EyeTheSpy – *Yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnnn* #Drama #NeonRevolt

I’m going to be up-front. While this is a bit entertaining, it’s also kind of just #drama. I’d skip it if you’re as tired of that kind of stuff as I am. I’m only writing this because I keep getting asked about it. So here we go, Round 2 with EyeTheSpy.

Boy, EyeTheSpy really doesn’t like me for “some reason.”

He keeps tweeting about me literally every day in the wake of my article from 4 days ago, warning people about him being fake, spewing lie after lie after lie – not only about me, but about Q as well.

And I’ll show you exactly what I mean in a minute, but take a look at some of these tweets:

So his primary proof that I’m a clown  – which, let’s be clear, means I’m CIA – is that I’m “monetizing Q intel” (his words) and that this is somehow indicative of me being a clown.

Despite me being around for about two years now, across other sites and platforms – principally Facebook.

True, I accept donations now. My site reaches literally millions of people, and server costs are increasing.

I also put a LOT of work into all this, and I think the worker is worth his wages.

But what did Q actually say about all this, and is EyeTheSpy accurately representing Q’s words?

They all claim to be insiders.

Hmm… who does this sound like?

As for me, you all know I’ve never claimed to be an insider.

The only thing I’ve ever claimed is that I’m an Anon who got really tired of being censored and deplatformed by the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and that I’m trying to organize and distribute information far and wide, as accurately as I can in the moment – giving the masses a sort of play-by-play, to the best of my ability.

They all claim to have insider contacts. 

Hmmm… Kind of like how EyeTheSpy talks about allllllll his work for intelligence agencies, boasting about how much intel he has access to?

They do not.

Of course he doesn’t. He’s a really obvious LARP who, frankly, was really easy to spot days ago, but who for some reason, has roped in a ton of gullible people.

Patriots do NOT reveal classified information.

Because that’s illegal.

Why do we communicate this way?
Think for yourself.

Because 8ch is a free and open channel – unlike Twitter – which literally has #TheCabal’s censorship algorithms built into it.

Funny how I’m banned from Twitter, and EyeTheSpy is able to operate freely on a Cabal-operated platform… Wonder why?🤔🤔🤔🤔


Sensationalism designed to catch people’s attention. An easy way to do this is to claim to be an individual with access above and beyond what’s available to the normal person.

Catnip for the gullible – especially during a time when Q has been silent.

Note – this is the opposite of what I do. I’m an Anon, on the boards, organizing info that everyone already has access to. I give credit to anons all the time. I basically serve as a navigator for the boards, for the masses. I do the work of filtering through everything, to get to the gems of real info that are already there, available to everyone.

This is my work – I go to the “mines” and “dig” for “gems” every single day. It’s hard work. It’s difficult work. But it’s work that many appreciate.

We are a threat to profiteering.
Information should flow freely w/o costs.

Which is why ALL my content here on the site is 100% free, and remains so for everyone – despite what EyeTheSpy says.

We established a series of ‘proofs’ for this specific reason.
Coincidence after Coincidence.
Growth due to confirmations.
Real source(s) communicating w/ the people.

Q is your source. Simply put, all others claiming inside knowledge are charlatans. No, the NSA is not going to allow one rogue guy to start dropping intel on a Cabal-operated platform.

Control the information (THEY).
Harness followers / profiteering (THEY).

It’s all about control. Mind control.

Define Media.
Primary goal of the Media?

Control and demoralize the masses. To divide with competing narratives, and conquer in the wake of division.

To Sell (each selling a dif narrative – set of targets).

They make you finance you own destruction.

Selling makes money.
Be careful who you follow.
Define ‘Patriot’.
They want you DIVIDED.
Attacks will only get worse.

I want you to pay attention to that last line: Selling makes money. This is the carnal sin EyeTheSpy is accusing me of.

But what exactly am I supposedly selling?

EyeTheSpy says “Premium Content.”

But what does my donation page say?

In other words – it’s completely voluntary – and no, you won’t be getting any special content.

All this info has been up for days now, and yet EyeTheSpy keeps lying about me, saying I’m offering Premium Content when I’m simply not.

And if you still don’t believe me on this – you can check for yourself by donating to my Gab for one month.

You’ll find exactly 0 posts there [okay, save for one, where I said “Thank You” to my new donors – but that’s not exactly premium intel, is it? That’s just basic manners.

