round… I don’t think so, but I thought I’d mention the theory here, anyway).

But who fired it?



And how do we know this?

Because Q has used this code three times before. Observe!

Each “suppose” represents a moment where the D’s – the Democrats – were supposeD to win.

So… I’m beginning to think both myself, and the other anon were wrong about what I P meant:

A reverse image search brings us… here.

Anon puts together the pieces:

So some hot-shot Top Gun just saved the world by shooting down a missile with a possible nuclear payload.

Kenny Loggins would be proud:

Another anon expands:

But we need to step back for a moment… mostly because of this anon, who berates us with some intense autism:

This is the comment he’s referring to, for the record:

And these are the images he included:

I definitely think Hellawell deserves some digging. It’s super-suspicious.

And digging indeed has already started and turned up some interesting “coincidences.”

Ghosts, again… hmm… And see this is what clinched that first post for me, with the 23 Headquarters Special Troops/Ghost Army/Operation Quicksilver.

Looks like there’s some sort of deception operation going on somewhere, right now.

Simply put, Nunes and Gowdy are accusing Rod Rosenstein of wrongdoing.


As for Kashyap Patel (from here-out: Kashmoney), who is he?

Kashyap Patel is the reportedly the brains behind crafting the memo which alleges FBI of not doing its job honestly and investigating cases against Donald Trump by harbouring political biases…

Kashyap Patel is a senior counsel for counterterrorism at the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and a staffer with Representative Devin Nunes, chairman of the Intelligence Committee. Patel came under the spotlight for the first time when he travelled to London along with another staffer in search of Christopher Stelle, author of a controversial dossier on Trump…

Before joining the House Select Committee on Intelligence, Patel was a trial attorney in the National Security Division of the Justice Department. He joined the house committee in April 2017. Following his induction into the Intelligence Committee, Patel has been duly involved in Nunes’ inquiry into whether the FBI and Department of Justice abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

After less than a year as a Republican staff member on the House Intelligence Committee, Mr. Patel has found himself in the middle of another controversy. According to congressional sources, he is the primary author of the politically charged memo, released on Friday by the committee chairman, Representative Devin Nunes, over the opposition of the F.B.I. and the intelligence community, that accuses federal officials of bias against President Trump.

I’ll have to update this space when I find a copy of the interview. It’s so fresh, as far as I can tell, it’s not online yet. If you find it sooner than I do, leave it in the comments, or send it to me on Gab!

The ARM… Q referenced that once before, here:

Although…  I’m not 100% sure what it means.  Possibly Anti-Republican Media. Possibly American ________ Media.

Post your ideas in the comments, because frankly – no one knows what this means right now.

As for who controls Ryan – it’s POTUS, now… I think. Remember the FREEDOM DAY proclamation during the SOTU and what Q said about that?

And Ryan is still Speaker of the House, meaning he gets to decide which bills that reach the floor of the House.  So much so that others are trying to figure out ways around him:

Ryan’s announcement means GOP leadership has avoided an embarrassing defeat by rogue moderates of their party and every House Democrat. On Tuesday, the bipartisan group was just two signatures away from putting into a play a rare maneuver — known as a discharge petition — to go around the speaker and bring legislation to the floor.

Oops, we got a little ahead of Q here. Yes, Ryan, as Speaker of the House, brings votes to the House floor. He controls the flow.

As for what’s coming…

I expect Q is referencing the release of the IG Report on the 14th.

But the thing that got me about this is that Q said it’s going to be heavily redacted… and yet, here it looks like he’s saying it’s going to be so damning, that the entire House will revolt – even in its redacted state.

That’s going to be wild.


(Btw guys, if you ever see me post an image like that, and you find yourself scratching your head… just assume it’s a meme and keep movin’ along).


Sounds like he’s prepping us for the flood of normies in the wake of some explosive event.

Possibly the IG Report.

In which case… we have one day to prepare.


That’s fine. We can do it. There are enough of us on the boards.

We will show them the way, Q. And THANKQ.

Memetic Proofs = Social Proof.

Social Proof = Critical Mass.

Remember that dance party video I posted a while back?

We’re at 1:24 in the video… metaphorically speaking.

You know, there’s been a ton of stuff happening on this front, lately, and I don’t think I need to really elaborate here on Q’s drop, because it’s pretty straight-forward, although I will add, remember all that time where 8ch was down a couple weeks ago? Where they were doing all sorts of upgrades?

Yeah, that was Q preparing the site. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s completely owned and operated by the US Gov’t now.

Beyond that, you all know already that I’m banned from Twitter and that I’m shadowbanned from Facebook.

