The Utter Idiocy Coming out of VOP in #Tucson. #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren

Okay, this is an important post, because frankly – I don’t like what I’m seeing at all from VOP Team Pulaski, of late at all.

As my readers know, I covered the stuff going down in #Tucson extensively – even branching out into Texas, following a story lead that suggested there was more going on there than meets-the-eye. And while I still believe there is a lot of really horrible stuff going down in those corridors, I no longer believe VOP Team Pulaski to be the honest and upstanding citizens they claim to be.

#Sawman at least had the decency to upload this video, earlier in the week:

Here, Sawyer presents his evidence and conclusions in a straight-forward manner.

But VOP Team Pulaski?

They’ve made unsubstantiated claims and have actively demonstrated that they are no longer worthy of our trust.

(And that’s bad when the guy who previously worked for STRATFOR and the Clintons has more credibility than you do).

For instance – and I want you to think back here – but one of the claims #OperatorRedbeard made was that they had discovered blueprints for an underground facility, which included holding cells and a church.

Where is the evidence that that facility exists?

At the very least, they could upload the blueprints they supposedly found – but so far, they haven’t.

They’ve been LARPing in the Desert, raking in donations, and even bringing their families out with them. That’s what really gave me pause.


Because Operator Redbeard wants us to believe that he’s out there, setting up camps to fight human trafficking… and then he has his wife bring his young daughter out to the camp where they could potentially be attacked by Cabal members, or Cartel operatives?

Are you an idiot, Operator Redbeard?

Well, it’s certainly looking more and more like that, and Revenge of the Cis did a good write-up on some of this idiocy.

Here are the facts that have emerged, according to a now deleted Facebook post by a source we have followed up with: Lewis Arthur trespassed onto private property, found security cameras, tried to physically remove security cameras, failed to remove security cameras, cut cables to security cameras after failing to remove security cameras, then never bothered to find out where the cables went which is why you are now about to see security camera footage of his would-be goon squad, armed to the teeth, performing those criminal acts.

Why did this happen? Because a disabled veteran – a man who actually served his country, unlike Lewis – made LARPthur feel disrespected. To pay him back, Lewis Arthur allegedly loaded up people to carry guns for him – as a felon, Lewis cannot carry a gun himself – and broke into property owned by that man. What was the plan? We don’t know. Maybe the goal was to smear the man as a CHILD SEX TRAFFICKER? That seems to be the main buzzword with LARPthur, but expect him to transition to hyping drug smuggling interdiction as more and more ‘proof’ of child trafficking falls through.

But that’s not even the worst of it. Operator Redbeard – aka Lewis Arthur – aka LARPthur aka “Screwy Louie” is now actively encouraging people to download CP.

Oh sure, it’s to “help with his investigation,” he says – but that’s got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.





You mean besides it being morally repugnant, right?


You are not law enforcement. The feds will bust down your door and drag you to court, and your defense before the Judge will be,  “But-but-but I was helping an investigation! Honest!”

And the judge will turn his head, raise one eyebrow, and slam the gavel down with a GUILTY proclamation.

And you will spend the next 10-20 years locked in a cage.

(Hey, maybe you’ll even end up being Podesta’s cellmate!)

So at this point, #LarpyMcBeardFace here is either a TOTAL IDIOT, or someone trying to bait anons into doing something incredibly stupid and incredibly illegal.

My money is honestly on him just being exceedingly dumb, because you can’t automatically assign malice to idiocy.

And his history makes him look really, really dumb.

He may still be trying to do good work. He may have a good heart. But at this point, all his credibility has been squandered until he can prove otherwise.

And it’s such a shame because I really do believe there is something particularly foul and fetid going on with #CEMEX, the Clintons, and those southern corridors. There was too much circumstantial evidence there for us to just ignore. And now any credibility that investigation had is now squandered by, frankly, overwhelming idiocy.

And that is maddening.

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32 thoughts on “The Utter Idiocy Coming out of VOP in #Tucson. #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren”

  1. Fool me once.
    Still think there is something to this story, but there will always be charlatans looking to capitalize.
    Keep fighting the good fight; all your research was not in vain- this is definitely not some hobo camp.

