The Morally Repugnant Elite and their Bad Juju – #Haiti #DR #HumanTrafficking #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Major developing lead on the boards right now! I’m going to assume you know some basics about #Haiti and the things #QAnon has posted about it, previously and dive right in.

Key players you need to know:

The Clintons (and the Clinton Foundation).
Laura Silsby
(and the new ones we’ll go over as we encounter them).

If you don’t, for whatever reason, have an understanding of what the Clintons did (or attempted to do) with Haiti, catch up with these two Qposts at the very least:

The main gist of it is that Haiti is prime ground for child trafficking. Most of the human sacrifices, and many sexual abuse victims came from Haiti. On top of that, the Clintons stole aid that was donated for Haitian relief in the wake of the big quake they had there a few years back…

And used it to finance Chelsea’s lavish wedding.

We’re really hitting the ground running here tonight, because we’ve got a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get into it, starting with this:

A #HelperAnon dropped this tonight:

Whoa, whoa, whoa – what’s this? A new lead that isn’t completely cryptic?

But something odd and kind of funny happened.

No one paid attention.

At least… not at first.

So, someone – it may have been the same Helper or another #Anon – tried again.

God bless ’em, because this time, it worked!

And let’s get into some of the questions here, following anons as we pick apart this puzzle.

First question: Who is d’Adesky?

Turns out she’s a Degenerate Lesbian who worked for “Out” magazine, then an HIV magazine, and also as a “foreign corresponded” for several papers in… Haiti… where she had familial roots.

Another anon continues:

So she tends to work in very poor areas, has ties to Haiti, and tries to advance the agenda of the “#PurpleMafia” everywhere she goes.

Next question:

Why was she in contact with Laura Silsby?

Now… remember. Silsby is a convicted child-trafficker who worked with the Clinton Foundation:

I will add here that she now works for the service that issues Amber Alerts, under the name Laura Gayler, despite her previous conviction.

That rabbit hole is well documented here:


But as to their meeting, d’Adesky is actually quoted in this article:

In a letter to the United Nations, Anne-Christine d’Adesky, a writer and human rights activist, said she met with Silsby on January 24 in a hotel in the Dominican Republic. Silsby allegedly told d’Adesky that her authorization to pick up Haitian orphans and bring them into the Dominican Republic came from an unnamed Dominican official.

“I informed her that this would be regarded as illegal, even with some ‘Dominican’ minister authorizing, since the children are Haitian,” d’Adesky wrote, adding that she directed Silsby to UN agencies dealing with orphans and adoptions in the country.

D’Adesky told the Wall Street Journal that Silsby responded: “We have been sent by the Lord to rescue these children, and if it’s in the Lord’s plan, we will be successful.”

Oh-ho-ho – so now Silsby is a “Christian Missionary,” doing the Lord’s work…

By… trafficking children in the wake of an earthquake…

…not orphans, mind you, but children with parents who still wanted them…

…out from Haiti…

…and through the Dominican Republic…


Oooooh sure! d’Adesky is the character-witness here!

The same d’Adesky- remember – who is a die-hard, uber-leftist Lesbian – the same one who is a founding member of “The Lesbian Avengers – she’s the one who is vouching for the “Christian” character and dedication of Laura Silsby here.

And the purpose of their meeting just happened to be to warn Silsby that, hey, maybe moving a horde of children through the Domincan Republic – and gathering up to 100 more along the way (as the article attests) – is illegal.

Why, they’re just two peas in a pod!

One problem with that story, though. One teensie-weensie, itsy-bitsy problem!

d’Adesky’s family owns one of the biggest shipping companies in Haiti.


So let’s think for a moment here.

Silsby is looking to illegally move a lot of people out of the country.

And d’Adesky has access to a shipping and freight company.


Hey, as a brief side-note, did you remember Jeff Kasky? The father of #Parkland shooting “survivor” Cameron Kasky?

Remember the write-ups I did about his “adoption agencies” in Florida?

Jeff Kasky’s Strange, Scandal-Ridden History with One World Adoption Services

Oh yeah, there’s a major connection between Silsby and Kasky that’s since been uncovered:

Silsby hired Andy.

Andy tried to “steal” a kid from Kasky.

Uh-huh. Just a total coincidence, especially considering all we uncovered about Kasky and how he had to shut down due to corruption charges.

