Roseanne Exposes the “Red Legacy” of Communist-Subversive Valerie Jarrett! Now the Normies Know! #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Valerie Jarrett is in the news today, thanks to Roseanne’s tweet, which simultaneously made Leftists’ minds explode all over the nation.

Her show – which, I will remind you, was the number 1 show in America – was promptly canceled because this tweet, wouldn’t you know it, is…

Get ready for it…


And why is it racist, exactly?

Oh, because wouldn’t you just know it? Valerie Jarrett is a WOMAN OF COLOR! 

That’s right.

She had a Great-Grandfather named Robert Robinson Taylor who himself had a white father and a black mother.

Which makes Valerie Jarrett… not a quadroon. Not an octaroon.


So Roseanne’s show got cancelled because this was apparently a violation of Hollywood’s moral sensibilities.

And just to be clear, we here are Neon Revolt do not endorse the idea that Valerie Jarrett looks anything like Zira, from Planet of the Apes.

No, no, no resemblance whatsoever.

What is Roseanne even going on about?

But in all seriousness, did you have any idea Jarrett had any African blood in her at all? My guess is Roseanne didn’t, either. My guess is that she looked at her and thought “White? Vaguely Middle Eastern?” and followed through in her pursuit of comedy.

And the Hollywood Cabal was just looking for any excuse to kick her out. Doesn’t matter how much money her show was making; she had to go the second they got an excuse! They were probably already talking about ending the show, because they can’t be accused of giving her a platform. If that’s the case, no doubt Roseanne knew and decided to lob a molotov tweet their way. I wouldn’t blame her.

And don’t forget: all this “outrage” is coming from the same people who have been calling Trump an Orangutan almost nonstop for the past three years.

I mean, really. Just run the search yourself. You’ll have your pick from literally MILLIONS of angry, disgruntled Leftaroonie tweets at your fingertips containing these exact words: Trump, Orangutan.

But frankly, I believe it was purposeful because now you’ve got a bunch of normies talking about – and trying to defend Valerie Jarrett – a woman who I can guarantee most of them knew nothing about until this very morning.

Combine this with Roseanne asking for Q to contact her MONTHS ago, via Twitter.

Then she tweets about all the children Trump has rescued, causing Leftists to lose their minds.

And now this.

And look at how they take the bait every single time!

No, I can almost guarantee you this was purposeful and planned.

And then today, I ran into this on the boards:

Ah, a possible #HelperAnon! There’s only one post from this ID.

I actually think it’s really useful to go over all these questions, so let’s do a line-by-line:

She’s got a Secret Service detail… Which is odd, considering she was an “adviser.”

Even Dems questioned it.


The obvious answer is because she’s more than just an adviser.

She’s Obama’s handler.

Who are her protectors?

The Secret Service.

Who are her protectors really?

The “Cult.” What I call #TheCabal.

Who do they report?

Ostensibly, to the Dept. of Homeland Security. But now, with Trump in charge, that can’t be happening.

Who to they really report to?

Probably to the Rothschilds/City of London.

Can she go anywhere without a detailed track record being kept?

I imagine not, no. Not with the NSA watching.

Does it matter?

Yes. Which is why, I imagine, she’s living with the Obamas now. People can come and go into the Obama’s home, talk directly, and have it look like they’re just visiting the Obamas,

How does she communicate?

Q has confirmed that she’s tried to use private emails, and secret twitter handles, as well as burner phones.

Private email addresses while she was in Govt Service?

Probably the secret Gmail account Q disclosed.


To hide her activities.

What was she hiding?

Active subversion/treason by coordinating with the Muslim Brotherhood/Awans/Huma.

Is it possible that these secret messages are not so secret anymore?

Very possible.

What will they reveal?

“The 16 year plan.” Coordination with the Muslim Brotherhood, internationally, and MS-13.

Do burner phones really give you total anonymity?

No, absolutely not.

Do secret twitter accounts give you anonymity?