  2. NR, what in the fuck. You just 180 on VOP as much as Craig did.
    Do you really trust a guy who is a millionaire, has a netflix deal and you know what nvm.

  3. I just wish I didn’t share the initial story on Facebook. As the Israelis like to say, “Never Again.”

  4. I have been following VOP since the day they happened across the child sex trafficking camp. I have also been following all your posts for the last several weeks. I decided several years ago that I wanted to know the Truth, wherever that journey led. I decided to come down and check out Lewis Arthur for myself. It is hot and dirty here in the desert, and he is not doing this for any recognition. He takes no money and passes out donated gas and food cards to others helping in this work. His daughter and wife are in no way in danger or close to the corridors used by the scouts and traffickers. Only combat veterans are armed when they go out with search parties. He has the respect of the landowners and men working with him. He is a man of God with a salty tongue. He does not claim to be anything he is not. They have found many many items of proof. I have seen them. I believe you have received some faulty and inaccurate information. The man who cut the wire was dismissed from the team immediately and has not been allowed back. I am a retired nurse with five granddaughters. I am here for them and for all the lost granddaughters. Craig Sawyer’s first video told the truth. Why he recanted and changed his story so drastically I do not know. There is a great deal of information you don’t have.

    • Ms Cynthia I am in total agreement with you! Mr. Lewis Arthur has a history with the law, but guess what, people can and do change. Mr Sawyer changed his story. The real story is who is being bought by the cartel. I think there needs to be an internal investigation within local police. I have sent supplies and intend on staying connected for their 3 year commitment. May God continue to bless them!

    • Chcolyer24, I so agree with you. I knew there was something off about the LiftingTheVeil character when I first came upon hin in 2016. LTV was also part of the coordinated effort to discredit #QAnon. LTV spent a lot of time discrediting Q sometimes bringing on other members of the Anti-Q Squad to bash Q.

  5. I started to lose faith after seeing how shoddy he has ran his ops and has just over exposed his plans, people involved, vital locations for operations, using God to defend literally every action made.
    I think he is being a made a useful idiot of tbh but there are things that make me think he is just a face and is being controlled, possibly by Q team. The page on FB has made subtle captions that borderline Q talk (chess moves and positions) Another thing that kind of stands out to me is for someone who is from middle America Deep South border territory he is suprisingly centrist and is very very careful with his words so he doesn’t ruffle the PC crowds feathers. I do believe in the connections established with CEMEX I don’t think we should lose site of that. I honestly think the DOJ investigations that were started back in March should be our vindication to keep digging further. I still will follow and pray there are confirmations to prove that he is actually out there trying to do some good and is being made for a useful idiot but Lewis’ lack of exposure of these more pressing findings are lame. But who knows this might all be part of the plan.

  6. Learn from Pizzagate. Learn from Q. There’s a reason he never gets too far out over his skies.

    How did they discredit Pizzagate? Seeing a replay in the dessert? Sure looks like it.

    • When you’ve got a hammer in your hand everything looks like a nail. There is purposeful disinformation being disseminated to throw everyone off track and discredit. Let’s not get led down a blind alley.

    • I think Chelsea Clinton jumped the gun on her comment about the story. Makes me think it was a setup. So when the story hits, they quickly send out a second group to make more noise and throw around really big rumors to pull people in, and then call it a fake and everyone starts to not believe there is such a thing as child trafficking.

  7. PS – it’s not like somebody like Chelsea Clinton telegraphed the strategy to the world at the start of this or anything…sheesh…they think we are stupid because we fall for their tricks on a regular basis maybe…

  8. Thanks for your work. Is this last thing sarcastic re: CS. Check this Timothy Holmseth link PHONE CALL I TOOK TODAY regarding Vets 4 Child Rescue – What Are You Rea… via @YouTube. I don’t know what’s real but CS is sketchy

  9. Thank you NR and Sawman for the Truth! I have no doubts that these types of things do exist and have seen too much to prove that this was not what they portrayed it to be. But what struck me was what was being revealed by this situation in the spiritual…..God has removed the veil, so to speak, to expose the depths of the evil that are prevalent in this nation and pulls too much power and strings for far too long. This was a spiritual call to arms for those who claim to be God’s people. Thank you.