Here’s the post, so you won’t have to pay:

Huuurrrrr how horrible of me.

But again, because I feel the need to make this exceedingly clear: donations are different from selling.

EVERYONE gets the same articles and posts – regardless of whether they donate or not.

Donations are literally just a way for people to say “Thank You” for my work.

Seriously guys, I just had to shell out $120 bucks to keep this operation running for three more months.

Remember how my site went down the other day, because of bandwidth issues? Yeah, I’m not going to lie: I don’t have a lot of spare cash. And you already know I’ve been blacklisted from my industry – an industry which I may expose in the very near future, as I’ve turned up some very interesting information of late – but yeah, donations literally keep this site running.

Yeah, I’m dealing with real costs here, and I only expect costs to grow as the site grows in popularity, and more people reach out, looking for sources of reliable information on Q.

So, in the end, EyeTheSpy is not only lying about me – which, whatever, I don’t care. I’m still going to keep moving forward and plowing my proverbial fields, regardless. No, the thing you should really be concerned about is this:

He’s lying about Q and twisting his words as well.

Q isn’t anti-money. Remember #NoNeck Corsi accusing Q of being a communist? EyeTheSpy is just taking the inverse approach. Instead of saying “Q is a communist” as an insult, EyeTheSpy is basically saying it as a compliment.

And it’s amazing to me how many people are falling for it.

Of course, the reason he keeps tweeting about me every day, sometimes multiple times a day is because he’s dodging the challenge I issued to him when I wrote my original article:

What was that challenge?

Again, EyeTheSpy claims to be Intelligence, with access to “(nearly) unlimited intel.” Again, those are his words.

So he should know who I am.

Those donations I’ve gratefully collected?

Yeah, he should have access to those financial records and see which bank account it’s going in to.

The simple fact is – if he’s really intel – he should know.

And he can tell me, legally. He wouldn’t be doxxing me. He’d be telling me what I already know.

But he can’t.

Because he’s not real intel.

It’s been almost 100 hours since I issued that challenge, and the only thing EyeTheSpy has had to say for days now is

Hurrrrrr premium content clown.”

Guys, at the end of the day, you don’t have to trust me. You don’t have to read what I write. You don’t have to donate. Of course, I think there are a lot of good reasons to do all three, but at the end of the day, you don’t have to.

But if you claim to be a part of this movement – you do have to listen to Q.

And what did Q warn you about?

They all claim to be insiders.
They all claim to have insider contacts.
They do not.

EyeTheSpy is a charlatan.

Or as we like to say on the Chans:

Hopefully, this will be the last article I write on this subject. Let’s get back to our regularly scheduled #QAnon broadcasts.

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And Thank You! This site can’t happen without your continued support! But rest assured, together, we are changing the course of history!

Oh hey! Hidden white text. Good find! Let’s see if EyeTheSpy does something tricky here and tries to photoshop a fake “premium content” post from me, now that he has a screenshot I posted of what my “premium posts” looks like. That will be hilarious is my white-text predicts this. Archiving this for an objective timestamp, too, so you’ll know I called it.

90 thoughts on “EyeTheSpy – *Yaaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnnnn* #Drama #NeonRevolt”

  1. After reviewing a little of EyeThe Spy’s tweets, this was my take which I posted yesterday on various social media: “Real or a LARP? You be the judge.” EyeTheSpy is a Deep State Operative continuing the attempt to take over the QAnon movement. EyeTheSpy is using Q&A the way QAnon used the drops so followers eagerly await the next Q&A. EyeTheSpy indicates support of QAnon so you will transfer your support of QAnon to EyeTheSpy. EyeTheSpy mimics QAnon but offers nothing new. EyeTheSpy refers to followers as fam to hook you. Are you hooked aka deceived? #QAnon said, “be careful who you follow”.

