SUICIDE WEEKEND Weirdness. Come on up to the Lab. #Bourdain #Spade #Pizzagate #QAnon #GreatAwakening

We all know #QAnon’s been calling for it for a while.

And with the recent rash of “suicides,” corroborated by some theories from some #Anons, I think we might actually be at the very start of the “Suicide Weekend” on the #QClock right now.

It certainly lines up:

Speaking of the QClock – you should really download the new, interactive version I just hyped in my last article:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Presenting a Downloadable, Interactive #QCLOCK by @EvilWulf. #QAnon #GreatAwakening

But with that all in mind…

Come up to the lab-

And see what’s on the slab.

Gallows humor?


First, let’s get a body cou…

Uh… I mean, a head count. A head count, thus far:

  • Kate Spade
  • Anthony Bourdain
  • Inés Zorreguieta, the younger sister of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands
  • Charles Williams, aka, “Rockin’ Rebel” for ECW Wrestling

And doubtless, we’ll see many, many more.

Of course, the #MockingbirdMedia is priming the population with all kinds of stories genuflecting about what a “crisis” suicide has become in our nation; what a shocking, “everyday” occurrence it has become – all so they won’t sit up and wonder what’s really going on when that little itch happens in the back of their brains and makes them go, “Hmmmmmm…”

Nope! They want those peons programmed! Stat!

But in case you couldn’t guess, I really wanted to focus on the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain because… frankly, I don’t think these are suicides at all.


Well… for one, #CDAN had this to say:

CDAN 1) cites a group of operatives that go around killing people, and making it look like suicides

2) says that this was planned since MARCH, and,

3) make sure a message was sent to the one who didn’t go down.

Now – you have to remember. When I cite CDAN, I’m not just citing some crazy conspiracy theorist. This is a top, top, top lawyer in Hollywood; very well connected. He called out the likes of Kevin Spacey and Matt Lauer YEARS in advance. His info – I trust it.

So when he posts something like this… I sit up and pay attention.

And then there’s also this:

Well now… Both citing operatives.

This is where things get… uhh…


Ohhhh, that’s not good.

Remember how the entertainment world operates?

Mutual blackmail.

They want to be able to destroy you at any moments notice if you go off-the-pre-approved-script with anything you do.

And his social media isn’t exactly any more reassuring…




Old tweets don’t help:

New tweets don’t help for that matter, either:

And… oh god, we’ve just entered #Pizzagate territory YET AGAIN!

And then there’s the matter of his girlfriend, Asia Argento – daughter of horror director Dario Argento, famous for his Three Mothers series of films – one of which they’re remaking right now.

Oh, and she’s probably a witch herself, which is very, very common in the entertainment industry.

No, I’m being serious:

I really mean it:

I’m really being serious:


Uhhhhh…. guys?

Notice the Satanic tattoo in the top right corner.

Yeah, that’s the Sigil of Lucifer.

Oh, but there’s more:

And even more:

And now other entertainment-industry witches are rallying around her in her moment of grief:

Hey, what else does her social media have to say abo-

Aaaaaaand we’re back in Pizzagate territory again.

Which brings us to the instagram story image that she posted this morning, but which since has been deleted. Note the caption: “You know who you are.”

Boy, this is an odd way to act on the day the love of your life died.

CDAN’s intel is looking more and more accurate by the minute.

Which is what makes this next bit from a halfchan #anon so striking:

Remember how we talked about mutual blackmail?

Someone had to carry it out. That would be where #NXIVM, and all the private islands and getaways come into play.

When asked for evidence of this claim, anon responded:

Now… if we keep in mind that these guys operated out in the open, on social media sites, sites Q called “honeypots,” does @Jack’s tweet this past morning surprise us?

Anon continues, and earns himself the nickname “ParalegalAnon,”

And then he drops a bomb:

No wonder they’re all protesting Trump so loudly!

But hey, to interrupt and step back for a moment…

Here’s another very odd display of grief in the wake of a loved-one’s suicide.

Yeah, I’m sure you’ve all seen this now, but Andy Spade shows wearing this mouse mask right after his wife committed suicide.


Most likely, it’s a sign of submission. If our villains are owls, a mouse poses no threat. If I had to guess, Spade is begging to not be suicided himself.

Also notable is that this is a character from the Disney movie The Rescuers. That’s a Bernard mask. Not exactly easy to find these days, I imagine.

And the significance?

The Rescuers is about two mice who save an adolescent girl named Penny from kidnappers.

