#QCipher and ROT-13 Cryptography. Ready to Help with some Serious Decoding? #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Boy, there has been a lot of talk about “13” lately.  #POTUS included:

He’s been repeating the number for days now, actually:

But what does 13 really refer to?

Notice anything?

P is 13 letters away from C.

M is the 13th letter of the alphabet…

ROT = Rotation.

A reference to a Rotation cipher?

Rotation ciphers are simple substitution ciphers, where the interval shows how many letters you shift over.

So if it was a ROT-1, A becomes B, B becomes C, etc.
A ROT-2, A becomes C, B becomes, D.
You get the point.

A ROT-13 cipher is nice, because it splits the alphabet right down the middle, meaning it works both forward and backwards.

So a ROT-13 cipher is 13 shifts. C becomes P, and P becomes C.

So many of us #anons think that Q has been asking us to decode a particular stringer, in order to unlock that information.

To that end, Legionary EvilWulf contributed a little Windows program he whipped up in his spare time, which he’s calling QCipher.

QCipher is a neat little 24kb app that will automatically apply a ROT-13 cipher to whatever string you input.

Haha, that ROT-25! QDUNKS!


Now, it’s always a little dicey when someone you’ve never met in real life suddenly presents you with a software download, but EvilWulf has been around for a while now, and he was nice enough to let me perform a code-audit on the program. I also did a virus scan and I haven’t had any problems with it, so, if you trust my due-diligence, give the program a shot. And I think it’s a really timely, useful download, considering some of the chatter I’ve been seeing lately. I think this will end up being a really useful piece of software for anons here.

Download: QCipher


UPDATE: Okay, because I got a comment accusing me of mixing up an antivirus scan with a code audit – I will say this.

I mean exactly what I said. I did BOTH.

Here’s an excerpt as proof:

I’ll let EvilWulf publish everything as Open Source if he wants. That’s not my decision to make. But I am sharing this excerpt to show – yes – I really did do a code audit, and yes, it looked safe to me.

Okay, with that out of the way:

The only question that remains, then, is what stringer are we supposed to decode with this ROT-13 program?

#Anon thinks he has a lead – but fair warning – this is where it gets quite tricky.

Now, Anon here is using ROT-5 for numbers, and ROT-13 for letters. And he REALLY could have tried to explain this better, because right now, it’s almost indecipherable, but… I’ll try my best:

The Q post one 12/21 is referencing back to 12/19.

Here’s the plain text of 12/21:

News unlocks Map.
Future proves past.
Stringers important.
(Find Post)
POTUS Tax Bill Speech (learn (22)(2+2_)).
AT&T Diverted Capital Home.

And here’s the plain text of 12/19:

21_[             f   ]_SEQ1239
Q(That first gap is 13 spaces, then the f, then 3 spaces, btw).Anon takes the first two lines from 12/19

21_[             f   ]_SEQ1239

He then uses ROT-5 on the numbers, so 1239->6784

He then condenses those numbers with addition:

6+7+8+4 = 25
2+ 5 = 7

He then places that 7 back into the sequence, leaving us with:

21_[             f   ]_SEQ7

If you then run 9-ZBA through a ROT-13 transform, you get 4-MON.

That leaves us with:

21_[             f   ]_SEQ7

After that, it looks like (but I’m not 100% certain) he’s taking the SEQ7 from line 21 and and placing it within line 22.

That gives us something that looks like this:


After that, admittedly, I get lost with his logic.

Monday, 6/4/2018 is a the next Monday we have coming up. If there is anything related to “FREE 7,” we know we have a real lead here.

But now you see how this can get so tricky.

It looks like Q wants to use stringers to guide us to assemble a kind of code, which we can then pop into a 13-ROT cipher, and hopefully it will spit back something intelligible and meaningful.

That’s going to be the bread and butter here: assembling the stringers in a way that’s correct.

So the tasks before us are as follows:







Q keeps saying we have so much more than we know. And given all the “coincidences” surrounding “13” we’ve seen of late, this seems like a very promising path forward to unlock what Q says we already have.

(And again, big thanks to EvilWulf for contributing his coding skills to this. It couldn’t have happened without him. Give him some love on Gab).

UPDATE: EvilWulf released a blog post for his release of QCipher. Check it out here!

evilwulfindustries.wordpress.com evilwulfindustries.wordpress.com


#QCipher #QAnon #GreatAwakening #Cryptography

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45 thoughts on “#QCipher and ROT-13 Cryptography. Ready to Help with some Serious Decoding? #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. I believe you have hit the jackpot and do not even know it. What is 7/4?? Fourth of July and the 13th is the clue to the LUNAR Moon that happens June 13th. If you take your stringer QCipher and see the 21 it is exactly 21 days from June 13th (the start of the Lotus Moon in the Chinese Lunar Calendar) until the Fourth of July. I checked it falls on a Wednesday. Remember Trump gave Putin a Lotus flower statue. I have been trying to tell people that we would be free by Fourth of July. That is what the codes are trying to tell you.

