ANNOUNCEMENT: Major #QClock v2 Update

Poor EvilWulf. He’s been waiting so patiently for me to write this, and I’ve been tied up, trying to fix my site while also trying to keep up with the ongoing Qdrops.

But he’s been hard at work, implementing all kinds of upgrades into his #QClock App, and now it’s better than ever.

Here’s the main interface now:

Key highlights:

Resizable QClock face:

This was my feature request. The last version was a liiiiiiittle too small for ideal screenshots. This is much more flexible. Just click on the small QClock in the main window, and a new one will pop up, which you can scale out to whatever size you want.

Integrated Search:

This is a biggie.

Click that search button, and it will bring up a new window, wherein you can search for whatever string you want!

There are other bits and bobs here and there – but they’re pretty self-explanatory. EvilWulf also took care of a little bit of code that was giving some folks false positives on their virus software, so that shouldn’t be an issue any longer.

Installation is exactly the same as before, but if you need help with that, check out the instructions in this post:

If you want to check out EvilWulf’s release notes, you can find them over at his blog:

And if you have a bit of spare dosh, EvilWulf is now accepting donations in the exact same way I do on Gab – either through subs, or through video donations. If you value his efforts, as I do, please consider funding those efforts, as that really helps autists like us to continue to produce the kind work we produce.

Alright, I’m hosting this file over on, because my server has already been run through the mill lately, and I don’t want to kill it.

Here’s the-


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And Thank You! This site can’t happen without your continued support! But rest assured, together, we are changing the course of history!

20 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: Major #QClock v2 Update”

    • Malware detected.
      MachineLearning/Anomalous.95%, C:\USERS\RDBII\DOWNLOADS\QCLOCK (1).ZIP, Quarantined, [0], [392687],1.0.5474

    • EvilWulf,
      I’ve been working on something similar, but more towards offline archive, pulling in Q/chan posts as well as entire documents, RSS, media, etc and data analytics/visualization which is what I do IRL to link and search them all together. I hadn’t even thought about a clock interface. I’m currently doing it as a server based microservice with browser UI, using ElasticSearch for indexing in the backend.
      In any event, I thought I’d reach out and introduce myself. If you know these technologies you know the kind of functionality I’m talking about here. You’re farther along in a usable product than I, but I do have some free cycles and resources to help.

  1. Your website will load fine but when you click/tap on post to go there keep getting error code 404 that says page can’t be found. Had to come to Gab to get it.

  2. I click on the links and get the 404 error also. I really didn’t understand the drops today and was counting on reading your explanation.

  3. Finally found away to open your articles, (other than via Gab.) I just opened a private window. Which is making me think….clearing the cache may resolve issues? At any rate, I so appreciate your work and tenacity to fight the good fight, and that of EW fantastic work men. I have just about resolved all my blue screen issues as well.

  4. I’ve been trying to leave you a tip via the Gab video route for a couple days now. When I click the amount and then continue it just sits there and spins until I give up and go away.

    • Not yet. I set it up, and then realized all the commits are listed under my real name… Not really how i want to have this out there.
      I’ve been pretty swamped lately and haven’t had a chance to set up a clean one.

  5. Is the image of the clock itself supposed to update with the posts? My clock picture still shows the last update as 5/22, the last date before this program was made.

    • No, we haven’t been updating the actual picture.

      I’ll try to get something to EvilWulf so he can have an updated graphic with the next release.

  6. Curious if anyone has noticed that 5:5 drops are mirrors of other 5:5 drops.
    Feb 21 is :16
    mirror is :46.
    Mar 23 is :46
    Stage_5:5 [y]

    Mar 6 is :29
    Is the stage set for a drop of HRC +++ + +++++ (raw vid 5:5)
    mirror is :59
    Apr 5 is :59

    Apr 6 is :00
    BOOMs en route.
    mirror is :30
    which will be July 5

    June 5 is :10
    mirror is :40
    which will be July 15


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