So yeah, this is a double-signal to me.

Add this to the strange circumstances around Kate Spade’s death:

She was hung with a red scarf.

Her suicide note was addressed to her daughter, and told her to ask him why she did it.

And Andy Spade’s art collection? I got major Podesta-vibes from that.

(That’s a photo of his daughter, btw).

Here he is, posing here with Nabokov’s Lolita:

Add that to some very specific imagery for his menswear line…

Oh, look at that. Ping-pong.

Yeahhhhh… we just went back into Pizzagate territory again.

For the THIRD time.

But to get back to Bourdain for a moment… why would they want him dead?

Quite simply, because they were breaking the rules of their mutual blackmail world, and publicly going after someone higher up on the ladder: Weinstein.

She actually attempted to tell her story before, but with a layer of plausible deniability, by fictionalizing it. My understanding is that she wrote Scarlet Diva in 1999, and got the movie made in 2000.

Warning… that article has a clip attached and the clip is pretty rough, even with the censoring:

So, with all this in mind, re-read CDAN’s drop:

My theory?

After the arrest of Raniere in March (which fits our timeline), certain celebs got spooked and wanted to start talking to try to get ahead of this thing – because Harvey wasn’t planning on talking then, himself (he still had AG Schneiderman in power as his protection). Sure, it’s probable that Bourdain did some horrible things – but if you can make your deeds pale in comparison to someone really evil, you might still make it out alive.

Unless that really evil person catches wind of what you’re trying to do, and pulls a few strings, calls in a few last favors.

Yeah, to me, this is looking more and more like Harvey (or someone above him) has ordered some kind of hit squad.

Not surprising, when you consider he hired Black Cube (ex-Mossad) to stalk and intimidate people in the past:

With the card-carrying members of #TheCabal poised to lose everything – is it really all that surprising that they’d be willing to commit serial murders in order to preserve whatever power and influence they have left? These people eat babies for lunch. LITERALLY.

You know what I always say:


I won’t be surprised at all if we see a lot more deaths in the coming days.

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92 thoughts on “SUICIDE WEEKEND Weirdness. Come on up to the Lab. #Bourdain #Spade #Pizzagate #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

    • This is exactly what I was thinking while reading, that this article is in the same vein of VC, just with the Q, 8ch, and Twitters added.

  1. Get savage. We are with you Neon. Leave no doubt. So many of these crazy people need to burn. Burn them all.

  2. Top work as always, NR.
    [Suicide weekend]’s a major q marker, this is exciting stuff. This’ll truly be a week to remember!

  3. It all looks so obvious now that you have put a lot of the pieces on the board!! Great presentation and laying out the connections, seems you improve with each post!!

  4. Neon, don’t forget that Obama had that lunch discussing “hot dogs” with Burdain on his show, available on you tube. These scum are all up to their necks in this. The suicides, while glad the scum are never going to harm a child again take away the gratification of watching them squirm.

  5. where did the paralegalAnon comment? 8 chan 4 chan? could you link those for us? thank you

  6. Down, down, down…farther down the rabbit hole I go. Thanks NR for helping me see…God bless you. Everyday, I look for your posts and Q’s. As I said before…it’s rough to read this stuff, try to understand what is actually going on and have no one to discuss it with.

  7. I’m with Tessa, suicide is too good for these slime! The media’s crowd control to normalize it is extremely telling as well. Either way looks like the white hats have the upper hand at this point. Hopefully it sticks.

  8. SEINFELD?!?! I’ve been following Q from the jump, and thought I was woke, but this…..SEINFELD?!?!!! Holy Moses!!!

  9. Am I the only one confused? Neon, you started this off by saying you did not believe Bourdain hung himself. Me neither. The CDAN post alleges a Murder/Suicide was planned which supports the ‘Not a Suicide’ theme but then there is that Paralegal Anon saying Bourdain chose Suicide rather than face consequences of using NXIVM to order up underage girls. So which is it? Murder or Suicide?

    • CDAN is referring to Spade (hence the she) where they were going to get the 2 of them. But, she recently launched a new company (Kate spade was sold years ago) and was gaining popularity… Hence her schedule got busy. AB may have been forced into suicide as well as Kate (the picture texted to her) or they were both killed to keep them silent and silence others. Either way, the root cause of both deaths is the same #Pizzagate / #thecabal

      • My bad, didn’t realize it was posted Friday…it’s Argento and so maybe, after missing their shot at her, took out AB and sent a pic of him (or some other equally heinous picture) to her to shut her up?

