“Wind the Clock.” #QClocks Explained! #QAnon #GreatAwakening

(Okay, I realize yesterday’s #QCipher post was a bit tough to follow at times, but don’t be intimidated by the title here. This one is easier, I swear!)

Ohhhhhh, how I was hoping this would develop into something I could report on!

It occurs to me that… I haven’t actually never gone over #QClocks in great detail with my Legionaries, so I’d like to amend that now. I know I’ve previously mentioned the #Qclock before, but I never really went into how it worked, or why it is the way it is. So I want to get in to that today, and really lay out all the details for you in a way that anyone can follow.

And while this will be easier to understand than my Qcipher post, you’ll still need to strap on your thinking cap.

Ready? Good!

I want to start with the phrase “Wind the Clock.”

“Wind the Clock,” as I’m sure most of you know, comes from Q himself. He first mentioned the phrase on January 6th, 2018:

He then reiterates the next day, “Wind the clock.”

And also adds that:


So… what does it mean exactly to “Wind the Clock?”

Well, a LOT of theories have come and gone over the few months since, but the one that really stuck around is based off this chart, which I first posted here in an article a few days ago – and don’t worry if it doesn’t quite make sense yet, because I’ll explain everything:

But before going further, I have to confess – I mislead you a bit before.

But it was for a good reason!

While the first mention of “Wind the Clock” happens January 6th, Q ACTUALLY mentioned the “clock” for the first time aaaaaaallllllllllllllllllll the way back on December 18th, 2017, when most of us were still wrapping gifts.

So from here, we have our starting date.

At the most basic, a clock is a tool that marks the passage of time. And what anons eventually landed on is that each day can be represented on the 60 degrees of a clock. Each day, then, is essentially equal to one “second” on the clock face.

So if our first day is 12/7, that starts the clock at 0:00,
12/8 would then be the first second.
12/9 is the second second.
And so on, until you reach 59 “seconds” and start over.

And if you were to lay enough dates out in a circle, eventually, you would get something that looks like….


Impressive, right? Thank the Anons! A LOT of awesome work has gone into this.

Every date has a second. All the light blue circles indicate a day Q dropped posts. And frankly, it’s a beautiful piece of work.

And what you see starts to happen, when you arrange it all like this, is that patterns start to emerge. News begins to line up with past drops.

When Q says “Future proves past” he means that literally, because Markers and drops literally line up with events that are already planned in the future.

So, for instance, let’s look at the HAMMER marker.

Drops referencing “hammer” were on Jan 21 and Apr 6,

With that in mind, I would then look for Jeff Sessions-related news, on June 5 and July 20. (And this is kind of exciting to me, because these dates are rapidly approaching. We’ll be able to test this soon). So mark your calendars; I would not be surprised if news came out related to that on either of those days.

But remember – Q says wind the clock with ALL markers.

So, think back. We can track MOAB, HUMA, BIDEN, CHINA, [1] – and literally everything because that’s what Q said to do.

And that’s exactly what Anon’s are starting to do, starting with the day everyone wants to know about: 55!

Source: https://kek.gg/i/86WY2F.jpeg
This Anon went straight to [55] on the clock, and saw it lined up with 05/31 (aka, TODAY, as of this writing), 04/01, and 01/31.

He then went back and noticed some things lining up – notably the day AFTER being “Freedom Day” or [D]ay [o]f [D]ays – which would be 06/01 now, if we follow along.

And I’m going to correct a mistake anon made here, because Q’s post doesn’t actually have 55 exclamation marks.

It has 56.

Which would then line up with anon saying “tomorrow” is Freedom day, and Q responding with Day of Days.

So…. look out on 6/1 errybody.

As a side-note – and I said this to a few people privately – but I had a pet theory that we were experiencing another “10 days of darkness” given Q’s extended silence. I was saying to people, “I think Q will be back on 06/01. I think I might have even mentioned it in the MeWe group chat, but I’m not 100% sure. If this 55/56 theory is correct – then yes, we just had another 10 days of darkness.

And it lines up almost directly opposite the original 10 days of darkness, which occurred from 12/26 to 01/03!

I’m not sure I understand the mechanism for determining when these 10 days of darkness are scheduled to fall just yet, but if Q stays silent until 06/01, I think it’s just that much more evidence pointing to this clock being correct.

But Q always said Future proves Past.