I’ve been getting reports recently from people that they can’t post my links in certain Q-related groups on Facebook any more.

I also received a 3 day ban on Reddit for posting “violent” content. Pfft. FAKE NEWS!

And if you’ve been following me on Gab, you know my site has been having major problems for the past day now.

And I’ve been losing my mind.

I could go into more about the nonstop shilling I’ve encountered, the madness on that front – and that’s one thing. But its entirely another thing when the very tools you use to communicate stop working.

I built this site specifically to bypass all the censorship I had been encountering over the past two years. I built it to have a safe haven to say what I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted – without having to worry about having my tone policed by Politically Correct nannies, or have my posts removed or labeled “fake news” by an organization with whom I had no recourse.

So when my site came under attack – and yes, we did determine that it was a systematic attack – breaking the functionality of this site for hours, I about lost it.

It’s no simple thing to run a site like this – especially in this environment today, when many would rather see what I publish torn down. I have systems running to protect against and mitigate attacks. I have layers of security running. I even went to the trouble of selecting a server hosted in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, outside the jurisdiction of BOTH the United States and the EU, just so that it could never be taken down by renegade powers in either – using a host that’s dedicated to free speech (do you know how hard that is to find these days? Shockingly hard).

The amount of time and effort that has gone into this is… frankly, absurd. But this is my compulsion, my obsession now. I just had an internal sense from the beginning that what Q was saying was true, and that I would follow him through hell and back, if I had to.

Why? Because he promised to help us radically change the landscape of this land, and I just couldn’t keep going on living in ObamaNation, seeing everything I valued and cherished corroded and destroyed. I couldn’t keep seeing my future get plundered. I didn’t want to be the modern equivalent a slave.

Many found ways to get by during that time, sure, but someone like me… well, I was really left behind. Hundreds of job applications, plenty of schooling, and an IQ well over 130, and… I couldn’t succeed anywhere. I was even made a target; I was one of the “safe” ones to marginalize, because I’m white, I’m straight, I’m male, I’m Christian – which means I’m just so full of “privilege,” don’t you know! And boy, I barely scrounged by there for almost a decade, enduring failure after failure, indignity after indignity, and watching everything in my world erode as I tried to survive on menial, minimum-wage-style jobs for the longest time. Do you know how many toilets I cleaned during this time? (Not that there’s anything wrong with honest work, but when you’re stuck doing it for pennies for over a decade, you get demoralized).

So yes, I was already ideally positioned as something of an “outsider,” redpilled (though some might say blackpilled) by reality. But that gave the me the ability to recognize Q instantly.

And maybe I’m just getting too-stream-of-conscious here, but it’s taken me almost 20 bleary-eyed hours across two days to get this site functional again, and I just spent at least six hours researching and composing this article, and the Q drops just kept coming, and it’s my site anyway so I’ll write whatever I want anyway. I’ve been through a digital hell over the past two days, so yes, I’m a bit frazzled right now. Can you “hear” how tired I am?

But that’s okay. I feel so much better because I finally got this done, and that the site is up and running again.

I did install a new set of, for lack of a better term, “countermeasures,” to fend off any future attacks like the one I just experienced, but I still highly recommend archiving my posts. Just in case.

That said, even though I had worked out most of the kinks over the past two days, I had the feeling there were some lingering gremlins gnawing on the wires somewhere. So I posted this on the boards tonight, a few hours ago.

And if I could show you a before and after on my site stats, I would, because all the bars that were red before turned green soon afterwards, and the site was running smoothly again.

So #ThankQ. For everything. I’ll keep trying my best.

I’m in this ’till the end.

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    We gotta make this shit spread. Go on twitter, facebook, Instagram, etc. and share the articles. EVERYWHERE. They’re important. I think this site in particular is a pretty good gateway for normies to understand the ‘AWAKENING.’

    When posting the Articles use spicy memes to go with it. Makes it more appealing. REMEMBER! Where more powerful then these sick bastards.

  2. Thank you for all your insights . Am in awe at both you, SB2 on GA and the autists. I so related to your comments of what it’s like to be white, male, straight and Christian…my story also, although I imagine that I’m a tad older (grin), All I’m able to do anymore is try to follow on GA and the Boards, what was a fairly aware mind has taken way to many shots to the head and a lot of my reasoning is not up to it anymore….I try to correlate what I learn and do red-pilling, but feel so useless compared to you guys, keep up the good work, and thanks for your patriotism….WWG1WGA

    • I’ll admit it, I wondered at least what decade of age NR is in…was thinking if the age were right, I’d set him up with my stepdaughter, lol She’s chocked full of ‘privilege’ too, white, female, Christian, and works for Christian television. Then again, I’m the last person to talk about age, my husband is 15 years older than me.
      Anyhoo…glad you’re back up and running, and once again GREAT analysis…shared it on twatter

  3. Hey Neon,
    I work in gov Cyber Security. Is there anything I can do to help? (For free of course.)

    Email if interested. Also, my website/resume is [firstpartofemail].com

    • “죄송 합니다만 지금은 통화를 완료 할 수 없습니다.” = “I’m sorry but I can not complete the call right now.”