  2. I would like to address the subject of recieving money from your work.
    I am an ex soldier and sailor. I did 2yrs in the national guard, 8yrs active army, and 5yrs as a navy diver. I have quite a bit of experience with being a patriot. As a patriot, I received quite a healthy paycheck for my services. When deployed overseas, i received additional pay, when doing hazordous work, I received additional pay. And I also received additional pay for being a diver. You can add all of my additional pays together, and I guarantee you, that they still won’t equal, near the amount that a member of the secret service, especially Q level receives.
    I have no problem whatsoever with whatever amount of money your making from the work your doing here. I believe your doing your work according to the Q guidelines, of not being a larp.
    It doesn’t take the coldest beer in the fridge to realize, that it takes money to keep a server going, plus all the electricity it takes to run computers.
    People take for granite, the amount of energy you put into your research, for saps like myself who work all day, and don’t have the time, we can come home at the end of the day, turn on a trusted source, who raps all the info out there into a nice little package for us.
    From one patriot to another, thank you for all the work you do.
    Duh Drizzle

  3. It was hilarious the other day when he was all “watch me demonstrate my haxxor skillz and mess up this rip off twitter account that is copying me,” and then two minutes later said account had its name and bio changed. The only problem is that the account “ripping him off” (@eyethespy1) was created in April 2018 and his account (@eyethespy) was created in May 2018. Fake and gay.

  4. I’m a recent follower of yours and Q. I saw on Hannity tonight (Friday) info on 5eyes that I saw on a post from Q a short time ago. This is first time I have seen it in regular media reporting and was wondering if you had seen it yet. The timing for this is interesting. Things could be going to break loose to general public soon, at least I hope so. I’m ready to see the hammer do it’s work on evil. Thank you for helping newbie’s like me get the truth and understand Q’s posts as they are dropped.

  5. Why bother wasting your time responding to such dribble as “Eye”? Our window of opportunity is time-critical. Good work takes time. Lots of it. Spend yours more wisely.

    • I addressed it because I kept getting bombarded by questions, in other threads, and through PMs.

      So instead of repeatedly answering it over and over and over, I can point people to one post instead.

      Like I said elsewhere, hopefully this is the last time I have to address something like this.

      • Not sure how to PM you… but what is your opinion on the photo of the “Big Envelope” ? Which looks suspiciously like a pure white lamb skin Mason Pouch……


  6. I hate the #drama too which is why I bit my lip when I read Qs original post. I knew immediately it would do nothing but cause problems like this. I have to have faith Q is a strategic thinker and knew it too and had to do it to head off a bigger problem that he knew was coming… There’s a great line from The Pope of Greenwich village where Paulie says the cop jumped down the elevator shaft like he was a F’in gopher and that’s just what Corsi did – he chased that post like it had his name on it… Unfortunately it’s too easy to point at anyone even taking donations and claim Q warned us against people “making money.” However, all this guy is going to do is drive more traffic here and once people read your work they’ll know you’re the real deal. He too seems to be jumping in the hole like he’s a gopher…

  7. Yes I agree EyeTheSpy is a deep state larp. I listened to Michael Trimm read of the questions and answers, my gut told me bullshit. Why would he keep dogging on you? I know, its because you are good at what you do. That must say something about your work. Good for you and thank you.

  8. fake and gay interesting why are so many gays and others on the down low are involved in this darkness I believe genes have something to do with it maybe tRNA something viral transmitted sexually that’s why the younger the individual the better prospects for infection

    • GoingLong1000. It’s a Chan thing. Everyone is a fag on the boards whether they want to be or not.

  9. Until Q’s back, the e-celeb drama is as good as we can hope for (helpers and mini-breakthroughs aside). Give ’em hell, anon!

  10. You’re saying that spy has hoodwinked all these followers. Are they fooled, or just reading the posts? He’s avoiding your challenge. That’s a red flag. I’m waiting to see what trick he can pull to divide us. In 8 days? No chance.

  11. LOL, and I thought Corsi had gone full retard when he accused SerialBrain of being a clown. Man oh man, this EyeTheSoy character makes Coirsi look sane in comparison.

    Hey NR, take EyeTheSoy retarded, amateurish accusations as a badge of honor. You can tell the guy has never actually visited this website. If he had, he’d know there is no actual monetizing going on. Unless I’m in a Twilight Zone episode, I don’t remember ever paying to read your posts or even posting on this website.

    EyeTheSpy, EyeTheRetard. Enough with this high-school punk.

  12. Look we all want to participate in some way and asking for donations is a great energy exchange for all the work you do. People need to feel with their hearts to discern the truth here. I personally can can discern ego vs heart from a mile away. You do really great work. I have never used Gab but I will give it a try and send you some money to participate in all your effort. It is excellent!! Stay uplifted, the work you and all the anons do speaks for itself. Thank you!!

    • The Daily Beast is a David Brock operation. Enough said.

      You might as well read the Deep State Times.