Here’s the infographic that the anon above made. And I realize my site doesn’t scale things quite correctly at the moment, so I try to include links to the full-sized versions of the images when things get too big to scale – right underneath the image:

Full Size:

Got all that?


But to get back to the topic at hand, anon then asks the next logical question:

Almost immediately, a second anon finds an answer:

First anon then asks:

And second anon then comes back with this:


Now, I had to go looking for the article anon was quoting here, but I did find it – from a Haitian newspaper:

Wait a second… This article is from 2017…

The Silsby bust was in 2010.

HOLD UP, GUYS – I think I just realized something the boards missed:


Mr. Leger also provided details on the sting in several interviews he held throughout the day. He says Room 158, where the adults were found, adjacent to Room 155 where the “33” girls were, substances resembling cocaine and marijuana were recovered. This is interesting because such drugs, especially cocaine, is not widely used in Haiti. It is not easily purchased in retail in non-producing third-world countries, like Haiti. Although such countries like Haiti are trafficking routes for narcotics to the U.S. and Canada, usage of the costly drugs are rare.

The commissioner also said that a laptop was seized at the scene. He said there are photos and videos of adults participating in what he described as “abuse” and sexual acts with minors, not of the some 31 who rescued at the hotel. He says he is more certain than ever that the “child-trafficking”, as he called it, that was thwarted at Kaliko Beach Club, includes sex-trafficking and the sex-trade. For his assistant, Madame Prévost, findings in the laptop, drugs and currencies at the scene hint to a “large network”, she said.

It was through the help of “missionaries” in Haiti that police were tipped off of the activities in December. Both Commissioner Leger and Inspector Desrosiers have confirmed this. They said that these foreignors were approached by individuals offering them minors. It was then that the investigation was launched.

33 children stolen. “Missionaries” with knowledge of this?

Oh, you mean EXACTLY like what was attempted in 2010 by Silsby??

There’s that number again.


I wish you could see my face right now…

Someone better post this “coincidence” on the boards as soon as I publish this.

Oh screw it. I’ll do it myself right now. This stuff is moving so fast:

One anon then posted a link to this article, which refers to the d’Adesky family as part of the MRE’s – the “Morally Repugnant Elites.”

Paradoxically, some of the most elite of the MREs, the Mevs, Brandt, Madsen and D’Adesky families, are now in business with the supposedly hated American invaders, renting and selling land and services to the U.S. forces.

One Haitian political expert, who supports Aristide’s return as an exercise in democracy even though he dislikes the man and his radical policies, believes at least some of these families are subtly engineering a plan that will frustrate the Americans and leave the families in eventual control.

Anon then presents some big-digs, going through all of helper’s questions at once:

The question he didn’t answer – Did the Earthquake interrupt an Op? – I would answer that with a resounding “yes.”

Traffickers do NOT want to get stuck with a bunch of crying, hungry, scared children in the middle of a natural disaster. It does NOT make their lives easier.

This trafficking MUST have been underway already when Silsby was caught in the quake.

Plan A  to move the kids was lost. Whatever it was; it was no longer viable.

She needed a plan B.

#TheCabal put her in contact with d’Adesky.

And why?

Because she could move the children with her family’s assets on the other side of the island!

And – what do you know!

I realize we’re getting into a lot of details here, but really – this is so important – so make sure you catch it!

Anon references the Haitian Sentinel report linked above, and YES – BILL AND HRC HAD THEIR HONEYMOON THERE!

Which… I actually wrote about a while ago… but maybe not about what you’d expect:

The #Clintons and their History with #Voodoo. THEY GO AFTER TWINS!!! #Haiti #ChildTrafficking #RitualSatanicAbuse #QAnon

Sure, Bill. The early 2000’s were your “first” encounter with Voodoo – which, in all seriousness – is a cult where individuals offer themselves up to be “ridden” by spirits (like a horse) with blood sacrifices and such. The whole practice is frightful and utterly demonic.

But then Anon then drops a bomb:

Oh my gaaaawwwwdddd…


I’ll post the image again, in case you didn’t make the connection:

Wahoo beach. Owned by the d’Adeskys. Same people who own the shipping company we were talking about. #Podesta saying he [can’t] wait to get to Wahoo.

I swear, every time I see that miserable chicken-necked skeeze…

But anon gives a really good summary of everything we’ve learned tonight, thus far:

Anon responds:

Ah, so here’s how they get them into the US. The same company controls both the shipping and receiving!

They traffick children from Haiti, through Miami, under the cover of “Christian missions work.”