      Now that is funny! Good Job.

    • thank you, Will, for generously offering to help out Brother Neon!! 😉

      let’s hope he’s getting some much-needed, much-deserved sleep – especially since tomorrow (14Jun) is gonna be so YUGE!!!

      {{{zzzzs to Neon – we’re SO glad you’re back up & running!!}}}

  4. Neon,

    The physics of intercepting an intercontinental-range ballistic missile are challenging, to say the least. It is not at all the same thing as a Scud missile: much faster, flying higher, on a trajectory that leaves fewer options for intercept. That’s why American missile defenses are mostly designed to stop short to medium range missiles; it’s an achievable goal that they’re trying to expand as tech improves.

    Assuming you don’t get an ICBM in the boost phase, which is extremely difficult, options are few. You might get it with an SM-3 missile launched from an American destroyer or cruiser, but that’s beyond its design parameters (the new SM-3 Block II, developed with Japan, offers better odds but an ICBM/SLBM still beyond its intended target set).

    The best option is the few GMD missiles (Ground-based Mid-course, Defense), siloed at Vanderberg AFB in CA and in Fort Greely, Alaska. Test performances have been much less inspiring than the SM-3s, but unlike the naval SM-3 missiles, these huge rockets are designed to counter ICBMs. Or at least create uncertainty in any rogue state that might be tempted to launch a couple of missiles as a last-ditch threat.

    If someone ever did fire a D5 at our defenses? We’d have major, major trouble. Because they don’t carry just 1 warhead. Capacity is 12, though treaties have put it at 8 per missile maximum. Since you’re very likely to be intercepting the warheads not the missile, the odds of actually stopping even 6/6 warheads at once with current deployed American BMD technology are… in “this really is not a good bet” territory.

    Lotteries are won by someone, but I’d be inclined to look elsewhere for my explanations.

  5. You are an inspiration and if you were ever in doubt of how important you are to this movement, these attacks on you prove it.

    Stay strong and keep FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT ing!

    I’ve redpilled more people with your work than anything else.

    God Speed Patriot

  6. Neon, Apologies for not posting this first. As a newfag I trust your analysis and commitment to the movement.

    I just jumped over to r/greatawakening as I do, and for the first time in days/weeks I felt like it was mostly disinfo (sb2 aside) at the top. E.g. The Top Gun pic is DT as superman. No mention in comments that it could have be a disastrous DS attack. I was about to post “This is not a game” but thought I was being a Buzz Killington.

    Then I read this post.

    Reddit explicitly called out. In the same gang of deplorables. And you of course were sidelined as you mentioned.

    Now, I’m not completely retarded. I know reddit is on a leash. “Front” page of the internet.

    I just felt today that the leash was yanked.
    I appreciate your thoughts on this (if the bots are at bay). Am I paranoid on this one?

  7. Thanks so much for putting in some seriously crazy hours for us. I have been spreading your articles to as many people as I can. Ivan wait for your next drop about what Q posted after you completed this one. God Speed Fellow Patriot!!

  8. Thanks for all this amazing work . Love your talent !!!
    Im trying to save your articles ? Is that OK ?
    Let me know . I tried once to save as … but of course Im very green this .! LOL Really Im the generation who missed computers .
    Trying very hard to learn slowly getting there .
    Just email me or answer whats best .
    Blessings peace and hugs .

  9. Hi Neon
    Im wanting to say one more thing ..I have helped so many people wake up because of you !!! They all just love your site ! Blessings

  10. Neon, much love to you for all your hard work gathering all the datapoints and simplifying them for the rest of us folk.
    Your efforts are truly appreciated.

    I wanted to add something about this Alan Hellawell person now working with China Telecommunications.. His wiki notes he worked on optical networking at Lucent Technologies.

    That company operates at 666 5th Ave NY and is a mainplayer in RFID chips which some say are designed to be implanted in people. (for purposes like proximity cards to unlock doors or paywave purchase.)

    Like the mark of the beast. Can’t buy or sell without it.