  13. I just created a dummy Twitter account and trolled that pathetic LARP by posting this tweet to his latest “Q&A”:

    ˙sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ uǝʌǝ uɐɔ noʎ ƃuıɯnssɐ 666ʎdsǝɥʇǝʎǝ ʇunoɔɔɐ ʎɯ ƃuıʞɔɐɥ ʎq sllıʞs ɹoxxɐɥ ɹnoʎ sn ʍoɥs

    ˙dɹɐl ɥsıɹnǝʇɐɯɐ ɔıʇǝɥʇɐd noʎ ʞo

  14. Hi Neon,

    Love your blog and your work on Q material. I’m a vet and peon in usgov. I can say from my own work the leftists in government are scared of Trump and I love watching them squirm. I don’t have any inside info, but do have perspective on gov matters. Thanks for your hard work and hopefully justice prevails. If you want my perspective I’ll gladly DM or email you.

  15. NR, I think the work PREMIUM in the donation graphics/section does suggest payment gets access to deeper info,,,

    Great work, I love to read your posts.
    Mostly I get it, but sometimes you leave me just as baffled as reading a Q post. Sometimes you might do better not to assume too much knowledge on the part of the reader. Some need more because of IQ, some need more because of time restrictions on attention, soem need a bit more just to help with the the depth of the rabbit hole.
    I’m not in USA, but can assure you there are pockets of Q/Trump followers all over the world – I’m sure you can analyse traffic data – some of us/myself suffer all three above.
    Thank you so much for your work, this is the most amazing time in the history of the world in recent geological timescale, I just started correlating it with the amazing old testament predictions/Israel/end times – another huge rabbit hole – something out of this world is gonna happen soon…

    • Again, it doesn’t actually grant access to deeper info. It’s literally just a donation channel.

      You can either choose to just trust me on that – or you can donate and see for yourself that I’m telling the truth (and have been, this whole time).

      Donating will open up any past “premium” posts I made. You can scroll through my timeline for yourself and see that there is literally nothing there.

      Because, like I said, there are no hidden, premium posts.

      If you don’t want to take my word for it, pony up the $1.99 and check for yourself – or talk to someone who already donates. You’ll see I’m being truthful.

  16. Thank you for this further clarification even as no doubt we are all aware of how tedious it is for you dealing with stupid pile-on attacks, which IMO have differing motivations depending on who is doing the excoriating.

    On Phaser I saw a link to Bill Smith pleading not to believe EyeInTheSky, total fake, so I gave him a second chance and listened. Alas, I will never get that wasted 13 minutes of my life back, although it will spare me further time lost to a You Tube Wastrel. Damning NR With Faint Praise, and Look At Me! Look At Me! ego problems.

    Smith lost me due to after Eye like a hungry bass after a plug, and swallowed hook, lie, sinker and was totally reeled in. He sure didn’t win me back with his latest hysteria of Fight The Eye pleadings.

    Attacks will continue. IMO NR point has come where no need to bother to clarify nor dignify with response.


    (And Billy-Boy Smith if you are reading this, as I am sure you are, nice try but epic fail. Bet many others feel as I do…your views down.)

    • Yeah, I don’t plan on responding to these types in the future, but you never know.

      Hopefully I won’t have to, but you never know. It wastes time I could otherwise spend researching and compiling.

  17. “YOURRRRE OUTTA HERE!”. . I think that piece will put it to bed Neon. . . Hit out of the ball park Patriot.

  18. As Q points out, Facebook, Twitter, etc would shut this all down in a second. It seems it is they who are making untold millions selling our personal data, etc. Q may have been speaking about that kind of “monetizing” even more so than the likes of Corsi, etc. Keep up the great work! “The laborer is worth his wage.” Because we all know the laborer has bills to pay.

  19. Anyone with a name of eye the spy tells me he’s not a spy. LOL
    My antenna went up from the beginning with this person. He has a hot button and wants to divide so I never gave this person any credence..Q has been vetted in my search for truth and has passed the test for me of what kind of entity Q is. Q is selfless.
    EtS is a hot button and has only proved to me that he likes to divide and wants to conquer. We have had enough of those kinds of people in our lives.
    I appreciate Neon your site and the work you put in it. If I give a donation its because I can do so within my budget and want to. We are all up against Soros and his money that pays for bad actors. Donations to good guys when possible is worth waking up those that are still asleep. It is vital to have help in putting light where there has been so much darkness. I cant do what you do Neon, as so many others are doing, but if I can give a buck here and there to keep the light on were neccesary then it is what patriots have to do to fight the fight. There is a difference between those getting rich off profits and fame than just keeping the electric bills and a little pay for sleepless nights. Corsi and Jones got greedy and could be clowns for all we know. Their need for for fame and fortune failed their believability in my mind. Patriots and honest people do for others selflessly. They do it for the cause to make a better, loving life for others, not to inrich or bring fame for themselves.

