The Democractic Hack Attack EXPOSED! Obama and “#TheProtectors.” #ElectionFraud #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

NEWQ! But first, a quick site update:

Site problems still abound. I think I’ve figured out some workarounds for the time being, but we’ll see.

If you get a 403 error – give the site five or ten minutes. It should come back online for you.  I’m working on figuring out exactly what’s causing that still, but it’s a lot of trial and error, with a loooot of different variables involved. As long as I can keep writing, and keep publishing, I’m happy.

Okay, let’s get into #QAnon:

POTUS is back in CONUS, at the White House, and hard at work! In faaaaact:

This sounds like Trump talking directly to us, again. After all, it’s Q+.

#Anons verify what he’s saying:


One Anon notes the “23” reference, on the image of the man being hung:

So, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Iran issue is resolved very, very soon.

Q answered a really stupid anon here, for some reason.

I’m not joking. Get a load of the stupidity Q is responding to here:

Shame on you, #Anon! That’s what you say after all this time?

But we’ve been through this article multiple times, so I don’t know what Q is trying to get at by showing it to us yet again. Huber is Grand Inquisitor. He has everything. There will be no second Special Counsel. The indictments are already in place, and aren’t leaking. This will all unfold before Midterm elections, because they are not going to get a chance to impeach Trump, or otherwise block him legislatively. The media are pushing for a 2nd Special Counsel because they want to disrupt and delay, by forcing Republicans to start from the ground up – essentially erasing all of Huber’s hard work.

If there’s something else here that I’m missing – because this is the third or fourth time Q has posted this link – let me know in the comments below.

But because this is their only hope, #TheCabal is pulling out all the stops right now. We’re seeing massive censorship, botnets deployed across the internet, the media going into overdrive, and literal missile launches.

The ultimate takeaway, I think, is this:

They’re cornered, they’re desperate, and they’re dangerous.

Q is referencing the tweets by Lee Stranahan, who go the important tip:

That’s actually a video tweet, so if you want to watch that, you can listed to it here:

In the video, he talks about how the Obama Administration was working with a SERIAL BOMBER to hack elections in multiple states.

Likewise, the Obama administration, the Obama DOJ and the Dept. of Homeland Security were working with an Anonymous-connected hacking group called the “The Protectors.”

“Coincidentally,” he started getting attacked by bots, shortly thereafter:

Here’s the article he cites in his video:

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson, the incoming president of the association, told TheDCNF Tuesday that, “we know that between November 1 and December 16 we were scanned with about 14,800 scans, nearly 15,000 different times.”

The state’s IT team traced the intruder to a DHS computer’s IP address. The same DHS unit attempted 10 times in 2016 to hack into the Georgia electoral system.

Q also references “Discovery” in the Seth Rich case.

We went over this, I believe a day or two ago, but discovery is a legal phase that allows both sides to gather evidence from other parties, through, for instance, the use of court-ordered subpoenas. This was the link I posted related to that, I believe:

Leftists didn’t realize what this meant until too late, however, because it will reveal that Seth Rich was in contact with Wikileaks, and was, in fact the leaker – so now they’re shrieking about privacy laws and such. It’s all a sham to prevent the good guys from obtaining evidence.

Many have wondered why Trump doesn’t just send out the military, start arresting these evildoers, and executing them where they stand. One of the Cabal’s explicit goals was always to destroy the nation and create chaos. If Trump became a sort of military dictator and just went on a unilateral purge, it would create chaos, which would cause destruction, and inadvertently end up accomplishing one of the Cabal’s goals for them, even as they were being executed.

So what Trump has to do is launch a total narrative reversal on them; systematically expose the evil as they attempt to lie, confuse, and slander, and get a critical mass of people on-board with his plan to #MAGA. There’s literally no other way to make this happen.

This movement is about THE PEOPLE, and carrying out the will of THE PEOPLE.

We still have a lot of good people in America; they just need the better information, so they can make better decisions, and have better opinions.

Which is why we’re here.

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34 thoughts on “The Democractic Hack Attack EXPOSED! Obama and “#TheProtectors.” #ElectionFraud #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. Just an FYI. I’m having a problem pulling up your site once I hit the bell notification, so I copied and pasted the website in a new window and was able to pull it up. The page that comes up says it is proudly powered by LiteSpeed Web Server. It states ‘404 Not Found.’

  2. Hard to miss the sense of “imminence” in Q’s drops today. Good analysis – Thanks!

    The “Feature Presentation” is about to begin!

  3. United We Stand!! We the people are the branch of the armed forces to change the narrative. Let’s get to work patriots!!