    Apparently they have inhouse operating systems named Inferno & Styx. Logo looks like an ouroboros.

    Nefarious company or just a bunch of tech savvy edgelords?

    Thought this extra Hellawell connection was interesting.

    Thanks again, you’re doing great work.

  11. I was passing your info in cryptic waves to a few friends to go look at the queen sisters suicide, and pointed in the direction of your article and the whole post was dissolved on FB. No one has a clue what happened, we had notifications on our comments to each other, and then when you went to check on them, Blank screen. Weirdest shit we had ever seen.

  12. Missing “I”…missing “P”….maybe it’s not about what’s missing but still there….”MISSiLE STOPpED”

  13. ‘Dark Into LIGHT’… The ‘bullet’ phrase recurs in the video Trump (brilliantly) had made for Kim to encourage him to step into the Future and bring his citizens into the new world!
    I just realized — President Trump has just liberated AN ENTIRE COUNTRY, and given NEW LIFE to downtrodden MILLIONS — AND WITHOUT A SINGLE SHOT BEING FIRED!!!
    Genius. We are SO INCREDIBLY BLESSED to have him as President.

  14. one of Q’s disappearing posts had the line:

    Fox One is NATO code to indicate the launch of a “semi-active radar-guided missile (such as the AIM-7 Sparrow)”


    So if would totally fit the theory that an intercept aircraft took out a missile, mid-air ~ as mad as that is!!!

  15. Who brings the votes (House floor)?
    Who decides?
    Why is this important?
    What is coming?

    Is referring to house vote to force DOJ to release documents as revealed in Laura Ingraham show
    Neon Revolt – thank you for your service. I think you will go down in history, so that puts cleaning toilets for years in perspective…

  16. The best steel is forged in the hotter flame. A decade seems like forever when young. In retrospect, maybe not so much. It will be worth it.

  17. A missing “I”…a missing “P”….maybe we should look at what’s not missing…MISSiLE STOPpED

  18. You and the President out saving the world and getting little sleep these last couple days…but think about poor obama not able to have his call go through, poor guy. 🙂

    Thank you for all you do!! Hugs!!

  19. Could the deception have been the meeting in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands hotel? To sting the black hats. POTUS never telegraphs his moves.

  20. Top notch, this. I’ve been an avid lurker for the past few weeks. I’ll say that I am a mod of a rather prominent
    Q-Anon (!!) group on Faceplant, and this post is just reaffirming my faith in your ability to bring truth to the world. We’ll be leaning on each other quite a bit over the next days and months. Believe me when I say, that you aren’t blacklisted on FB as much as you might imagine. I’ll be around 😉

    Thank Q too!

  21. Thank you Neon. I so appreciate your insight and decoding and all your sacrifices and work that have gone into the creation and production. I always look forward to your posts. I used to go to Great Awakening but find very little value in that anymore. God bless!

  22. ThankQ , Neon!! I was worried when I couldn’t access your site the other day. I am sure glad you’re back!! We need you!

  23. I love your stuff and thank you for not giving up. I spread your links far and wide and read your latest with coffee every morning I can. You help me red pill normies because you make it easy to connect the dots as you know your way around 8Chan. Like you, I’ve been red pilled a long time…through various means. I had almost given up on mankind…felt we were heading toward yet another reset from the Creator. Still there are people out there that cannot be bothered with truth…maybe they are just cynical. I used to say hope was for suckers…yet I still have it. I still have hope that maybe we have a chance to manifest peace and prosperity rather than where we were headed. It’s going to take some time though.

  24. My nose is telling me that the Q pics of the atomic sub and simulated ‘skunk bay’ missile launch, with the Q drop, ‘this is not a game,” all somehow lead to Lockheed Martin aka Skunk Works.

    Skunk Works is the most likely major military industrial contractor to supply the necessary hardware and tech support for the Cabal’s thwarted WAR GAMES that were apparently staged -much like in this early cyber ‘hack’ movie on a fictitiously named, ‘Goose Island’ that is real world Anderson Island located in the same Seattle area Puget Sound shown in the pics.
    And look there, up in the sky… its a bird, its’ plane, its an island, its’s a Top Gun co-pilot, its a GOOSE!

    This next notice is more of reach, but perhaps worth a look.
    On another forum’s Q thread today someone posted a linked article (possibly fake) with this same simulated missile launch image with some lengthy explanation of how it was created with some elaborate composite reverse lens flare ghosting technique (my words) to make a helicopter in landing descent appear to the human eye to be a vertically launching missile.
    So back in WAR GAMES, reclusive Dr. Falken makes his grand entrance drop onto Broderick and Babe in a UFO with blinding search lights that turns out to be a just a dinky helicopter.
    And a few months ago -in that other big APPLE area- several people made their grand EXIT in a helicopter crash in a big city-side inland waterway with a nearby island in the mix. Something about the NYC helicopter crash and fast morphing cover story is still getting my goose.

