The “Smoking Gun?” #Hussein #QAnon #NoCoincidences

We all know #QAnon posted today, after a loooong “hiatus” (at least from posting. I’m sure he was busy busy busy the whole time).

And I’m sure you’ve seen it by now, but I previously mentioned that Q’s post looks like a gun when you flip it – both in my last post here on the site, and on Gab.

Well… #Anon put together something of a handy mindmap together to help us connect all the pieces:

And, for what it’s worth… the posts about Hussein and the AK are from 04/06…

That lines up with 06/05 on the #Qclock.

That’s Tuesday.

Also important to note – and something I also posted to Gab – but it looks like Barry is trying to plan a holiday in… Kenya:

Trying to escape, Barry-O? Might want to bump up that flight date.

Not that it will help.

But remember what Q said:


We might actually be getting the AK pic(s) this week.

Wouldn’t that be something?

#Hussein #QAnon #NoCoincidences

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46 thoughts on “The “Smoking Gun?” #Hussein #QAnon #NoCoincidences”

  1. Awesome!!! You along with the Anons you referenced do an incredible job of bringing all this together. The clock theory is looking like a real winner. Looks like Potus is going to turn up the heat this week.

  2. I guess that maybe BO might start to think that he was a stooge for the wrong side….
    Perhaps they’ll put him in the same cell as HRC; that would almost be punishment enough!

      • That article is just more of Obama oozing with condescension at the “bitter clingers” and “basket of deplorables”, who were too simple to understand his noble aims for the country.
        All self-justification, and him rationalizing that his Marxist-Globalist genius perhaps came along twenty years too early for us backwards hicks to appreciate.
        Same old, tired, narcissist, race-card Obama jibber-jabber.

      • Neon, do you think the NET shutdown will be this week?… how much of a fool will I look if I post via FB as a warning to friends (I only post redpill posts on fb)… but if it happens, I can later say “told you” …. and might wake more of them up…… thoughts?

  3. Red, white and blue I always thought meant the American flag. Was thinking the picture is of him shooting the American flag which is symbolic to destroying America as a whole. Just a theory

      • The who could be Uncle Sam (fits in with red white and blue) or a real American, maybe a soldier

    • Could be a flag, could be a person, could be Red, White, and Blue = RWB = Reporters Without Borders.

      We’ll find out, soon enough.

      • Or, more excitingly.. videos of previous presidents.. the biggest shock of course would be a video of Bill Clinton and Hillary… That’s truth more shocking than fiction!

    • I have friends who think that, too, and to be honest, nobody wants to think that a former President actually killed Americans.

      But if he did shoot at the flag, we’re back to the entire left (and parts of the right not keeping score), who would not only not care that he did it, but would high-five him for it.

      If he actually did kill one or more Americans though (or even held them at gunpoint), that would be the end of Hussein. That would be a bridge too far for all but the most radical leftists (and even they couldn’t celebrate it publically).

  4. This is off-topic, but just wondering if it’s been noticed that the giant letter from NK to Trump looks like it’s being held to intentionally look like a Freemason apron. Sorry if that’s already old news, it’s new to me. And great new posts, btw.

    • I mentioned this to Neon on another post a couple of days ago…. it certainly has symbolism to it. I’m hoping Q is going to clear it up in future posts.

  5. The left won’t care. That is the saddest part of all this.

    Maybe you get a few who turn on Barry, but it’s not going to matter because they voted for him even though they knew he was Bill Ayres BFF.

    Who doesn’t know that he hates USA?

    It needs to be a picture of him having anal sex with a jew WHILE killing a black baby and eating a Mexicans heart out of its chest. IMO to be effective.

    • No, he would have to be killing a black/white PANDA…

      30% are die-hard I’ll-vote-this-way-always-because-we-always-have and they are on both sides. But there is 10% or so that voted for BO because of white guilt, and because they believed their lies… you peel off 10% of general voters from democrats, and 30% of black Americans… Democrat party is done… They finally realize they’ve been snookered…

    • What if he were actually pointing the AK47 at Hillary? I can see that happening in 2007-2008.

      That would cause a massive meltdown in the Left.

  6. The message will not be aimed at the die hard dems who voted for obama, they will take their decision to the grave – the future are the kids aged16-24 & 24-30 who don’t watch the msm & view everything online. not the ones who are already indoctrinated, but the ones who are too busy chasing girls/boys being immature kids & doing stupid kid stuff – I don’t count this group out at all-they are the future & they need to see the truth

  7. What if “A week to remember” and “Blackout necessary” means Q is also telling us through double meaning that we have 7 days to archive offline because the internet is going dark after some damning info goes mainstream this week. Intuition is telling me to get some cash on hand and stock up on supplies. Internet runs the world in these parts. Gratitude brother.

