QConfirmations Comin’ In FAST! #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Though we love it when Q is around, he doesn’t even have to be dropping new intel for the news to just keep rolling in.

In my late night lurking on the boards, I kept coming across all these #QConfirmations. I posted a few on Gab and MeWe, but I quickly came across so many, I wanted to compile them into a quick post.

And major thanks to all #Anons who created these. Some really amazing work here.

First up, Trump’s Jong/Jung letter:


And another thing about it! Anon identified the letter to Kim Jong-Un as the letter previewed in #QAnon’s previous “follow-the-pen” drops.

I was expecting that to be related to an Executive Order, so this took me by surprise, but sure enough, it all lines up!

Full size: https://www.neonrevolt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/f650f5e18f9dad511cab680f60dd04209e4c88931ee8ed8661c651313dd4e7b1.png

And you all heard about the Judge who ruled against Trump, saying he wasn’t allowed to block people on Twitter, due to it being a violation of their 1st amendment rights?

Yeah, anon thinks a Q stringer predicted that, and he makes a very compelling case:

And this is great news for us, because it means Twitter can be regulated now, because it’s a “public forum.”

We can also sue them for shadowbanning and censoring us.

Time to pay up, @Jack! Hahaha!

One Anon has an amazing theory about Rudy stepping in as AAG.

I will admit; that hadn’t occurred to me, but it makes a LOT of sense.

Full size: https://www.neonrevolt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/380dc97c0752bde1220fe611e6a1aeda2592a4f8a6ad03351cf2e0b748dfc17b.jpg

And last, but definitely not least… did you happen to catch #POTUS’ new Twitter Banner?

You ready for #TheFLOOD tomorrow?


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38 thoughts on “QConfirmations Comin’ In FAST! #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. Loretta Lynch changed the Order of Succession :
    On January 13, 2017, during the Presidential transition of Donald Trump, then President Obama issued executive order 13762.[1] This order changed the Department of Justice line of succession to the following:

    Attorney General – Sessions (recused)
    Deputy Attorney General (Rosenstein)
    Associate Attorney General ( if Rudy)
    United States Attorney for the District of Columbia
    United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois
    United States Attorney for the Central District of California

    then if Rosenstein resigns, Rudy becomes DAG or lead over Mueller on anything Sessions recused from – so Rudy has been talking to Mueller (allegedly) about Trump/Russia (more likely Hillary & Cabal/Russia) and Mueller will be reporting to Rudy then the Flood is Coming and the Deep State has no Ark for shelter-

    Under President Trump it’s like Christmas all year long …

    5:5 on the clock is 5.25.18 – LET’S ROLL !!!!

  2. I am confused about the 210 days…
    Does it mean, if you are an “Acting” you can only serve 210 days and then step down?
    Does it mean, if you are an “Acting” after 210 days you become permanent in that position (no longer “Acting”)?

    • My current, updated understanding is that the 210 days was a countdown timer, of sorts.

      Trump had to wait 210 days before he could appoint an AAG.

      That “timer” expired yesterday, meaning as of 5/25, POTUS could put anyone he wants in there.

      Why is that important?

      Because it completely sidesteps a Senate confirmation.

      And there is now heavy speculation that Trump is going to appoint Guiliani as AAG, which would just be… so wonderful!

  3. Neon,
    I thought you were being censored. I tried to check your page about an hour ago and you weren’t up. Then I realized you were just 509’ed. I know you’re very popular and post quite often, so it’s understandable.

    I want to thank you for your insight and decodes. I started following Q in early January when I happened to see a meme about Q, Now I check for Q drops every hour.

    I believe you are legitimate, extremely knowledgeable, and also very thorough in your posts. I don’t watch Jones or Corsi anymore because they exposed themselves. Keep up the great work brother. We know you’re hard at work helping norms and Anons make sense of all this. And don’t think that Q doesn’t know the sacrifices you’re making in this war… Autists need Red Bull? Anyone who follows you knows that was a direct message to you. Now that you’ve allowed us to post again, I will comment here from time to time to give my 2 cents.