Miami is Wasserman-Schultz’s territory.

They use cargo freight.

The cargo is never inspected.

And one company – owned by “Morally Repugnant Elite” – handles everything.


#TheCabal shudders as we begin to bring its evil deeds to light.

And this is just one example. We’re not even talking about things going on in Asia, or with the Vatican, or anywhere else.

This is just Haiti.

What happens from there?

Craig Sawyer gave us an idea when he published this video two nights ago:

We have to make these scum pay.

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  1. I’m just glad that u and so many others r focusing on the most important & real issue that this entire sick satanic cult has been doing for who knows how long to our innocent children,, I already knew all bout most of what u just posted on about the Haiti child-trafficking,, because I have been investigating & involved in trying to expose this since 2001,, but it’s so important that we never stop until we stop ALL of these evil sick fucks I have a?? 4 u ,, do u Kno who I haven’t heard anyone mention?? Guess who is a Senior Analysis for the National Center for Missing and Exploited children?? Guess,,#Brian Podesta,ring a bell?? He’s 1st cousins to Tony & John Podesta,,& he’s been providing all the missing & kidnap children that r 800.000 in the US alone,gone, vanished never seen or heard from again!! This is WW, & it’s intertwined &imbedded in every local, state & federal government,, from the highest levels & I can tell u first hand knowledge that it is absolutely satanic cults,, these people r not human,,they truly r demonic monsters,& I hope u weren’t thinking that #VP= M.PENCE was a WH,,U do Kno that right?? And I can’t imagine that Pres.Trump doesn’t know that,, I just am curious & perplexed as 2 Y nobody has dug up & called-out & exposed MP,,he does not wear a white HAT!!if u want some more info on VPMP or anything else I can help you get info out to the public/masses I will & can,, I have first hand knowledge,,#Indianpolis,needs 2 be exposed

  2. On a side note… EyeTheSpy has called you a Clown because of your Premium Content fee……….

    I stand by YOUR work

    • Yeah, I know. Except he’s lying.

      I don’t have “Premium Content.”

      I use Gab for donations, because there are literally no other free-speech-based fundraising sites that support anyone even vaguely right-wing. I would be deplatformed on Patreon so fast. Gab is my only recourse.

      But I’ve never posted “premium content.” It’s literally a one-way-street, for people to support me, my work, and the site.

      There’s nothing hidden behind a paywall. All my content is 100% free and will remain so.

      Amazing how EyeTheSpy continues to misconstrue what I’m doing.

      And it’s been like, what? 100 hours since I issued my challenge to him, to PM me my real name. Still hasn’t answered! Not surprising!

      • Respect given Patriot… I’ve been spreading your name in the community. Your work is exceptional my friend, and I look forward to each and every post!

        I appreciate your POV… as do MANY others.

  3. I hope some Anon’s are translating this to Creole podcasts.

    Could be the spark that ignites a long overdue revolution in Haiti.

  4. WOW, once again excellent work. Woke up at 4 AM and decided to go to your site for reading material, wow what a find and now I’m still awake. Have been as far as red pilled for a very long time but the connecting of dots in this article was superior and it is a must share! Thank you so much!

  5. Wow! So interesting. I’m so thankful for your articles to help us Q followers/patriots delve deeper! I wanted to share a little bit of info I found that might be helpful? 😉 Maybe?…

    Bill Clinton was appointed U.N. Special Envoy to Haiti in 2009. The earthquake occurred in Jan. 2010. (Coincidence? Doubtful. As HelperAnon said, did the earthquake “interrupt an op” in progress?) Also perhaps of significance, after the earthquake, Obama set up the “Interim Haiti Recovery Commission” (IHRC) and, one week later, he personally appointed Bill Clinton as Co-Chair of the organization!!! (This created legal challenges regarding Haiti’s charges that money from around the world were not used properly in the help of Haitians:)

    Bill Clinton’s Co-U.N. Envoy was Paul Farmer, a very interesting character in his own right, perhaps carefully chosen:

    (It also should be said as a reminder to readers of this comment that HRC was Secretary of State at the time, and there were many emails regarding Haiti before and after the earthquake, and many CF pay-to-play allegations. She certainly helped WJC and vice versa in regards to Haiti shenanigans.)

