#HelperAnon takes us into the Multiverse! #GreatAwakening #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

#HelperAnon returned early this morning, and I hope you’re ready to follow him down the rabbit hole with me.

If you’re not familiar with HelperAnon, catch up here, with these two articles first:

Catching up with #QAnon. Can I Get Some Help from a Helper? Very Qonfused Edition. #NewQ #GreatAwakening #KenyaAwaits!

FLOOD Inbound. HelperAnon Returns! No Pandas in Gitmo! + /OurGuy/ in the Ranks? #QAnon #GreatAwakening

For reference purposes, I’m capturing his posts here in “tree view” so you can see some relevant responses from various #Anons.

Starting out, HelperAnon’s ID is e165a8, and highlighted in the screenshots, just to help you keep tabs and follow along. All other responses are from Anons.

But before I get in to it, I will remind my readers that this is not an endorsement of HelperAnon. We have no way to verify him, so remain skeptical when reading. I’m reporting on it because its very interesting, and seems relevant, at least on the surface. But again, that is in no way an endorsement of him or the things he is saying. If anything, just consider it me indulging my own “autistic” curiosity. I will keep following Helper unless he is outed in some way – be that by a mistake he makes himself, or if Q decides to say he’s fake or something.

We’ll have to go back and review:

If I had to read-between-the-lines, I’d guess we should focus in on these sentences here:

You talk about nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used.

If you change your mind having to do with this most important summit, please do not hesitate to call me or write.

There’s a threat of major force going on here, as well as an offer for peace. Effectively, Trump is saying “We can do this the hard way, or the easy way.”

The question is… Who is Trump really talking to, here? Who is he trying to convince to come along easily?

We’ll return to that questions momentarily, but for now, Anon drops the image of the cams from Chandler’s instagram:

And helper responds:

Yeah, a BUNCH of images of the outside of Epstein’s island were dropped on Saturday. I had never seen them before, but I skipped reporting on them because, well… there wasn’t much to report on, other than them being new and showing the buildings.  Take a look for yourself if you haven’t already. Here’s an imgur album of a lot (but not all) of them:

Here’s a blow-up of the image anon presented, with annotations:

So the real identifying feature here is a window – I’d say about 3 feet by 2 feet, and maybe a foot and a half, or two feet off the ground – if I had to guess -and frankly, it looks like the occupants in 15 are watching some kind of sex show going on outside in 16.

But I’ll tell you this much: I went through all the photos that were dropped, looking for a window that would match this size and placement, but I’m not confident in what I turned up:

My best guess is the house by the pool, which looks like it has shutters that seem to match the size of the window we’re looking at (though the placement seems a bit high). If you look at the surveillance pics, you’ll also note this circular light source on the right edge of the frame on 15, which seems connected with the light source on the left of frame 16.

My best guess is that this is some kind of nautical-styled, porthole window.

Note, on the building, some kind of dark, pillar-like ediface in between the two windows. Looks like the light or the porthole, or whatever it is, could fit in there.

And, the pool, of course, makes sense for whatever kind of show the girl(s?) put on.

Also could be this porch, here. See that dark spot on the inside (almost dead-center of the pic)? Could be a window.

As you can see, it’s really hard to say definitively, and I am welcome to other suggestions. Remember, the imgur album doesn’t have all the posts, so you’ll have to go back to the threads for all the images, starting in thread 1398 and moving up from there.

You take bets on which side wins (and can protect you).

HRC is wanting to take over Facebook.

And John Kerry wants to be President:

So, they want to seize social media (and the internet) in order to sufficiently brainwash us, and reclaim seats of power.

Anon responds:

Jumping threads, HelperAnon’s ID changed, this time to 76f225:

He tells an anon to pray re: Trump’s letter to KJU:

Now this was a really interesting interaction, mostly because of what Anon posted:

The best guess, I think, that Anons came up with some time ago for this is Natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung, aka Natural Economic Order. There are lots of other suggestions floating around, but NONE have ever been confirmed – a point I really wish Q would talk about.

Next comes a lot of back-and-forth, with helper responding to various anons. WIth that in mind, we’re going to be skipping around in time here, but I think that’s actually best for following the development of the ideas presented in the threads. Don’t worry, all posts will be chronicled, but just keep in mind that, chronologically, they may be a little mixed up.