        • TheBigOldDog, no problema. There are so many moving parts, it can get confusing. I just responded to your prior comment and then saw your follow up.

      • “CDAN is referring to Spade (hence the she) where they were going to get the 2 of them.” Thebigolddog, it can’t be Spade because it was reported that Spade’s husband was in the apartment when she “hung” herself so the “she” must refer to Argento who did not make the trip with Bourdain. There was no need for Kate Spade to “make the trip” to her apartment.

        • TRICO: I think you are right. It only makes sense for the devil worshipper Argento to be the murder suicide scenario.

          Think of the shirt she took a picture of and posted .

          She was suppose to go bye bye.

      • Check out this suicide. FBI agent in.baltimore possible connections to clinton foundation supposedly stabed himself then shot himself

        FBI Agent David Raynor and his estranged wife were found dead in their home in Crownsville, Maryland. Donna Fisher was found with multiple stab wounds, while Raynor had both stab wounds, and an allegedly self-inflicted gunshot wound. Authorities are claiming that the deaths have nothing to do with any case Raynor was working on at the time, officials are now telling media sources that they believe Raynor murdered his estranged wife Donna Fisher, before taking his own life.

        Raynor has worked at the bureau’s Baltimore field office.

        One major warning sign is that the Clinton Fondation 990 for 2010 (and the amended return for 2010 filed in November 2015) show the largest single expenditure as being a $37 million grant to the CBHF;the trouble is that both declarations list a PO Box address in Baltimore, MD as that of the CBHF, whereas other declarations made under penalties of perjury state that the CBHF had one office only and that was in Washington, DC.
        Another problem is that the CBHF claims in its 990s to the IRS that it had no foreign bank accounts How did they manage millions of dollars inside Haiti?

  10. Another great one. Perfect compilation and synchronization. You have a gift. It seems every time I read one of your posts I get knocked back on my heels in shock. And here I thought I was prepared for whatever Q and the anons revealed. Keep up the great work, sir.

  11. OK I’ve been reading you now for a few weeks. First, thanks for this work b/c you made it so much easier for me to understand instead of following FB group posts/threads or the chans themselves. I’m a busy mom and I don’t have time to do the research but I want to KNOW what’s going on.

    Next, OMG every time I think I understand the horrific stuff these people do it gets worse. I read, absorb and process and then try to stop thinking about it and get on with my day (busy busy mom with home biz). The only way to protect my children right now is by being aware. Knowledge is power.

    So thank you again.

  12. Horrific details, Neon.
    Needed to have the whole HW history to understand.
    Who would have thought Andy spade was one of them. The mask. Chilling.
    I suspect guns are loaded/scarves ready for use as this continues to unfold.

  13. “When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men. They shall then know truth and, more than that, they shall realize that from the beginning truth has been in the world unrecognized, save by a small but gradually increasing number appointed by the Lords of the Dawn as ministers to the needs of human creatures struggling co regain their consciousness of divinity.”
    ― Manly P. Hall, Melchizedek and the Mystery of Fire

    • Or maybe articles that say their is risk of suicide contagion plant the idea into susceptible people’s minds so they can fulfill the theory…….

  14. OUTSTANDING work Neon! All the pieces are fitting together for us thanks to your efforts and the efforts of your friends.

    • He’s a sick puppy…

      I can’t believe they have the balls to be so obvious but I guess arrogance comes from never being confronted.

      What was it Q said, their symbolism is their downfall…

  15. Why are so m many people mourning him? I couldn’t stand him. Have me the creeps and he was pc bull schiff.

  16. I had been wondering how Q could know suicides were coming. People don’t send announcements for those. But arkacides are a different thing, and knowing who would soon be singing, it was obvious to Q what was ahead. Also, Ephesians 6:10-18 – verses in post 1432, may point to June, 10th-18th. I guess! And I just finished baking a real loaf of ww bread! Thanks Neon.

  17. I think murder, who would on purpose choose this method of suicide? Especially if he were making moves towards immunity by ratting on others. How stupid to make it so obvious. Dumb dumb dumb. Let’s see what witch gf does now…

  18. Hi Neon, Neo?
    Just to mention possible improvements…
    People, like me in this instance might want to contact you with info/suggestions – no contact link for that…

    Check out
    youtube…”Constance Cumbey “Staging For a New Messiah”” – this woman has been a one woman army against globalisation/corruption/etc., much along the lines of some of Q info going back to 80’s/90’s…

    Also mentioned to you before that your contribute link/method is suggestive of ‘premium’, i.e. extra, otherwise unavailable, better, deeper content, hence the attack on you re: ‘money’torization, that you explained recently

    • Briefly spoke on the phone with Ms. Cumbey some 25 years ago, after reading one of her amazing books…Very gracious, very very smaht, and very audacious….

