Now that’s a Methodical #Takedown. #Leakers #QConfirmations #Presstitutes

The news just broke. Former director of security for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has been arrested for leaking classified intel!

But this is much bigger than it appears on the surface, and I’m going to attempt to explain why.

Firstly, the full Wolfe indictment can be found here:

And there’s a lot in this indictment – notably, that there were 4 reporters with whom Wolfe was in contact; two of which were female, one of which was male. And these are, of course, anonymously identified as Reporter 1, 2, 3, and 4.

And that would basically be where the story ends, except…

Except… one of these reporters has already been outed by their own news organization, no less. (Hmm… wonder why they would do that?)

Ali Watkins. Worked for Buzzfeed. Politico. And NYT.

Here, take a gander at her portfolio:

But what does this indictment have to say about Miss Watkins. About “Reporter #2?”

Well, grab your Häagen-Dazs, and turn on Lifetime, because we’re about to enter cliched romance territory.

So…. 22 year old Watkins… was shacking up with 53-year-old, married Wolfe…. in exchange for intel… for FOUR YEARS.

They had already had this arrangement going prior to Trump. And when Trump stepped into office, they decided to turn against him.

Got that?

So this was bad enough that the FBI had already been investigating way back in 2014, during Obama. Wolfe had been caught by the FBI, on film, with his gal pal.

But, no, no, no your honor. We’re only sleeping together. I’m not sharing any national secrets with her.

Apparently, that was enough to keep them off his case for a few more years.

So this was as the relationship was falling apart/had already fallen apart.

Wolfie. You’re grovelling. There are always other interns to bribe-

I mean, sedu-

I mean, hara-

I mean-

Oh screw it, Wolf, that’s pathetic. You not only cheated on your wife for years, but you sold out our country just so you could get inside the pants of a soft-5. And let’s be honest here. I’ve seen her face. I know you’re old and look like a cross between a chipmunk and a creepy youth pastor who doesn’t play the guitar all that well, but…

No, no, wait. Come to think of it, it makes sense now.

You’re both scumbags. You were a desperate manwhore, and she was a #presstitute, both willing to do whatever it took to get what they wanted.

Boy, this headline looks a lot different now, doesn’t it?

Anyway, besides clandestine rendezvous, how did these two get away with it for so long?




Now where have I seen that before?

Oh yeah!

Bada-#BOOM! There’s your #QConfirmation right there.

But this couldn’t have been Wolfe’s first hurrah. No, the man had been in the same position for 30 years. He had been leaking to multiple reporters at any given time.

Speculation as to the identities of some of those other reporters?

After the 2016 election, wealthy donors paid a former Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) staffer $50 million to continue “exposing” Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Dan Jones, a former Democratic Senate Intelligence Committee staffer and former FBI official, then hired author Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS — whose research formed the Trump dossier — to help him do that, and to give whatever they found to “policymakers on Capitol Hill and the press.”  

Hmmm…. a likely candidate, I think.

And then there’s this one, with her one “scoops.” I wonder if Wolfe was sleeping with this one, too.


I work harder and do more research than these hacks. #Presstitutes, truly, the lot of them.

All they do is pat each others’ backs (sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally) for stories and congratulate each other (at least until they get caught).

So to recap:

But really, there was a pattern with Wolfe here. An ongoing pattern, stretching back years and years and years. Stretching back so far… you have to wonder…

Who was protecting him?

Who would want to strategically stuff leaked to the press?

Who would use an underling to accomplish this, and simultaneously allow them to keep their distance?

Good idea, #Anon!

So now we’ve got junior senators, ex-staffers, lobbyists, and committee underlings all pointing back to Feinstein.

What about Ali though?


Wonder what was on the phone.

(Betchya Q knows).

And for those of you who still think Ole Stealth Jeff isn’t doin’ anything…

But now do you begin to see the brilliance?

Now do you see how methodical #QTeam is?

Watch Feinstein fall. Watch it happen.

California may go Red again just yet.

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61 thoughts on “Now that’s a Methodical #Takedown. #Leakers #QConfirmations #Presstitutes”

  1. SO much great news in this post & this habbening!!! ;D

    turns out old wolfie lied to the FBI, so that was some hella leverage, eh?
    can’t wait to see old DiFi face plant onto something unforgivingly ouchie!!!

    ah, 2018 IS glorious – and we don’t even have the report(s) and the big dogs, yet!!!

  2. How sweet it will be to see these holier then thou dems get their just rewards.

    Feinstein has always been so above it all while stealing millions. POS career politician.