Nope lol.

What is her main focus now?
What does she want to accomplish?

Her main focus is taking down Trump.


To put The Cabal back in a seat of power.

For who?

The most interesting question of the bunch… Obama’s not going back in that seat. Hillary could be a potential candidate, but with her health issues, I think everyone knows she’s on her way out. Kerry floated the idea of he, himself becoming president. So who are they trying to raise up, next?

It’s helpful here to review all of Q’s previous posts about “VJ.” #Anon put together this handy infographic, linking the various ideas from post-to-post:

Full size:

And what’s most stunning to me, even re-reading this now, is the 2004 bit, from Q’s post.

Again, re-read:

When did the AWAN’s mission op go green? 2004.

What happened during this time?

Her Linkedin page is a good place to start:

Oh look, she was Chairmen of the Board for the Chicago Stock Exchange. What a coincidence!

She also happened to be serving as Finance Chair for President Obama’s run for the U.S. Senate in 2004 – uh – before he was President.

And it’s important to note here, that Obama didn’t really hire Jarrett, which is what you would normally do. No! Remember, Both Hussein and Michelle were up-and-coming lawyers before their political careers. Yes, by the time Obama was running for office, I’m sure they were paying Jarret, but it’s important to remember that THEY were hired by Jarrett first, in 1991, when she was working for the Chicago Mayor’s office.

By 1995. she was CEO of The Habitat Company – a company which basically ran housing subsidized by the City of Chicago:

Valerie Jarrett became the President and CEO of The Habitat Company on 01/31/07 and served as Executive Vice President of Habitat for 12 years. Prior, she served for eight years in Chicago government as Deputy Corporation Counsel for Finance/Development, Deputy Chief of Staff for Mayor Daley. She was also Commissioner of the Dept of Planning and Development and also practiced law with two private law firms. From 1995 – 2003, Jarrett served as Chairman of the Chicago Transit Board. Jarrett also served as Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Stock Exchange from April 2004 – April 2007 and was a Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago from January 2006 – April 2007.





While Jarrett was CEO of The Habitat Co. which managed Grove Parc Plaza from 2001 – 2012 and also co-managed a Chicago subsidized complex that was seized by Feds in 2006, after city inspectors found widespread problems. Feds graded the condition of the complex an 11 on a 100-point scale — a score so bad the buildings faced demolition. Officials at Woodlawn Preservation say the government [Valerie] didn’t give them enough money to properly maintain Grove Parc. Jarrett’s Habitat Co. declined to comment on Grove Parc in particular but said it is hard to manage something you don’t own. She was under consideration to take over Barack Obama’s vacated seat, but that got too scandalous for her to be associated with. Jarrett had the whole city of Chicago under her control by the time she was chosen to be in the White House as Obama’s closest Cabinet member.


Sounds like a lovely place, right? A real communist utopia.

Funny how that always seems to happen…

But perhaps most importantly:

Valerie Jarret’s communist father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett died in 2004.

Judicial Watch secured a 57 page FBI file on Vernon Jarrett:

For a period of time Vernon Jarrett appeared on the FBI’s Security Index and was considered a potential Communist saboteur who was to be arrested in the event of a conflict with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). His FBI file reveals that he was assigned to write propaganda for a Communist Party front group in Chicago that would “disseminate the Communist Party line among…the middle class.”

And that’s just her father. The FBI also investigated her grandfather, and father for Communist activities.

We already know from previous Q drops that the fall of the Soviet Union was a fake-out; that they went full-on subversive during Glasnost. So basically, Vernon Jarrett was a Commie subversive for years, and raised his daughter to be one as well.

So when he died in 2004 – did a passing of the proverbial torch occur? Did she come into the full inheritance of her #RedLegacy then?

Nothing surprises me anymore.

