EyeTheSpy… BackChannel17 All Over Again? #BeCarefulWhoYouFollow

People keep asking what I think of @EyetheSpy (on twitter).

So much so, that I thought it worth my time to just write up a quick post and go on the record.

So… what do I think of him?


100% Fake.

As a general rule of thumb, anyone claiming to be intel, and who still communicates on twitter (complete with their tracking and censorship algorithms), out in the open, is a total LARP.

They also endorsed BC17, who Q called fake. (And no, Q was not talking about “the image” or a single post. The context was very clear and no amount of grasping at straws is going to change that. Q said BC17 was FAKE).

See, what these accounts do is prey upon folks who don’t want to spend the time, energy, or thought to navigate the actual boards, where all the real action is taking place. The chans are difficult, cryptic, and s-s-s-scary to outsiders (and intentionally so). There’s no shame in saying that.  It’s partially why I write all the stuff I write – so that the masses can understand, without having to go through all the trouble. In that way, I’m like a navigator, or a curator, on top of offering my own decodes and such.

Twitter, on the other hand, is easy! Pretty much everyone can navigate twitter. So hopefuls latch on to these kinds of accounts when they pop up, in an effort to feel like an insider, like they’re contributing, or that they are now in-the-know.

They’re not, but the temptation is so strong, these accounts always inevitably end up reeling people in.

Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if EyeTheSpy actually is BC17 attempting to rebrand after shutting down the BC17 channel late last week. This way, he can clear any baggage and start over with his task of deceiving people.

Like… take this post.

This right here? This is dumb larping territory.


But forget that. EyeTheSpy wants you to believe BC17 had this special line that was being attacked by CIA, despite BC17 never offering any valuable intel whatsoever, repeatedly making amateur mistakes, and not even pointing out the NXIVM brand on Stormy Daniels until after the chans had discovered it, without giving them any credit whatsoever.

Amateur hour.

If you’re not familiar with the hilarious history between myself, Q, and BC17, catch up in these articles here:


And here:


There’s also the fact that… EyeTheSpy still hasn’t actually given any new intel. Just very vague tweets, which don’t actually say much at all.

Watch EyeTheSpy try to call me CIA again, just like BC17 did. (Or FBI, or Mossad, or whatever. So long as he doesn’t have to actually address the criticisms I’m raising and can distract from the issue at hand, which is his SEVERE lack of credibility).

But there’s actually one VERY easy way for him to make me rescind all this. I’ll even embrace him as an ally if he does this:

He can PM me my real identity.

Surely, as an intelligence officer who has, as he says, access to nearly UNLIMITED intel, he should be able to do that quite easily.

If he does, I’ll gladly accept him and take all this back.

If he can’t, or comes up with some lame excuse (like citing some kind of non-existent legal procedure as to why he can’t do this) LARP verified.


Don’t fall for these clowns. They’re distractions.

#BackChannel17 #EyeTheSpy #Disinfo #BeCarefulWhoYouFollow

UPDATE: Timeline on the posts was corrected by Bill Smith. My post on Stormy/NXIVM did come out after BC17’s, but BC17 was just ripping off research from the chans, and not presenting anything he had discovered himself.

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50 thoughts on “EyeTheSpy… BackChannel17 All Over Again? #BeCarefulWhoYouFollow”

      • no he appears fake too much bragging
        p.s. hoping your multiverse theory and this dimension
        holds true and my little group can win mega and powerball

  1. I had my eyeball as profile pic on Twitter for 10 years so it annoys me when people do the eyeball thing.
    Did y’all see someone on Twitter named Suzi3d write a thread calling out Q as a psyop by the deep state? Apparently, she’s a NZ ‘journalist’ that’s currently ‘in exile’ in Russia, and earlier this month was claiming to be gravely ill and had a gofundme page set up to help pay for her medical treatment. So take that for what it’s worth.

    • You are making aspersions of the messenger, not their well thought out and linked content.

      The gamification risks are real.

      We should be ever vigilant of this kind of target pivot. Cynicism is well placed in the current chaotic environment.

