Prepping for Battle in #Tucson. #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren #QAnon

This is the third post in a series following the recent uncovering of a #HumanTrafficking / #ChildTrafficking camp in #Tucson.

If you need to catch up with this absolutely astounding story, here are the first two posts you need to read:

Veterans on Patrol Uncover #ChildTrafficking Network in #Tucson! #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren

Veterans On Patrol Discover “Blueprints” for a Larger Underground Complex in #Tucson. #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren #QAnon

If you’re all caught up on that, keep in mind that this story is rapidly developing, and you’ll recall from those last two posts the unreal connections that were being uncovered by anons, in real-time.

One #Anon summed it up thusly, last night:

And he’s right. This is what, well… pretty much everything looks like so far:

The only things I would add are that we’ve since received word from our VOP operator-on-the-ground friend (I haven’t been able to find out his name, so I’m going to call him Operator Redbeard from this point out. Other anons have called him /beardbro/) that they found blueprints for an underground complex, including a railway, holding cells, and a “church.” Those blueprints, to my knowledge, have yet to find their way online – but you can be assured that if I can get my hands on them, I’ll be posting them right away.

UPDATE: Carlos Slim was previously one of the largest shareholders in CEMEX, before he sold off his shares.

I will also add here that the serial killer tied to the JonBenet case has since been found, dead, in a hotel room he had been living in for a while:

If that doesn’t look like a clean-up job, I don’t know what does.

Oh, and about all that…

Yeah, #CDAN released a drop:

And personally… I find that really unexpected.

What I believe CDAN is implying here is that that JonBenet’s older brother Burke hired a hitman to cover up his tracks, making him the guilty party in her death. (Now, for journalistic reasons, I’m not saying I endorse that view. I’m just reporting on CDAN’s implications).

Some commenters had some insights into the matter:

WARNING: these comments contains descriptions of child abuse that can be just… they’re rough.

The above comment makes a lot of sense. The murder was a fluke. It was never meant to happen. But she was being pimped out, all the same, in all likelihood.

So, that’s where we’ll leave that thread in the story for now. The rest of the thread can be found here:

Former Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer, who you should remember as the guy who posted video of the “holding cell” at the camp, provided this update today:

As for what’s happening on the front-lines in Tucson…

Operator Redbeard gives us another update, and tells us that, yes, they’re about to deploy to another site they’ve found, and they’ve found a lot more evidence that yes, this is a human trafficking operation – and not some homeless camp like the local media is reporting. I archived the video up on my Gab, so click the image or the link beneath the image to watch:

And if there’s nothing else you listen to in the video – listen to the last minute-and-a-half to understand that guy’s heart. Amazing stuff.

The really good news is that they were actually able to start coordinating with local law enforcement, so it looks like not all hope is lost on that front.

Most importantly – they’re coordinating on an operation to locate and uncover this underground trafficking corridor, and rescue any children held within.

They’re literally going in with law enforcement and border patrol, armed, ready to fight ANY opposition they encounter.

This is like a literal wartime operation. These guys are volunteering to go into battle and save these kids.

Pray hard for these brave warriors.

One anon summed up some important points of the video:

Anon responds in amazement:

And another anon concludes:

Incredible indeed, anon.

At this juncture, some maps might be useful.

These were pulled from halfchan, where they are now running /Tucson Trafficking General/ threads around the clock, in the spirit of the old /HTG/ threads:

This first image purports to show #CEMEX trade routes, up from Mexico, into the US.

Note, not only the routes straight into Tucson, but the overseas routes leading in to Mexico, first.

This could potentially tie back into the kind of trafficking I covered back in April:

The “Skin of the Gods!” #TheCabal’s Obsession with GOLD! #QAnon #GreatAwakening

This map shows a bit of what Operator Redbeard was talking about, with the routes going through the Reservation there, right up to the border.

This is where any battles taking place will happen.

Again, pray for /ourguys/. They’re literally advancing into enemy territory and attempting to save innocent kids.

Getting back to the #CEMEX issue, one anon decided to look into CEMEX plants around the country, and found some common denominators:

Here’s the photos he’s including.

Another anon then expanded on the #WampumUnderground/CEMEX connection, having had personal knowledge of the subject at hand:

Now this photo he included was real interesting to me; showing underground tunnels created as a result of mining for raw materials for cement:


So clearly… these guys have experience with underground facilities – which jives with what Operator Redbeard has been saying.

Operator Redbeard caused anon to reflect on a previous Qdrop:

Frankly, I kind of thought that was the intended meaning, but with all the “double-meanings” flying around, I thought it worthy of noting.

Another anon reflects on this Qdrop”

And that’s about when another anon made this infographic, detailing CEMEX’s presence in Long Beach Port.