  19. Outstanding and important post Neon. It’s going to red pill a lot of people if we can get it shared widely… Marketing is important. There’s a reason the I Love you virus conquered the world in a day.

  20. The list of names may have been clients of a law firm. There didn’t seem to be too much implication as to what it’s about. A few of them have fought liberalism for a long time. Roger Stone for instance wants to testify in public. He testified to a House committee but they wouldn’t allow it to be live on air. He wants the coming Senate testimony to be live on air. He’s been a strong Trump supporter.

  21. The thing that loses me, and prob many others, is when it stops being about global elites and “the Pledians and reptilians,” etc. are mentioned. That’s when it leaves the territory of “Bizarre, but could be” and enters “heh..never mind.”

  22. Don’t think AB is a suicide. He was an ex junky, with plenty of cash. Why not OD? Much easier and less pain. Nah. Also, Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell all hung themselves? My guess is there is some symbolic meaning with hanging them. So a message can be sent to the minions. Also, David Letterman?
    The guy is as skeezy as they come. Makes sense. Got your popcorn ready? It’s gonna be a historic summer and very hot for some folks.

  23. New poster, found NR last week and started supporting him financially yesterday.
    These narcissistic nancyfied nobodies live in a disgusting bubble that no normal person can recognise.
    I’m a vet with over 30 years prior service. I have seen combat in four different conflicts and have served with many hard, courageous patriots. Soldiers have gallows humour, it’s necessary to get through each day. They joke about sex, they joke about women, they joke about gays, but never once in all my service did I hear a child sex reference. Not once.
    Most of us live by an old phrase….
    Real men don’t touch kids.
    The world needs to be rid of this filth.

  24. spade
    robin Williams
    l’wren scott jaggers girlfriend
    a u.s. senator who didn’t die
    common denominator
    auto erotic asphyxiation
    lets think out of the box if all these people were compromised by an out of this dimension source
    once they are no longer useful those entities in them will devour their energies
    more coming

  25. If there are to be more suicides, let’s all hope it’s someone on that list up there. Or all of them. I’m ok with that.

    I predict an overdose next. Accidental, of course. After all, you know what a terrible opioid epidemic we’re having in this country right now.

  26. Author, you forgot to point out that the Spade painting is actually by the same artist that did the Podesta paintings. Not just a vibe. Same artist.

  27. I agree with hitTHEpost, why would AB hang himself? If he was going to go out, he’d probably want to be high as a kite. He always seem to have an affinity for drugs, so why not? Also, how does one go about hanging himself? It seems a bit logistically complicated, esp for a tall guy like AB. And how do you kill yourself with a red scarf, like Spade did? It’d have to be very heavy duty to support your weight and kill you at the same time?

    The mouse mask Andy Spade has been seen in is very weird. I agree, Neon, it must refer to something. Why a mouse? A famous movie mouse too? Mice are timid and always checking over their shoulder because they have so many predators. It’s only their speedy get-away that seems to save them.

    As for AB, I am on the can’t stand him side, so nothing good to say. His dreary, cool-guy image was just inane. Seems the thing that could make someone as rich and famous as he was want to off himself would be severe humiliation, esp for someone as pretentious as he was. I wonder what they may have had on him? Why not axe Asia Argento if it was a farce, she is much less famous? I can’t wait to see if their are any clues, notes, details to AB’s death.

  28. Did you all catch who played Weinstein in Scarlet Diva. His name is Joe Coleman. She called him ‘Papa’. Why would she call him ‘Papa’?
    Remember what Eleven called her ‘handler’ in Stranger Things?
    Search his paintings and look closely. Truly evil and disturbing.
    Bourdain knew him well.

  29. Doesn’t Seinfield have some internet show where he and other celebs go get coffee or something to that effect. There is an episode where Jerry is saying that pancakes should be the same texture as baby flesh. I kid you not. Probably easy enough to find.