    I wonder if Lockheed Martin had a hand in the making and a ‘hack’ in the taking and breaking of the submarine secrets and helicopter money?

  25. Have been for you since finding you. I am so grateful for your sacrifice of time, sleep and so sorry you’ve had such issues. You have become one of my most trusted resources! I too banned from FB early on during election and basically had to reboot myself to stay in line with Twitter Gab MeWe and wherever I can gather mutilple resources to help frame what is true or fake. All this to say, each of us in this movement are not in it by CHANCE, we were CHIOSEN by God for our unique gifts to UNIFY for the Greater Good. This immediately gives Evil more ways to attack and try to crush our spirit to serve. My gift is to love forgive and ENCOURAGE and to be “Gods audible voice”. So these words above are from our Heavenly Father to you to let you know how incredibly Proud HE is of you and your devotion to His calling and serving Him selfishly.
    “Well Done Good and Faithful Service”

    (Patriot 1956)

  26. American ___________ Media were the one’s saying Uranium One was just a “hoax” because it was just the usual business practices, nothing to see there. That and that phone call with Jason Goodman where Douglas Gabriel says, “People have told me to destroy you,” and “Stop doing what your doing or you will die.” Nice guy. No fan of Mr. Goodman but he does important work with Charles Ortel about the Clintion’s, their foundations and their crimes. He also just caught Imran Awan answering phones for his attorneys. Guess my point is, AIM didn’t want ANYONE looking into Uranium One and wanted the work with Carles Ortel to end. Curious.

  27. Alaska pic, there is a projectile of some kind in the pic. on the right side of the pic above the 3rd volcano/mountain. if you blow it up you can tell its not a smudge or dirty lens. I wonder if VOLS = F35

  28. Matthew 22:14 ‘For many are called, but few are chosen” Thank you Neon! It is very clear that you have been chosen for these times. You are blessed! Revelation 17:14 They will make war against the Lamb, and the Lamb will triumph over them, because he is Lord of lords and King of kings: and he will be accompanied by His called and chosen and faithful ones.

  29. For the record, here is how an ICBM works – big picture – including the D5. ICBMs and SLBMs are 3 stage rockets that reach space. In space, they deploy a payload platform that then launches it’s payload back to Earth. It is called MIRV for Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicles – ie, nuclear warheads. A D5 has something like 12 warheads onboard that can hit 12 different places independently. So, the “hot shot pilot” theory above seems implausible to me for that reason and others.

    Also, for the record, research in Alaska into the aurora borealis and ionosphere have been going on since the 50s as far as I know – all those players including, AFGL, UofA have been involved since the beginning from the beginning. Balloons, rockets, missile and tangentially the Shuttle have all been used regularly over many years. The AB and ionosphere affect communications, RADAR, etc and understanding it was important for strategic reasons as well as for understanding plasma and High Energy weapons (You know like the kind that could hit a warhead coming in from space). By way of full disclosure I was a researcher on several of the projects. I designed, built and tested telemetry systems used on the rockets and shuttle.

    Here’s an interesting article (I skimmed that highlights) about what’s been going on up there for a very long time. HAARP seems like a logical extension of the research – not some secret weather machine. If anything, it a COMM (listening) shop IMHO.

    • Dude, I’m a electrical engineer who designed radiation-hardened processors for some of that space-application weaponry! AND I also programmed & analyzed the output from shuttle telemetry hardware!

      Small world, that we both show up here.

      But I can confirm everything you said.

      • What do u mean by “space”? do you mean “high altitude” like weather balloon altitude? Or do you mean “orbit” like where the stupid tesla is supposed to be?

        Last time I checked, ICBMs do not go into “space” and they remain within the earth’s atmosphere.

        Please clarify, thanks anon

    • Very interesting information.

      Isn’t it possible to simply take out the propulsion system on a D5 rocket, and have the payload fall into the ocean? That was my thinking.

      (Unless whoever stopped it had some kind of tech onboard that could deactivate the missile, mid-flight).

      Somehow, it was stopped. It’s just a matter of understanding how.

      Thanks again for the info.

      • Neon, you can take out any missile during the propulsion phase, but you must understand that this “boost phase” is short. Missiles power up to maximum speed/ altitude, and then they mostly coast or their payload does.

