BREAKING: Child’s Skull found by VOP Alpha Co. – Team Pulaski in #Tucson. #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren #QAnon #Pizzagate

This is the fifth in a series of stories following the developing #ChildTrafficking scandal unfolding in #Tucson. You can find parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 here:

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Prepping for Battle in #Tucson. #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren #QAnon

Deep in the Black Heart of Texas. #CEMEX #ComalCounty #WhereAreTheChildren

Got all that? Good. Because I need to bring you up to speed with what’s just happened:

“Operator Redbeard” has been out in the field for days now, working with volunteers to hunt down human traffickers running children through #Cemex-owned land in #Tucson, Arizona. The hunt was originally kicked off by the discovery of a human trafficking camp, complete with child-sized holding cell, outside of Tucson. Many decried it as just a mere homeless camp, and the site was subsequently bulldozed by authorities, making further examination and recovery of evidence all but impossible. But the video evidence gathered before then really spoke for itself and told a very different story from what the naysayers would have us believe.

Even the likes of Chelsea “Hubbell” Clinton weighed in on the issue last evening, attempting to label the situation as “Pizzagate 2.0.”

But methinks the lady doth protest too much, especially in light of what’s now been uncovered.

But before we get to that-

There’s been much written about Lewis Authur and “Sawman” Craig Sawyer since this investigation started. Many were throwing around all sorts of… not slander, exactly, but stories about these guys that brought their credibility and reputations into question. Stories that suggested they were just looking for their moment in the spotlight; that they were agitators, and untrustworthy.

I expressed some doubt on Gab myself, late last night:

Healthy skepticism is always good, because you really have to be shrewd in these matters. You don’t want to end up playing the role of the useful idiot in someone else’s scheme, so you really have to think critically. Thankfully, since posting this on gab, I’ve had individuals come forth and contact me with information about these guys that filled in the gaps of those stories that would otherwise cast doubt on their reputations and previously-stated goals.

In other words – I feel much more confident in taking these guys at their word, and giving their efforts continued coverage. My sources have asked to remain anonymous for the time being, but because I’m comfortable with what they told me, I’m going to keep writing about this story as it unfolds.

And boy, is it unfolding.

Let’s talk about what’s happened in the past 24 hours.

Around a day ago, Operator Redbeard has VOP team send up drones, to help them start tracking things from above:

What they found were numerous sites that were inexplicably and recently bulldozed/demolished.

Likewise, brand new signs were suddenly posted in certain areas, warning people to keep out:

But they also picked up fresh trails and started dispatching teams to search different sites all over.

Which brings us to today.

Hot on the newly discovered Coyote trails, Operator Redbeard starts streaming today to report that VOP has indeed found what appeared to be a child’s body and skull.

Fair warning – I wouldn’t exactly call this graphic – but you will see a real child’s skull if you watch this video, and in the next few photos.

Operator Redbeard goes on to say that the body was seemingly dug up by animals, that the spine was still intact, and that it had what looked like limbs that had been sawn off.

I think he’s about right for the age target, too when he says 9-14. Maybe a bit younger. And from the looks of it, it looks female, though I’m not forensic investigator.

Boot for scale:

This is the location where they found the body:

Police have been called to the scene, and now, well guys… I truly believe this is going to only gain momentum from here.

There’s a body now. A child’s body.

They can’t scream “Pizzagate 2.0” when there’s literally pictures of a child’s skull staring them right in the face.

Perhaps everyone should post this pic to Chelsea’s twitter timeline?

Yeah, I think you should.

Beyond all that…

I want you to recall for a moment the Desert Diamond Hotel and Casino, which I mentioned in my first article. This was the Casino on reservation land, where 50% of all drug busts in the nation happen? The one with land that backs right up to the border? The one very close to the first site, and which just so happens to have pedo-symbols in its logo?

Yeah, that casino.

#Anon put these images together for us (and if I had to guess, I’d say this is the same anon who put together those images about the Epstein’s island tunnels, which I covered some time ago).

I’m with Anon on this, though. This looks like some kind of funnel, strategically positioned as part of a much larger operation.

Guys, I’m really beginning to think we’re on the cusp of blowing this wide open, and forcing the rest of the American public to face facts about the grim reality of child trafficking in this nation.