  30. Rope ‘parties’ are ok…I want INDICTMENTS of ALL the named participants in the DOJ FBI OBAMA ADMIN , and the HILLARY CLAN and GANG….then Q will have ‘lightened the load’…till then….we all are still ,slaves and at the mercy of the ‘masters’….imo

  31. Season 10 of Bourdain’s show had an episode in the Alps. There was a weird scene (comedic attempt, I guess) of his buddies saying they were in a Satanic cult and they were going to kill him. It wasn’t funny at all, it stretched on awkardly long, and the wife and I were thinking WTF? We all know about the elite Satanic culture in that area.

  32. the big one people are missing is roman polanski he lives next to an orphanage/brothel in gstaad switzerland and all the celebritys that signed (over 100) his petition are aware of it and theres that mutual blackmail you were talking about. the orphanage is called fereinhaus alpenblick and there are videos on youtube and a website. this needs to be exposed polanski is right at the top of all of this he writes about staging false flags (manson hoax operationchoas) and trafficking children under the name Thomas Pynchon Thom Young and he has other ghost writers. the fbi cia mossad are all complicit in his child trafficking blackmail ring.

  33. Just to give more context… the pic of Bourdain covered in blood happened live on his Scottish highlands episode. It was the blood of a stag he had just shot and his hunting partners made him smear it on his face to “initiate” him as a newbie. The elite hunting lodge he stayed at and his dinner partner… all of it gave me a very Satanic vibe. Once again, Scotland is Crowley/Occult Country. Secondly…. know who that is with the Sigil of Lucifer tat on their hand? None other than practicing Satanist Marilyn Manson. So… yeah. I’m a huge Bourdain fan and all of this devastates me.

  34. When Q tells us to “pray”, it doesn’t mean in the religious sense (although feel free to do so). It is more to do with directing our thought efforts to a greater cause. Waking up the Nooshere of the Global Consciousness of HUMANITY.

    • Disagree, that is like saying sending good thoughts your way, a bunch of nonsense. Prayer is powerful. The battle is spiritual. Q is talking about Jesus. Jesus tells us the human heart is incredibly wicked, who can know it? And Q is opening eyes to just how wicked people can be. If you hear someone say, people are basically good, red flag. If you hear someone say, follow your heart, red flag. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He is the only truly good person. That is why so many follow Him. We are all sinners, in need of a Savior.

  35. This is exactly what I was thinking while reading, that this article is in the same vein of VC, just with the Q, 8ch, and Twitters added.

  36. re: Argento’s big frontal tattoo.

    Google “Cannibal Cupcake.” You might have to turn your search filters off.

    You’ve been warned.

  37. The picture of her with the shirt was the picture. Think of this…the shirt is Sid who Bourdain idolizes so it’s symbolic. The cut of the shirt was around the neck and how did Bourdain die? Also the saying on the picture “you know who you are” was in a speech his girlfriend gave at Cannes in regards to the metoo movement..she said their are other and specifically said you know who you are. You can find her speech at the top of her Twitter. It took me a few days of reading everything I could find about him and her to put it all together. Was the picture the blackmail? The picture was erased my question is did she do it or someone else?

    • So, he’s hanging out with Elvis and Hitler in Argentina or Brazil or the South Pole…
      Could be.

    • robin Williams was found naked in chair
      he didn’t have a spotter for his auto erotic experience
      think of him as HOOK being licked by a bunch of little boys
      SATAN demands pedophilia I guess
      who was the Producer of HOOK

  38. I love your work and cannot believe how you find what you find, but have a small pet peeve, which you can ignore if you like. I kind of wish you would differentiate between really incriminating stuff and no-big-deals (and sometimes you do). Just to make it easier to share with people who are still in some denial about the dark things that go on, and might be willing to be persuaded, but would cry foul if things that aren’t even semi-damning are treated as such. For example, a large portion of educated people have a copy of Lolita in their home, and it really, really, really means nothing. And ping pong – isn’t that still an innocent sport? That’s all. Humbled by your super fertile brains otherwise – and I don’t mind what I would call your excitability, but just maybe…think of the newbies!

    • Leora, maybe I can help a bit. Ping pong in the context that these perverts place it in is a reference to a sexual act. Look it up if you don’t understand, or if you need me to get explicit, I guess I could reply. Just like there is nothing wrong with taking pictures of children, when you put it in the context of everything else, you begin to understand that the picture taker is thinking about more than the pure innocence and joy of childhood.

      As for Lolita, I question the reason people would have it in their home. For the love of everything good and true, this is a book about pedophilia! These people want to legitimize their obsession with “deflowering” innocent lives. They want to make it something good, because then they can feel better about their lust and perversion. Connect Epstein’s “Lolita Express” to the overall picture, and it becomes clearer, I think.