        Most intercepts are designed to happen at midcourse or terminal point because you have to notice the missile, establish a track while directing intercept assets, and then there’s time delay for launch and for your own weapon’s travel to where the threat is. By that time, where’s the enemy missile? Not in the boost phase. For short-range and medium-range missiles, that’s fine. We can get them just outside the atmosphere, at mid-point or a bit later (THAAD, SM-3), or try a last-ditch intercept within the atmosphere near the end point (PATRIOT). Almost all are also single-warhead weapons. Once you get to IRBMs and ICBMs, they’re faster, higher, with more landing areas to cover, and may have MIRVs (multiple warheads). Tricky… that’s the job of stuff like GMD, and the huge PAVE PAWS radars.

        For a boost-phase intercept you have to be very close to the launch site, and you also have to fire something fast enough to catch the missile (and now we’re into geometry as well). A conventional AIM-120 radar-guided missile isn’t at all likely to do that. A laser could, but again you have to be right there, the power needs are prohibitive, and range is short. The atmosphere itself is not clear, it’s more like an unpredictable lens. Guess what that does to a focused laser beam over distance?

        This is why they canceled that laser 747. We would have had to fly a $300-400 million, radar-reflecting 747 full of chemicals that would melt it in midair (like, say, if you put a cannon shell through the containers) right into North Korea, in order to be close enough for an intercept. Yeah, like that would work.

        Of course, let’s say someone in North Korea fired one of their medium-range MRBMs at a populated city in Japan. Not even nuclear, let’s say it had biological weapons. An American or even a Japanese SM-3 (their destroyers are similar to our, and recall they’re sharing SM-3 R&D with us) could absolutely take it out, or even 2 of them, and we’d expect at least one or more such ships ready to do so at any time. And yes, that would stop a war.

        • Great Post Joe. Well explained. Those program names brought back lots of memories…

          PS that’s one of the reasons we (the US) studied the Aurora, to develop particle beam weapons to use for ABM systems.

          It’s kind of funny that in the 80s the general attitude of the world was that trying to intercept a missile was impossible and RR’s “star wars” SDI program was an insane waste of money… fast forward to today and people thinks it’s no big deal.

  30. I watched the video Trump played for Kim…been waiting for someone else to notice that at 3:12 there is a shot of a clock at dusk or dawn, Big Ben I believe… the time reads, wait for it! 5:05 or 5:5:)

  31. Hey Neon,

    this is off topic for this post, but I thought I mention this to you. Apparently EyeTheSpy went full retard and claims to be an alien and that imminent doom is headed our way and that he is evac-ing his dwellings ASAP. And another user who goes by TrustfulAlice posted a similar tweet. I wish I could post screencaps to you, but I’ll write it out. And he also came out of the closet as a Satanist in another tweet. You were definitely right about that one.


    I really loved getting to know you all.
    It was nice.
    I’m sorry.
    I’m not NSA
    I’m Not Even Human
    Every move was planned.
    I Wanted to know you
    Unfortunately, This planet is toast
    They are coming
    They are going to set it on fire
    Evacuating now
    You should too
    -ETS = E.T.’s



  32. Neon, you are amazing. YOU are the one getting it all. Thanks. You’re in the front line trenches. I, on the other hand, am behind the lines a bit, but still fighting – seemingly hopelessly – to alert the anons that 8chan is not where your average normie will even think to go. I have yet to encounter anyone – even geeks who make a living at computers – who have even heard of 8chan or Q. MSM is out; that may include Fox. YT and the like are the only reliable means of reaching lots of people. A secure, reliable website that posts all the “proofs” that Q is asking, would also work. If Q controls as much as we think he does, that should be possible. Also, putting this stuff into a huge print volume. People will demand trustworthy info. Print media is more so than computer images that can be altered. Reps from D.C. may also have to personally make the rounds in their districts and states and do this in townhall settings. Do you see the immensity of all this? Thanks again

  33. Neon. I have always enjoyed your insight and how you logically analyze things. You bring a fresh perspective as always. I have a theory on the missing I and D that Q corrected to “D”.
    I think that Q was saying the Miss[i]le that was fired missed “D” refers to the missile missing hitting Donald on AF1.

    We are at WAR!

  34. Hey Neon! Heartfelt appreciation for ALL that you do! I truly appreciate you and your work! You are definitely a beacon of light as we gravitate towards illumination! Will throw some funding your way when pay day rolls around in a few days! God bless you patriot! Onward to the finish line! Hoorah! ❤️❤️

  35. Is the IG Report coming out tomorrow because it’s Trump’s birthday or is it because it’s also FLAG DAY?! 🙂

  36. Neon don’t know if this helps your computer problem or not but when I tried downloading QClock 3 different times my computer detected and removed virus threat.