(In case it isn’t obvious, the blue section is a Qdrop):

So – it’s possible we have a similar situation to what we uncovered with all the Haiti intel that came out the other day. One Cabal-owned-and-operated company doing the trafficking across established routes and ports, obscured by their “legitimate” business.

And that pretty much brings us up-to-date with intel.

I’m following the rabbit-hole down further, but I’m not prepared to drop that intel yet. You might be surprised to learn it takes us up to our Northern neighbor, rather than to our southern border. But if I write about that, I need the story to develop more, first.

Again, pray for these volunteer operators in the field. They’re literally risking their lives to confront this deeply rooted evil, and they’re going to need all the help they can get.

These guys, who already did their tours around the globe, are once again risking their bodies, their safety, and their lives for us. They’re heroes in every sense of the word, even if they don’t want to hear it right now.

So pray for them and make sure the real story about their efforts gets plastered everywhere. It’s time to take our country back!

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52 thoughts on “Prepping for Battle in #Tucson. #OperationBackyardBrawl #WhereAreTheChildren #QAnon”

  1. Redbeard is Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer. Some are claiming he was an FBI informant during the Bundy’s “sagebrush” rebellion. I don’t know either way, but God’s work is going on out there in Tuscon right now.

    • He’s a Was: Lorenzo Hormisdas Zambrano Treviño was a Mexican businessman and philanthropist. He took over Cemex, a regional cement company founded by his grandfather, and transformed it into one of the largest cement producers in the world by the time of his death. Died: May 12, 2014, Madrid, Spain

  2. Dwight Lamon Jones is NOT connected to Jon Benet Ramsey. It was one of his victims, Dr. Steven Pitt, a renowned forensic psychiatrist was a consultant in many cases including the Jon Benet and the 2006 the Baseline Killer case.

    Dr. Pitt had met with Dwight Jones in connection to the divorce proceedings prompted by Jones’ ex-wife, which led to the loss of custody to his son. Dr. Pitt predicted Dwight’s anger and violent tendencies would worsen and erupt into extreme uncontrolled behavior.

    Dwight Jones’ victims seemed to all be connected people involved in his custody battle case with his ex-wife. They all had met Jones and his wife during the case proceedings.

    Dwight Jones left quite a bit of rants and tweets behind about the despair and anger he felt from losing custody of his son.

    Originally it was reported that Jones had killed four people, but a Scottsdale Police new briefing today now reports that there were two additional victims found for a total of six linked murders.

    Dwight Lamon Jones reportedly killed himself as the police closed in on him in his hotel room this afternoon.

  3. In the best way possible… PLEASE let the northern neighbours then lead to Our (Brit) Royal family and PLEASE let it be a wakener to many “Royalists” . . I wish they’d abolish the lot.. the NAZI and alleged paedo fks… well Andrew is a definite and as Jimmy Savile was Charlie boys BFF I’d imagine the whole lot are baby and poop eating Satanists…. let there be a way SOMEHOW to out these people who like to think they’re better than the rest of us… and any other British politicians/Globalists that are implicated. I hope there are MI5 MI6 white hats working just as hard as Q . . . But I don’t see anything happening to the Royals.. meaning just how much of a purge is this WW trafficking ring being taken down….

    • I never realized how much evil was going on in England until these last couple of years. When you consider how they are protecting Muslim rape gangs/sex trafficking gangs while imprisoning truthers like Tommy Robinson and other innocent citizens trying to expose them, and England’s direct role in plotting against Trump by creating the fake dossier and planting MI6 spies in his campaign to destroy him before he even won the election, it really blows your mind. Also, given the recent revelation that Queen Elizabeth is claiming to be a direct descendant of the prophet Mohammad and the massive forced migration of Muslim migrants to England, it’s becoming really obvious that she wants England to become an official Muslim Sharia state.

    • Not the first I’m hearing of it. Believe me, I’ve got my skeptical feelers out. Lots of disinfo flying around.

      Difficult to sort fact from fiction.

  4. “Watch the skies” could be the air version of those shipping labels from Haiti.

    Land, sea air…

  5. Neon Revolt,

    I think elaborating on the CEMEX facility in West Hollywood would push this story further in people’s eyes and tie it back to #Pizzagate and the more widely known LA depravity.

  6. Neon, As always, you are amazing. Just an FYI, I keep trying to share your stuff on Twitter and ‘they’ seem to be deleting my tweets or hiding them for the most part. Keep up the great work and God bless you and all the heroes out there working for the kids.

    • I just saw a for sure disinformation account claim to some commenters of Tracy Beamz when they shared an article by Neon Revolt tweet “I was told to stay away from Neon Revolt, better safe then sorry” PATHETIC. You know for yourself when you read his stuff he’s legit but this is PROOF Neon Revolt is OVER THE MARK. THANK YOU!!!