  20. This site will only get bigger. Server space has a price. People are searching for real news real information even if it’s on the fringe. MSM is mostly deep state run propoganda. They could own all of this but chose otherwise. Neon makes some theories maybe right maybe wrong but always tries to back them up with facts and Neon clearly advises when it is a theory. The point of Q is think for yourself. Always has been.

  21. Being an old time cynic\realist I rarely donate, very rarely.

    Given that I find your content to be intellectually stimulating and that I tend to agree with most of your analysis.

    Given that I rather like your very dry and subtle sense of humour, especially when it comes to the patently absurd.

    Given that it’s actually donations, willingly gifted.

    Given just that for starters, I’ll probably throw a couple of quid your way.

    The only other place I donate to is my home blog, you would be very welcome there and would fit in instantly.

    Plus it’s a very quick insight into what real Awkward Squad Brits are thinking, and have no hesitation in saying…very near total free speech zone.

    I’m going to cross post this article if that’s OK with you 🙂

  22. I started supporting you because you have helped me a lot. I also support Gab because of you. Thank you for all your work.

  23. There are shills for eye the spy now, I’ve seen them in fb groups and YouTube encouraging normies to go check out the Twitter.
    needs to be shiputdown

  24. LOL – I am wearing my NR t-shirt this very moment. I wore it yesterday to several kids related events (swim lessons, baseball practice, etc.) as well, just waiting for the Lima’s to ask “What is ‘Q’?”. I train my kids to recognize the signs and symbols of the Lucy’s in media, TV and everyday life. It is kinda like a game with them. The eye of whore-us is a easy one to spot. His twatter-handle + pic is an easy tell what side he is on in the fight.

  25. You provide a service to those of us who desperately want factual information on whatever the heck is going on in our world. The Chan’s are a fascinating place filled with dedicated and resourceful individuals who, in my opinion, are the driving force behind the “truths” revealed to us. Your role, Neonrevolt, is imperative in this movement. As the middleman, you decide when to run with relevant info. and for lack of a better phrase, “dumb it down” into comprehensive, easy to read steps complete with sources and links for our own research. You don’t tell us how to perceive something, rather, you encourage us to research the information and come to our own conclusion. Teaching at it’s finest. Your information reaches a large audience, mistakes aren’t really an option. That means a HUGE time commitment on your part to maintain the integrity of your work and the authenticity of your sources. As in any job, time/services =$$$$$. It’s the country we live in. Thank GOD. There is nothing wrong with asking for donations and doing so proudly because your time/service is well-worth it. I gladly tip the guy who carries my luggage from the car to the hotel. He is providing a service I appreciate. The service you provide Neon is far more valuable to me and our country. You SHOULD be compensated for this. You have revealed more to me (and I presume others) about the dark world we live in and the discusting people essentially running (and ruining) this world. We think we are free but really , we are enslaved to these immoral, filthy , broken people. However, because of people like you neon, and your big red waving flags you draw our attention to these things . And then the MAGIC happens. Through your words we become educated on these things and slowly we start to reclaim our power. And collectively, with time, that power is a game changer! Priceless. Sooo much gratitude for the beautiful work you provide to us that undoubtedly resonates from a beautiful self.

  26. The Deep state strategy is to accuse others of what you, yourself r doing. Eyethespy is a troll. The shit is hitting the fan ‘re 5 eyes/pedophilia/spying/lying. They have nowhere to run-so they deflect. Don’t worry-u don’t hide/withold any content behind a paywall. Corsi does. U say IF u would like 2 don8..gab here. That’s the diff..we see & appreci8 all u do.
    Gr8 wrk.

  27. Mr. Eye answers way too many questions, outside the more narrow intel scope that he, as “just someone who looks at data all day” would have access to. The key term is “ACCESS,” which is a limited quantity to someone of his admitted functionary level. If you read between the lines, he even alludes that many of (if not all) his answers to the Q&A are opinions. People asking about the Holy Bible’s authenticity, space, ancient history, etc., and him actually offering answers, as if he were some oracle (or Magic 8-Ball), is all the proof you need that he merely having play-dates with people.