  8. Your page is absolutely the very best .I think sometimes that you also have a inside track to information.I just read an article in the nytimes that stated Obama had run on the very same campaign message that had gotten Trump in the White House.l remember that he said that the government needed more transparency! I guess my point is that being a very woke person I’ve learned to interpret moves of the top players.they always play both sides. It’s a mind fuck either way.Please remember that these people have been doing this for a very long time what better way than to give people hope and a cool puzzle to play a game with peoples minds sometimes it just seems too unreal.Iguess faith is the only way . I too am truly grateful to be able to come here you are a light

  9. Will Hussein be allowed to claim Kenyan citizenship? Sure, as long as he admits that he was never an American citizen.

    • US SoS Tillerson visited Kenya recently.

      What an odd choice. It’s a small country of very little trade significance/military significance to the US.

  10. I think many people expect there to be a fantastic show on TV of Obama, Hillary, and others being arrested, and dragged out of police cars etc…
    None of this will happen… people will slowly be arrested and picked up, and tried for their crimes… it will take a while, and it will have a very slow pace. Just like Weinstein was asked to come and surrender to the NYPD, so too will the top hens be asked to surrender to some FBI office in the middle of the night, so not to get photographed.
    Besides… all the low hanging fruit is being rounded up first. We’ve seen dozens of child trafficking rings being busted world wide. These people are being locked up, from bottom to top… the top being many moons away.

  11. How about Q’s BOOMs being signals of how many things to come?
    BOOM 1: Supreme Court ruling on cake baking
    BOOM 2: Manafort’s iCloud account raided
    BOOM 3: ?
    BOOM 4: ?

    • I was thinking about this myself, last night. 4 booms before a drop. I like your first two booms.

  12. Thanks for all your posts. Very interesting and informative. I have some theories on who “Q” might be taking into account the hints “Q” himself has dropped over the past months. Could perhaps be the basis for one of your future articles? Let me know if you would like to see the five names I have come up with and why. One name is outrageous, but still believable (maybe).

      • Who is “QAnon”? – An Outrageous Theory

        Well this is what we know about “Q” from what “Q” has told us about himself. “Q” has proven beyond a doubt that he is someone very close to Trump. We also know he is one of “no more than 9 people who know the whole plan,” Of this group of people we know “3 are civilians” which means the remaining group consists of up to 6 military personnel.

        It would be an easy guess to say “Q” is one of the military. In that case, the most likely candidate is General Flynn or perhaps Admiral Rogers. Flynn was appointed and then quickly dismissed under very suspicious circumstances. It looked to me like a deliberate setup to free Flynn from attack allowing him to work unhindered in the background, a perfect place for “Q” to operate while hiding in plain sight. So I put Flynn as our “Prime Suspect” from the military.

        If we want to dig deeper for more exotic possibilities to “Q’s” identity then we should consider one other clue “Q” gave us. He said, “Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.” This comment suggests there will be a kind of “Wow!!” factor involved when we finally learn the real identity. I think that comment doesn’t rule out Flynn but might exclude the likes of Admiral Rogers or any of the other military options so we are left with one of the “3 civilians” mentioned. These would consist of Trump himself (despite his title of “Commander In Chief”) and 2 others from his very closest circle. So who are his closest civilian allies?

        Trump himself could easily fit the “Wow” factor. Finding out that the US President has been awake in the small hours posting anonymously on the 8Chan Boards would be kind of crazy and perhaps just the sort of thing Trump might actually do. He has, after all, used Twitter to great effect. So, creating an “Anonymous” persona and speaking directly to the “conspiracy theorist” fits well with Trump’s personality as someone who thinks outside the box. So, I believe Trump is, for now, our “Prime Civilian Suspect.”

        There is however, another kind of “Wow” factor. This is where someone’s identity is revealed who turns out to be a person that we least expect. In this case we could be talking about someone like Ivanka Trump – she is, after all, a civilian who is closest to Trump personally and who is also actively involved in his administration. It could be another member of his family, but I think Ivanka is the best fit and so she would be our second “Civilian Suspect.”

        Thinking further outside the box and using a few more “Q” clues, we have another intriguing possibility that fits the “Wow” factor.

