Weinstein is Signalling… #Hollywood #Pizzagate #NoCoincidences #TheCabal

I posted this #CDAN earlier this morning on my Gab – along with select comments from the page:

Amazing how all these crimin… I mean, “career politicians” seem to have their own “charitable foundations.”

Now, add to the mix, this:

Funny how there seems to be a sudden surplus of articles on this subject:

Go ahead, search it for yourself and see.

But let’s look at a quote from that first article:

Kazan, a celebrated Broadway director who then won two Oscars for 1947’s “Gentleman’s Agreement” and 1954’s “On the Waterfront,” became a pariah in left-leaning Hollywood over his 1952 testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee rooting out Communist Party members in positions of prominence.

Called before the committee at the height of the Red Scare, Kazan named eight Hollywood figures who, like him, had once been members of the Communist Party.

His testimony — and refusal to apologize for it later on — tarnished his reputation with many in Hollywood. Dozens of stars declined to stand or applaud when he accepted an honorary Oscar in 1999, according to the L.A. Times. Kazan died in 2003 at age 94.

Never forget that #McCarthy was right.

But beyond that, #Anons seem to concur:

So what’s Harvey’s angle here? Is he really just a prodigious reader? Planning a Kazan biopic for his “inevitable, triumphant return?”


My bet is he’s trying to play both sides. He’s trying to save his own behind by becoming something of an informant, while signalling to those who he might rat on to take cover immediately.

You know, kind of like another wealthy, famous sexual predator did:

(Source: https://vault.fbi.gov/jeffrey-epstein)

Which is why you’re suddenly seeing so many articles on Harvey’s reading list. The media clowns and mouthpieces – the “deep media” (the term Rush Limbaugh coined yesterday) – are spreading the word as fast as they can, so their masters can scurry back, into the dark.

Any coincidence rats like James Alefantis are in Europe right now?

Alefantis, in particular, is in Greece, as these leaked instagram pics show, taking pictures of degenerate homosexual ancient Greek “art,” naked statues, and statues of boys.

Make no mistake, the creatures of darkness are trying to hide, and I would put money on Cuomo going down, next. So much evil happens in Albany.

Even Marina Abramovic lives there!

…In a 6-pointed, star-shaped house…

…Which some speculate was once owned by Aleister Crowley. (Though I’ve yet to get verification on that).

I wish I still had the aerial pic to show you guys of this place. It’s literally shaped like a star, sitting in the middle of New York.

But yeah, with Schneiderman out of the way, Weinstein knows he can’t hide any more. He’s out of options.

So he’s doing what’s in his best interest. But he’s also trying to give his old friends one more heads-up, before he goes down that road.

At the very least, this fat rat will hopefully rat out a few more rats, so we can round them all up, and have ourselves one big rat bonfire. It’s going to be glorious!

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#Hollywood #Pizzagate #NoCoincidences #TheCabal

29 thoughts on “Weinstein is Signalling… #Hollywood #Pizzagate #NoCoincidences #TheCabal”

  1. When Crowley was in New York, he was there on behalf of British Intelligence, conducting black propaganda against German interests in America. He was also busily ingratiating himself with the relentlessly anglophilic US upper class, who found his calculated aristocratic charm irresistable.

  2. Hi Neon, once again thank you.

    My take on Weinstein carrying the Ali Kazan book was opposite yours. I thought it was a threat, such as “If I go down I am taking you all down with me”. I concluded if he was that brazen to threaten others he must have police protection.

    Your interpretation makes more sense, he is probably warning others to get out of Dodge.

  3. Hey Neon,

    Love the work! I was wondering if you could make it easier to scroll through the older posts? Could you make it more like google with more m scroll numbers. Thanks bro! Keep up the good work.

    • Not sure what you mean. Don’t forget about the “Archives” section on the right side of the page, though!

  4. Hey, NeonRevolt I’ve been waiting for comments to be allowed so I can let you know how much I value you as a information source. Thank You very, very, very much for the time and energy you dedicate towards educating your audience. You write with integrity and thoughtfully encourage us to formulate our own opinions by researching issues and using our critical thinking abilities. I appreciate all you do. Much gratitude!