    However, this is just my own opinion; I’m just the blacksmith.

    • EyeTheLARP doesn’t look at data all day long, he looks at 8chan posts.

      8chan is going down for a few hours for echeduled maintenance today. How much do you want to bet there will be no “Q&A” from the Twitter LARP during the same period?

  28. I pegged the guy right off because of that lame “Eye the Spy” title. Really? Watched too many spy dramas in the `60s I guess. His ringtone is probably the “Theme from Peter Gunn” or “Private Eyes by Hall and Oates.”

    He’s lashing out hard at NR because NR has him pegged – a LARP boy with self-esteem issues just trying to make himself feel important. That’s my opinion. If he answers NR’s challenge, I’ll issue a full apology.

    Keep up the great work NR!

  29. @Neon: There is no need for you to explain yourself because your work speaks for itself!
    I have been reading your posts/research for quite some time ergo I purchased one of your shirts which by the way are quite nice.

    Don’t waste your time on this nob because he’s not worth it. I spotted his tweet and knew right away he is fake and gay.

    Keep doing what you’re doing because I appreciate it all and I’m sure others agree. Let this lad stew in his own fake creation.

  30. We are in the midst of the 2nd American Revolution and I equate all the anons with the “minutemen” of 1775. The anons are ready at a minutes notice to start digging when Q drops info. Agree with all previous posters about how much time and energy go into the digging. Some of us don’t have the knowledge or time to do that on our own, so we rely on those of you who can. There is a group of us at work who talk about the info NR writes about and we can’t wait for your drops. Keep up the good work Patriot. I have donated to you freely. You provide a valuable service.

  31. My observations:
    1. ETS said he was just “one of us,” or something similar — just someone who researches a lot. That doesn’t jibe with his comment of having access to lots of intel. So which is it?
    2. If ETS were someone with insider knowledge, he could easily answer NeonRevolt’s challenge.
    3. ETS is untruthful about NeonRevolt having premium content. An initial mistake is understandable, but, having been shown the facts, a truthful person would correct their mistake. ETS has not done so.
    4. I found NeonRevolt a few days ago, and what I see is reporting on information that anons on QResearch have gathered and the work they have done. (That in itself is a lot of work.) My impression is that NeonRevolt extracts and reports on things of importance, and I’m hoping that this will take the place of slogging through all the nonsensical and inappropriate-for-polite-society anon posts on QResearch to find a few worthwhile nuggets. MUCH appreciated!
    5. The content I’ve seen here is useful reporting, not self-promotion.

  32. On the topic: Neon Revolt, Brother – do not be fooled. Your articles ARE PREMIUM CONTENT. The best of the best I have ever seen. I follow Q from day one. I Found Q by accident via an article from D. Wilckock. Found you by accident. Went back and looked at your articles from the past. You Are the best researcher by far! Love your work! God speed PATRIOT!

  33. We all know who the “clown” is here. Too bad some of the less informed dopes out there will fall for “whine the spy”. Reminds me of the beginning of the GNR song “civil war”, “Some folks you just can’t reach.”

  34. I appreciate all the work you do in gathering and synthesizing the information for us. This must be very time consuming. Thanks again. Neon Revolt is brilliant!

  35. I hope you obfuscated your payment transactions above, otherwise opsec fail.

    More bad, corrupt people have access to payment transaction records than secret intelligence. Witness Wikileaks being starved of payment methods.

  36. Fuck that glowin the dark faggot
    real patriots stick together and lift up one another

    Keep doing you NeonRevolt, I read your stuff the moment it comes up, scan everyday for new articles.

    You are in my opinion the best author for synthesizing Q content.

  37. I, for one, have no problem with you asking for donations, Neon. You take all the loose information from the Q boards, add your commentary and insight, then package it all in an easily digestible form. I rely on your blog very heavily. In fact, I visit your blog almost daily. Can’t donate right now (long, sad story involving a job layoff) but I can extend a hearty THANK YOU. 🙂

  38. Many people are facing spiritual struggles as they attempt to advance in the things of God. One of the primary tricks of the enemy is to get a person deceived and not realizing the depth of what is taking place in their lives.