    !!! 😀 !!! I also found an interesting article written in response to (then presidential candidate) Trump’s allegations in October ’16 on the Clinton/Haiti subject:

    Lots of tidbits in that article, but one that stood out to me is a Haitian group in Florida who, in the wake of the earthquake, were questioning HRC about what was happening to the Haitian immigrants who were being detained at the U.S. Southern border and denied entry:

    “But more pressing to the Haitian-American community, she said, is the issue of Haitian immigrants detained at the U.S. southern border since late September and then deported. Bastien said the people of Little Haiti want Clinton to discuss her plans for the immigrants. Clinton visited Miami on Tuesday, but did not swing by Little Haiti.” Hmm. What was happening to them? HRC was avoiding answering.

    I’m just a peon, but I found the above information very interesting.

    Have a fantastic day!

  6. New follower here. Just want to say how grateful I am for your hard work and reporting! Very clear and concise articles. Thank you Patriot! God bless you.

  7. Feb 15 & Mar 6 Q said to “WATCH the water.” I realize that he pointed to the NK news, but I noticed something in the DST statement that caught my eye and was wondering if it could be something or nothing:

    “Watching the water is as important as watching the sky (planes).”

    Could the “WATCH the water” have had a double meaning? I’m just thinking out loud, I’m kinda new to all of this. This Great Awakening is incredible, I am loving this new world-view, even if it comes with the heartbreak of understanding the realities of the evil that permeates so much of the globe at previously unthinkable levels. Thank you for all your work, I truly appreciate it!

  8. Who is Don D’Adesky? Worked for Morgan Stanley and laundered tens of millions for bank of Haiti after the earthquake. Jesus I’m happy this is out. He’s at Raymond James now. Get him Neon!!

  9. Neon, here’s another facet that ties in with Haiti: mineral mining, especially gold. See this site, for example: Abusing kids and partaking in vodoo is for off-time. These monsters hit the jack-pot in Haiti. Thanks again. Great piece.

  10. Haitian earthquake may have been unnatural result of torsion weapon (see writing of LCol Tom Bearden on subject), similar to that used to produce Norway Spiral at BHO’s Nobel Prize gig: (Fukushima? NK test site?)

    33 is Masonic (e.g., highest level Scottish Rite). It is also geometric and relates to tetrahedron’s Schafli number. Richard Hoagland’s books / website (above) gets into concept of suppressed geometric higher-dimensional physics.

    I know it seems waaaaaaaay off topic, but it has to be related. I originally thought that Haitian earthquake was engineered to facilitate CF theft / child trafficking on massive scale. Now I’m not so sure.

  11. I was thinking maybe some of the children were taken to the Epstein tunnels (near by). ie pineal gland

  12. Ok one more thing …Philip Levine x mayor of Miami running 2018 for governo. Friends of Kataky & Isreal
    He was dropped into Miami politics by Bill Clinton. Claims he only had $500 living in a Million dollar apartment (above Newsday cafe- hottest early AM beach cafe on Ocean ave)

    Obviously he had more than $500. He said he is self made – sold fliers to Royal Carribean ( they have a 30 yr lease of Haitian Labadid). He became a Multimillionaire selling fliers to Royal Carribean

    This Parkland shooting is connected distraction

    Levine is freaking out because he is running against Ron D’santis ——

    There is so much Medicare fraud “remember Menendez Friend Dr Melone” that are connected. It’s truly turning Miami into a really bad place – using the Haitian & Cuban votes.

    much more dark ties on Parkland connect to MKULTRA Hollywood – Van Den Houten or Van Houten family= Leslie from Manson Murders Carrie from Game of Thrones then Andrew Van Den Houten he makes horror fantasy sick movies where kids rape

    Lots coming on Hunter Thompson snuff films – connections are happening

  13. all I can say 2 u is that I witnessed it first hand and I didn’t have a camera on site if u will,,,my God this is & has been goin on 4 ever & who in their right mind would say something so outrageous & damning like I have unless it was true, this is not a game & this is not a catch-me-if u can , that’s their game & that is how they have gotten away with it 4 so long because of people who r adults who have the capability 2 discern when someone is speaking the truth,, whether it be a little child or anyone, really I know it’s sounds so unsane & ludicrous & unbelievably shocking but mind u that is one of their main tactics & reasons they have gotten away with it for so long & they count on nobody believing these outrageous diabolical crimes against humanity,they literally BANK on nobody believing it, u must do ur own research on RSA & really dig down to the beginning of their ways& means,, have u research Tavistock Institute,, do ur research & find out who & why we,they invented Psychiatry, Psychology,& All their so-called famous writings,n wat nots, who do u think made up Mental institutions & therapy & all their wonderful schools & institutions they created 4 only one reason & ONE REASON at ALL,2 get away with what is & has been going on since the beginning,,my friend/brother/sister/fellow Patriot,, Do u not hear, Kno,SEE when something or someone,a innocent little child is telling the truth & crying out for someone, Anyone to help them??? God, the one & only true FATHER,, gave u the precious gift eyes 2C & ears 2 Hear & u ARE still Choosing 2 remain a MUTE,, & I am not calling u a name or a derogatory assumption,, look up the literal word MUTE,in the dictionary & Bible!! U have eyes 2 C ,yet u R blind and U have ears 2 hear but U R deaf!! This is not about religion or Politics, this is about TRUTH & the CHILDREN!!