Jarrett’s gone from Stock Exchanges, to Federal Reserve Banks (aka, she’s a Rothschild Puppet), to Senate and Presidential campaigns, to… living in Obama’s spare room, trying to take down President Trump. Private comms will prove she’s colluded with the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood and MS-13, trying to plot and coordinate the destruction of America. And tons of normies who had never even heard of this woman are now trying to defend her on Twitter. LOL.

But I want you to understand that this implies that the “16 year plan” to destroy America has been in the works for a very, very long time – and they are desperately trying to get their timeline back. The 16 year countdown STARTED with Obama. 2004 was four years before he was elected. And he had to be groomed for this life long before then.

Just appreciate for a moment the amount of work and the amount of time the Cabal and our enemies put into reaching this diabolical goal. DECADES have gone into them plotting our utter destruction and enslavement.

But it’s not gonna happen!


Do me a favor and redpill your normie friends with this article, especially those who may be trying to defend communist-subversive Jarrett today. Rattle their cages a bit. Help them #Awaken. It’ll be fun, I promise!

#ValerieJarrett #VJ #RedLegacy #Hussein #QAnon #GreatAwakening

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36 thoughts on “Roseanne Exposes the “Red Legacy” of Communist-Subversive Valerie Jarrett! Now the Normies Know! #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. IMHO, Roseanne wanted out of this show. She does not need the money. The show had a distinctive agenda. It featured a cross dressing child, discussion of Moslems and justification for their immigration into Western culture, and a host of other agenda items that felt dishonest to me. I know the old 8 seasons of Roseanne, almost by heart. There was a heartwarming feeling to the other shows that was missing in this one. Roseanne needs to write her own show, not be handed a script from ABC. I believe that she looked at the next season’s scripts and decided that in order to get out of the contract, they had to fire her, she could not quit w/o a breach of contract action against her by ABC. ABC, on the other hand, messed up badly. By letting the show go, they leave it open for Roseanne to write her own script and sell it to someone else, who has no control over content. The show will be better that way, if Roseanne decides to do it somewhere else. Meanwhile, ABC/Disney has taken a 30 percent drop in stock value as people unload the loser company’s stock.

  2. #BackInTheNews.

    @therealroseanne’s tweet will turn out to be a good thing in that it will bring out all the corruption perpetrated by @ValerieJarrett and @BarackObama for #TheMuslimBrotherhood. Thanks Roseanne.

    #ISupportRoseanne #SupportRoseanne #SupportRoseanneBarr

    #BoycottABC #BoycottABCNetwork

  3. Vernon Jarrett was her father in law. Was published everyday in the editorial section of the Chicago Herald American newspaper. VJ’s father was Robert Taylor

  4. Very interesting article! I am glad I found your website. It has been very useful to me. This commie woman seems to play a key part in this demonic plan of the cabal. God, how I pray for justice to come…. Thinking about how evil these people are makes me want to vomit!

  5. Wow! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any “better”! From one of your previous articles, I knew a little about VJ, but this! No wonder Chicago is so f’d up!!!!! Thank you so much for this!!!!!

  6. Only slightly related, but there was a novel from the late 80’s on the same premise. The KGB had undercover spies competing for cabinet positions, the main character became chairman of the Fed to intentionally tank the economy. Interestingly, the other half of the book was the POV of the hitman that helped him thin the competition, odd reflection of reality.

  7. Not only did they pull her current show but they also pulled the reruns that I watch every night on Laff TV.
    I’ve watched them every night from 9pm-11pm and now they suddenly replaced them with Night Court.
    I hope she continues the fight on Twitter and doesn’t delete her account like she said she would.

  8. Another terrific post! Had been away from the computer yesterday until the afternoon when I finally had a minute to run through my Twitter feed. All I saw were posts about the Rosanne show being cancelled. Thought I’m gone for a little while and all this happens. Was upset at first but kept thinking about Rosanne’s earlier CC post and how that had already stirred the pot. Then I tweeted that was it was actually a brilliant move, because now there were a few questions everyone was going to be asking, “Who is Valerie Jarett?” along with “Who or what is QAnon?” So many will be taking the red pill.