  37. Can someone break down the missle launch in palatable terms for me. As a newbie, the Bourdain article sent me here btw.. it’s all a bit much. So our missle tech was hacked via the Chinese or it was a subversive element within our Navy? Anyone here willing to help a brother out. This site is blowing my mind. Thanks Neon. Wherever you are

    • One thing we have to realize is that we don’t always have a 100% clear picture on what happened, so we do our best to speculate, given what we do know. With that in mind, it looks more and more like Mossad did this hack, through Chinese operators (remember, the Cabal is world-wide), but it’s hard to say with 100% confidence, until the intel is declassified and Q can tell us directly.

  38. Excellent work Neon! As for the attacks on your site…they’ll just keep comin’ until they are stopped…so keep working the drawbridges and reinforcements. Disabling plugins that are not an absolute must usually helps as I have had a bit of experience with attacks while chasing down The Fed.

    I have subscribed and followed you on Gab.

    Many thanks,

  39. Whenever on Twitter when I see a good meme, I save it down to my computer so I don’t have to go looking for it. If you can, it would be great if you or similar peeps on the boards could create a page with memes you think we should have loaded up and ready. I’ll download them all to my personal computer in case your site or the other sites go down. Just a thought.

    And once again, it troubles me that our “friends” the Mossad are mentioned again. As much as we give that country, they still see us as the enemy?

  40. Neon I am halfway through and you have my attention! If I do not donate after this one ban me I will deserve it!

    About Kim Un, is he a bad guy who murdered and starved his own people, converted to good guy; or, was he always a good guy with no conrtol in North Korea over bad generals. Were these generals in the killbox running the country for the cabal and with Kim as a token figurehead?

    His entire demeaner has changed. He appears very energized and excited!

  41. Neon, thank you for the meme link above. You are a valuable link for people like me who aren’t chans, but aren’t unaware normies either. Bookmarked, soon downloaded, and ready for battle.

  42. Just FYI, in that group of images from the “reverse image search,” the “Group President” is also clearly non-Chinese: Nick Nash. Don’t know how the “autist” in question missed that. I’m not sure what his background is or anything like that, but it may be worthwhile to take a look at him if you suspect the non-Chinese associates are there for treasonous purposes.

  43. Absolutely love you Neon! I’m an illiterate when it comes to 8chan but I try and make some sense of what’s going on. You make it all come together for me!! I’m in awe of all you! All I can do is share all the endless work you all do!! ThankQ

  44. Focused EMP weapon. Air Force already has them, tested, able to hit multiple targets simultaneously. No collateral damage to target. Not sure on range or shielding for host aircraft.

  45. “Alien Reptile Menace” is all that comes to mind at the moment. Not very Q-ish, but is a good enough euphemism for the sort of scum that command all of the grinning dolts in the MSM.

  46. When Q wrote “MSM/ARM”, I thought ARM might mean Alt-Right Media. I don’t know if that quite fits with the two quotes you cited above though.

  47. This: “But that gave the me the ability to recognize Q instantly.”

    I’d been wondering why certain things that seemed naturally obvious to me troubled others with breakwalls of doubt. Oddly, your stream-of-conscience ramble explained it very well. Thanks.

  48. Could I. P. = IP Address? Or, just Internet Protocol, referring to a coming temporary shutdown / blackout?

  49. Your frustration with your site is because you’re a “learn as you go” novice web developer. You will never get the functionality, security, or even be able to handle the traffic you probably desire using drag & drop services like WordPress. You need to pursue professional web development that will code the user interface, middle tier & database back end by hand. Every line of code. Also you will need a dedicated web server & database server you can configure & have absolute control over. Otherwise you’ll hit massive road blocks you don’t understand & will never actually fix. Will just be a patchwork of bandaids you’ll blame on other things for lack of understanding. Good luck on your endeavors as I enjoy reading your thoughts. Get professional web site help so you can grow is my only advice.

  50. According to the link of the weather tracking website you posted, the “rocket” picture is nothing but a chopper moving away from the camera.

    NR, don’t jump the shark.

  51. NR, you might want to consider editing your robots.txt to prevent bad/aggressive web crawlers from DOS’ing your website. That will remove your website from most web crawlers in the process though.

    Also consider geofencing your web site, making it invisible to say China or the Washington DC area. That probably requires a subscription to a DNS service.