Which implies, they already know when certain things are going to not only happen, but when they are going to be reported in the media.

And one Anon uncovered this, today:

Whoaaaaahh, isn’t that wild?

Kudos to eagle-eyed anon here for finding and correlating these stories.

Want to see how deep this can go?

Try this confirmation on for size, dealing with [53]:

Do you understand the implications of that!?

QTEAM is behind the recent trafficking stories spreading across the media! THEY initiated it! Not the Mockingbird media!


But it gets wilder than that:

What about “Pen Proofs?”

Ain’t that something?

One last one, from the same anon who was looking into Freedom Day on 06/01.

What comes after 06/01?

Source: https://kek.gg/i/6nsTw9.jpeg

How about the IG Report on 06/02?:


Now cross-reference with Bailey Olsen’s reporting:

And Trump’s own positioning of himself:


Guys! Really – if you’re not understanding this yet, take some time to re-read it. This is one of the biggest developments in Qresearch history. Time will, of course, tell if we’re right, but right now, it’s looking like more and more a MAJOR piece of the puzzle just fell into place.

Get ready. Because if this theory is accurate, things are about to go OFF!

#NoCoincidences #QAnon #QConfirmations #Anons #GreatAwakening #QClock

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83 thoughts on ““Wind the Clock.” #QClocks Explained! #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. boi, dis notification thing gr8

    Also, I been lurkin for a few month, never posting nothing, just wanna say you doing a good job.

    Keep at it.

  2. Btw, can I just donate to you without having to subscribe to gab?

    U got a paypal where I can send you more than 1 buck?

    • I use Ethereum for that right now. There’s not really a suitable solution for anything else right now (but I’m hoping Gab moves into that space, and I have spoken to Gab’s founder about that).

      Check out neonrevolt.com/donations if you want to see how to do that. It’s a little more technical, but not too difficult.

  3. Love your stuff, glad you added the notifications because I check EVERYDAY. I’m in Iraq and guess what countries are here? The 5 Eyes! Interesting… Interesting…

  4. This article was great! Finally made sense! Thank you so much. Hopefully today will be the Day of Days!

  5. That explains the 5:5 – was really :55 so everyone looking for 5/25 or other areas was thrown off and NOW it’s too late, too far into the game, the chess pieces are in position, the moves are now limited & at this point all but inevitable. White’s next move = D5. Avalanche.Checkmate.Calm is Over.Let Justice Reign.

  6. I have been following Q since I think it was end of October but without the Anons I wouldn’t have been able to keep up. We are so blessed to be living in this time to see FREEDOM. Sometimes I can’t believe this is actually happening or that for most of my life I was asleep at the wheel. Thank you so much for making things fall into place so easily. You guys are awesome to take so much time out of your lives to do this for all of us. It can’t have been easy..

  7. WOW. Thank you for clearing this up been a big thing couldnt get my head around.
    A MAJOR piece of the puzzle indeed. The pen alignment is the clearest case. MAGA!

  8. April showers brought May flowers. June brings . . . ? And in July, we celebrate freedom! An anon said that maybe Q took some time off to write the book on Q. Available everywhere but on Amazon!

  9. Neon – this Dulcefoe video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QDXFae2jSU

    was made on 3/10/18 – look at the 3:53 mark. it show the picture in Q drops in London of Strzok, Paige, Brennan ?, hrc & Obama ? – but Q drop was not UNTIL May 17, 2018 – how could Dulcefoe get this picture before ?- Unless ….

    I’ve been watching the old vids from the beginning and just saw this 3 second shot of the picture. Do you think what I think this implies ??

  10. Great reasoning! Never saw the correlation of time and the clock, almost like a hexadecimal circle, see The Martian. I really appreciate your columns and the work you put into this. Any way we can use this to figure past proves future with 11/11 date that is mentioned from time to time. Keep on fighting the good fight!

  11. Looks as the clock is saying traitor#44 pics will be out 6/5, also I heard that the hearing on the IG report will be LIVE on June 5th. Q’s past posts that correlate with 6/5/2018 also state internet will be paused. Marines in action after Day of Days and internet going down on the fifth to try to stop the spreading of news. The take down may happen during the hearing, when all outlets will then pause the internet.
    Full house.
    They are all here Q.”