      People want to say, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” When you’re in the realm these people play in, a cigar is never just a cigar. Symbols carry power, and through those symbols they then work their “magick”.

    • Good points.
      I tend to agree.
      The painting of his daughter is also standard rich family artsy-fartsy stuff, and not ipso facto pedophile evidence.
      Still, from my angle, I’ve read enough about those that lean Godless-Left, and have lived among them, that I put nothing past them… and a building up of clues and possibilities, as NR does is very much worthwhile.

  39. Why would Weinstein attack so soon after her revealing the rape? That’d be a stupid move…timing and motive are in a neat and tidy package. Or… Maybe Weinstein is being framed with that neat and tidy set up? (Remember, he just flew out to NY. And, in comparison, his raping adult, women is nothing compared to these baby-eating monsters.

    Other possibilities…Maybe Asia needed a ritual sacrifice? Maybe Bourdain said no when they came after his kid? Too many variables to speculate.

  40. Birds talking has a very specific meaning in Mk Ultra..look up blue bird and Disney and Mk Ultra. And of course Twitter’s symbol is a blue bird.

      • A useful excuse. The girl is easily seen in the left hand lens (our right) and a blood-spattered sheet or body bag in the right hand one. Some of the Facebook commenters know what’s really up with this pic. One who works for a Clown contractor made a Hannibal Lecter joke.

        The elites love their child hunting parties.

  41. First of all, thank you Neon for a great site. I have added you to my daily prayer list , friend and Patriot ✝. As far as the mask Kate’s husband wore…to me it looks like a message…if you become a “rat” , you will die…. notice the rat mask has a red “collar” or scarf on it…As far as Anthony Bourdain….there is No Way he hung himself imho…I have a very umm checkerd past…and I am Not proud of it…but I knew and know Many, Many, older heroin addicts, his age and older…an OD mabe, but hanging…noo way…he was looking bad as of late and i thought humm, mabehe is back in the spoon…but also hanging around evil and darkness can make you look like that…and his girlfriend looked to be into baad ju ju..Jesus set me free a long time ago…all glory to Him. I am new to this, and am Not tech savvy at all…but I will keep trying!!! I am praying for Christ Jesus to lovingly bless and cover our President, his family, you Neon, Q, our men and women in our Military..and many more. I will be back ✝

  42. Check out the IRC. International RescueCommittee. There’s a connection to Kate Spade. David Milliband heads this Charity New York. Given 4.5 million British pounds sakary taxpayers money. His brother Ed Milliband, was leader of the Labour Party in the UK. David’s salary way out of proportion. Debby Harry, Susan Sarandon, John Legend, JillBiden, Soros, Podesta, the Clooneys Sir Paul McCartney, DavidBurke. Check out Shows celebrities and otger charities connected to. Connected as is CF & Hillary plus plus plus plus. Charity Involved in Greece, Syria, Congo, allegations of Fraud Sexual, sexual harrassmenf etc., 92 million pounds from British Government. ITC was lisyed as a grant provider for Kate Spade co. There are also 2 other UK charities in New York. Foreign Aid. International Medical Corps. GOAL Irish NGO.
    UNICEF connected. Dangerous.

  43. Neon Revolt. What can I say? Thanks for ALL that you do. You do have a gift for this – I can see that as well as anybody. I’ve linked this excellent post in a recent blog piece that I’ve written. I hope that you’re OK with that. I would take this as a massive compliment, if I were you. I rarely link to others in respect of my own research, but I couldn’t let this one slip by.

    I will leave a link to the blog post in question. If only in the hope that it might assist in some way. Your post here has been of much assistance to myself. Please don’t stop what you’re doing here. Nothing is more important than what we’re all trying to achieve.

    May God bless and protect you.

  44. Died in hotel room in PARIS… interesting that ISRAELI firm BLACK CUBE (for those familiar with the relationship and history of the flag/state with Saturn and black cube etc wow), firm Weinstein used to gather info and spy (amonst many “alleged” more sinister violence) also has office in paris… smh @ the phone number for all offices ending 666… again more Saturnian Occult dark ish ..

  45. a commenter above mentioned Polanski and the Manson Murders. The author of the following extraordinarily long article died of a sudden onset of cancer. It touches on all of this stuff and it’s mostly concentrated on the late 60’s early 70’s.

    The entire story is long. When I read it years ago I had to search for all the parts. Here’s a quick find of one of the parts. Took me hours to read.


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