I’m also going to blur out some anons’ responses, just to keep things on point, and so that it’s more clear who he is responding to.

In this next response, he’s responding to an anon talking about Kerry’s conversation about running for president being leaked.

Black hats put the message out, to spread it to everyone and convince them to fight Trump.

As for the keyword: free…

What I think he’s saying is that many of those working for #TheCabal are actually slaves, of sorts. Whether it be blackmail, threats of harm, or literal slavery – they’re not given a choice. The Cabal entraps them, and before they know it, they’re making terrible decisions on their own, which keep them enslaved.

Very interesting premise, here, making the Cabal play someone else’s game for once.

That way, you get to write the rules. You get the upper hand. It’s bullying the bullies.

Back to Trump’s letter to KJU.

Who is the letter really for? As anon says below, for Cabal strongholds. Iran is a good guess, but I’m sure there are other locations this could equally apply to.

What are they saying? NK is sucking up, and released something like 16 different statements, begging for Trump to come back to the “negotiation table,” despite negotiations already having taken place.

That, in an of itself, was a signal to other Cabal strongholds.

Helper is saying that we are Q – which is something I haven’t quite grasped the significance of, I think. Q said the same thing, but in my mind, it’s like, “Yeah, okay Q. Sure, we’re part of the movement, but you will always be the real Q; the guy with the intel.”

But I think what this is getting at is really diving us to take responsibility for the movement, and getting the message out into the real world.

Lol, Tyson made other boxers play his own game, too!

Helper is just verifying here that he is not Q.

This is where it gets a bit strange. Looks like he’s endorsing a multiverse theory.

He posts a gif here implying a sort of “fractal” nature of reality, because he’s relating atoms to stars.

Big if true, but not sure what proof he has to offer here.

Britons are actually fighting back in the wake of Tommy Robinson being arrested.

For those who don’t know, Tommy is a citizen journalist who has been documenting the Islamic rape and grooming gangs in England. He was recording outside a trial and was promptly arrested for “disturbing the peace,” because as we all know, Islam is a “#ReligionOfPeace” and not a pedophilic death cult fused with a political ideology, Satanically crafted together from bits of plagiarized Arianism.

Anyone who watched what was going on knew it was a total excuse just to get rid of him. And when I say “get rid of him,” I mean, they hope he dies in prison (God forbid!) because he’s been making the authorities over there look terrible, even downright complicit in all of this.

And whats worse is that the police immediately put a block on any reporting about the Tommy Robinson arrest. NO ONE was allowed to talk about it! They weren’t even allowed to acknowledge it had even occurred – which is profoundly distopian!

But for once, Britons are waking up, and fighting back:

Let’s hope they can #FreeTommy.

Q has gone over this before, but you have to reach a tipping point, and gain a certain amount of followers, before this can really go world-wide.

And there Helper goes with the multiverse stuff again… Crazy.

I mean, if I were to believe him on that for a moment- can you imagine how devastating living under President Clinton would be? I shudder.

Hopefully all the “Multiverse-Neons” are doing okay out there, and same goes for all my “Multiverse-readers.” Maybe we run a paramilitary rebel group against “Multiverse President Hillary” and actually win lol.

I jest, I jest…

I believe it. Given everything we know, and how sociopathic and awkward #Cuckerberg is, he’s just got to be taking marching orders from someone – ESPECIALLY if he never invented Facebook, and it’s just a rebranded Pentagon project.

Well, he’s not Q.

PLANned Parenthood.

That’s my best guess.

We already know they sell body parts. That’s been verified, 100%. That was a huge disclosure, when that video series came out, and Leftists FREAKED OUT when it happened.


I can’t wait!

ThankQ, HelperAnon… if you are who you claim to be!

Anyway, I thought all this was interesting enough to report on. I’ll repeat: this is not an endorsement of HelperAnon, or any of the information presented therein. It’s more me just indulging in my own autistic curiosity, and I hope you found it as fascinating as I did.

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48 thoughts on “#HelperAnon takes us into the Multiverse! #GreatAwakening #FollowTheWhiteRabbit”

  1. Q = Citizen –Roman banner SPQR = Senatus et Populus Quirites Romanus Individual Roman citizens were responsible to protect the free Roman state.
    Now we the people = Q to reclaim USA ???