  2. I couldn’t believe how quick people on JustInformed’s latest video took off after @eyethespy and reacted enthusiastically. After Q’s clear warning, plus the vibe was just rubbish. I took one glimpse and I was out of there.

  3. Some responses seemed very legit though, and could well have some genuine intel leaks to gain trust.

    For example, EyeTheSpy drew attention to Wikileaks being comped trying to deligitimise Q, and he was suggesting that Assange no longer linked to them for months. Some shit made sense thats all ill say.

    Big claims about 11th June, so we have the deadline to confirm if 100% LARP

      • No 11th, saying something big right before NK summit.

        I think this guy might be legit Neon, have a look through his responses to questions when you get time, he gives some very specific answers about stuff that you cant know through open source.

        Keeps pushing the date 11/6 a LOT too, relating it to Assange. Cant see much benefit to the deep state if that day is a nothing burger, we carry on regardless.

        • omg, comments like this. >_<

          Believe whatever you want to believe. I’ve made myself clear. I’m not going to waste any more time trying to convince you.

          He can talk when he answers my challenge. That’s the ultimate litmus test. It’s been 15 hours now, and he hasn’t responded. Until he PROVES otherwise, he’s a miserable liar muttering cryptic nothings to gullible saps.

          • I will make up my own mind, just like you will.
            The date push was what i found curious combined with actual decent info thats not normie trust sessions BS.
            NO BIG DEAL THOUGH just thought id let you know.
            Love the page will be donating when i get paid 🙂

          • Just got blocked by EyeTheSpy Neon XD. Got real touchy when I asked him to prove how you were a shill.

            All he managed was that you offer ‘premium content’/ask for money so you auto-qualified as one.

            Spoken like a true shill.

  4. Just became a new supporter. Been following you now for the last 3 months, your the first one I go to when I get on line due to the depth of your discernment skills…amazing! Also was wondering if you followed thru with the 100 PUTS on FB… I did?

    • Thank you!

      Been doing the put thing for a while. Again, my strategy is to basically rebuy until it happens. Could burn through 1200 bucks or so before it happens. All depends on how fast the dominoes fall in the real world.

  5. I couldn’t wait for your input on this topic.

    Like you said, “I’m like a navigator, or a curator, on top of offering my own decodes and such.”

    That’s what I love about you! Thank you for your thoughts on this.

  6. Father + Son + Holy Spirit is = 2 Anons + Q + Trump hence You can’t have one without the other! ANYONE who rejects one rejects all, they are spreading discord and wants us divided.

  7. I believe we are in, what’s colloquially called, a Mexican standoff right now… Q vs Fake Q vs Never a Q.
    Hard to pick a side sometimes & draining to be in the middle of a fight of which I want no part.
    I stand against corruption, trafficking, abuse, murder & worse – this is draining enough for me.
    The standoff can be defined based on logic:
    Q = JA + Q + 06-11-18 -> The Pain
    Fake Q = JA + Wikileaks -> Q LARP
    Never a Q = Gov’t shills / psy-op -> we are tricked & still slaves

    No one has spoken to JA… no one knows if safe, no one knows if dead… no one knows how he feels about current events or what is to come.

    Wikileaks have made their ‘Q’ opinion clear.

    The one thing we all have now is ‘a date’. A line in the sand. A real tangible ‘marker’. And sides clearly demonstrated.

    Aren’t we all about TRUTH ? In a sense, we have all been fools & played by people, groups & companies we once/still trust for a very long time.

    Q could be a LARP. Wikileaks could be comp’ed. We DON’T know.

    We need to wait to know. Is this the ’10 days of darkness’ ? (or thereabouts)

    I think there is a reason for this. This is a time for self reflection… no room for hate… we all have ‘demonds’. This is a time to self reflect on our own faults, how we could be better people, how it doesn’t matter if we are exactly right or wrong. We need to think on what we are truly seeking from the ‘storm’. How we are going to act if proved right OR wrong. What if good does prevail, even if we were wrong. Beliefs need to be shattered to embrace true critical thinking.