This operation looks massive. It looks coordinated. And I can guarantee you, this isn’t the only slimy tentacle of #TheCabal slithering up, through our otherwise great country.

Pizzagate is coming back around in full-force, and this time, they won’t be able to gaslight their way out of it.

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53 thoughts on “BREAKING: Child’s Skull found by VOP Alpha Co. – Team Pulaski in #Tucson. #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren #QAnon #Pizzagate”

  1. Yes, per Chelsea Clinton “we should reach out to “Human Trafficking Authorities” if we suspect Child Sex Trafficking”! Do you mean the compromised, bribed and complicit “authorities”, aka the “Gatekeepers”, purposefully put in place by the satanic “Cabal” of uber elites, to make sure the investigation goes nowhere?! Right Chelsea, we will be sure to place our trust in the organizations you propose. NOT!!

    • Chelsea’s tweet is a costly unforced error. Just like her mother. Has no idea what message she’s really sending. First, she’s making her core fans pay attention, through the brilliant use of hashtagging, to something called Pizzagate 2.0.

      Second, in trying to be like her favorite Comedy Central comedians, she comes across on the page as ADMITTING there is a Pizzagate! It’s there for anyone to see.
      “Of course there’s a Pizzagate 2.0. Of course there is.”

      This is worse than Love Trumps Hate!

  2. Chelsea Clinton makes me nearly as nauseous as viewing that poor childs skull. Justice will be executed on these useless eaters one day.

  3. Bravo again Neon!
    Freakin insane that there is a airport right there!

    1 thing’s been bugging me, are the children being taken from Mexico into the US or the other way around or possibly both?

    Either way GREAT WORK!

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    • If they found hair dye as they said they did in the first camp, what kind was it? If it was simple stuff for turning light hair to black hair, that would indicate Southbound traffic, not Northbound. There would be no need for Mexicans heading North to turn their dark hair even darker just to blend in Stateside. The hair dye almost certainly wasn’t for turning black hair blonde or mousey brown – that’s a complicated, expensive, and time several-stage process requiring an enormous amount of water and time. And would probably achieve comically poor and obvious results in the end that would attract a lot of attention in a crowd.

  4. I have a feeling the whole Tuscan police is part of the cabal, and they are gonna demolish everything the moment the VOP go home.

  5. An interesting thing(s) have occurred to me after reading the 1st post on this subject. I posted it to my facebook account. Next morning as I got up to go online and come here, it took a very long time to bring up your site. Then I out of nowhere and for no reason, I got the blue screen of death :/
    I was able to recover and continue on, I still have a lot of trouble bringing up your site, still, I persit :I. Today after reading this article, and BTW God bless you for your work! I left your site and went to youtube to see if I could find any vids on this. I found a few and decided to watch one, 9:29 in length. as it came up, again Immediately, the blue screen of death. ONLY when I post something about this to facebook or try to view a vid. All other times I have no problems with my system. I do have other PC’s AND moble phones, with 2 sims….(I don’t live in conus.) Just giving you a heads up on this. Maybe this is indicative to the swamp panic over this. This is YUGE! As I said before, God Speed Patriot!

    • I sent an email to Timothy Helmseth about suspicious activity in Florida near the trafficking site in Palatka. The next time I tried to log on my computer it would just go black.

  6. chelsea hubble is as disgusting as her mother…

    notice she differentiated b/w #PizzaGate 2.0 and “actual trafficking”…?

    she will pay. she will fall. but, i truly hope her family’s disgusting ways don’t adversely affect her children. after all, they are only children – except to the cabal.

  7. Yeah I got on that thread and asked her about Mommy dearest. Was attacked by a few folks, then got a notice that someone was tampering with my password. I was kicked out of twitter and had to reset the password.

    Just a coincidence. /sarc

    • Use words carefully.

      Snopes didn’t debunk (prove false) anything.
      Snopes DENIED child trafficking camp.

      If you say that Snopes debunked something, that’s saying that they proved it false, which is the opposite of what they’re doing, which is just poo-poohing everything that makes the left and Soros and the cabal look bad.

  8. I just have to ask for opinions on this: Why in the world would the team remove the “evidence” that they found at the site? Why would they go down there and traipse around, moving things, obviously completely destroying a possible crime scene? IMO, absolutely nothing could be investigated there now.