  2. Very interesting. They never thought BREXIT would happen, and have in effect shut it down. They never thought , the usually, English sheeple would arise and not stay silent re Robinson as instructed. And they did not anticipate the Tommy movement catching fire and snowballing. It is being reported on and followed Al over Europe!

  3. “can you imagine how devastating living under President Clinton would be? I shudder.”
    A Vision of a Presidential Nightmare:

  4. I believe Helper is telling us that we must work to release people from their chains of perspective. ‘Perspective’ is the true meaning of multi-verse. For eg, many people (sadly) believe HRC is the rightful election winner and therefore president in their minds. If HRC becomes FB CEO, is it within the realms of possibility that she usurps Trump as president in the minds of the FB masses?

  5. Greetings) writing in haste, on the way out of town but this seems urgent to me/ will send money- NO ONE deducts money from me automatically so that closes me out of some of your info/ i read EVERYTHING you post; I tell them, on FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT that they ALL need to be reading your posts (I recommend only two: you and praying medic) / anyway, there is something you simply MUST listen to — sending a link; listen from 1:40:00 to the end/ you need to be aware of this AND to know, when you are praying, that the CORDON is still in place/ WE are the winning team. LIGHT eliminates darkness, simply by showing up/ God bless /// https://soundcloud.com/terrybennettministries/1-unto-his-full-measure-terry-11-18-16-part-1mp3?in=terrybennettministries/sets/unto-his-full-measure This is SoundCloud, Messengers of Shiloh, Unto His Full Measure 1A: again from 1:40:00 to the end.// Godspeed, patriot…

  6. My God you’re good. Glad to see your posts are being recognized by 8chan. Spend most of time on 8chan but also follow Praying Medic, X22, and of course, you.

    Not that you need to comment on the following, but I remember you saying HW blacklisted you. What a badge of honor. I hope you wear it proudly. That alone makes me want to keep following you as it’s a perspective and interpretation that needs to be factored in while trying to understand the Era of Q.


  7. Very interesting. I find your way of covering the various topics to be the best i’ve seen. It is greatly appreciated and definitely worthy of donations. I hope and pray we will soon see Potus’s team start to lay hands on these traitors.

  8. Aregentina and many pics from the brochure are in the “Hunting Hitler”
    Book and series that ran on History Channel. Jerome Corsi wrote the book. I plan to tread very lightly on this Anon helper. My discernment is triggered about him and the writing of his posts sound like broken speech just as Corsi likes to talk. Just my radar telling me. If Corsi was used by the black force and wants us to feel sorry for him, possibly, as these posts seem to say that many people have been blackmailed or are being used, by the cabal and possibly he is posting this stuff for what ever reason, I dont know. Q is Q and helper anon is just an anonymous source that has not been vetted so I am extremely skeptical.

  9. “We already know they sell body parts. That’s been verified, 100%. That was a huge disclosure, when that video series came out, and Leftists FREAKED OUT when it happened.”

    You mean something like this?

  10. Elon Musk has been making some interesting statements on the media. Search something like “who do you think owns the press elon twitter”, the whole thread is him calling out the incestuous nature of the controlled media while a journalist makes some dumb argument against him.
    Glorious times. Unfortunately I’m not on gab so I can’t just send the screenshot but it’s worth checking out

  11. Hrc as head of FB,is a revenge roll
    She blames the people whom voted against her in ’16
    Remember the space 1that exploded on the mat with the FB payload?
    While at the helm of FB,she will have an intelligence gathering source at her disposal since MZ is pretty much useless at this juncture .
    Locating Patriots and punishing them ,making examples might be the next plan.sending their MK Ultras colliding with patriots to try and silence the people

  12. “Individualism has no place in their agenda. Why fear when you ‘know’ that you’re just an agent of the greater invincible force?”

    This rang a bell—I’m about 100 pages into Malachi Martin’s book Windswept House, which deals with the NWO transformation of the Catholic Church. (It’s best known for a description of the “enthronement of Satan” ceremony, which Martin said actually happened.) In the book, the Pope (as are other NWO players) is just a tool of something called “the Process,” which is the overarching evolutionary plan for control. Perhaps “P” is not a person.