    Thank you for all your hard work Neon

  4. Moin Moin….
    Was mir auffällt:

    Iran, das T-Shirt,
    23 = Zahl des Teufels
    Farbe Blau = Vertrauen
    ERGO: “vertraut darauf, daß der/die Teufel hängen wird/werden”

    187 = amerikanischer Polizeicode für Mord
    Für mich bedeutet es => “es werden wohl noch einige suicidale (durch fremde Hand) Tötungen geben”

    Gruß aus Deutschland

  5. Hi Neon, LOVE YOU & your pieces, been promoting you to anyone I know. LOVE that we are on the same side of this fight. This may get me even more targeted, but you keep hitting on something that I found on 8chan, which you may have seen that circles around MUCH of what you somewhat allude to…. specifically the Marxist Revolution. That said, this is a presentation of a single graphic that I DID NOT CREATE, but I did create the narration/audio walk through it so that I and others could understand what it is trying to say. AGAIN, this isn’t my original graphic in any way and there are references to everything contained…. BUT it’s CHOPPED full of information (much has been verified), I think it may give you and many of your viewers a very interesting look at the Marxist Revolution, what it means and its history. It was very EYE and SOUL opening to me… take as open information and keep an open mind. PLEASE KNOW i am NOT Racist, I love ALL people, this isn’t about that, this is about a bad group of people infiltrating a group of people (this isn’t their only group), to use as cover and hurt the rest of us.
    Once you review, SO MUCH makes sense. WWG1WGA!!!

  6. I have never commented on a site before, but I need to thank you for explaining all of the Q posts for us, and tying the threads all together. We are, in my opinion, at a real crossroads in US history, GOOD vs EVIL. I am on the edge of my seat, literally, every morning to see what happens in this pursuit of good. thank you

  7. While I’m happy that POTUS is winning and that some deep state and some of globalist may get a set back, I disagree with this part of your post: “This movement is about THE PEOPLE”

    No, so far this movement is about pushing back against (democrat and republican) globalist and part of the deep state against another part of the deep state. But only when POTUS starts reversing all the spying that is happening to American people, from government, tech companies (that are permitted by government and being their customer) and deep state, when we start seeing some of our rights being restored, only then I will believe, that it is becoming: “This movement is about THE PEOPLE”

  8. Moin Moin…
    2. Versuch, die 1. Antwort endete mit “Fehler 404”

    Iran: “hanging man”
    23 = eine teuflische Zahl
    Farbe Blau = Vertrauen
    => Vertraut darauf, daß der/die Teufel hängen wird/werden

    187 = amerikanischer Polizeicode für Mord
    => Es werden noch einige suicidale (durch fremde Hand) Tötungen geben

    Nun hoffe ich, daß es funktioniert….

    Gruß aus Deutschland

    • Vielen Dank für das Lesen und Entschuldigung für die Probleme auf der Website. 23 bezieht sich auf das Bild von Präsident Trump und den Generälen. Werfen Sie einen Blick auf das Update, das ich in meinem vorherigen Artikel veröffentlicht habe, wenn Sie es selbst sehen möchten.

  9. Great article as always, NR. Just a heads up, I was only able to get into the article (site access was fine) by going through incognito mode. Not sure if that’s just 404 silliness on my end, but others may be having the same issue.

  10. If anything, the American people are frustrated by how slow the process has been. Known criminals are walking around free and seemingly, off the hook. When he finally begins to take real action against known criminals I think he’ll be surprised at how supportive the American people are.

    • No offense, but I get tired of hearing complaints about how slow the process is. Proper preparation has to be done before anything is done right. Say you just bought a lot overlooking the lake to imagine your dream home there, where you’ll retire and spend the rest of your days. Once you sign the papers, do you drive out to that lot and get disappointed that your dream home isn’t standing there sparkling in the sunshine? Certainly not, you get in touch with an architect and designer and then hire a contractor and builders and plumbers and then oversee every step of the way so that in the end it’s done RIGHT. Only THEN can you put your feet up on the porch swing and enjoy the view.
      It’s happening..and it’s happening the right way, so no holes can be poked through it. Be patient and trust the plan.

  11. Hey NR… Great work as usual… I’ve been following the boards for months as well and can concur with your ‘decodes’.
    FYI, no issues getting to this from GAB on FF. All looks good and fast loads.. Thumbs up.
    I bought you a coffee today and will continue to throw a coffee your way monthly. Hang in there bro. ^_^

  12. Neon: I’ve read the Huber article a few times and in the comments section I found this:

    “No one can tell Prosecutor Huber not to prosecute Hillary Clinton or anyone else he discovers probably cause to believe committed a Federal crime in the course of an investigation and subsequent prosecution. Not even his own boss – he can be fired, but he absolutely cannot be prevented from seeking an indictment from the grand jury. And once that indictment is returned, it can’t be quashed – it can only be disposed of by a Federal judge, in this case a Utah judge in the District Court. And there are strict rules on disposition of indictments.”