  5. Kenneth asked:
    “Wonder what the other two books were…”
    Well, one is clearly his BIG Black Book. BIG.

  6. Notice the “Kinderhook Creek” right next to MA (the witches) house.
    Kinder in German means “children”…
    “Children Hook Creek”

    • Good catch! here is what I found on wikipedia:

      Kinderhook Creek (Pasanthkack)
      East Creek, Kinderhook Brook
      Main branches of Kinderhook Creek and Claverack Creek
      Country United States
      States New York, Massachusetts
      County Columbia County, NY, Rensselaer County, NY, Berkshire County, MA
      – location Hancock, Taconic Mountains, Massachusetts
      – coordinates 42°34′38″N 73°17′52″W
      Mouth Stockport Creek
      – location Stockport, New York
      – elevation 10 ft (3 m)
      – coordinates 42°19′03″N 73°44′43″WCoordinates: 42°19′03″N 73°44′43″W
      Length 49 mi (79 km)
      Kinderhook Creek[1] is a 49.0-mile-long (78.9 km)[2] tributary to Stockport Creek, an inlet of the Hudson River in the United States. From its source in Hancock, Massachusetts, the creek runs southwest through the Taconic Mountains into Rensselaer County, New York, and then into Columbia County. It flows through the towns of Stephentown, New Lebanon, Nassau, Chatham, Kinderhook and Stuyvesant to its mouth at Stockport Creek in the town of Stockport.

      Kinderhook Creek has a drainage area of over 329 square miles (850 km2).[3]

      1 History
      2 Tributaries
      3 See also
      4 References
      Kinderhook Creek was known as Pasanthkack by the Mahican Native Americans.[4] Prior to 1667 it was known as “Major Abram’s (Staats) Kill” and “Third Falls.” In 1823 it was called Stuyvesant Falls (now referring to a village on the creek) and after 1845 “Kinderhook Creek”.[5]

      The name “Kinderhook” has its root in the landing of Henry Hudson in the area around present-day Stuyvesant, where he was greeted by Native Americans with many children. With the Dutch Kinder meaning “child” and Hoeck meaning “bend” or “hook” [in the river], the name literally means “bend in the river where the children are”. A figurative translation is “children’s point”.[6]

  7. IMHO, Weinstein is showing that Kazan book and smiling bc he feels that he is a victim of a witch hunt. Perhaps he thinks he is not that bad, considering the people that he knows.? In any event, he was smiling and bringing reading materials to his charging hearing wherein he is accused of rape. He clearly does not feel guilty of anything, or he would not be acting like he is on his way to the DMV for a speeding ticket. What he does not realize is that things have changed. Now, when we look at “movie stars” and “TV personalities”, we see pimps and whores. When they dress like they do, they signal that they are professional, and that is how they got the job. Then, you have MA running around w her bucket of slop, and the Podesta emails/art/pizza signals/ etc which we all read when WIKILEAKS published them. The suspicion is real. We may not be able to prove it, but we see the players clearly, for the first time. Weinstein may yet beat the rap and walk free like Epstein did. Money talks. However, we have changed. We see the game for what it is. Once you know, you can never go back to purposeful ignorance.

  8. Just subscribing to be notified of new posts. Commenting seems to be the only way to do it. Keep up the great work!

  9. I enjoy how you narrate the Q drops and give an intepretation coupled with your opinion of what they mean.
    You do an awesome job at covering all aspects of their intended meaning by adding intelligent deep diving that makes normies relate!
    I find your daily analysis of Q far surpasses many I have read. Keep up the Awesome work!!

  10. What’s the point of the reading material when he’s out on $1M bail? I really wish Q would address this because my heart sunk when I found out he was able to bail himself out until his trial so easily. What happened to the 12/21 EO that froze the assets of people involved in human rights abuses? Why do these guys still have access to their money??

    • That pisses me off as well. I guess Civil Asset Forfeiture only goes into effect when cops arrest poor and middle class people, while the rich are immune and operate under different laws to protect them. Scumbags like Podesta and Weinstein should have all their assets frozen and be forced to wait in Gitmo until they go to court for their trials. Unfortunately, it looks like all these pedovores are going to skate and go free just by paying a million dollar fine and all is well and forgotten. Damn, I hate this bullshit justice system.

  11. There is a hidden purpose for the laxity of their releases, (1)The more comfortable they feel about being free (as they can) the more they talk the (Feds)have them so surveiled they can’t even blink without notice. (2)Their funds and property is being closely monetered not frozen they have to be convicted of their crime first. (3) It is a proven fact that when the ship is sinking rats turn on their own ergo the “The Rat Pack”. No offense to any of the original pack. JMO

  12. When you read about Epstein’s assets not forfeited (as long as he cooperates, in that 2008 document), don’t you immediately think, “If only that island had been taken away then?” Still, the uber-wealthy always find a way.


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