Veterans On Patrol Discover “Blueprints” for a Larger Underground Complex in #Tucson. #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren #QAnon

I received word yesterday that my articles were making rounds in various nefarious groups on Facebook.

Good. You evil scum should all be panicking. We’re taking this mainstream, and you are being #PURGED.

In the meantime, a Legionary on Gab passed this video to me. I don’t know if I missed this yesterday or what, but I can’t find the original. Thank God for archives.

But oh my god…

The Vet who has been releasing videos this whole time describes discovering blueprints for an underground rail system up the I-9 corridor, holding cells, and a “church”  as part of this trafficking site in #Tucson. They were caught in the middle of masssssively expanding their operations!

And this makes sense, considering the #CEMEX connections we covered previously, and now the #MINEX connections which #Anon first uncovered last night, and which I posted to Gab:

There’ve been a few videos posted to since yesterday, and these guys are camped out there, unarmed, but one I uploaded to Gab highlights the danger of the situation for these guys.

A Hispanic male drove up to the area VOP is surveilling, and threatened them at gunpoint. Now, VOP is smart, because they’re unarmed right now. They’re not giving police an excuse to shoot them. But for criminals? Makes them an easier target.

He laughs it off, but he danger is real. Click the image/link below to watch on Gab.

Pray for VOP and all the good guys working out there in the field. Pray for the rescue of the children who are still captive. Pray for the likes of Maddie, who scribbled her name here in marker while she was imprisoned by these vile fiends. Pray that this evil will be exposed quickly, and purged from our nation, and that Justice would fall on the heads of the perpetrators of this evil.

#Tucson. #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren #QAnon #Pizzagate #HumanTrafficking #TheCabal

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53 thoughts on “Veterans On Patrol Discover “Blueprints” for a Larger Underground Complex in #Tucson. #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren #QAnon”

  1. Seeing “Maddie” written there…immediately makes me think of still-missing Madeline McCann. Great message asking for continued prayer for ALL involved.

    • Also, if I may point out, “Maddie” is not a Mexican name, but a WASP girl name. This would, therefore, point to one of three options:

      Mexican parents were so Americanized, they gave their girl child an American name, for which “Maddie” is a nickname. This is pretty far-fetched.
      “Maddie” is the name of a local high school girl, who came to the location with a group of friends/students, to party with some six-packs. Any of you who were in high school remember isolated locations where you would meet up to drink, and possibly, do the nasty.
      This is a cry for help from a kidnapped WASP girl who somehow got ahold of a Sharpie.

      I’m sorry, but I think option 2 is the most likely. However, this does not exclude the fact that the site could have originally (or even cirrently) been used for sex trafficking. Not at all.

      Just sayin’.

      • I was thinking 3, given the handwriting. Not high-school. Much younger. Clinging to whatever shred of identity she had left as she struggled to make sense of her life and situation.

        Absolutely tragic.

    • The numbers didn’t come thru in my reply, wtf? But you can figure it out.

      I should also say that the “trash” that the VOP guys are picking up to dumpster, might have valuable DNA on it.

      Just sayin’ #2.

  2. When do you think this will all go down VOP says he contacted POTUS so why isnt anything happening why do civilians have to camp out ? Disheartening to me.I want to see justice happen now cant stand thinking kids still in their clutches.

    • US Army had surveillance Helicopters deployed over the area last night.

      They’re not going to make a big announcement about their actions/plans and warn the enemy ahead of time. If the Army does anything, we’ll know about it after the fact, once all the bad actors have been rounded up.

      Don’t panic. Have faith!

      • Plastered it and several links all over my FB page which I use my RL name on. Going to do the same with this. Did the same with pizzagate . So, keep it coming Neon, I didn’t read this anywhere else and I keep up with three news aggregators.

      • Also, if the local cops/sheriffs are not out at the site having a freakin’ cow about f*cking up forensic evidence, that is powerful circumstantial evidence that they already know something evil is going on out there.