    Thanks again, and remember… Patriots Fight!

  4. Thank you Neon, I enjoy and learn here, it is greatly appreciated.

    King Rich, I am also confused by the 210 days.

  5. The letter lining up with the pen letter looks pretty close however to me it looks like the “a” is between the “rt” of parties in the pen pic and the “a” is between the “pa” in the full KJU letter. Comments?

  6. I don’t see where the letters line up on picture of the pen with letters in conjunction with the letter to NK. According to the picture there should be an “a” under the “t” and in the letter there is not.

  7. Neither jung or jong mean anything other than being a family name in Korean. Check any translator site/device or Korean-English dictionary. Making stuff up doesn’t help the cause.

  8. My understanding is that the AAG would have to be confirmed or something previously confirmed. Rudy hasn’t been, has he?

  9. Thanks again Neon! Have a wonderful and Blessed day! I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now. It helps put things in perspective when I’m a little confused! You’re brilliant and your great work is greatly appreciated! I will be supporting you on Gab! You and your work is well worth the small monthly subscription fee plus a whole lot more! #WWG1WGA #PatriotsFight

  10. Maybe I am blind, lol….but what is the significance of that twitter banner? it is respectfully requested that you don’t assume we can see what you are seeing.

  11. Have been looking for you for a few days and am ECSTATIC that I finally found you. (Verizon “Unlimited” keeps me extremely limited). Working on that.

    Happy to be reading you in the “espresso” form.

  12. I just left this comment on the latest Judicial Watch YT Video. Any feedback? Thanks.

    I also want [ALL] the records released. But if you follow #Q anon you will realize that the present withholding is due to 3 reasons. The first is to whet the appetite of the American Public to the eventual release of these damning documents. The anticipation and controversy RED PILLS more people every day. Second is that, as the present media spin shows, the MOCKINGBIRD MEDIA will try to deflect and minimize. any bad news. But they can only handle so much at once…but once the IG report is out, well then…..THE FLOOD IS COMING. Third is that Huber is trying to button up a lot investigations and probably multiple Grand Juries. The less that gets out the less the Cabal Criminals will realize how much legal jeopardy they are in. (10,000+ sealed indictments are waiting to be unsealed and executed)

  13. I’m not sure why everyone is so positive Rudy is a white hat. I remember him doing and saying some sketchy things on 911 especially after building seven fell. If anyone has more information I’d appreciate hearing about it. At the time I was pretty sure he was part of the Bush Crime demolition team. Thanks Neon – love your website.

  14. Mr Revolt must be surpassing his paid bandwidth limit. Which is entirely a good thing. He must be getting lots of visits and understandable. Great work Neon. I will support u to help with higher traffic coming to site. Your insight is invaluable.

  15. The NK letter confirmation picture sure seems bogus to me. The document in the Q image looks like it’s using a sans-serif typeface like Helvetica or Arial; the President’s letter to NK appears to be written good ol’ Times New Roman.

    Honestly, this has me doubting the authenticity of the image that Q posted. The photos I can find of Trump displaying his EOs show very plain documents that only have a textual logo at the top (no WH seal in gold) and are written in Courier New (or equivalent), which mimics the look of a typewriter typeface.

    See https://i.imgflip.com/1ijyoy.jpg and https://www.theepochtimes.com/assets/uploads/2017/01/28/GettyImages-632867454-e1485639025263.jpg (this one is especially clear).

    Thoughts, anyone?

  16. Hi Neon

    I think you are right about the EO been under Trumps folder, that 100% confirmation isn’t right, the letter “a” below doesn’t match whats in the letter plus the spacing is to big from the word above to the “a”. Im sure when the EO come’s out the correction will be made.

  17. it would be good if you acknowledged errors in your posting. The letter do not match, any AAG must have been approved by Senate.

    • I always issue corrections.

      I just happen to completely disagree with the people saying the letters don’t match, and wonder how they could think that. I think they match.


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