        “Q” speaks very highly of President Kennedy, quoting him many times and Trump himself has done the same. “Q” often quotes the phrase, “As The World Turns” which was the name of the TV show that was being aired in the US when President Kennedy was assassinated. For US Patriots that was the moment democracy was hijacked in a CIA led coup. The “Q” phenomena is actually a direct assault on the overreach of CIA power and the CIA remains to this day the Prime Suspect in the assassination of JFK and his brother Bobby.

        So who could be heavily invested in avenging those deaths that they might quietly join the Trump team for this purpose, especially as 6th June 2018 is the 50th anniversary of Bobby’s death? I think Robert Kennedy Jr fits that bill.

        There was a suggestion that Trump would appoint Robert Kennedy Jr to act as “Vaccine Czar” and they did meet at Trump Tower in Jan 2017, apparently to discuss the possibility. Nothing came of it but was that meeting just a cover story and the real reason for the meeting was to bring Robert Kennedy Jr on board the “Q” Train? When Trump was first elected, Kennedy was fair and optimistic in his assessment, unlike most commentators, saying that Trump, “Could be the greatest President in history if he wanted to” because he was unbound by ideology. So I put Robert Kennedy Jr as our next civilian “Suspect.”

        Finally, (and most outrageously), a news item last week about the Kiev Intelligence Service persuading a Russian journalist to fake his own death in order to catch those who were trying to kill him gave me another, totally outside the box, idea.

        What if John F Kennedy Jr did not die in a plane crash in 1999 but is still alive? What if his political allies believed that if he stood for office back then he would be an immediate CIA assassination target so they faked his death and gave him a new identity to keep him safe until now – precisely for a president like Trump who has a very well constructed plan to bring down the CIA and to restore US democracy and the rule of law? What “Q” hints do we have that might support this?

        In one “Q” post was the phrase “Sparrow Red.” This clue led researchers to a book written by Rochelle Sparrow which is about what John F Kennedy might say if he could speak to us “from beyond the grave.” The book has a blood red cover. There is also a film called “Red Sparrow” which is about the CIA. Also, curiously, JFK Jr’s Secret Service Codename was “Lark.” There is a type of Lark called the “Sparrow Lark.”

        Another “Q” post revealed a video of a plane crash in water which was presumed to have been an accident but which was shown by the video to have been planned in advance deliberately to kill an official who posed a political threat to Obama. JFK Jr died when his private plane crashed into the sea off Martha’s Vineyard. Reverse the scenario and we could have a plane crash in water presumed to be fatal but planned deliberately to save a person’s life who poses a threat to the CIA.

        It’s also interesting that the JFK Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery looks just the letter “Q” when viewed from above. So, if “Q” turns out to be JFK Jr, “speaking to us from the grave,” that would indeed be a real “Wow” moment.

        While I have prudently backed several horses here, the bulk of my money is on General “Q” Flynn and Donald “Q” Trump.

        • I’m not going to lie; I’ve had this exact thought run through my mind.

          The only thing that stopped me from thinking it was the fact that they recovered the bodies from the plane crash.

        • Interesting theory. I still think that Q is a group, not a single person. Good to put money on Flynn and possibly Trump himself. But just too frequent & well researched to be only one person.

  13. Speaking of coincidences has anyone notice the numerical significance of the rescheduling of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary Hearing to 9/11?

    Again upside down (in my area of the world) the date: 11/6
    2018 (numerically reduce to 2-9) adding up to 11 (twin towers)
    2pm rm 216 – again 2 (read 1-1) 9 adding up to 11 (twin towers)


  14. The “clock” seems to be late, or is it just me?
    No clock theory has been able to predict coming events, anyway.
    Why would Q, then, confirm the clock in his last post?

    BTW: Good job here anon, I’ve been spreading your work around a lot lately.
    Keep it up.

  15. Well back to the Obama holding a gun at an American, I remember a story I was following on YT describing that Atonin Scalias plane had a air force escort to his final resting place. And that Obama had met him at the airport to have a discussion about the I believe was the Cash For Cars enviro case, Well both Scalias plane and AF1 took off and but only Scalias had AF protection????? Could the pics be of Obummer shooting a GREAT AMERICAN AS SCALIA(TRUE Constitutional Law enforcer). and gives reason for fast cremation and no photos or the pillow over his head to muffle the spray as well as some noise dampening? I will go try and find the YT Video with some of the info I shared here, but also could the fact of AB dying mysteriously just B4 he was going to share damning info on Obama and Michele(cough… cough). Or Joan Rivers rant of a Gay Prez O and Michael or Michele as being a transgender? These are just a few Americans I can think died at there behest. another great article and research.

  16. The Red White and Blue surely refers to him aiming the gun at an -American Flag-.

    At least that’s what I suspect.


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