        Right? Because let’s say that this is just a homeless camp and/or teenage party location, then a coupla deputies would show up and explain that, then threaten-slash-strongly “suggest” that VOP just move along.

        If it’s all a big nothing burger, why are the authorities acting so secretive, and refusing to even show up with a coupla patrol caps armed with flashlights?

        It’s ‘cause they already know that something irregular is going on there. They might be bribed.

        Again, here’s my just sayin’ #3.

        • Can confirm never trust an astronaut thing, from literally working as a rocket scientist.

          Suppose you are offered a job, let’s say astronaut, fulfilling your life’s dream to be an astronaut. They say, sure, the whip out an NDA that essentially states that if you mention word one of what you see to the public, you will be Vince Fostered.

          OF COURSE you sign it. The government isn’t going to deceive the public, right?

          But then they do, so you go along, rather than get Vince Fostered.

          Then voila, you get untrustworthy astronauts.

  3. #Neon – do you believe his ‘faith’ in a Rothschild mayor is misplaced?
    why on earth would anyone with any LE authority, including THE MAYOR, NOT respond and do their job(s) in this case? what, exactly, is the hold-up?

    i would advise him to stay on point, not going into political statements and/or “sanctuary” promises, which are not helpful to the current situation.

    this operation sounds like barely-controlled chaos…i hope it’s more organized than it sounds, at this point. this guy needs some serious legal/LEO advice.

    and he needs to “advise” the loudmouths that he’s trying to shoot an info video about what’s going on/current state/etc. all i could hear were clucking hens. just a thought…

    wonder if those western (arson) wildfires were set to cover up crimes & evidence of other operations/tunnels/holding ‘camps’, or to distract while a larger (human?) trafficking operation was in progress? {{{sigh…}}}

    • Totes agree with this. LE officers acting out of character is suspicious as hell.

      Nevertheless, I happen to be a cripplefag, and moving from point A to point B is a bif deal for me. Also, I live from paycheck to paycheck. Regardless, when I return to point B where my plastique is stored, I’m hit Neon up with a subscribe (bc his material is worth tons more than a coupla bucks a month), AND I’m gonna send a Walmart gift card to those VOP guys, ‘cause damn, that’s a lotta concern and a lotta work in the desert heat.

      Also, I’m a biblefag, and brothers and sisters in Christ gotta help each other out however they can.

      I’m urging other people to do the same. If I can carve out some cash to donate, so can you, unless you’re homeless or on welfare or something.

  4. what about the GETTY any comments
    what about the laser fires that obliterated a whole slew of houses around the GETTY?

    • Boom – EXACTLY – THE GETTY

      We need neon on the GETTY

      Tired of these D.E.W. Caused fires getting non-coverage of their true origin and cabal/trafficking related cover ups!!!

  5. I remember the Bundy Ranch standoff. Only if this guy gets people people to mobilize will they not be run off. Force in numbers.

    • Thank God they’ve got veterans and older people out there.

      Imagine the optics if the gubmint fired on them?

  6. Gabrielle Giffords got shot in Tucson, anti-gun lobbyist, Democrat.
    Rothschild mayor… Enough political power to stage a false flag.
    Her husband is a astronut… never trust a astronut.
    Now this… Tucson is a shithole.

  7. Neon, I think this is huge. Keep it up.

    I am wondering if you or someone else can enlighten on crime scene and evidence. Moving evidence isn’t going to hold up well in court, or am I missing something.

  8. A big what if… but I second the 1st comment here…. I immediately thought Maddie McCann… those scumbag parents of hers called her that pet name… Podesta links to Portugal suspects via the villa.. that COULD be Madeline… I don’t discount ANYTHING these days. God Bless everyone in this Red pill movement and Pray for the children.

    • Remember the comment that they found black hair dye bottles down there. Tells me they abductees are Caucasian.

  9. I think the evidence that might hold up would be the record of how the local authorities acted re this discovery: the physical evidence only has to be at the level of probable cause to cast a light on the corruption of the local authorities.