    Didn’t they know people would wonder how the #1 show on ABC got cancelled?

    • Celeste,
      Respectfully, I think you’re much too optimistic.
      Millions of people out there have no inclination to even scratch beneath the surface.
      In the wake of Roseanne’s tweets (and similar instances that pop up daily), they think it their duty to scold her by chanting “Racist!! Racist!! Racist!!
      They really know no other reality.
      Any mention of Jarrett’s communist lineage will be looked upon by these same sorts as “conspiracy theory” stuff.

      • Think I may have been too optimistic about all of it actually. Thinking a lot more about all this in recent days and starting to wonder. Most scripts have to be read and approved. Especially a high ratings show like this. Don’t know but now something isn’t sitting right with me. Don’t want to spend too much time on it because it’s a distraction. But all the pieces aren’t adding up and how quickly the show was cancelled for a comment that didn’t even name Valerie Jarrett but just gave her initials.

        It is sad though for those who don’t see what’s really happening, they’re all so taken in by whatever they’re fed. Saw something the other day where they kept mentioning VJ was African American to kind of subdue the belief that most were thinking she was not.

  9. Who? = Kamala Harris. She is the chosen one. Oprah and Michelle are just psyops to get people ready for her. I have been trying to tell anyone who will listen since before Trump was elected that she is the one that they have been positioning to replace Hillary. Watch the you tube of her on Ellen basically admit she was running (and wanted to kill Trump).

  10. Love your work! Curious if you or, others you know have researched WHO? I am late to the Q.
    Seems he capitalizes the word (who) in several posts. I did scan Wikipedia for WHO. Noticed Clinton and, Clinton Foundation involvement. Too, the scope of WHO sounds massive. Makes me think Q is saying WHO is in control. Thoughts?I

    To my now embarrassment, my e-mail contains the word pizza. We use to own a legit pizzeria.
    That was years ago now. I kept the address due to a fond memory. Sick, these sickos ruin everything they touch.

  11. Neon,

    I’ve been reading your work consistently since your 5thAveAnon piece. Your humble, intelligent, consider all angles writing is like a diamond in the rough.

    Now, as far as Valerie Jarrett is concerned – I read an amazing thread on Twitter a few months ago, I retweeted it, but I believe it was removed.

    You should dig into these connections further…

    The thread included an image of an article VJ’s Father in Law wrote, and it was essentially calling for rich Arabs to fund the education and support young promising African American men in the United States.

    The thread continued on to tie Vernon Jarrett to Al-Waleed’s top lawyer, as the conduit for Barry Sotero’s education at Harvard.

    Percy Sutton admitted to helping Obama get into Harvard…

    And this article ties Khalid Al-Mansour to Jarrett…

    Then we come full circle with the WikiLeaks emails showing CitiBank (Al-Waleed) clearly directing Barry as to who would be in his cabinet.

    Anywho…love your work and appreciate your perspective.

  12. “And why is it racist, exactly?”

    Because truth is racist. BTW great post Neon, good digging and excellent usable findings.

  13. What about Michelle Wolf ?
    She is constantly able to speak ugly, derogatory remarks as well as being given a big platform to do so…

    Thanks so much once again for your site .. How about a NeonRevolt image tshirt/sweatshirt ? That would be cool..

  14. Great work. Mind blown! Now for the biggest question: WHERE IS Q? I’m apparently addicted and feel lost (and a little scared) without him/her/it/them posting. What is Q waiting for or is it over? Did something go wrong (and we’re all screwed, and about to be in some Luciferian’s crock pot)? My finger is sore from refreshing the page.

  15. How many other groomed commie/musloid leaders do we have in the works out THERE?

    They didn’t put all their eggs in BHO/VJ basket.

    The Castro twins are red diaper babies in the pipeline. (Mayor San Antonio, housing secretary)

    Any others?


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