  2. Once again NR you amaze me! I had just been rereading POTUS’S tweets this morning and 5 times he said 13 angry democrats. I wondered what he was trying to tell us. Keep up the good work and thank you!

    • wait a minute – If he said “5” times “13” angry democrats – then that confirms the 13/5 ROT yet again. nice pickup. new twitter page photo also (not sure when he changed this)

  3. Correction the Lotus Flower Statue was given to the Pope not Putin but still the same message. Breaking free from the Vatican and British Rule.

  4. I believe it works either way with 26 letters in the alphabet – +13 or -13 on the rotation gets you to the same place.

    Nice work Neon. I wonder if the letters are ROT 13, it would have been more elegant if the Numbers were ROT 4 & therefore 13 + 4 = 17 (Q)

  5. An anti virus scan is not a code audit.
    You think Deep State can’t slip one past AV companies?

    A code Audit is somebody who can program auditing each line of code..

  6. When trump is saying 13 Angry Democrats, isn’t he comparing them to ms-13?

    But he is using 13AD very often these days… Also tried to convert his capital letters with rot13, but that doesn’t make any sense: tweet 5/29 8:09

    Something like:
    NQ = No Q
    PP = pianissimo (played soft)
    = Per procurationem (signing on
    behalf of?)
    PUP = the nights only a pup, it’s still
    early, decisions have to be
    EJU = estimate June

    Well, enough speculation… Maybe someone has better ideas 😉 So much possible meanings

  7. I’ve been wondering why Q has been so silent, and the idea that we’ve been missing something makes perfect sense to me! Excellent!

  8. Your output from your qcipher code reversed your user name like a mirror. Q has said multiple times “think mirror”. I think you have something major here.

  9. MOD is an abreviation of something. Example: Millitary Out Now. William Mount visited Fort Lewis mil base 25 May. All 45,000 troops are missing! The base is empty…

  10. I have also performed a full code audit. (well… not really, but I wrote it, so there is a good chance that I have a pretty clear idea of what is happening in the app.)

    I’ll vouch for Neon’s code audit. I passed on the original source code for inspection.

    If more people want to see it for themselves, I can set it up somewhere.
    It’s just a simple little app to quickly see all the alpha rotations for whatever string is entered.

    If you don’t trust me, (understandable, considering you don’t know me) then trust Neon. If that is still too much, there are dozens of websites with ROT13 encoders/decoders that you can use instead.

    I wrote the app for my own investigative purposes, but I am by far not the most well informed on all things Q. More eyes = better chance of seeing the answer.

  11. Christ this is disappointing. This is the dumbest shit I have ever read in my life and it makes me sad. We lost. Somethings going on. Shove the Trump rallys and Q cyphers up your ass.

    • Aw, looks like an sheep wandered out of his safe-space and just encountered reality for the first time.

      I realize you may be angry and confused by what you read here, but don’t worry. You’ll get your bearings soon enough – whether you want to or not.

      And – fair warning – I control this site. I get to say what flies in the comments section and what gets taken down, and who gets banned. Can’t go crying to Zuckerberg if I hurt your fee-fees, because this is my domain.

      Get used it to.

  12. If there are encoded messages in Qs posts it pretty safe to assume any sophisticated actors discovered them and knows what they say, so what is the purpose? Is it for plausible deniability? Is it to make it more meaningful to the audience when it’s discovered? Is it a way of softening the blow “the mind has a difficult time letting go…” I’m curious as to the thinking behind it since in this case, the code hides info from your friends and not your enemies. Maybe that’s the purpose? To show the cabal its going to come out? Here’s proof?

  13. This letter and number substitution/rotation thing can also be done in Excel. I did similar things when I was playing with english language gematria years ago. Gets complicated, costs nothing to do safely offline.

    • Sure, there are dozens of ways to do this. This is just an easy, quick app that gives you 25 possible rotations.

  14. Totally lost here! Feel like I’m sitting in algebra class which was a looong time ago! Lol! But that’s cool. I just read your written word explanation and do my best to understand. Neon my mind don’t bend this way! Thanks for all you do! ❤️❤️

    • That’s okay. It’s not a subject for everyone. Really high level stuff we’re starting to get into, here.

  15. Quentin NWOwins, cryptography is a real thing. If you haven’t looked into it don’t scoff at it.

  16. Off topic, but I love your insight, Neon: if an individual subscribes to the notion that the cabal’s end game is population control, why not institute a 1-child policy, around the world? Why spend all this money to slowly kill us with chemicals and what not?

  17. Please don’t call ROT13 a “cypher”. It makes you sound like you don’t know what you are talking about.


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