Trump’s Pedo-Prisons! #FEMA Camps #QAnon #GreatAwakening

An #Anon on /pol/ dropped these images this morning. They purport to be aerial images of a very new, very large FEMA camp, built in the Arizona desert.

The reason this camp ostensibly exists is to house and help anyone fleeing California in the wake of a big earthquake:

Here’s what anon had to say:

More pics:

UPDATE: It looks like the following photos come from a site in California, and not Arizona. I’m not sure why the original anon mixed them together. I’m thinking he was researching multiple sites, and got his photos mixed up, some how. Apologies for the error.

See for yourself, here:’20.0%22N+116%C2%B016’04.0%22W/@34.4068339,-116.276256,1974m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d34.4055556!4d-116.2677778

One anon on /greatawakening/ tied it back to this section from the Omnibus bill that Trump signed, earlier this year:

We’ve got almost 30,000 sealed indictments (if not more) right now, with more being added every day.

You could certainly hold everyone from those indictments in this camp, while they awaited trial.  And if, as I speculate elsewhere, these tribunals will take place in Utah, Arizona isn’t that far. You could bus prisoners to and fro quite easily. And the omnibus bill does provide funds for transportation.

After all, if Gitmo is the final destination for these guys, but we can’t hold them there while they await trial. It would just be too expensive and impractical for us to keep flying planes of people back and forth. So you need to house everyone someplace domestic, beforehand, and THEN ship them off to Gitmo if they’re convicted.

At least, that’s how it’ll be for the ones who survive their sentencing.

#FEMA #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NoCoincidences

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19 thoughts on “Trump’s Pedo-Prisons! #FEMA Camps #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

    • This makes it sound like we are setting ourselves up for a big disappointment–at least along this avenue.

    • This report actually clarifies how there can be so many “sealed indictments” when the actual number of criminals isn’t that big. If many of these are search warrents, wire taps and witness requests, that would still add up! Thank you for the link.

  1. My question is how will the MSM report on this if and when it happens?
    How will Trump present this the GP?
    How will the Dems react and spin it?
    Just wondering….

    • Probably will not be presented to the GP. The crimes of these animals is so egregious and sick the average person doesn’t;
      A. believe people are this evil
      B. “can’t happen here”

      Most people can’t mentally and emotionally handle what has been going on with the elites and globalists.

  2. The Yuma, AZ camp has been around for several years. It looks more developed that the last time that I saw it. The sat pics are more clear now as well. But it is definitely not new. If you dig, you can find old you tube vids of people investigating the camp a couple years back. There was an area that looked like a place cleared for mass burials that was to the north of it on the other side of the train tracks. It was a lesser known camp that I always wondered why so little attention was paid to it. There is literally nothing out there. You would be able to see/detect someone coming for miles. The old regime was building it for deplorable people like us that located in the Southwest US…

    • I could tell that the Yuma facility was not the same as the ones pictured. I guess I know why now since the pics are from a place in CA. The desert looks the same but the buildings are different. Here are some links to what the Yuma facility is:
      1) State Prison Facility
      2) ex-FEMA Camp for political dissidents
      3) Quarantine Camp for outbreak
      Regardless, Yuma,AZ facility is not new and people have been watching it for at least 5 years. I do not doubt that they will have to house a lot of people. Not sure that this is the place. There are desolate areas in the north AZ that would be better suited to house the cabal while waiting for trial. AZ in the summer is a great warm up for where the cabal’s next stop…
      1) FEMA Camp –
      2) Quarantine –
      3) State Prison –

  3. Don’t be confused by Pacer reporting 30,000 sealed indictments . These can be nothing more than wire tape requests, witness requests and other general information a court might be seeking. Not necessarily all people being indicted.

  4. Map coordinates from photos. 34 24 20 n 116 16 04 w. Google Map them yourself.
    Are not Arizona.
    It is a location north of Twenty Nine Palms California.
    Sorry but someone is misleading someone here.
    And, I don’t believe Neon would do thay.

    • You’re right. My mistake. I don’t know what that’s a photo of, but it looks several were taken from that San Bernardino location.

      Looks like a separate facility.

      Looks like the anon researching this might have gotten confused and mixed up the photos for TWO sites.

      Article updated.

      • Your most likely right.
        The rest of the information is actually more important than the photos.
        But as Q stated we have to read and re-read.
        If there are some kind of camps being set-up.
        It shouldn’t take long for it to spill.
        I’ll go back to lurking for now.

  5. There are not 30,000 criminals. Some criminals have multiple indictments.
    Yes, we see these pictures. The gov is telling us this is for emergency preparation. The speculation here is that this is drain the swamp preparation.
    We will know when the truth is told. Until then, we have to keep this nugget of information on the back burner. I find as I watch the Qanon movement, a person needs to wait for ACTUAL fact before personal judgement is made. It isn’t lack of trust, at all, to wish for fact.

  6. I once was told that those who were predisposed
    had an actual gene that allowed
    the infection to be passed to them
    and the alien entity could then control or influence them
    the” reptilians ” are from a different dimension goes along with the multiverse theory

  7. Late to the party here but, It’s not a “FEMA” camp (I’m sure you must realize that by now). It’s on the marine base at 29 palms and is a training environment to help Marines learn urban settings with a set of fake buildings. You can even tell that from the air. The Marines are on our side. 29 palms is no where near Yuma which is at least 4.3 hours away. No where near Utah which at the closest is 5 hours away. Not that close to Arizona either at 3 hours to the nearest AZ border. And more than 2 hours from San Bernardino. San Bernardino county is a Gigantic county. To anyone not accustomed to western Deserts it is not easy to comprehend realize just how vast the open desert areas are. I used to live in the so called “central Valley” of California. It’s over 470 miles from top to bottom and that’s just one valley. And to answer a question posed many times to me: No, It’s not even remotely near Los Angeles.


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