    Great work here.

  13. Sometimes you are trapped in someone’s game.Jigsaw.
    The only way to escape their game is to make them play your game!

    This is absolutely brilliant!

  14. I wonder whether all that earth-moving equipment on Pedo Island has anything to do with Q’s question asking why Epstein is spending $29mm to bury all his tunnels.

    Great post, as usual. You have a real talent for pulling it all together.

  15. Neon Revolt

    Earth is a freewill planet. Earth has been ruled by those who have used all the details outline here, by you, and even more to steer the choices of those inhabiting Earth to choose enslavement. To liberate a planet you need folks to choose. How do you get them to choose without violating their freewill? Conundrum.

    You trick them into see the truth. As they begin to see the truth they begin to change the reality they manifest in front of them. The majority of the planet is indifferent, the need is to convince enough indifferent to choose for the collective. Our reality is manifested via our choices, our energy, if we choose a new unified direction then poof, the cabal is gone entirely.

    DJT election was the ONLY legit election ever held. The rest were staged. The planet was given a choice, HRC enslavement, or DJT and liberation: they choose, Q was unleashed, the population’s energy was engaged via the drops – clever use of freewill. The energy of the Q followers flooded the Q team, and the effort began.

    The old 100 monkey thing is rather true, it only takes a small portion to choose for the populace, as most are indifferent. There are enough Q followers as of now. 6 months. As our energy changes, Q folks get a read and move, if we lag they pull back, if we advance they move forward. Freewill planet is hard to manage.

    Not hard if you know a teeeny tiny bit of how freewill expression goes within the creation of all. Liberation is hard and can only be accomplished via unity. So what are the agents of the planet doing? Avoid unity at all costs. Q says over and over, divide and conquer, stay unified. They fear unity.

    Look at how complicated the drops are, look at how many rabbit holes, all valid, live in each clue? Consider what that would take, consider who could do that in real time?

  16. I had discussed a multiverse theory I had with a coworker. Even as the words were coming out of my mouth I was thinking I was bat-shit crazy for even discussing such an idea. Glad to know there are others deep in guano with me!

    • It was to make it clear which responses I wanted you to read. There wasn’t much being said in the other responses (at least, that was on point).

      In other words, to clear up the clutter.

  17. I read somewhere that NWO – could stand for Nihilistic World Order – which makes sense as the CABAL view us as having no worth in the greater scheme of things.

  18. The multiverse theory is absurd. Are we to believe that in a possibly infinite universe, every subatomic particle in superposition will create another universe for each superposed particle? That would mean that there are an infinite number of universes increasing at an infinite rate. There may very well be multiple universes but if a new one was formed for every possible outcome the same would have to be true for any and all particles no matter how infinitesimally small.

    • I agree. Which is why I rolled my eyes when I read it.

      I reported on it, however, because I’m not sure if Helper is just stating his own, personal beliefs, or is privy to knowledge we don’t have.

      Either way, still interesting, but probably the single thing that made me think “LARP” more than any other.

    • At one point airplanes flying at 1000 miles an hour was absurd!!!

      At one point the idea that you could call mommy from the top of mt. Everest was absurd!!!

      Professors taught nuclear power was impossible, as folks were in fact manifesting nuclear power…..

      At point…

      It is the rigid mind that makes blanket statements about things they know little of, especially in absolutist terms. To take your knowledge, which is derived from a world of Wifi, state created education, fluoride, pedavores and the rest exposed here in documents no less, and to suggest that the creator’s bounds are contained within what you know, suggests the pedavores have been beyond successful.

      If Q has stated anything over and over again EXPAND YOUR THINKING, not restrict your thinking to exactly what you know.

      Is the multiverse a thing? it is so far beyond that “theory” as to be not worth discussing, but that truth can only be found in the heart. How is “one person” creating drops valid in a near infinite number of ways in real time? LARP, really, like a guy in a basement, making random clues leading to all this detail, documentation, connections, and so on? Really? A guy in a basement, controlling NK, the Marines, DJT shout outs? Seriously, whoa that’s a lot of diet coke? Expand your thinking.