    As Tank said just before he fried Cypher, “Burn, you piece of shit”.

  3. In a League of your own.

    “You not only cheated on your wife for years, but you sold out our country just so you could get inside the pants of a soft-5.”

    Top Kek

  4. You are so right about Jeff Sessions, he is one smart man who recused himself from the bogus investigation so he could totally concentrate on the corruption in D.C. I would bet that he knows where the bodies are buried…

  5. You’ve heard of Red Sparrow?
    Well, now you’ve heard of Gray Pigeon.

    You know the difference between a 20-something soft 5 and a 10? Grey hair and prostate issues.

  6. Here is something else funny…
    Democrat Party of CA refused to endorse Feinstein for Senate this go-around again… Time for new blood I guess…

    “Even though the 2,775 delegates who cast ballots in the Senate endorsement race fell short of the 60 percent threshold needed to endorse her opponent, state senator Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, 54 percent backed the challenger versus only 37 percent who supported Feinstein.”

    So, on Tuesday, June 5 CA had their primaries… and “Feinstein won by over 30 percentage points on Tuesday.” Kevin… no-where to be found…

    Isn’t it convenient that this comes just days after she won her primary?
    Could become an easy win for the democrat running as a republican.

  7. BTW, tie this with all Sundance’s reporting on why DF left the Intel Committee and the Go8…she was trying to distance herself if it all went South.

    I predict a sudden medical condition that requires her to quietly retire very soon.

  8. If I get to see Dianne Feinstein fall for her crimes, I’ll be the happiest sob in California! To see this state go red after being enforced blue for so long, the mind reels. Thank you for the great work as always, Neon!

  9. Great job as usual Neon Revolt! Diane Feinstein is worth $77 million and her husband is worth over a $billion. I have read some horrible things she and Nancy Pelosi have done to sell us out. It’s time to pass a law that if you work for “we the people” than every year you are getting an audit by the IRS to ensure no money/bribes have been received and no monies have been put into off shore accounts. Finally arrests in the right direction!

  10. “You not only cheated on your wife for years, but you sold out our country just so you could get inside the pants of a soft-5. And let’s be honest here. I’ve seen her face. I know you’re old and look like a cross between a chipmunk and a creepy youth pastor who doesn’t play the guitar all that well, but…”

    Neon you owe me the coffee I spit out all over my monitor reading that!

    Hilarious. Keep up the good work I just subscribed in Gab.

    • It’s the ages-old “How does she rate on a scale of one to ten?”.
      Instead of “She’s hot!! She’s a solid ten!!”, NR is saying she’s just maybe a mere five, just barely beyond a four, and thus a “soft” five.
      Frankly, I think she’s pretty cute.
      She’s no, say, Elizabeth Hurley, but she’s cute.
      But she’s also an evil little harlot, so I don’t mind NR calling her a five or a one or whatever.
      And cute, or even beautiful won’t absolve such an evil-doer.

      • Not being nasty, but I think NR was being polite with the “soft 5.” Ali is just average, not cute, good looking, attractive, etc. Her evil inside affects the outside.
        Great article, as always, NR.
        Is Marianna Sotomayor related to SCOTUS Sonia Sotomayor? The evil cabal seem to all be related. Keeping their wickedness in the family I suppose.

  11. Nice job NR.
    The only problem with Feinstein is it’s either her or DeLeon, but I don’t know what happens if she drops out before November.

    Also as you are probably aware we have this today at the Gateway Pundit:
    KEY EVIDENCE GOES MISSING: Server Belonging to Wasserman Shultz IT Worker Imran Awan Is Physically Stolen from Congress
    I hope the Q team saw this coming or has some kind of a backup that will show up.

  12. “Soft 5” is a hockey goalie reference? To score between the goalie’s legs is to “5-hole” them (first four are the corners of the net, hardest for the goalie to defend). So a “soft 5” is a sexual allusion to “scoring” between the legs, getting into her pants, etc.?

    • If a girl is a 10, she’s hot. Model-tier.

      If she’s a 0, she’s fugly.

      If she’s a soft 5, she’s slightly lower than average. Like, normally, she’s a 4, but she tries to eat vegetables, and wear makeup, so she gets a temporary boost.

      Nothing to do with Hockey.

  13. I will make this very short and to the point. Neon Revolt’s reporting is simply out of this world. Brilliant.
    What a great asset to team Trump and the Q Team. However, he is not on his own and the Anons have to be given equal credit for their work with him and many other patriots.