  14. This ties back to John Tester friends of Laura Silsby. He uses his influence to “help” her missionary. I know it’s wrong to want vengeance against these people and ultimately Christ will deal with them but please let justice be served now! I weep for these children and families. I pray for the day when all of their evil crimes are truly exposed. Thanks NR and anons help to spread the truth.

  15. ‘Remember how James Alefantis posted an “art” piece by Jeff Koons showing him having sex with what is purportedly his pornstar wife?’ Before Alefantis took his instagram account off line I saw this picture without the black strip that covers up what is child/infant porn. The photo shows a close up of a baby girl being penetrated by an adult male organ. When I say baby girl I mean ‘baby’ not a toddler, not a little girl a ‘baby’. Shortly after I saw the picture I was no longer able to access it without the black strip. Someone came up with the “pornstar wife” lie but I saw the brutal picture of a baby being tortured.

    • I don’t remember that, and I was researching Pizzagate heavily, combing through the instragram and such – but that’s neither here nor there. If what you say is accurate, frankly, I don’t want to think about it. It’s too stomach-churning.

  16. “The same company controls both the shipping and receiving!”

    A Closed Loop System. Ingenious of these filthy bastards.

  17. This kind of reminds me of an episode of “The Blacklist” where a famous human rights activist is really a child trafficker, Floriana Campo

    The actress picked to play the Floriana Campo strikes a resemblance to d’Adesky:

    Just kind of interesting as there had been some earlier Q related discussion regarding the film world portraying some of the actually real world secret bad stuff.

  18. Any ties to Monica Peterson death and any involved in the Haiti trafficking, somewhere someone has had to have screwed up by now?

  19. Just an FYI. Village Voice paper and offices were purchased by Many of the journalists from Village Voice remained on staff after its sale to Is this a thread to tug? I’m not sure, but thought I’d share.

  20. And I’m sure you already know this but James Alefantis is related to the Brofman sisters,he’s the brother,,

  21. Wow. Just wow. The interconnections are as incredible as they are undeniable.
    No wonder they freaked out when Trump was elected. I have a gut feeling they tried to recruit Trump at some point and he rejected them. So, they know he knows and that makes him a mortal threat. It’s explains their panicked, insane overreaction to him.

    The Podesta email is devistating. I wonder how many yet to be discovered emails are just sitting there waiting to be discovered?

    Finally, the Awans must have it all… They have DWS and God knows who else which explains why they have been untouchable.

    How was the investigator found dead in Miami? Related?

  22. Neon… I’ve been reading and learning about Q and found your site, I go to Q sites but I only see what is posted after Q’s posts. My question is…where and how do I find these sites with these discussions? I’m a old anon and want to learn was much as I can… thanks

    • An aggregator is a good way. is the primary one. But keep in mind, Q hasn’t posted for 10 days now.

      I’m trying to compile a “Beginner’s Guide to Q” soon. Will hopefully be posting it, soon.

  23. All this talk about the One World Adoption Services scandal reminded me of Bono’s ONE charity foundation which also had a scandal a few months ago in March of 2018. Bono’s ONE Foundation made headlines due to bullying, sex harassment, and tax evasion charges. The many celebrity backers of ONE include: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Hanks and Bill Gates. Its Board members include: Jamie Drummond(Christian Aid worker), Bobby Shriver(prominent Kennedy family member), David Cameron(former British prime minister), Angela Merkel( German PM &Hitler’s secret daughter), Larry Summers(former US Treasury Secretary), Aliko Dangote(Africa’s richest person) and last but not least ONE’s president Gayle Smith who happens to be a former aide to Barack Obama. You and your Anons should really look into these guys because that’s one serious collection of Trump-hating elites involved in one charity doing many nefarious things. I would not be surprised if that was just the tip of the iceberg as far as this ONE foundation goes.