  12. This theory give calm before the storm. I can see the pattern clearly. Great work and Thank you kindly.

  13. very impressive
    like we are looking at time and events manipulation
    all about game theory who was the game theorist
    and where did he teach his theories
    this is why they released this beginning in october
    they are very confident

  14. “Will be gining a Full Pardon to Dinesh
    D’Souza today. He was treated very unfairly
    by our government!”
    — Donald J. Trump 5-31-18
    Could it be a “wind the clock” confirmation?

  15. Yet another great post! I can’t wait to see how things unfold. Hopefully Q comes back tomorrow. This will make the #Qclock legit!!! I’ve been hearing rumors that he is a LARP or a group of con-artists trying to make money…….. I truly hope that isn’t the case. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!

  16. Neon, I’m relatively new to this board and I’m way behind. Any suggestions as to how I could come up to speed? Like today, the last bit of info didn’t make sense to me. I do understand the implications of the IG report but that’s as far as my understanding goes.

    • I’m going to attempt to write a beginners guide to Q, soon. But we’ll see when that comes out. Stay tuned.

  17. Could embedded Sexagesimal encryption in part serve to defeat AI, sniffers, etc. as well as enhancing future-proves-past?

    Also and O/T, this brings to mind book “Civilization One” and related books. Thom and megalithic yard / origin of English system of measure, hidden geometric civic planning of D.C., Slavic version of Josephus (Yoda?), etc.

  18. O/T-tangent, this sexagesimal encryption reminds of “Civilization One” and related books. Prof Thom and megalithic yard as basis to English system of measure, basis to hidden geometry in civic planning of DC, sidereal v. solar days, Slavic version of Josephus (Yeshua v. Yoda and therefor Djedi v Jedi?).

    Thx N.R. for all the fascinating articles. Much appreciated, recently discovered.

  19. Great work! I think this is a definitely a key to unlocking some puzzling things. It seems like Q is using this quiet time to allow us to figure out some of these things–(although I can’t help but wonder if the hints may actually be from the Q team themselves. That clock is brilliant!) When the drops are coming fast, everyone is on “research mode” and we don’t have time to reflect and consider the deeper structures he often alludes to,

    When I read your explainations, it is like the fog clears and I can see again.
    So much fun! Thanks, Neon!

  20. Maybe Q team didnt initiate the cage pictures, but maybe they knew it would happen? Ive heard a lot talk of talk about the alliance using a super quantum computer to defeat the cabal and usher in the golden age. It is my belief that Q team is using this quantum super computer, and that is why they know everything that’s going to occur.

      • The super computer is much like the device in this movie, where it can see all the timelines and possibilities and make decisions accordingly. Q did say that all (((their))) moves are anticipated.

  21. Donald J. Trump

    Verified account

    Following Following @realDonaldTrump
    The soon to be released book, “The Russia Hoax, The Illicit Scheme To Clear Hillary Clinton And Frame Donald Trump,” written by Gregg Jarrett, looks like a real deal big hit. The Phony Witch Hunt will be opened up for the world to see! Out in 5 weeks.
    10:06 PM – 30 May 2018

    This would be the 4th of July, Independence Day! Also, 1 minute to midnight according to the Q clock!

  22. Great work Neon and other Anons. If you are correct and the clock IS the map, it would confirm everything and all of this is coming to an end.
    When does a clock stop?
    A clock stops when time is up. It would be awesome if the OIG Report came out tomorrow just minutes after Q drops his newest crumb. With the release of the OIG Report, the dominos begin to fall, rapidly… or like an avalanche (D5). These are amazing times we live in. Keep on digging brother, we need Austists like you.

    Tick Tock..
    Trust The Plan
    Now Comes The Pain

  23. Nice work, bro! I’ve been lurking around here for a couple months, trying to understand all of this. Your analyses have been pivotal. I thank you.

    Question: Why was the Pen #1 image rotated 90 degrees clockwise? Also, why was the Pen #5 image rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise? I don’t understand. Wouldn’t the pens point to a different date if the image was oriented to 0 degrees? Please elaborate.

  24. Did you notice :25…….. Only place with no drops. What does it look like? A Q! Alignment confirmation.

  25. On this day, May 31 1859, the currently most famous clock Big Ben goes into operation in London. The timing of your post is impeccable.

  26. You sly devil! You just spoke to me on Gab….I hadn’t read your latest (this) article til AFTER I replied you!!
    I’ll try to apply it to 6/11/18 !