    I am so impressed with all of you.

  14. Neon,
    You are hitting it out of the park, Dude! I thank that there are people such as yourself, putting the real news out and confirming Q! In a life of gutters and strikes, you are bowling a perfect game.
    I read the VOD articles with a very heavy heart, I have endured torture and abuse for over a year when I was a teenager, but as bad as I have had it, these children have it worse, and no control, and alot of times No HOPE. That pisses me off and anger builds, no one deserves there liberty taken from them. Let suicide weekend continue, How many are we going to hear about this weekend.


    Neon Revolt, keep the good fight going!

    • In a life of gutters and strikes, you are bowling a perfect game

      Phew. Dude. I’m not, I promise you. I’m a very flawed person, full of mistakes and regrets. I’m just trying to deliver my best over here on a consistent basis, and hopefully leave the world a little better than I found it. If anything, let my prayers of repentance be sufficient for all the mistakes I’ve made in my life.

      Don’t buy into the myth of my “celebrity.” Every single one of my readers has a voice. We all have talents, skills, and abilities. All we have to do is be a little brave, venture out into the deep, and refuse to be intimidated by what we find there.

      Honestly, it’s just we’re all used to being bullied. We’ve been bullied by these evil forces for our entire lives, it seems shocking, scandalous, and yes, even inspiring, when one of us stands up and starts punching back. That’s all I’m doing. But I’m just one flawed man. If I fall – and to be clear, I don’t plan on falling – but if “they” get to me for some reason – because let’s be real for a second; this is war, and our enemy is a subversive, twisting snake – someone else will have to pick up the banner and keep pushing on the frontlines. But I’ll do what I can for as long as I can, and I pray every day that God protects me along the way.

      I’m just doing what Q is teaching us all to do; to stand up and fight for ourselves, and stop expecting someone else to do it for us. We don’t have to accept their rotten deal. We don’t have to live on their vile terms. We can start flipping tables, and driving them out with a scourge, and building for ourselves a really beautiful, healthy, bountiful future.

      Glad you like the site. Hope it helps redpill folks within your sphere of influence.

  15. NeonRevolt: You have to check out Andy Spade’s Instagram before it is taken down. It is creapy! There is a picture of a woman covered in a red scarf sitting on a plane with a caption that reads, “mommy flying”. There is another picture of a woman sitting under a chair with red stockings on.

    There are no coincidences

    Please look at Andy Spades Instagram

  16. My son went to vote in the CA primary the other day and they sent him away, saying he wasn’t on the list. He was confused but he went home and looked it up and he was registered….as a republican. So he went back and the ‘let’ him vote. But standing in line, he was so annoyed to hear an old lady say aloud that she didn’t know who to vote for. A mid-aged woman immediately took her under her wing and my son heard her tell her to vote for Schiff and Feinstein. Ugh. Stay home if you don’t know anything.

    • I vote by mail, it seems like the easiest way to do it.
      I can also track my ballot to make sure it’s received.
      I’ve never had an issue that I know of, but for all I know they look at it and throw it away, but I guess they can rig the polling places too, or so we’ve heard.

  17. Neon, you be da man!
    What an incredible story.
    Can’t wait for that evil Feinstein to fake some medical disease.
    So many need to rot in hell.

  18. HA! And there were 4 BOOMS in latest Q post. The one shaped like a gun fired. So awesome. What a day! Trust the plan. Q said watch for suicides: A bourdain. E. spade.
    The great awakening / STORM is upon us. Today Trump trolled the Russia investigators/MSM by suggesting Russia should rejoin the G7! Sound like a confident POTUS? You bet. We are winning Bigly.

  19. That one of the reporters linked to Feinstein is Sotomayor is interesting. Any link between that and the wise Latina?

  20. That pic of Feinstein….YIKES! The camera caught her true ((crooked)) nature!

    Amazing report!! You go well beyond the basic headlines and give us all the links and references–thank q!! So fun!

  21. Woohoo! Thanks for bringing us some joy hahahahaha!! The truth is we all care so much and justice is the only thing that will heal the atrocities done by these corrupted deviants.

    We have to remember these people are so infected and corrupted by evil that they have no empathy, compassion or conscious filters about what they have done. It’s why they never give up, they are devoid of any humanity whatsoever.

    So I think that the best justice besides long prision sentences and military tribunals would be for God to gift them with full empathy, compassion and an uncorrupt conscious. I think the horror of what they have done would probably be enough to kill them instantly.