  24. “rnowtrman” – I can cofirm the photo too. I have seen it. Someone was reserching and took a snap shot before the acc. deleted. I don’t remember who. I do not have a link but it is out there.

  25. Grateful for all the indepth research and explanations. Is is possible to write an article explaining what the Anons learnt about Australia and possible trafficking please? Q asked about Australia twice yet nothing much came out. Wondering if these ‘Climate offices’ have anything to do with trafficking?
    Could you Please look into Obama’s SCN Strong Cities Network, a Rothschild SDG. This EO is still in existance although he changed the name once POTUS won. This is UN Global Police infiltrating most countries Municipal Police using Shariah Compliant UN policies. Overseen by OIC biggest voting block at UN, Arab, chooses our refugees and sees SCN & ICLEI are enforced in every council, Mayor, LocalGov WW. They’re running A Shariah Compliant Climate Sustainability UN policies parallel to Council Development & Planning. They’ve taken over. ICLEI is a Private Think tank registeted in Bonn. Germany. In other words every country is losing their Sovereignty at LocalGov level. Bloomberg is head of GlobalMayors. Australia is now Paying Millions into his Foundation! The intention of the UN is for Congress to be made redundant and Mayors answer directly to the UN. The’re still going full speed with these plans while everyone concentrates on POTUS. UN Agenda21 Agenda2030 now called Global Goals & Agenda 2050 needs to be Banned from every community. Council, police Teacher Training ir it’ll
    Just carry on like a cancer. It’s well entranched and most people working in these officed don’t realise the laws they’re enfircing are UN Socialistic laws. I noticed some talk about Q wanting tesearch on Local Gov or something yo that effect.
    In Australia, what these people are doing is shutting down snd amalgamating councils to make each State Stateless, until The Federal Government is in total control. They then intend to push for a Republic. A guise for the final signing over to the UN. You only need to look at the British Police and some local Councils to know they’s fully ‘Internationalised’ according to Shariah Compliant SCN UN. We’re expecting Blue Helmets. No, they’re not stupid, they’re infiltrating our Councils everyday. The UN’s Fushion Centres move in and take over like ICLEI. Apparently some Parks police are UN anyway.
    UNICEF. World Heritage Sites. When these are taken over by The Rothschild Rockefeller UN, they no longer belong to the country. They’re doing the same with oceans, using Climate and all sorts to take over the Oceans. John Kerry & NZ John Keys have closed off the most important part of Antartica to the Public in the Ross Sea unsercthe guise of ‘Protection’
    UN was started by the Cabal and is controlled by them yet we’re giving up ALL our rights, property, countries food suply, water, resources, ports,willing to these criminals. The seas resouces and they’ll block certain countries ships that don’t agree with them. See Potus talking about Having open access to the Oceans and seas in his Speeches. He also always mentions Towns as well as Cities. The Cabal’s ICLEI is shutting towns down and building tall highrises for Everyone. See California and other SCN ICLEI compliant Cities and Mayors.
    Read an article where the Gun Mass Shootings all happen in SCN Compliant Cities! NeeYorkStrong. They use the word Strong. Strong CitiesNetwork. The NAFTA and TPP apparently were all routes for trafficking

  26. The only way these scum will pay is if the child trafficking is not part of the 60% that Q said could never be released to the public.

  27. from debbi to aw,,an and florida to verigina to middle east.
    many shipping companies contrcts and authority given to saudi,paki…

  28. D’Adesky is lying when she says she was covering orphan issues. First, no one covers orphan issues, and 2) if she knew anything about them or talked to any real adoption advocates, she would know that they did not believe the children should have been extracted from the island after the quake. That is because adoptees know that most orphanages, especially those in poverty-stricken areas, take children in who still have extended if not immediate family. They receive meals and an education, but still see their families regularly. They are not true orphans. Adoption advocates don’t believe in taking a child out of their home country unless completely necessary and definitely not until their family has surrendered their parental rights. To extract children from their home families, language, traditions, etc. is supposed to be a LAST resort, not a first one. That is why Silsby’s actions were so worrisome and should a lack of understanding of adoption.