    See if my 6th grade education was worth it!

    Njrfbzr nd hfhny!

  27. Thoroughly enjoying your work Neon. I’m not capable of following everything as deep as you guys do. But I love reading it thinking about it. I’m grateful I’m on the same team.
    I’ve been sharing links to your articles all over the internet. Looking forward to Future post. Thanks again

  28. Neon,
    Love the work and dedication, been lurking myself for awhile but I feel you MIGHT have messed up on your days. There were no posts on Feb 2, but there is a reference to the IG report on Feb 1. That all being said I think your a day late, so i believe the BIG news is coming out June 1.

    Many thanks and much love from Texas.

    • Thought this might come up.

      The infographic isn’t mine, and for whatever reason, the anon who took the screenshots pulled localized dates down in his screenshots. Those posts aren’t from 2/1, but actually from 1/31.

      Took me a second to figure it out, too. Would appreciate if that anon would adjust his infographics – but that’s why the text in that graphic references 1/31.

      The Clock itself is timed for Washington, DC – aka – EST. IDK what time zone anon is in, that it would produce those screenshots – but it does cause confusion.

  29. OMG…!! this is just a lovely piece of work! You guys are brilliant!! Love this!! Would love to hear your thoughts on sky event. It’s driving me crazy!

    • The Mandalay Bay Sands meeting between Trump and KJU in Singapore.

      They advertised it for months, purposely.

      In order to draw the Cabal out.

      They got them plotting an assassination attempt on the compromised ZTE phones and iPhones.

      I believe that’s what the HRCVideo is. Which, of course, means treason.

  30. NR… Where did you get the clock picture?
    I need a hi-res… so I can print it giant on my plotter!

  31. Neon, I discovered you through a comment on The Conservative Treehouse blog, and I am thoroughly redpilled at this point.

    Your post of Trump’s tweet quoting Gowdy raised a question for me; Gowdy’s recent interviews defending the FBI for “investigating” Trump. CTH believes Gowdy is now defending the Deep State. Is Gowdy on our side or not? I have questioned his motives for awhile now.

  32. I am also in the dark as far as the positioning of the pens…Could be turned to point at any time???? Please clarify

  33. This material is hands down the most fascinating and stirring reading on the internet today. Thank Q for this blog! Im starting to believe NR is a part of the Q team. I believe the Q team numbers in the thousands, posing as different writers and researchers and figures and Anons on social media. They’ve quietly taken over modern media while the lefties struggle with their limitations in me wing and communicating with Americans. I’m beginning to believe Trump has hired people such as James Woods to write drops on the Q team. Maybe Neon IS James Woods! You don’t have to say, NR, but Q did mention awhile back that we wouldn’t believe who we’re talking to.

    I don’t think Q is idle right now. Just the team is spreading the information in various ways to accelerate public awareness. The stage is clearly set so the Q team is very busy warming up the audience for the show that’s soon to begin. Some light summer stock this is not. Thank you again, NR and the Q team.

    • I hate to break the mystique, but I’m not part of Q team.

      Just someone who pays close attention and writes well – who wants to see his country preserved and evil purged.

      The fact is – pretty much anyone can attempt what I’m doing. It’s not about a cult of personality or being the smartest of the best. We all have our spheres of influence – and we all need to start getting very loud. They’ve berated us into silence and compliance for far too long. Time to get up in their faces and corner them like the dogs they are, before moving on to the execution of justice, world-wide.


  34. So looking at a couple of future dates, 6-5, next Tuesday. consulting the Q Clock:
    12-7 Theme Rothschilds, and the CaBal Elites, Bin Talal, Royal Family, Pols in their pockets. Hussein, Clintons Merkel, McCain. Basic structure/goals of globalist

    2-5 Theme Rothschilds, estate sale in Austria, what occurred there, market manipulation more on globalist structure Soros brought in Human trafficking
    Traitors cells @ SOTU
    4-5 Theme Hussein Traitor puppet, Backpage shut down, Ray Chandler, Human trafficing
    6-5 Theme ??? Allison Mack NXIVM info released??

    Looking @6-11 back through clock I am expecting IG report or Huber Indictments on U1, FISA abuse and so on.

    Just my best guess.