  7. Hey Neon, I’ve been sharing this story and directing folks to your article to send gift cards to the veterans. If possible, please remind folks of that need in a few future posts.
    Thank you again for such fantastic reporting!!!!!!

  8. Get Meg Kelly on the AZ case, after all didn’t she do a fantastic job interviewing Jimmy Alefantis after the theatrical shooter invaded Comet Ping Pong? She’s the Myra Hindley of fake news American style–didn’t ask any news reporter-ish questions about James’s Instagram pictures, damning photos of sexualized children and accepted his explanation of the little girl with her hands taped to a table. “Oh,” said he, “that’s my god-daughter, we were playing a game.”
    Why is everybody surprised Tucson police are dissing the camp site’s ‘no evidence’? The DC police chief is good buddy of Alefantis. Police are huge fans and participants of pedo activities here and in the UK, or United Congo.

  9. Here’s my concern…I really hope that these well-meaning vets don’t destroy the crime scenes. You can’t have people crawling all over, picking up evidence, destroying chain of custody, contaminating potential genetic samples, leaving fingerprints and footprints everywhere. A crime scene needs to be secured and protected, not trampled on by all the people that are being invited in. Not one piece of clothing or bedding or toys can be used in court if it’s been contaminated by these helping hands. The forensics of this site will be useless in a court of law.

    • I was saying the same thing, except starting 24 hours ago, I started getting the feeling that they ought to get stuff out of there STAT. I feared that the authorities would start the site destruction soon, which it looks like they’re doing at this point.

      Even if the evidence is no longer good in a court of law, it IS good for redpilling and creating public outrage, along with symbolically-carrying torch and pitchfork mobs calling for the heads of authorities.

  10. What does it matter if they mess with the camps, doesn’t sound like TPTB care. None of this is on the news even. I was thinking about Q saying things are paused but not terminated with trafficking…hmmm

    • What would make traffickers happier?
      Why would legit law enforcement stand down?

      Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself (evidence)

  11. That trade route with Cemex having Utah and its centrality really makes me wonder if old mitt is a major player in all of this! Can’t seem to shake this guy we know he’s through the race in his presidential bid it’s obvious he is a rhino a Mormon what more?

  12. Your trafficking map raised a red flag for me. The route that goes north through spokane especially. I used to live on Highway 395 (that’s the name of it once it goes through spokane). It goes straight up to BC, Canada. Here’s the thing, once you get north of spokane, there’s a few small towns but nothing else. I lived 5 miles from the border and there was NO ONE up there. My thought it that this is the perfect highway to smuggle people N to S or vice versa. The border patrol on both sides of that crossing are very lax but that’s assuming you take the crossing. You can literally go 1/2 mile either way into the forest and just walk across, no questions asked, no barbed wire, nothing.

      • The borders are a huge problem.

        What we need are some very tall, heavy structures with spikes or razor wire or something at the top to prevent border encroachment by unauthorized personnel. But where would we get something like that? [eyeroll]

        As a side note, heavy border walls would also prevent Americans from leaving, and could turn into a homegrown version of the Berlin wall at some point. But, I guess, one problem at a time. It’s a sad time in American history when we have to actually consider these sorts of misfires.

      • Actually, if we treated our neighbors as the clear-and-present danger that they actually represent (as we do elsewhere in the world) then maybe the problems we are having–throughout the entire spectrum–would not be to the degree it has become.

  13. has a far different, in depth view on who killed JonBenet. The ransom note asks for $118,000 which is the exact amount her father was to receive from Lockheed Martin as a bonus for his work on the Federal Bridge Certification Authority (Onion Router). Lynn Cheney/Lockheed Martin. This was ultimately used in 9/11. John Ramsey was not a willing participant nor was his family. I urge you to check Abel Dangers information. They have never been wrong in my years of following them.

  14. Pressed for time. Remember the military aircraft circling a place in
    PA a month or so ago? Neon, I’m sure it’s in your posts. Was it anywhere near this Cemex plant or underground facility?

  15. In the last Q post, the gun had been fired. It WAS a week to remember. Even if Tucson is an attempt to make evidence inadmissible, don’t you think the white hats already have all the evidence they need? Didn’t the killshot already happen???

  16. Thank you NR! Without sites like yours..especially yours…people like me would be in the dark.
    Any suggestions on how to get reticent family members even a little interested in what is really going on?

    • My two cents on how to draw friends and family in, is never give them too much all at once.
      This backfires.
      Print out a short article here or there, or drop a factoid into a conversation, and then let it be… see if they bring up the article in a future conversation.
      Bit by bit; you have to be patient.
      Also, start by sharing info that’s not too obscure or requires you “have your notes handy” so to speak.
      Share short bits you’re confident you can back up from memory.

  17. Damn! I watched a video months ago about the underground facility in PA. Buddy & his girlfriend drove in and kept driving/filming.
    Loading docks, dead ends, construction, secured areas etc.