    Anyway seat belt fully fastened and popcorn at hand!! We are taking back our country!! Thank you Neon!! Warm Regards 🙂

    • If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Trust Sessions.

      Why? In Alabama, he was known as the Silent Executioner. You didn’t know your head was in the noose, until Sessions was ready to kick the step ladder out from under you.

      All this stuff Trump says about Sessions? Man, he’s trolling people, big time, distracting them from what’s going on until heads are in nooses.

      In fact, a President is awful busy, every minute of the day. I’ve long wondered if Stephen Miller is writing the Trump tweets. Or, even if Stephen Miller is Q. I’m actually leaning towards Q being NSA, but there’s other cards in play, so ho knows?

      All I know is, “Trust Sessions”. After I saw that video of him pulling his granddaughter away from Crazy Uncle Joe, I became a permanent Sessions fan.

    • Saw it.

      My opinion is this: Q told us that there were 10 people on the Q team…7 military, 3 civilian.

      No effing way are 7 high ranking military intelligence dudes or dudettes (and I believe that’s what they’d be for this op), gonna take orders from an NSA Q team. It’d be the other way around.

      I think Q could be a civilian NSA employee. I’ve toyed with that idea. But nowadays I’m leaning more towards Q being someone close to Trump (like, Stephen Miller or Jared) OR a civilian NSA cybersecurity puke. But I think whoever it is pretty much has to be close enough to Trump to travel with him without raising eyebrows.

    • Is Trump himself Q?

      Also kicked that idea around. That could be. On the other hand, Q has to be somebody who knows the boards. Would that be Trump? Not really feelin’ that, but I’m putting him on my top 10 possibilities list.

      • I heard Q, Not necessarily President Trump, does think Governor Chris Christie is very, very handsome. Q also enjoyed that he was the only public official to address, and very sweetly and fatherly, at that, a little boy, And an emotional mother who had been through the Hell that IsIs family court Fraud at a Town Hall Meeting available to view on popular vlog.

  22. Neon,

    A soft-5! You sir are either very kind or you have low expectations.

    Keep up the great work. Love how you break things down and make them easy to understand. I’ve become a fan. I read every post like a spy novel, on the edge of my seat until the end. Thanks again.

  23. As KingRich noted, this was revealed only after Feinstein won the primary. Ha ha ha.

    Here’s something else to keep in mind: Harris, Feinstein, Pelosi, Moonbeam Brown, and Gavin Newsom (Dem candidate for governor) all came up through the rotten San Francisco political machine. Since Los Angeles is shut out at the moment, I suspect the California Democratic Party is ready to fracture.

  24. Since we’re talking about the “physical attributes” of a woman which make her a 10, please allow me to similarly describe what makes a man a 10:

    Tall (a specific height wouldn’t be necessary)
    Dark (some distinguishing gray, maybe something like 25-50%, would be nice)
    Handsome (a few pock marks on the skin wouldn’t matter)

    And last, but not least – in fact, most importantly…

    Brains ABOVE the waist.

    I met a man like this once. What a heartthrob!

  25. Fantastic sleuthing! It is a very articulately written and well organized article that brought the pieces of the puzzle together. Thank you for your service to your country! I look forward to seeing more!

    I too have been wondering about Sessions. There definitely is more than meets the naked eye. Trump has done a great job of keeping the Haters distracted and discombobulated. I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel but it could be the lights of a big old engine headed our way. Be awake, alert, and oriented!

  26. I have never posted here before, so this may well look like trolling, but I have to ask: Do you really believe that New York State authorities are on the hunt for celebrity pedos? The corrupt New York State of Weiner, Spitzer, Schneiderman, and Bharara? I find that hard to believe.

  27. Was reading a post on theconservativetreehouse. Com that was very similar to yours. They have 2 reporters that are same as yours and 2 that are different from yours. They give reasons for their choices, so maybe there are more than 4 involved. Only time and more released information will confirm how many will be exposed. Maybe you could checkout their reasoning and see if any information on the boards confirms their findings. I can usually connect the dots from what is reported but research on the boards is above my current ability. That’s why I follow you and other anons while Q is quiet. Keep up the good work.

  28. Trump pushes for war at the urging of Saudi Arabia and Israel…Hires deep state Bolton Pompeo Haspel Mnunchin Wilbur Ross…Q Psyop continues…

    • Boy, I bet you felt smart 2 days ago.

      How you feeling right about now? Forget that question because nobody cares. The correct answer is you should be feeling like a moron.


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