      • Rigidity of mind is not the same as true impossibility, and calling it absurd to think otherwise. Learn the difference.

  19. Trump’s letter v.II: Acording to ambassador William Mount the letter was communicated to the Israel submarines sitting off the coast of North K, ready to start WW3. The comms helped ID their location. The subs have been escorted out by USA/China. Danger eliminated. The meeting in Singapore now can go ahead.

  20. Light needs energy and dark is a natural state.(paraphrasing).
    Expanding on Aaron Baumfelds statement ‘light eliminates darkness simply by showing up”. Calling on God to illuminate is a potent weapon which every believing person can utilize.

    God is the source of energy that created the universe and all within. Envision each prayer whispered from the mouth of a believer emitting a bit of light. Eventually, the light of those prayers, small or great, together will overpower the darkness ‘simply by showing up.’

    God gave us free will, so He requires ( note I did not say need) our participation. I would appeal to agnostics to also ask God to assist. What can you lose, nothing, but if we are correct and God is the source of all energy, it can be powerful assistance to those on the front lines.

    Thank you Neon for a thought-provoking analysis!

  21. UK here… We Brits have been fighting Globalism since before POTUS was even been elected.. #Brexit….
    We Brits ARE fighting every day. What is NOT happening is, all the various marching protests UNITING all at once.. Patriots, Football Lads Alliance, Brexiteers, Veterans, Paedo Hunters (we have LOADS of lads and lasses rounding up the low level local perverts) etc….
    The pot has been boiling for years and the lid is a rattling!!
    If OUR Tommy Robinson is killed in Prison through this Trumped up charge that he was arrested for, then I predict a riot! (or something)… 100Ks of people will be outraged… it will boil over.. IMO. We live in 1984..

  22. The multi universe theory is truly proposterous. However, what came to mind for me, is the role playing/decision tree matrix could be in play. I recall as a child reading these ‘decision tree’ books. You read the story, and you decided where the story went. If you chose #9, then you went to page 42. In this day and age, the computers do this. Lay out all the known information and give all the choices/options. Perhaps the computer ‘decision tree’ only had one scenario where Hillary loses. Pretty incredible if you think about it.

    No matter how it played out, I will still always give this to Divine Intervention. God did allow us this opportunity. We best use it wisely.

  23. My BIG problem with “Helperanon” is that “Q” has repeatedly stated, “No Outside Comms”. Helper anon is definitely an Outside Comm to me.

    Time will tell I suppose.

    • That’s… not what “outside comm” means, though.

      All comms from Q will come from a Chan. “Q” will never post outside of a chan. There will always be a chain of trust with Q-posts. You’re not going to find Q suddenly posting on Twitter, and anyone who claims otherwise is lying.

      But that doesn’t preclude someone else from posting accurate info on the chans, too. Plenty of white hats post on the chans all the time, often as regular anons, dropping bits of intel. We just need to pay attention.

      Still, skepticism is advisable, and I made sure to make that very clear for all my readers.

  24. This read was really entertaining and enlightening. I remember FBIanon was pushing the same thing on 4chan, saying that collectively, they’re more powerful than they realize and they have the power to make a change and push back the cabal, so powerful that Jared Kushner’s satanic “CADRE” logo had to be changed just because 4chan noticed it and made a big deal about it.

    This goes back to the 100th monkey syndrome, I do hope that people wake before the cabal initiate ultimate control and cull us down and lock in control for the next thousand years.

    As far as multi-verse goes, have you ever truly experienced the Mandela effect? I remember as a kid there was a movie by Sinbad the comedian and he played a genie (no, not shaq). It’s so vibrant in my mind, when I searched for it, I found many people experienced the same reality, I can still remember those stupid genie pants and curled up shoes. Multi-verse, who knows what’s behind “the veil”.

    • I remember the sinbad movie too. I had forgotten all about it until i stumbled upon a write up of the mandela effect. What’s even stranger to me is I also remember at the time when I swear I saw this movie – maybe 1 out of 5 knew what i was talking about the very next day. No idea if my memory has been corrupted because of the ME or if it has in fact been happening a lot longer than people think.

  25. After looking at all the data points and seeing a broader picture throughout history, I have a theory: Lucifer himself is at the top of this pyramid. Before you throw shoes, hear me out.