  18. Just a few questions

    They said they found fresh graves but stopped digging because of the smell. they need gas masks.
    Q. Why haven’t they taken video of this ? Ok I am just going to say it.. Stupid story to tell. .
    They said LE wont collect evidence so they did it themselves and have it in a safe place.
    Q. Why haven’t they taken video of this evidence to show us who are following this story. HINKY

  19. The media blackout really torques me.

    God uses numerical time periods – Days – Weeks – Years to delineate His actions.

    It has been 70 years since June 1948 when the CIA/USA Paperclip stuff and various programs ramped up (Artichoke, etc.) to MK Ultra – Mind Kontrolle – brought to our shores by Vatican Rat (Bastard..) Lines, etc. to continue on the evil works of Nazis.

    God warns evil done in darkness will be revealed to the light. AND evils done in private will be called out about from the rooftop.

    SEVENTY years later: VOP June 2018. BOOM!!!!!

    For some of us…this is not knew; the stories of our lives. These books are well worth your time to read – freebie pdf – online. First one is Cathy O’Brien, Brice Taylor, DeDamp’s Franklin Cover Up…ALL naming the safe nasty and evil people. Kathleen Sullivan’s UNSHACKLED is a free pdf, too.

    In the first link O’Brien ‘s chapters are neatly compiled and boy does she blow a whistle on Clintons, Bushes, and what NAFTA meant for access of drugs AND CHILDREN. Saudi’s love little blonde blue eyed programmed girlios.

    I know too much about this. And Masonic parent/s DO this to their kids. I have been around that block, staggered out, but still stumble, trip and am TRIGGERED by all this.

    Of COURSE they like walnut sauce. Some of us had pineal gland treatments from infancy on and can do amazing fetes.

    Deplorable McAllister did a bangup video explaining it.

    And Dr Joyce Pugh really knows her beans from barley, in a longish but brilliant presentation:


    (I about choked up a hairball when they named a ship after Gerald Ford. No wonder Betty drank. And his real name was NOT “Ford”. Political move for name recognition in Michigan.)

    • Thanks for sharing these…

      2 movie scenes keep replaying in the back of my mind each time I pry the door open a little more. The 1st is The Matrix where Morpheus tells Neo he didn’t say it would be easy, just the truth. The 2nd is Aliens when Newt tells Ripley her mother used to tell her there were no monsters, but there are…

      And finally Q’s admonition about the choice to know being ours.

  20. Thanks NR for reporting on this! I’ve been sharing these stories. Thank you and all of the anons for your hard work. Bless you all!!

  21. As always, fantastic reporting and comments. TY for such great work, NR and patriots. God is working all this out for good and His glory. What an amazing time we’re living in!

  22. It might be coincidental how fashion designer Kate Spade just committed suicide. She was given an unusually large amount of money when she sold her company. She was very politically connected.

  23. This Tucson area “camp,” near the CEMEX facility, is near a traffic artery (I-19). The noise and commotion of the operation and the traffic would mask any activity at the camp. Also, although trucks (i.e. concrete, delivery, vendors) would be common place, it would be interesting to know the full scope of traffic that comes-and-goes from there.

    I wonder what a Google Earth search of the locations around other concrete facilities would reveal of the nearby terrain?

    The company responsible for the site security there is T I B O R Protection Services (see video, and has a significant presence—as well as—touted “communication, tracking, and sensor technology” for the grounds. Hmm, I wonder if they ever noticed any off-normal events or activity? It is owned by a Tibor Farkas, who lives in San Bernardino, CA. He has owned and run the company for 28 years, and has contracts throughout CA and AZ (AZ and CA), with a large foot print with CEMEX. While not impossible, it is interesting that a look at his LinkedIn page shows that he has only a high school education with numerous misspellings, and a certification from the Bureau of Security and Investigation Services (BSIS) in CA. Incidentally another cursory search found that he has had some civil and criminal court action, and that his wife (possibly now estranged) works for the BSIS. Why is this relevant? Because the single most probable personnel, tasked with the comings-and-goings at the facility, and responsible for surveillance and detection is the security entity. The video from their homepage seems to show some of “what” they do for security services, and may have been recorded–in part–at the CEMEX facility.

  24. There is a CEMEX asphalt and concrete plant in Everett, WA. What’s interesting about Everett is that its got its own container pier, and it’s a deep water port. Security and customs staffing there is minimal, and there is another pier with a rail spur that was originally built for Boeing there as well. You could crane a container full of people off a ship and onto a train in Everett and nobody would know.

    Seattle is a pretty bustling place. In Everett, literally nobody is looking and you can go East or North from Everett. By ship, Everett is easier to get to than Seattle as well.

    Everett is one creepy little place too. Very inside baseball town, and you can’t get a deal done anywhere unless you are connected.


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