The Deep State’s Attempted Pressure Flip – Trump the Trafficker? #QAnon #GreatAwakening #TheCabal

The #DeepMedia #Mockingbirds are trying a new tactic.

I realized this after posting this #CDAN on my Gab account (

This was my immediate response:

And lo and behold! What do we have from our Deep Media friends other than screed after screed blaming Trump for this “newfound” trafficking crisis:

So just to be clear: Dems arm and direct the likes of MS-13 to steal children to sell into sex slavery………. and this is somehow Trump’s fault.

The coordination we’re seeing on this front is typical of Deep Media. After they receive their 4AM marching orders, they coordinate to push their narrative in tandem.

The Root went the furthest of all, seemingly mocking #QAnon followers in the process when it says to “Follow me down the rabbit hole.”

Of course, if this article is any indication, Mr. Johnson’s “research” leaves much to be desired.

The first paragraph alone should have Q devotees roaring in laughter.

But this is no laughing matter. If I’m reading the #CDAN correctly, this is a very coordinated attack on Trump, designed to make him the ultimate fall-guy for all the trafficking that’s about to be exposed. Because, make no mistake, someone is going to go down for all this – but #TheCabal is doing everything it can to make sure it’s someone else. And if the Feds are talking to Burnett – whether he’s guilty or not – I can guarantee you, they’re looking for an excuse to tie this back to Trump.

And this should surprise no one. The Cabal is attempting what’s known as a “pressure flip,” which is where you try to push the pressure back on whoever is accusing you of something, in order to deflect and distract. It’s rarely so obvious and easily observable. Which is why I’m posting this article now: to shed some light on this and help prepare us for this, the Cabal’s newest tactic

#QAnon #GreatAwakening #TheCabal #FakeNews #NoCoincidences #Pizzagate


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29 thoughts on “The Deep State’s Attempted Pressure Flip – Trump the Trafficker? #QAnon #GreatAwakening #TheCabal”

  1. They may not be “pressure flips” but our recent history seems to be one reversal after another. GWB goes after Muslims supposedly, ends up making them stronger which I am sure was his intention. Farther back, LBJ gets us fully into Vietnam to fight communism (I guess, nobody ever gave a reason really) and we ended up making communism stronger — which would go right along with LBJ’s leftist politics. And recently, the Dems, who were in bed with the Russians, accused Trump of being in bed with the Russians.

    Is Wray condoning a move against Trump? Or I guess the FBI structure is that it’s supposed to be hard for top management to micromanage investigations, so McCabe and Comey ended up being pretty egregious (now that they’re somewhat exposed) to control the FBI as they did, from their top management positions.

  2. Thank You Dear Patriot for you words of wisdom, keen insights and devotion to the truth. You are so very much appreciated and wishing you all the best! Thank you!

    • Yes, but the language is such that they’re trying to associate it with Trump. Just look at all the tweets under the hashtag @WhereAreOurChildren. It’s all Trump-hate.

  3. I belive you got this one wrong, CDAN was referring to Eva Longoria’s billionaire husband:
    “Mexican businessman José Antonio “Pepe” Bastón Patiño, then the president of Televisa, the largest media company in Latin America.”

  4. Enty, anonymous blogger of Crazy Days and Nights, said it all in the Vanity article
    “All it takes is one “tiny victory” for an entire readership to assume all of Crazy Days and Nights is legitimate….” The victory is the reveal or in this case being magpie’d by the MSM…which is what Enty is going for here.

    “All it takes is one “tiny victory” for an entire readership to assume all of Crazy Days and Nights is legitimate” “His posts reveal the truth about our favorite celebrities, and that claim is validated when reveals and easy-to-decode blinds (like an A-list couple’s recent split—no, the other one—for example) are covered by mainstream media.”

    Plus, I very sure he’s getting as much money as Public Television and NPR gets.