    Oftentimes people assume that the struggle they are facing is just a natural battle yet just beneath the surface there is something far more complex taking place. They are under a spiritual attack!

    What is a spiritual attack? A spiritual attack is a series of events coordinated by the demonic realm in order to abort promises, shipwreck faith, oppress a believer and stall out destiny.

    Paul reminds us: “lest Satan should take advantage of us. For we are not ignorant of his devices” (2 Cor. 2:11)

    The Bible tells us that the devil has various plots and schemes he uses against human beings. Many people wrongly assume that Satan is stupid, yet he has been studying the thoughts, actions and behavior of humanity since the beginning of time. He knows how to tempt people.

    His minions are masters at pushing the right buttons at the right time! We must not be ignorant to the strategies of the enemy. We can not live our lives with our spiritual eyes shut. We must walk in the spirit and be aware of what is taking place around us.
    3 Keys to Freedom

    Once you recognize the attack begin to rise up in the faith and authority that Jesus has given you. Rebuke the attack and break it’s power over your life. Remember Jesus gave us power and authority over all the demons and to heal diseases (Luke 9:1). Here are three keys to your freedom:

    Break it with faith: “And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him” (Heb. 11:6).
    Break it with prayer: “With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, be on the alert with all perseverance and petition for all the saints, and pray on my behalf, that utterance may be given to me in the opening of my mouth, to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel” (Eph. 6:18-19).
    Break it with resistance: “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7).

    The enemy loves to remain hidden. He deceives and tries to fly under the radar but the Lord is shining His powerful light upon the attacks! Spiritual eyes are being opened and freedom is coming forth. Exercise your authority and break the attack today!

  39. My first post here. Hello everyone! This dick, whoever the eye spy fag is, can kindly fuck off. My twitter timeline gets this shits tweets. I can’t shut it off. I’m not subscribed. They just come. Never happened before this fucktard showed up. I’ve grown to love twitter. I hate to fucking admit it! . @jack can dick my suck tho, obviously. I have 100 followers and I’m being shadowbanned! Can you believe that shit? NR u r the man! Love your stuff. No problem with donations. Everybody got to eat brother. Peace to all my Q army homies. We are winning. 2018 is going to be glorious!

  40. PS. I tried to figure out the crypto stuff today and couldn’t figure it out so I did the Gab 1.99 thing for now. I don’t feel it’s NEARLY enough to show my appreciation for what you do, but until we have a way of hitting the tip jar with larger bills it’ll have to do for now. Thank you, NR for all you do!

    • Hey, thank you for your generosity. We actually figured out a way to do larger, one-time donations on Gab, if you want to make use of that. I updated the instructions on neonrevolt.com/Donations. Should be pretty easy to follow, but let me know if you have any trouble – and thank you in advance!

  41. Whenever someone purports to doubt Q, I remember when and how I was convinced. Each person has a unique experience. The posts read like military intel directives to the public and reverse info engineers. And then the scroll back to the beginning. My goodness, he is talking about the Rothschilds, and that is 3d rail stuff. Say it and become toast has always been the rule. After all, they were the boss. It was common, before 11.08.16, to envision the real possibility of FEMA camp re-education and or blade drop. Q offered hope that what we all implicily knew to be true would be exposed, so we could get on with the business of reality with some clarity, for once.

    The proofs were fun to watch in real time, even though some were distractions.

    All part of the game, and more accurately, war. The message/orders could have been written by General Kelly. Under presidential authority. POTUS announces the Calm Before the Storm in that great vid. Hilarious. Showing off his soon victorious generals to the enemy reporters, who feign ignorance. “What do you mean?” Yes, they do sound like disinfo agents.

    “Reporters” as fake stream media all becoming so obvious. And POTUS stole it right out from under the noses of the 4am comand, just as msm was starting to roll it out after the election, to label pro-America sites “fake news” and ban them from the internet. Typical tactic of the weak minded infected with dogma.

    44 is now being tied to domestic surveillance and action through use of military intel. Dangerous. Military has rately posed threat to Presidency. The other way around? Just happened.

    (So let’s accept that everything is surveilled by MI. Until we are chipped, nature remains a pkace of solitude. So the price of freedom is a walk in the woods. Not a bad trade.

    And as for surveillance itself, many ancient scriptures explain nothing is hidden from the Almighty. Common experience teaches the same. Call it a law of nature, kharma, or an edict from on high, “What we do echoes through eternity.”)