    Because it’s not about belief… it’s about whether we have faith that good will ultimately win the war. The first ‘real’ battle lines appear to be drawn. 06-11-2018.

    We need to win the first battle, so let’s lay arms down against each other & think of what might be a chance for good to prevail – if only for a short time.

    If no JA on 06-11, then Q is most probably a LARP. If JA appears we hear the truth.

    If Q is real, this is an intelligent strategy. I believe over 90% of all sides in the Mexican stand-off support JA regardless leanings. It moves Q out of the spotlight and JA onto centre stage – what makes a great movie… great actors & a great plot twist.

    JA could disarm everyone immediately. He’s never been about right or left, rather good vs evil.

    And it brings truth to light!

    My thoughts, anyway… yours ?

  8. I just followed him 30 secs before I got notice of this article, which just popped up on my computer. was thinking…how did NR know??? LOL Thanks for the warning which I will take to heart, much respect to you Neon Revolt!

  9. That guy just called me an Armenian CIA asset and a troll bc I said he’s lying about his Intel access, and blocked me before I could respond

  10. Posted the following on Twitter:

    Jay Chadstein
    ‏ @JayChadstein

    Is @EyeTheSpy legit? From #NeonRevolt, Anon says prove it. See his challenge below. I will be following this closely.

  11. ZAC – the fake Q (of A.Jones):
    Zachari Klawonn, Ex Army Spc. , current 4 year contract for NGA(Macdill AFB)-CENTCOM. Some training. Not as good as Q.

  12. Just to clarify.. It was Bill Smith not JustInformed who put out the video. JustInformed says BC17 is fake and doesn’t even mention EyeTheSpy. Thank you NR, I trust your work and glad you put this out. God Bless.

    • Sorry, I’m a bit confused as to who you’re pointing me to look at here.

      Got a link you want me to see?

  13. I don’t Twitter. Would be great to see someone post NR’s challenge on EyetheSpys’ Twitter page.

    • I did, but I think he/she had already ended the Q and A. I will try again if I see another one though.

  14. I understand perfectly what Q did with this disappearing act.

    In Life the Wise listen to and consider what The Scapegoat says. The Scapegoaters go wild in face of truth and vast numbers go after the maligned Truth Teller.

    So…stir the guilty up (but good!) then disappear and watch them align and dig in deeper. The Guilty are MISSING Q’s posts TERRIBLY. I believe they were fervent follower, too. (Just as Scapegoaters do and enlist what is known as Flying Monkeys. IMO Q is enjoying letting them stew in their juices. Desperate people do desperate things. And panic/riled become reckless and rash in trying to stop what they are not sure is coming. But…SOMETHING.

    Also some brilliant minds pegging along with all this. Q knows that. And a Scapegoat may go silent as he has so some bright person doesn’t decode more than he would desire and accidentally give an unintended head’s up to cabal members rat bastids.

    Think MIRANDA. (Not only guilty/crooks use it. Wise and Godly folk, too, Think Jesus. He didn’t respond to tip hand He had to die to defeat Satan.)
    Q knows and THEY know it is going to be YUGE.

  15. Just wanted to say that i think the work you are doing Neon Revolt is so inspiring! I really feel like you are the thought-soultmate, if there is such a thing. I follow and are drawn to the same things u write about here. Making the connection etc.

    One question tho, what is up with the statue image on the top? Thought process behind it? Just was curios bc it kinda reminded me of the adonis james alefantis had as his instagram thumbnail. I just cheked and it is not the same.:)

    • It’s a digital art style called Tradwave. There are lots of these kinds of images onbline. I picked one and essentially adopted it to form a persona/brand online.

      Many variations/iterations were tried, until one stuck.

  16. How many times does it have to be said?

    “No comms outside the chans”. Period.

    This EyeTheSpy dude is faker than a 3-dollar bill. Oh, what about his 30-minute “Q&A sessions”? What a joke. The guy has answers even fir the most idiotic questions. It’s laughable. I don’t use Twitter, but I created an account just so I could mock that poor imitation of a LARP.