    Q keeps asking who appointed Huber. Perhaps this gives Trump cover so he isn’t dragged into the politics of all of this. Huber was appointed by Obama. He can literally claim he has nothing to do with the indictments and he can not stop Huber from doing his job, as it would be illegal for him to intervene.

    For the MSM battle this could be a major roadblock to their narrative.


  13. Exciting times. The real show is about to begin. NR. Would like to get your take on the sub photos and the missile business. Your probably already working on it! lol. Also. Fun to think about Iran. Will the Mullahs collapse? Revolution or coup? Syria has seemingly disappeared. Stay frosty.

  14. I keep wondering if the Iranian government isn’t like North Korea was, a controlle opposition to justify an endless military buildup. If they’re so hated, why was Ollie selling them weapons? Maybe Trump can cleave yet another Gordon knot.

  15. I am having 404 error problems, too. I could only open this post by accessing it through GAB. Today is the first day it has happened.

  16. Neon:. I think this is important regarding the Huber article. A commenter an that article made a good point:

    ” No one can tell Prosecutor Huber not to prosecute Hillary Clinton or anyone else he discovers probably cause to believe committed a Federal crime in the course of an investigation and subsequent prosecution. Not even his own boss – he can be fired, but he absolutely cannot be prevented from seeking an indictment from the grand jury. And once that indictment is returned, it can’t be quashed – it can only be disposed of by a Federal judge, in this case a Utah judge in the District Court. And there are strict rules on disposition of indictments.”

    Q has spent a lot of time talking about the optics of the investigation and Huber was appointed by BO. Trump can almost say the indictments were not his call and it would be illegal for him to interfere. He can say Huber was Obama’s appointment and the indictments are not political.


  17. I get errors when I use google’s chrome, I never get errors using FireFox. I suspect BRAVE, also by Mozilla would also work. Chrome complains about the connection being insecure, so, they are using HTTPS protocols. You may have a mismatch between your certificate date and the date recorded by the authority you get it from; or you may just not be supporting the secure protocol. Could the certificate need renewal on a regular basis?

  18. Great analysis as usual. However , if I try to go straight to website, I get 404 error. Can only get this through GAB.

    • Ease of manipulating the results is the reason for changing our voting systems. Remember the Help America Vote Act (HAVA)? They didn’t want another debacle after an election like the one if Florida after the 2000 election.

  19. A repeat of Qanon’s “optics” narrative….what I hear is the hope of seeing traitors dealt with as per the traditional penalty prescribed by law for treason…death. Court martial ordered death by traditional martial methods, (firing squad, hanging) for executive administrators and intel agents would send a loud clear message to the deep state and sundry other elements who work to subvert the republic.

    My hope for this proper ending fades with each Q drop about “optics” and media spun “trials by public opinion”….the public are asleep, that’s why we are fighting this war FCS. Some time leaders must lead regardless of optics….Trump must deal with perfidy domestically as he did with our enemies abroad.

    BTW: I never had any trouble getting to your site with the exception of a very slow load a couple of times…maybe it’s my Linux OS??

  20. It looks like Q is telling us that two missiles were stolen, both fired at different times (Hawaii and from Whidbey Island yesterday) and both were shot down. Just a thought, that number Q posted “58203-JX”. I don’t know what the JX is for, but the 58203 is the zip code for Grand Forks, ND, which is also where the Grand Forks Air Force Base is. Could the missiles have been stolen from there?

    • JX on acronymfinder: Jacksonville, Jammer, Jesus Christ, or USA COM CINC Decision Processes Division

  21. I don’t know how else to contact you so I am trying this. Q post 563 “the memo” In the IG report JC is said to by “Insubordinate” but no one asks to who? By announcing the open investigation and then holding the press conference he went against those above him but he was the head of the fbi so what that means is he made the public aware of everything. Then he leaks memo and finally is fired. But is that it? No, he, as a posing black hat, kept the story alive. Published a book and went on tour until the IG report was done then went silent. Whether it was on purpose or not. his actions not only brought the Clinton email scandal to the front of the voters minds but then his actions kept leading back to the cover up. He was leaking and “insubordinate” To the AG and Obama as well as the deep state. Speaking up saved his life and that book and tour made sure everyone was looking at him, instead of forgetting about him while he hung himself by a doorknob somewhere and just put the light back on the still unworked investigation.

  22. if that’s the method in which Trump intends to go after the deep state and shadow government then it’s going to take a very long time. Just look at how long it took to get the start of the IG report out. 16 months later and we still have no arrests or charges against anyone within the DOJ, FBI, CIA or the political arena. In not going after these criminals the Trump admin. has allowed the doors of pain and suffering to the common people to contine to the tune of 30,000 dying from hunger every single day. That’s over half a million people who will needlessly die for a smoother transition for the US. That’s for giving a shit to the rest of the world.


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