    When Adam (the first man) sinned, he gave title and deed, over this world system to satan (who possessed the serpent to deceive Eve, because he was Eve’s best friend at the time), since then the world system has become corrupt and there’s death and decay everywhere.

    In ancient cultures where human sacrifice was practiced, almost every time they describe a beautiful man with blonde hair and blue eyes, covered in feathers with skin like a snake (Quetzalcoatl), he would appear to various cultures and demand human sacrifice.

    I theorize that it’s in fact Lucifer, who else could be so needlessly malevolent.

  26. My friends Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger which was a huge proponent of Eugenics and was part of the original “progressive movement” that came out of the Social Darwinism school of thinking in the late 1800’s. https://youtu.be/lgxzjFsn3HI

    Let us not forget that the Nazi Eugenics program was literally taken from the Eugenics movement.

    You see the prescribe to a school of thought born directly out of the Royal Society..

    “At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes, as Professor Schaaffhausen has remarked, will no doubt be exterminated. The break will then be rendered wider, for it will intervene between man in a more civilized state as we may hope, than the Caucasian and some ape as low as a baboon, instead of as at present between the negro or Australian and the gorilla.”
    ― Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man


  27. We are all Q. We are united in many ways. We stay safe by NEVER giving the enemy the opportunity to compromise us. “Since we have these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement of body and spirit, bringing holiness to completion in the fear of God.” (2 Cor. 7:1) Whatever happens, we are safe in His hands. And He seems to have quite a hand in/on Q, too!

  28. In Cosmology the multiverse theory is a way to deal with the Anthropomorphic Problem which is how can we be here since if any of the basic parameters of Physics (gravity, electromagnetism, etc. ) are changed even a small amount the universe would be so different that we could not have evolved. So then there either has to be some kind of directing intelligence (god) or there needs to be may parallel universes whereby one of then will have conditions which will allow intelligent life to arise.

  29. Re: the multiverse comment(s) – my mind immediately went to the predictive science aspect in which one can “run” a simulation and judge the outcomes in those various possible “realities”. But then I also was reminded of the D-Wave quantum computing…

    I am highly confident of their use in global politics. However, humans are unpredictable in their reactions – individualism can break the code – so perhaps this is an outcome that wasn’t presented in any of those possible realities.

    Of course, they could certainly literally mean multiverses and I suspect those are likely and possible – and that the D-Wave was developed precisely to work with them. But I could be wrong. : )

  30. But as far as the multiverse goes in the present political reality . . . I agree with the view that “They thought she would never loose” and these people are stuck in an alternate reality. To them Trump is just a bad dream and, any day now, they will wake up and HRC will be President.
    I think it would be better to use the Scott Adams (Dilbert’s Dad) analogy of 2 people watching different movies.

    I highly recommend Scott Adams to anyone wanting to decode Trump’s negotiating skills or use of twitter to troll the Deep State.

  31. So these strange universe theories keep popping up everywhere. at least half is meant to deceive and the rest I think are hinting at truth. Even the lies are useful as they will have some aspect of truth to them, albeit twisted. The problem is sorting through the haze to fit the real puzzle together. And the push to do so does set off alarms on the bs meter. IDK kinda letting them all marinate until something fits.

    I have been working on this puzzle for quite some time now and its a slow crawl. I absolutely do believe we have the power to alter reality directly (quantum mechanics) and I believe hollywood bombards us to change our thought waves to their desirable outcome. So there’s that.

    Not sure I by the multiverse theory – but if all possibilities are possible at any given moment – then they exist until the box is opened [choice is made].

    Another interesting theory was the idea that deja vu is your ‘other selves’ communicating to you – whether from the astral plane (where you soul is connected to all) or from the other universes (again in theory). and saw something months ago about what happens if one of them dies – but cant remember now what it was.

    IF the mulitverse thing is real – then I do believe we are quietly connected to the other us(es) out there in some way. Most likely its an intentionally mislabeled slant of a very real phenomena.

  32. I lived in Argentina for a while. I know near Cordoba they told me there was a city where they still primarily spoke German. I have a friend who lived in Bariliche for a while anything I should ask him? Bariloche is a ski town, and being opposite side of the world, summer skiing for Europeans.


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