  17. Eye the Spy could be Corsi disinfo agent or maybe Corsi himself. HE LOVES to use the phrase Secret Squirrel. Marcy Playground had a great tune entitled Secret Squirrel…yes and there was the cartoon which I did not watch because I was constantly playing outside and making mud pies instead of zoning out in front of a screen every waking moment. Good read…but then all your articles are awesome. When I can…it’s coffee and Neon Revolt! Tweeting the shit out of your stuff too so others can benefit from your great brain!

  18. Someone posted your article on his “Q&A” and he said “neonrevolt is a clown. Learn to verify.”

    Typical evasion move to attack cause they’re 100% fake. Just like Alex Jones, he’ll have 25% valid open source, maybe new, info and the rest is just dumb. These people are STUPID!

  19. I know your age, I know where you live (not US), I know your religion. Your name? It does not matter. You are “Q”. I am “Q”. We are “Q”.

  20. Anyone that is bucking the Wikileaks, JA and backchannel story is getting deleted from the boards. Simply pointing out that Wikileaks and Julian are the reason we are even having these discussions gets met with a ban and the shill tag. Something is up big time. Thanks for being the voice of reason in this chaotic storm. We knew it was coming. We knew they would try and divide us. It just seems as if everyone else forgot about it and let them in. Thanks and keep it up. You still have some sane ones out here listening.

  21. Just an FYI you got ripped pretty hard in a video on youtube by Bill Smith.
    Here’s the name of the video and I’ll leave a link below it, if your site allows.
    Q-anon: NeonRevolt vs EyeTheSpy and BackChannel17 (Stormy Daniels NXIVM Brand)

  22. Listened to Bill Smith’s Pouty Baby Routine. Beh…!

    I had bookmarked him a few weeks ago and deleted some days ago as not worth my time. And he swallowed what I viewed as a delusion with immature gusto.

    Expect the Scapegoating Pile On to continue. Dead silence/no apologies when you are later proven right. Doing hard image/print presentation takes HARD work and vastly different than a few screen shots and dithering to hear themselves blather. Years ago we used to mutter that some people should never be given a podium. Any jackleg can have a platform now and their egos show.

    Bashings = Neon Revolt is getting it right.

    Thanks B for your posr.

    • To be fair to Bill – I’m having a DM convo with him now. He seems reasonable enough, and is at least willing to reach out and listen. We’ll see what he ends up saying, but I’m going to continue doing what I’m doing, regardless.

  23. Just discovered both you and had following EyeTheSpy for a few days, and being concerned about some of his answers (I asked a question, anyway, but he didn’t answer). Reading a couple of your articles, though, I think I’d rather believe you. He is incredibly arrogant, and gives vague answers, whereas you lay out research. Time will tell.

  24. Hey NR, I just read your article about Q’s clock. And it just hit me, Q has been predicting events with exactly 5 months in advance.

    On Dec 25 (#459), Q posted: “Twitter [kill_rogue]”
    Last Saturday I was reading @kill_rogue’s tweets and somebody replied to one of his tweets with a link to @EyeTheSpy.

    I didn’t think anything of it until I read your article about Q’s clock.

    It can’t be a coincidence that exactly five months after Q mentioned @kill_rogue, somebody replied to his tweets by redirecting people to @EyeTheSpy, can it?

      • No, I am not trolling you. I’m actually agreeing with you this EyeTheSpy guy might be a Deep State player.

        I was highlighting the fact I heard about EyeTheSpy when I read a response to a tweet posted by kill_rogue exactly four months after Q mentioned kill_rogue. In other words, this EyeTheSoy clown has been following Q all along and is now inserting himself into the movement just when the Q clock was made public.

  25. Disclaimer: No idea if EyeTheSpy is legit or not, or anyone else for that matter.

    I just couldn’t stand this analysis by Bill Smith on some IT related stuff that I have some experience / knowledge of.

    1) In the video, Bill S seems to think that the deep-state / cabal would have to own the TOR servers to spy on them through the government, wrong

    The blackhats operate in corporations and manufacturers as well.
    You think your cisco / netgear switches, routers, and backbone equipment couldn’t be tampered with?