  29. Let’s not leave out the Bushes in this… the Haiti earthquake relief fund was co-opted by George H.W. Bush, ex-president, ex-CIA director, conspirator in the JFK assassination, and a member of the NWO Steering Committee of 300, just as his son, George W. Bush, who was president at the time, so looked the other way as it was happening, with Bill Clinton. Remember all of the commercials asking for relief aid for the Haitians after the earthquake? Please, let’s realize that it’s the NWO that we’re going against, and the Deep State is the latest manifestation of it.

  30. Laura Silsby, Baptist church group leader:
    “We had 33 children from the age of two months to twelve years, and in the course of the time frame we had them with us, the entire team deeply fall in love with these children.
    Here’s a short (1:31) video of Silsby and her team. TAKE a LOOK at who fell deeply in love…what a bunch of low-life scum.

  31. Another tidbit…the enormous new US Embassy and gated community built in tiny Haiti.

    “There is no legitimate justification for such a huge Embassy for any country nor for so many personnel. Really, Haiti and the Dominican Republic could share a US (or any other) Embassy. They could probably even share with Jamaica. The size of the French Embassy (see below) is a good size for a tiny country like Haiti.”

  32. About the Twins thing. Obama’s portrait was painted by a dude, who is from the EXACT area in Africa, that has the highest twinning rate in the world! Some coincidence! His exact tribe. Apparrantly, it’s a very small area and he is the son of royalty there. This is what I thought about while reading this. I’m talking about the famous, green bush thing, with Hussein in a chair. The presidential portrait. What are the odds? NR love your work!

  33. That’s some serious dot connecting. I read about a Port Canaveral take over engineered by Obama, bypassing Congress. Wonder if this port could be used by the Cabal? Next door to Miami.
    Several articles about this, here’s one:

    Don’t let the link title put you off because of the subject difference of your post above.

  34. I am leaving my mind open to the possibility that at least some of this is legitimately criminal. I am convinced that Podesta is a pedophile and that the CF is involved in something criminal – although whether it’s sex trafficking I have doubts about. What strikes me here is all the enthusiastic arm-chair detective work. Dots are connected, yes, but for each one connected I notice 1) there are also several other possibilities/explanations and 2) the connections are leaps – in other words, for example, it could be that it is coincidence that someone connected to a company in Miami has Haiti ties – they are extremely close geographically, demographically, historically, and economically. Sooooo…. yeah. You have to come up with EVIDENCE, people, that a tie is an iron tie, without question. Otherwise this goose chase wastes peoples’ time, and gives people false hope and false ideas. That’s the difference between professional investigators…. and this. Responsibility to the truth, not what you WANT the truth to be.

  35. I apologize if what I mention has been talked about, Im dead tired. I lived in Puerto Plata for a little while and Ive been racking my brains on this. Now you noticed the connection between the Roman Catholic Church and Silsby yes?
    What a coincidence she registered the name right before the earthquake..almost like it was planned..cough cough. Oh and Bill and Hillary went to Haiti again as a second honeymoon. Anyways Puerto P is poor and very corrupt. Soshua nearby was one place many jews settled from the holocaust and there was much prostitution. I didn’t see or hear anything obvious. One other item I know is a guy who worked for a canadian oil company ontario I believe?) Said some of the higher ups were into sleeping with really young girls, my impression was younger than 15. They shipped used oil field equipment worldwide, often down to then out of texas.

  36. The nearest friendly port isn’t Miami.

    It’s Puerto Rico. You could swim to PR from the DR. Wish I could post a map here.

    If the anons aren’t on this, could someone post on the boards? For unknown reasons I haven’t been able to post.

  37. Excellent article, appreciate all the hard work. Have you looked into the connection with the Masonic lodge CHIP program? The Freemasons of north America ( 33) work with the NCMEC to track and get DNA samples of children! I just knew there was something to 33 children missing/abducted.
    Masonic Child Identification Programs
    Masonic Child Identification Programs (CHIP) are a charitable initiative by North American Masonic lodges to aid in the identification and recovery of missing children. CHIP programs are supported monetarily at the Grand Lodge level, and are staffed by volunteers from subordinate lodges as well as law enforcement and dental professionals.

    The CHIP programs allow parents the opportunity to create a kit of identifying materials for their child, free of charge. The kit contains a fingerprint card, a physical description, a video, computer disk, or DVD of the child, a dental imprint, and a DNA sample. The purpose of the kit is to provide critical information to the public and to law enforcement in the event that a child goes missing. The program has been lauded by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.[1]


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