  35. Just saw on Twitter:

    Verified account

    Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on IG report, originally scheduled for June 5, has been moved to June 11. That means no IG report this week.
    3:04 PM – 31 May 2018


  36. Okay this is blowing my mind. Time to re-read 4-10-20’s tweets and see if the time between Q post and POTUS responding yields anything on the clock. Also one other thing to point out is that the white rabbit in wonderland always has a clock. That clock is always pointing at the 5 and the 12. 12 + 5 = 17. Probably has nothing to do with anything but just thought it was a fun thing to share. Thanks again NEQN, you’re doing amazing! Install your donate button already guy!

  37. I may be wrong but isn’t 11/11/18 the day POTUS declared would be the United States of America Military/Armed Forces parade….which would also be the perfect opportunity for the PERP WALKS?


  38. I lost you on this part and then picked back up:

    “Drops referencing “hammer” were on Jan 21 and Apr 6,

    With that in mind, I would then look for Jeff Sessions-related news, on June 5 and July 20. ”

    I am assuming there is some correlation you are making between Jan 21 and June 5; as well as April 6 and July 20?

    • Yes. That’s the point of the whole article.

      I don’t know how else to explain it to you other than to say study the dates that line up on the clock.

      • I’m just curious how you ended up with the dates June 5 and July 20? They don’t line up on the clock with Jan 21 and/or Apr 6 so I am trying to understand the train of thought that gave you those dates.

  39. This is very, very interesting. If this theory is correct and the IG report is indeed released tomorrow, this can only mean one thing: Q team took over the MockingBird operation of the Deep State and has been feeding our corrupt media every day for months. This would expose the MSM as nothing more than a propaganda outlet.

    Hence Q’s post from November 12:
    “Do you believe in coincidences?
    How many coincidences do you need before you believe?”

    Good job.

  40. Honest question… The q post on 12/7 says “wind the clock”, so why would you start the clock on 12/7? Wouldn’t you start the clock on 12/18, where the q post says “start the clock?” That would mean the clock is off by 11 days according to the graphic.

  41. Forgive me if this has been mentioned. The “clock start 10 days” Q was dropped 12/18 at 23:58:04. Under two minutes to 12/19. Subtract 10 days from 12/18 gives 12/08 not 12/07. What would this change?

  42. Saw your question on GAB.

    Just a guess.
    Is Keystone the top of the clock. Latest President post on Keystone was on 6/5?
    Thank you for your great posts.

  43. I don’t get it (sorry; lurking for quite awhile). Over and over, we hear that THIS is it, that THIS date, THIS week, something specific will happen — and then it doesn’t. But it’s always okay because we’re told “No…wait…wait…don’t get discouraged; stay strong, because THIS is coming up.”

    And then we keep going around in circles (like the clock, I know) because we never get the explanation for the event that didn’t happen; we leave it behind and go for the next piece of info.

    What am I not getting? Asking seriously; nothing is more important to our country than…well, than an attempted coup. The IG report was not released June 5….it was delayed again. Why are we consistently stonewalled, just as congress is?

  44. I am just getting started on all of this. I love my Country, and I love my President. I’m digging and trying to learn everything all at once, so if there are any “helps” that I need to look at, please point me in the right direction. I want to be one of the warriors, I just need to get up to snuff to know what to do. Thank you and God bless you all.

  45. Hi Neon! I’ve been following you for months and have looked at the Q Clock numerous times. I was wondering what you think about the last date, 11/22/2018? It says 5:5. Q posted John 5:5. Do you think there’s a correlation? Thanks.

  46. Where is the beginning of the explanation… does it begin with a blank clock or something? I know the info is here somewhere but you are assuming many things already known that I DO NOT know.

    • I’m not beholden to the clock. I presented the theory a number of months ago because I found it potentially interesting, at a time when Q was even less understood than he is now.

      Some Anons have extended the clock in an effort to continue to track ongoing events.

      This is what Anon wrote when expanding the Qclock:

      BRAND NEW Qclock with…


      Old one ended with 55th anniversary of JFK’s assassination. New one ends with his 102nd Birthday. Born in ’17 , appropriately.

      POTUS’ famous “covfefe” tweet was 2 days after his birthday in the following ’17 (100 years later)… and yes… they’re most definitely very related.

  47. Loved your explanation on this. Was wondering if there is an updated Q clock we can reference at any given time since I don’t have time to track these things personally. I looked on the Q alert site thinking it may be under resources but didn’t see anything.


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