  10. Interesting how he defends the mayor. Probably wise.
    Praying for these brave patriots! Thanks for the update, Neon!

  11. Almighty Father, Sovereign Lord, King of the Universe,

    I come before Your Heavenly Throne with my brothers and sisters in Christ; to Whom else can we turn? You are forever righteous, holy, just, and faithful in all Your ways. Your Glory fills the Universe and every willing heart with Your Light. You are patient, loving and slow to anger, but You cannot abide wickedness. Because of Your love, You have offered sinful man salvation at the cost of Your own Son, but Your tolerance for man’s rebellion, evil, and violence shall not be tried forever.

    We confess that we are a rebellious and ungrateful species. Individually and collectively, we confess that we demonstrate our willfulness and our pleasure in disobeying Your commands. Were it not for Your Spirit given to those who believe in Your Son, Jesus, we would have no power over sinfulness in our lives. But in placing Your Spirit within us, and making us a new, holy creation, our renewed hearts– now like unto Your own, are crushed by the savagery and wickedness that we see around us. We weep when we see and hear the debauchery afflicting not only our communities, but our nation, and the world… especially when it attacks our children, the most innocent among us.

    We have been like dreamers, not aware of the growing depravity around us. The enemy has sung us sweet lullaby’s and wooed us off to sleep. While we have slept, the enemy has been deluding the minds of our young, stealing our children, and sacrificing them to other gods. Forgive us, O Lord, for our slumber, for our unfaithfulness, for our tolerance of evil in our midst.

    We are beginning to see and recognize that we are in a spiritual war against powerful wickedness in High Places. Our enemy is fierce for his time is short. His followers are many, powerful and exceedingly rich and organized. But, You called us to be a Light in our world ruled by Darkness. You called us to be the Salt of the earth, preserving it from the decay for which it seems to reach out more ardently each day.

    Hosanna, Lord! Come and save us. Exchange our weakness for Your strength. Our victories, small and great can only come by Your hand.

    Lord Jesus, King of all kings and Lord of all lords, by Your blood, You have purchased back the title deed for the Earth. Satan is no longer its rightful possessor. The Earth is Yours to rule and reign. Through the Prophet John, we know that soon You will be officially presented with the Title Deed, and You will unseal it. We have entered the beginning battles of that great war that will drive out the spiritual insurgents, and to establish Your rule.

    We ask that You would incline Your ear to the prayers of Your people. Show Your mercy for the young and reveal Your salvation. We ask that You would send a guardian angel to protect and defend each captive child’s life and welfare. Give them the eyes of Elisha’s servant so they can see their angelic defenders.

    In this day, at this hour, rise up, O Lord, from Your Holy Throne and mete out Your Justice. As Your earthly mighty men of war, Your Saints, put on the Whole Armor You have provided, let them be joined by legions of Your Heavenly Host. Send Your angelic host before and behind them. Direct Your armies, O Lord, to save the children and cut off their tormentors from among the living. Reveal the plans of the enemy and frustrate them. Make the enemies intentions and devices of deception plain to Your warriors. Let the enemies hiding places be openly revealed. Let the captives who yet live be liberated, and may the bones and blood of the fallen cry out from the earth for Your Vengeance. Guard the life, mind and spirit of each of Your saints as they go forward into battle. Bind the enemy’s hands so they cannot respond; blind the enemy’s eyes so they cannot see Your forces moving; deafen the enemies ears so they cannot hear Your forces closing in. Raise up good and righteous men in government and law enforcement to support Your battle operations.

    Rise up, O Lord Jesus! Speak the Word of Your Mouth and let Your enemies fall. Give protection, sufficiency, and victory to Your saints, Your Mighty Men of War as they fight for Your Righteousness sake, and to liberate the captives. This is Your battle, O Lord. The victory is Yours. Let this Operation be a foreshadow of unspeakable Judgment to come and may hearts be turned to You while there is yet time, while it is still the Day of Salvation.