    • I think they filmed and removed the evidence bec they knew that if left there the authorities would come and destroy it. which they did. They bulldozed the entire area and several other camps nearby. CLEARLY the authorities near Tuscon do NOT NOT NOT want to investigate or even acknowledge anything found in what is obviously a child trafficking holding pen.

  9. Thank you for all of your great work Mr. Neon!
    I have notion that one reason that Q has instituted this current blackout may be is to see how his Anons are “Quing” up. From what I’ve seen you guys are really doing great work! My prayers are with you and the vets and for all those poor kids.

  10. Neon, love your work. You’re a leader in his movement.
    Red pilled a few with some of your FB work.
    Ever thought of a ‘new to q’ tab for sleepers that collates some of those articles on one place?
    Reason I ask is a couple of the Rp attempts I sent her mentioned they read your recent works and didn’t seem believable to them (not Tucson). Too hard to believe from noting nothing. You know – the Overton Window.

    Either way, keep up the great work.
    Your Shirts are great quality too. Peace.

    • I’m working on a piece for newbies. Hopefully will have something to release soon. Glad you like the shirts!

  11. Great work Neon Revolt and other anons. I just wanted to tell you that when I try to get to your site 3/4 of the time I get a message saying not able to open or connect. They are definitely targeting you. Also did you read the article in Zero Hedge yesterday about DHS is contracting out surveillance of independent journalist, bloggers, websites, twitter accounts, and other social media accounts. LIke we need more big brother bull shit! Why is POTUS allowing this? We need to raise hell about that, child trafficking, LE not getting involved, the OIG report being late and probably heavily redacted, and the continual sensoring of Christians and conservatives. I am getting really pissed off and Ryan needs to get the hell out of office now! I call my congressmen/ women probably once a week and am sick of the lazy bullshit stonewallers! Sorry for my rant it doesn’t help that Q is silent and doesn’t tell us what the hell is going on! What the hell does it mean now that the clock is all messed up or President Trump and VP Pence putting the water on the floor? I am praying and praying but very frustrated no one is in jail yet and all the people I convinced Q was legit have just lost faith! Anyway sorry again for the long rant seeing this child skull just made me more furious I want these pedophiles in jail or hanging!

  12. NEON,
    The building is most likely a distribution HUB where they auction individuals for Organs, Sex, etc.

  13. Just recalled some stuff I had seen mentioned on CDAN. . .isn’t Tucson a notable location for rehab centers where big stars commonly go for “treatment”?

  14. I hope to God the VOP boys dig up the places that have been bulldozed. It would help also to find out who bulldozed these sites, and how they knew exactly where to go.

  15. Sorry no links, found a hint by a person comenting on the veterans video. Says if you research can find it in the local (Costa Rica) news in Spanish.

  16. Hey, Neon
    What the heck is going on here?
    VOP and Sawman V4CR are
    telling two different stories.
    Need anon eyeson something
    smells and it ain’t the skull.

  17. I would like to second noman_Arizona comment above. I just ran across a Twtter post that implies Craig Sawyer created a false flag operation and calls him a “deep state contractor clown.” Please see @cosmo_bebe post from this morning. There’s an infographic which shows his face and the infowars logo in the lower right corner. Very confused!

    • Thanks for letting me know. I’m getting shilled hard everywhere lately. It’s organized. Thankfully, there were some smart anons in the room.

  18. I think something just not right. Something bad going on. I beleive that backyard guy, than all a sudden Craig Sawyer comes on and says that, and it takes down some of his UTUBE channels. Than you got #unirock who cant be trusted i dont think, saying 1 guy just doing it for likes, subs and money. They found things at this site!! Craig LIES for some strange reason. I seen chelseys tweets, and how horrible she is, Im just a small town woman learning hpw evil all of this is and see the #evil, PEDO, human trafficking and ppl supposenly doing sucide. May justice prevail may the truth come out may god be with people tgats really trying to help! Plz dont give up caz of craig and othee ppl lying. The backyard person website on livestream was so hurt last night Evidence got bulldozed and there you got unirock not standing up 4 justice and putting ppl down. This is a time for us to pray n stand. Sorry for misspelled words. This is just my opionion and yes im clueless on so much. God bless


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