  5. Assuming you are correct. We will see, in the coming weeks, if they are going to commit and double down on projecting this shit on innocent people. All of this could really backfire on them. It also indicates;
    1. They are terrified
    2. It’s going to push up the time table to round all these scumbags up and throw them down the deepest hole.
    3. Maybe Burnett is dirty. Who the hell knows.
    4. Part of the problem on moving forward with this has always been public acceptance of this evil.
    5. If you are correct then The President needs to get in front of this and gather a couple of A list celebrities together to publicly start tearing all of Hollywood down with the truth. A McCarthy 2.0 would be the best format for the Hollywood gang.

    Most people will have a problem wrapping their heads around this much evil. The thought that there could be this much co-ordination, from so many lunatics, that there is this much evil in the world leaves most people so astounded in disbelief as to make it an impossible pill to swallow. The narrative has always been pedophiles and satanists are lonely guys in panel vans who have no friends or associates. Despite the evidence and convictions that say otherwise (see Belgium, UK cabinet and parliament of Thatcher era etc.)

    If there is a co-ordinated effort from the opposing camp to try and throw the President under this freight train they might be doing us all a favor by bringing this discussion and concept into the collective mind.
    Careful what you wish for fuckers because “you don’t always get what you want”.

  6. neon could you comment about seaman
    and his ranting about Q

    p.s. the modern cabal got started after Kennedy assassination
    with LBJ Walter Jenkins and J Edgar they all had something in common

  7. First of all, the Podesta emails are still valid, as is his and his brothers various deeds including Madeline McCain. The evidence is too great that there is a sect of Hollywood, DC, Vatican, London rich who believe that they are above the law, who have engaged in child sex trafficking and slavery.
    Too much evidence, yet so far, no arrests, other than Weinstein, who shows up to court with his reading list.

    If what you conjecture were the case, it would be the stupidest move ever made, bc it would force arrests, now. NOW.

  8. Team Trump must have known that the Deep State would attempt this – I’m hoping/believing that all the DS prior deflections and lies have woken enough people to their lack of credibility. In fact, I believe that Team Trump knew that this child-trafficking deflection would be their final stand. Team Trump therefore destroyed their credibility on all of the other lesser fronts (fake news, Russia bs, false racism etc) that there are now enough people questioning all the false accusations against Pres Trump that they have initiated this battle too late. They got greedy. They tried to have it all-keep the pedo ring in place by destroying Trump on the lesser fronts. Sorry DS, you lose.

  9. Hillary takes bribe to authorize sale of uranium to Russia.

    Pressure Flip…

    Trump is a Russian spy.

    Hillary and Bill are rapists and pedophiles.

    Pressure flip…

    Trump is a rapists

    Obama\Hillary\Democrats thru Correct the Record, Media Matters, Authorization of domestic propaganda destroys the media/1st Amendment/news.

    Pressure flip….

    Trump is Fake News and wants to end freedom of speech with new libel laws.

    I could go on and on and on. This strategy is from Rules for Radicals and WAS quite effective until recently. However, the magic no longer works because we know how to perform the trick.

  10. How in the world can they or anyone have the audacity to even mouth the words thatthey LOST 1500 children,let alone 1 child?? It’s so ludicrous and unbelievable,, especially with all the technology and surveillance system and tracking devices,, I mean we live in a police/Nazi like state anyway?? And besides all the obvious questions,,,theses so-called people/sponsor/foster-group of caretakers we’re and are supposed to be vetted and monitored by the states welfare agencies at all times, just like when Child Protective Services comes into Americans homes and steal their children for no reason at all !! An American HERO#NANCYSHAEFER

  11. If the Left flips the trafficking script onto Trump, they will do so through the old establishment media (of course ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC).
    The problem is that there are millions of retirement age folks out there who are instinctively socially conservative, or traditionalist, but… but… but… still think the old TV networks basically, give or take, play it straight up the middle.
    When the child trafficking evils of the Left are blamed falsely on Trump, these many, many septuagenarians, and octogenarians will think there’s something to it.