    May the name of Jesus be lifted up and glorified throughout the earth, Amen.

    • What a beautifully written prayer. Literally gave me goosebumps to read, and most definitely inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for sharing that. You have a gift.

    • You must have been guided by the Holy Spirit… and the angels. There couldn’t be a more spiritually appropriate prayer to seek the help needed from Adonai and Adoni, our Messiah, to save our children.
      May the good Lord hear this loud and clear all over heaven so our children can be rescued as quckly as possible. My heart cries for them.

  12. There is no interstate I-9. There’s a 19 that goes through Tucson, though. Do you think that’s what they meant?

  13. Gonna meme this out like a mofo. Gotta get the anons on this. Getting to see just how vital Arizona is to the cabal. He who has no name. Makes sense its his state. NR rock on brother

  14. Matthew 10:26-27
    26Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. 27What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.

  15. will we see news tomorrow
    or is this another false flag

    await BLAGO to be released patriot?
    watch out JB

  16. I wonder if this is where the bodies are burried that Q talked about… “Who knows where the bodies are buried?”

  17. Does anyone else think that by moving evidence around, gives the bad actors an EASY card to pull and expound upon? It’s obvious the cops are trying to stall them. They’ll take any chance they have to cover this up and turn it around on these Patriots.

  18. Why does this guy speaking for VOP wear a Hamas/Sunni Muslim black and white scarf in the last interview?

      • Hey I think I’m on to something, can you check it out & ‘C wat u this, u know the big mystery around the Georgia Guidestones and the Keystone markers?? Well Q says where r all the bodies buried? I think I figured it out,800.000 kids/people goes missing in the United States alone every year never seen or no bodies ever found, that’s a recent statistics,, well I been researching on the cremation process and what happens to the bones and what are the materials and compounds left over from the incinerated bodies?? Cemex company is world wide everywhere and huge, beyond anything else, and what & where are they, getting the materials and chemicals and products to make cement?? Concrete?? Check this link out

  19. I finally donated to Vets4ChildRescue tonight and was disappointed to see that it goes to the production cost of their video. If you want to donate to the ‘boots on the ground,’ expenses, find another way to give. I guess it is important to expand the awareness of their mission.

  20. The camp is on the San Xavier Indian Reservation that is fenced in right ? A bobcat must have been used for the underground room. That is a lot of dirt, where is it ? Are there digger tracks in the area ? What type of container is that ? Who sells that type of container ? All this going on right in front of border patrol ? How do they know it has been 10 days since the camp was occupied ? Did they find shopping receipts ? Look at how many immigrants have died on this reservation, many of them in the camp area.

    I live in Calif but I know this area a bit and how the hell that many migrants died on that reservation makes no sense.. It isn’t that far from the border they just jumped. They know what it takes to survive they bring supplies. The whole thing is HINKY as hell ..

  21. That camp is a holding cell for the rapes take place at the “abandon” cement factory. Think about it; elite Pedos don’t want to get dirty and/or have a drone see them so they drive into the “abandon” building and that’s where it goes down.
    Why all the CEMEX plants in Pedo areas, there’s even a cement plant in super expensive, cramped West Hollywood. Go figure.

  22. I was wondering whether they are going to release some information about the markings that are being used. It is mentioned in redbeard’s video. I’m assuming this is something in line with old school hobo markings? While I understand not wanting to release too much intel prior to any major happenings, there are probably a lot of people who would want to go looking for such markings, and that could bring in a lot of information. One would assume that they would not be able to change such a system very quickly even if it was revealed because of the sheer number of people involved.
    You do wonderful work. Thank you.

  23. Interesting, way back, George Webb explained how concrete companies are involved with human trafficking via road building in other countries. Could be happening here, too. I believe he mentioned Cemex. “George Webb – Day 107 – DynCorp Harvesting, Killing Is Good Business, Part 2”


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