  52. It’s possible they have a top, top, top secret failsafe that even sub commanders don’t know about. As long as POTUS is around (alive, in communication) they can destroy any icbm/slbm at or hear apogee before it deploys its payload. I know one thing, if I were CiC I would demand such a failsafe. I sincerely hope they aren’t relying on intercepting one of our own in case of a Dr strangelove situation.

  53. This is a bit late but just came out from Tesla CEO Elon Musk concerning supposed sabotage by an employee. Interesting the timing of the event.

    From: Elon Musk

    To: Everybody

    Subject: Some concerning news

    June 17, 2018

    11:57 p.m.

    I was dismayed to learn this weekend about a Tesla employee who had conducted quite extensive and damaging sabotage to our operations. This included making direct code changes to the Tesla Manufacturing Operating System under false usernames and exporting large amounts of highly sensitive Tesla data to unknown third parties.

    The full extent of his actions are not yet clear, but what he has admitted to so far is pretty bad. His stated motivation is that he wanted a promotion that he did not receive. In light of these actions, not promoting him was definitely the right move.

    However, there may be considerably more to this situation than meets the eye, so the investigation will continue in depth this week. We need to figure out if he was acting alone or with others at Tesla and if he was working with any outside organizations.

    As you know, there are a long list of organizations that want Tesla to die. These include Wall Street short-sellers, who have already lost billions of dollars and stand to lose a lot more. Then there are the oil & gas companies, the wealthiest industry in the world — they don't love the idea of Tesla advancing the progress of solar power & electric cars. Don't want to blow your mind, but rumor has it that those companies are sometimes not super nice. Then there are the multitude of big gas/diesel car company competitors. If they're willing to cheat so much about emissions, maybe they're willing to cheat in other ways?

    Most of the time, when there is theft of goods, leaking of confidential information, dereliction of duty or outright sabotage, the reason really is something simple like wanting to get back at someone within the company or at the company as a whole. Occasionally, it is much more serious.

    Please be extremely vigilant, particularly over the next few weeks as we ramp up the production rate to 5k/week. This is when outside forces have the strongest motivation to stop us.

    If you know of, see or suspect anything suspicious, please send a note to [email address removed for privacy] with as much info as possible. This can be done in your name, which will be kept confidential, or completely anonymously.

    Looking forward to having a great week with you as we charge up the super exciting ramp to 5000 Model 3 cars per week!

    Will follow this up with emails every few days describing the progress and challenges of the Model 3 ramp.

    Thanks for working so hard to make Tesla successful,

    • “David Wilcock: All right. Now, one of the weirdest things that I ever heard that had a lot of people freaked out, . . . and I met this guy named Jacob. He was talking about an AI system that he said was underground in the Earth that was built by the bad guys and that monitors everyone’s thoughts, and that if you start to think in a direction that would lead to Disclosure, that would lead to a better planet, that it will start to make you tired, to feel anxious, to do just about anything you could to not want to read that information or watch that information anymore.” https://spherebeingalliance.com/blog/transcript-cosmic-disclosure-suppressed-medical-technologies.html

  54. I have mentioned you to people in high places. You have our respect. Great work, don’t lose heart. <3
    I’m curious for your thoughts on Musk. You know, financially, Tesla Motors is the big nesting doll holding all his broken ventures together?
    I continue to name drop you IRL too. Peace.

    • Thanks for the name-drops.

      I think Musk was blackmailed and forced to do the bidding of the Cabal, but was recently freed and given the opportunity to flip. His recent tweets sound like someone with no shackles. Especially in light of the recent sabotage disclosure he gave.

  55. Why must QAnon speak in cryptic language? If they are all for truth and logic, I should expect info dumps on the most sensitive information, not speculation and t-shirts. QAnon has the Cabal running scared – but with what? You yourself have a 130 IQ and couldn’t finagle your way around a computer. Why can’t QAnon have data leaks like Wikileaks? Break the Rothschild and co. Or, maybe they’d find out the truth between Trump and Jeffery Epstein?

    • For the record, I said “over 130.”

      And Q has been over this. He has to be cryptic for 2 reasons:

      1) Plausible deniability
      2) Black hats also reading the messages.

      Also – the white hats have been doing all sorts of clandestine disclosures for a LONG time now. Take that email that leaked about Podesta rigging the voting machines. That’s not in the wikileaks. It just showed up one day. There’s no real confirmation that it’s real or not, but Q has referenced it, implying its authenticity… and its source.

      • Hey, not all of us are stupid. IQ doesn’t mean instant understanding.
        I walk into doors from time to time and normies are frightened of me.
        People in your own range can see it anyway.
        I’m glad your traffic is on the up. A lot of us care.


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