  12. This seems to be a definite possibility. These loons are getting desperate, and are increasingly more recklessly unhinged. What they are doing now is ultimately working against them, as “what” has already transpired, and “who all” is involved is already known. They are falling into their own trap, by their own momentum (sort of a transcendental kung-fu). Trump has changed the paradigm, and has been continually “chumming the water,” but they are too ignorant to understand that there is no real meat there. However, with their desperation, comes an increase in the danger quotient; therefore, more of a likelihood of violence against innocent people, and even possibly our POTUS. While it is assumed that one of the working models of the Leftist is to create anarchy, should they go too far with direct action, this ends very badly for them.

  13. I found this….
    is almost certainly Eva Longoria and her husband Jose Antonio Baston. Longoria is involved in over 40 charities and has at least 5 of her own. Baston runs ops at her charities and is very actively involved. Her charities are based in the San Antonio area which puts them in an ideal geographical position to pick off immigrant children after scooping them up through her charities.

    Baston keeps an ultra low profile and is ‘president of Televisa, a media brand in Latin America. Eva was Jose’s girlfriend for many years. Both of them are involved in much sociable work’

  14. Excellent work. Like all your work, as far as I can tell.

    There seems to be some concern here as to the reaction of the people – “normies,” I suppose – but in my experience, that is not a problem.

    I redpill people all the time, and when I do, I go right for the jugular, so to speak. I ask people, “How much evil do you think is in the world?” Inevitable answer: “A lot.”

    Next: “What if I told you there is a rather large group of people in the world who are Luciferians who sexually and physically abuse babies to death and then eat them?” Answer of 99%: “I actually do believe that.” Answer of 1%: “I wouldn’t be surprised if that were proven.”

    Next: “What if said that group is comprised of fantastically wealthy and powerful people?” Inevitable answer: “Yeah, they sold their souls to the devil, so they do the devil’s will.”

    I have questioned many, many people, in every age group, and of every ethnicity, and the answers are the same. Most quick to agree: Christians, followed by Jews. Also quick to agree: Africans, which is to say, people literally living in Africa.

    On the political spectrum, the farther right, the quicker to agree, though I’ve found that moderate liberals also agree, especially after a bit of discourse of my part. Total naysayers: hard-core leftists (though these are the main perps, so go figure…guess one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing).

    I think that the more this stuff comes out, the more people will get onboard. I also believe that the stuff that Q thinks will cause huge trauma to people are things that people already believe in their heart anyway. I wouldn’t want children to hear it, but adults? Not seeing a problem there.

    Just sayin’.

      • I got the video to play when I stayed on this page and let it play in the page. Trying to link to YouTube was not successful.

        High points of the video: Julian Assange is Q. All will be revealed on June 11, 2018, which is when the pain arrives. Then YouTube and Twitter play their censoring games. BC17 did the archiving and presents the info before the censor got busy.

        Point to consider: Does the date Julian lost internet access match the date of Q’s last post?

        As for Julian being Q, it’s a big Universe. Room for lots of strange things. Only have to wait 2 weeks to find out.

  15. Off topic, but it is what I can do.
    #FreeTommyRobinson, #FreeJulian Assange, #PatriotsFight
    It has become obvious that Trump did not collude with the Russian but it was the UK MI6 and The 5 Eyes that conspired with the Obama DOJ/CIA/FBI against him. Tommy was reporting on a trial of Pakistani Pedofiles when the UK Police State arrested him. This is the Focus. This is the point where Patriots World Wide stand up for Truth and Freedom.
    Lets have some action. Sign the petition. Male your voice heard.
    EMAIL: [email protected]

  16. On topic . . . . Trump has consistently been 3 moves ahead. Didn’t Q ask what a Laser Pointer was for? Well you can use it to run cats repeatedly into a wall. But this time Trump is using himself for bait with the intention of running the Mockingbird Media right off the edge of the Grand Canyon. Bye Bye.
    Q has gone silent and there is 2 weeks until 6/11, if indeed that is the big reveal. Let the media start screaming about child trafficking until it is on every America’s mind. Then WAMMO. The coupe de grace.
    Is this just wishful thinking? Or a real possibility?


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