    What does that mean? In the end, it boils down to the diffetence between the two great forces everywhete visible: life and death, growth and decay, building v. demolition, creativity v. criticism, positive versus negative and on and on.

    Some people are good at demo work, like Mitt Romney the merger manager or Barack “Lowered Expectations” Obama, and even Donald Trump the treaty man and twitter swordsman. Others are good builders … of buildings, coalitions and sustainable reality.

    All of us utilize both forces, both on ourselves and those we perceive as enemies. Perhaps this is why Jesus is reputed to have said, Love Thine Enemy as You Would Love Yourself.

    The best way to love oneself is to be aware of one’s own situation with clarity and peace. From that situation, growth can begin, if aided by discipline and perseverance. Loving thine enemy means evaluating their place in the creative/destructive cycle similarly, and whether they pose a danger to peace and liberty.

    Many have chosen to exercise their creative powers to benefit enemies of our Republic. Many do so openly.
    The snowball has begun rolling It is unstoppable. Soon it will grow to a D-5 avalanche. And during the process we can all enjoy our destructive urges as the traitors are buried by their acts. Let us be unified on the targeted enemies, not each other. The enemies of the Constitution, our Republic, and We the People have been around from before we began, and they act like they will be here long after. But they are simply a minority projecting power. They love to project, don’t they? Well, we have a projector too, a crime reel beyond belief. Enjoy the show.

  42. Thank you!
    A lesson learned from all this is how discernment is always being challenged and we must remain vigilant and continuously on guard. My BS-o-meter went into the red when I first saw EyeTheSpy. Your due diligence and due care about this matter is commendable. Thank you again.

  43. I’ve seen people shot, stabbed, and burned to death in front of me, but none of these events have affected me as much as reading about these global, satanic, child-killing sick motherf#ckers. Finding Q and your site has awakened me and willed me to do my part – however small – to help bring justice to these bastards.

    My 9-to-5 work seems trivial now.

    The other news sites I used to read are now equivalents of kiddy-rides at the amusement park compared to the real news being revealed here and the Q archive. I follow Q and you and very little else these days.

    Keep up the damn-good work.

  44. I follow your site because the articles are well written, and to the point, which saves me doing a whole lot of other reading, which I simply don’t have time for. So for part I just want to say thanks for all the time and effort you put into this – and if you have a donation page then fair enough. Keep on keeping on 🙂

  45. HEY dude,
    Just wanted to touch base with you. I still do podcasts of your work. I say in my videos “all foot traffic needs to go to NEONREVOLT.com”
    Your work is amazing. And holds weight. I can tell you put a lot of work and time into it. It shows! This douche eyethespy. Is a dunce. Anyone using Intuition can tell. Also this whole Tucson pedo camp is unreal!!! I hope this shines light onto a big playerwho has ties in the entanglement of corporate corrupted slugs who feed on innocent children! Stay strong dude! Thanks again!

    • Believe it or not, I watch whenever you have a new video out covering my channel! Much love, man. I should feature your next post on the gab.

      Thanks for your help in fighting this battle and exposing this evil to the LIGHT!

  46. Hey Neon, big fan. I do not believe you are a Clown PsyOp as ETS says, but I also don’t believe he is a PsyOp either.

    In fact this might just be friendly crossfire. Just my .02

    The reason I think that is because he has been pro-Q, hasn’t said anything to hurt the movement and isn’t asking for money. There was 1 instance where he called the Right to Try EO 2 days before it the news.

    He’s possibly an NSA employee.

    If I were you, I would retract my “fake and gay” statements and offer a truce between you two.

    If he accepts the truce, you’ll definitely have a lot more engagement coming here.

    Let’s not fight our own brothers.

    Thank you, and keep up the great work bro!

  47. You do such amazing work and you are helping to put all the pieces together. Your work here will be imperative in waking people up. I am following EyeTheSpy only because I want to watch and see what he is up to. If he starts leading people astray I will speak up and I believe others will too. Patriots only listen to Q and Q warned us about this. I see him as a shiny object meant to distract us. I was alarmed the moment I saw the one eye profile picture. I know that the Illuminati do this to reveal themselves to other members. You would think an insider would know this and use a magnifying glass or something else. Q said that symbolism is their downfall!

  48. Correct, he wouldn’t be bringing in his personal phone. If he were actually working at NSA and doing this, he wouldn’t be advertising he worked at NSA and was doing this.


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