  10. The skull did it for me. Claims of dead body’s half buried and all they show is a dry skull that someone kicked off the corpse…. Wow really they desecrated a corpse so they could get a clear photo in the dirt path. Fuck outta here. They’re too dumb too be clowns lol. Just another phony pastor getting VERY creative.

  11. The Devil is real, and he is playing the game to get / divide eyes on two personalities; both of which are wrong, so that people either a) feel good about outsourcing their humanity ($$$) to one of two fraudulent individuals, or b) recoil and not address the problem. Child Trafficking=REAL. CEMEX/Soros. CEMEX to LA (AS). CEMEX to NYTimes. CEMEX board of directors live in SoFLA (DWS). There is a disgusting, broad worldwide infrastructure to collect, transport, and ultimately harvest 800,000 children (US) per year. They get away with it by using the tactics we see with these to “faces”.

  12. That’s the same defense that Bernie Ward, “Lion of the Left” from KGO San Francisco said when he was busted for CP. The dominatrix he was doing a live pay-for-chat with told him to do it (which is true, the FBI told her to tell him to do that). It didn’t work. He went to prison.

    SGTReport is also having a hard time with these VOP scammers.

  13. I think Craig Sawyer looks and acts stressed in his video, backtracking from his own initial findings. Scripted and calculated. … I realize Lewis has a record … but it seems to be related to activism for good causes. I’m not advocating for breaking the law to advance a worthy cause … but it seems like he is lead by his passions. Mistakes are often made when we are led by extreme passions. For instance urging people to look for the child porn with the background of the rape tree he found. Not wise at all … but reason for dismissing VOP altogether? … I think we should wait and hold judgement.

  14. Watch the live stream videos in order and you will see whose story has changed. They campaign to destroy this group has been hard and swift, but they’re still there rooting out the corridor with a legal search and rescue mission.
    Called the Rep

  15. My alarm bells went up immediately because if he had in fact a trafficking site he was contaminating the crime scene which made no sense to me unless they deliberately contaminated the scene so there could be no charges. I also found it very suspicious when I read in his Wiki bio that he was head of security for Rumsfield, Clinton and McCain.

  16. The first time since I started reading your posts I’m disagreeing with you. Just don’t see it in the same light you do. Strongly disbelieve Sawyer at this point and doubt his motives. Found this post to one sided against Lewis Arthur. And although not the best place for a young child to be, I understood that Arthur being out there for now an extended period of time would want his family there. And someone clear this up if I’m mistaken I thought VOP didn’t take donations just gas cards.

    Would have preferred to hear more about Craig Sawyer, his connections to Clinton and his deal with Netflix and why his story changed so much. Also why were those containers in the ground like that, what else could that have been for considering what was found in them? Now know often when people start condemning the person and moving away from the issue at hand there’s so much more to the story.

    Maybe the questions everyone should be asking is where did all the evidence go that was taken from the camp? When will we see it? Was this camp bulldozed following the breaking of this story? Was there a fire at this campsite as has been reported by some? And again back to CEMEX and the post you had about them in what way are they tied into all of this?

    • Lewis doesn’t take any money, only gas and food cards which he gives out to all the volunteers. Donations are used at the homeless Camp Bravo and out at Camp Pulaski and now Camp Rodriguez. I’ve been here at Pulaski for a week now. It’s hot and dirty, and no one is here for any kind of recognition. I have five granddaughters. I’m here for them and all the lost granddaughters.

  17. We’ve been here for a week now. Lewis Arthur is not a fraud. When he was arrested, it was because he was very passionate about helping veterans and climbed a flag pole to turn the flag upside down in front of a veteran’s facility. He never claims to be a veteran and was worked hard for three years to help homeless veterans. Watch this if you want to know the truth. There are people here now from all over the world all wanting to help.


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