    Why did trump need to ban China ZTE phones? Couldn’t trust the manufacturer because factory compromised likely.

    Do you think your traffic isn’t being diverted via internet backbones and ISPs to storage farms at the disposal of NSA, CIA, or whoever?

    You can’t avoid the road / traffic lights when you’re driving on the interstate, same goes for the internet.

    A VPN is just somebody giving you a really good fake license plate.
    But who knows what they do with your information of current plate matching to the fake provided plate which completely identifies you.

    How many corporations are fronts for bad actors? But they would never by companies who host TOR / VPNs?
    c’mon man, they have front charities, there is no low they will not go to for control / power.

    2) LiFi – I don’t think the reference to LiFi spying had anything to do with tracking coaxial, ethernet cable traffic as Bill S targets here. They have much weaker intercept points such as what was covered above, those bases are already covered.

    LiFi communicates through the lightbulbs (compatible with the tech) and modulation of the frequency of the light itself.

    Essentially, instead of light in a fiber optic cable conveying data, photons scattered throughout a room are talking back and forth between devices and the bulbs by detecting frequencies of light the human eye does not detect. Which then sends the data over the internet / power lines as a type of internet.

    How do we know this is actually new tech and not just newly released for public use?

    If an embedded hack in a device exists and bulbs are already embedded with this tech (I mean, light bulbs are like $5 to $10 a piece now, not like they couldn’t afford to embed something in them when they used to be like $1 for 3 conventional bulbs).

    Then, who knows what tech doors open having the LiFi medium with internet access in place.

    Can they measure the photons in a fashion similar to sonar?
    Essentially creating a 3d landscape of the area this tech is in?

    If current bulbs are unknowingly compromised (cuz the government has lied about spying on the public since always…), how many millions of bulbs are compromised?

    How much area / land mass does that cover?!?!

    3) Code hacking – .Net framework is not a one-off tech used by Microsoft and abandoned. It is an ongoing software foundation for other software to communicate more efficiently / effectively with Windows OS and the hardware of the device.

    CLR – Common Language Runtime is not used solely for SQL databases and actually is a generic term for multiple CLRs.

    The whole point of a Common Language Runtime is so that multiple programming languages can use it to communicate with device hardware / OS.

    So, using CLR you can write code in C#, C++, F#, VB, or w/e and they all work equivalently at the hardware level!

    That is why it is called “common” and not “proprietary”.

    The runtime provides the following features:

    The ability to easily use components developed in other languages.”


    4) Governments don’t have old or run old code – Yea, I think you overestimate the governments of the world.

    5) Yea, I don’t think Neon is a clown either but what do I know.

    <3 @NeonRevolt‍

    6) Alternate Twitter account confirmation of legitimacy of ETS.
    Yea, I don’t put a lot of stock into that as confirmation either.

    It seems to me that we could have multiple leakers, with multiple levels of information, who all think they have the best overall picture.

    I believe everyone is told at different levels of this secrecy that they are the top or tip of the spear.

    Definitely imposters, clowns, etc.
    But very plausible several unconnected insiders with different areas of expertise, placed in different intelligence fields / branches, will have slants on similar topics (especially anything ET / space related) and would disagree with each other and think they are correct, “so the others must be fake”.

    Think for yourself, but don’t jump to an analysis that is just way off base due to unfamiliarity of the subject or lazy half-ass diligence…

    #QAnon #CarefulWhoYouTrust #BillSmith #ETS #NeonRevolt

    • That’s a terrible VPN/license plate analogy. VPN tunnels use SSL encryption. So no, they are not even remotely equivalent to a good fake license plate.

      You’re absolutely right about DotNet and CLR though. Anybody who says DitNet is an “abandoned” framework is a moron. DotNet is the core of Windows development.

      The US government does run old code. Did you know Microsoft still supports WindowsXP for computers in the federal government? True story. Look it up.

      As for EyeTheSpy, he’s fake. The only time I read his “Q&A”, he sounded like a writer writing an introduction of a “Q for Dummies” book. It was laughable.


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