Hashtag Love + Site Updates + Donations + Comments + QTunes #NeonRevolt

Hashtag Love:

I want to first thank everyone who has been sharing my articles on Twitter (and really, every social media site), but especially on Twitter, because they’ve been (very smartly) using the #NeonRevolt hashtag in the wake of my account being banned there.

It’s great to see what I write resonating with people, so much so that they’d take time out of their day to share it with others. I’m grateful, and I know many others are, too.

(Actually, I might start adopting that hashtag as an official thing. I use hashtags for everything, so ¯_(ツ)_/¯ why not?)

And if you’re wanting to catch up with me on a twitter-like site, head on over to gab.ai/NeonRevolt. It’s a really great free-speech alternative, and rapidly growing. I post there daily, now, and it’s often supplemental things to the stuff I’m writing about here. Lots of great short-form content available there.

Site Updates:

I went ahead and upgraded NeonRevolt.com to now have Push notifications. What this means is, if you click subscribe, you’ll get a little notification in your web browser whenever I publish a new article! It’s a really easy way to keep up with the constant happenings.

When you first visit the site, you’ll get a drop-down notification asking if you want to subscribe. There’s also the Neon bell in the bottom-right corner, and you can click that to manage your subcription.


Quite a few people have been asking for some kind of donation mechanism to help support Neon Revolt. They didn’t want to purchase a T-shirt, and I understand that, so today, I’m rolling out my Gab Pro subscription service.

How does it work? Easy!

If you want to support my efforts, you go to Gab.ai/NeonRevolt and click the big, pink “subscribe” button.

It costs $1.99 a month, and I get 80% of that, with 15% going to Gab, and 5% going to the payment processor. (I think that’s an okay split. Good enough for the time being, at any rate).

Now, how will this affect my writing and the content I publish?


You guys know already that I write A LOT, and that will not change. But I’m at a point in life where – honestly – I’d like to make this my employment for the foreseeable future. I spend a ton of time researching and writing, really, so you don’t have to. I think I offer a lot of value for free, so if that’s something you appreciate, you can now help support my efforts.

Some content creators like to lock away content behind a paywall, and rope people in to thinking they’re paying for special knowledge/access. Not so with me.


I want to be exceedingly clear: This is not a paywall. Everyone will get the same content, regardless of whether they choose to support me, or not.

This is just a way for you to support my efforts with the site. If you have derived some sort of value from this page, I would be grateful if you chose to support the site.

And honestly, we’re not even talking latte prices. We’re talking like Medium Dunkin’ Donuts prices here.

If my efforts with the page are worth more to you than the cost of one medium Dunkin’ (per month! Not per week or per day, but per month), please consider subscribing.

And thank you to anyone who chooses to subscribe in the meantime!


Some of you have already noticed comments are open again!

Please… don’t try to shill me on reptilians, crystal healing, Annunaki bloodlines… or anything else along those lines.

Those kinds of comments might just kill me.

And if they don’t, I might just kill me anyways.



I want to end on this piece:

@War-Drummer over on Gab sent this to me. It’s a sort of Industrial Q Anthem. I get lots of mid-90’s Trent-Reznor vibes from it, and think it’s a pretty solid!

Give it a listen, if that genre is up your alley!

Alright, thanks for checking in, guys. I know you’re looking forward to the next Q-drop as much as I am!


25 thoughts on “Hashtag Love + Site Updates + Donations + Comments + QTunes #NeonRevolt”

  1. Excellent song. I love that they had Bill Cooper in the background. We owe our movement to him. May he Rest In Peace.
    Thank you for your hard work. Very insightful and hard hitting. I look forward to all your posts.

  2. Thank you so much for including my song. I want to be the War Drummer for the patriot movement. And you helped me with the 1st step. You are awesome.

  3. Posted this twice elsewhere and don’t know if you got it. This will be the last. Know you like movie references, and Trump says this a lot.

  4. Love your work brotha! I am really liking the screen caps of the 8ch threads. 8ch is a lot harder to figure out then 4chan’s slide threads. This is what exactly thought about when Q brought up people in the movement to make money. My first thought was how are these people supposed to eat. Ill add you to my donations list this coming weekend man. Take care and god bless.

  5. you & SB2 are my only news sources now, so what’s the latest on Kelly’s meeting w/ Go8? RR present? thanks in advance for all your hard work – much appreciated & admired

    • I haven’t heard anything on that front, yet, but I’ll try to remember to include it in an update if anything significant comes out of it.

  6. I will gladly donate! I am thrilled to support your work. I check your site an embarrassingly number of times daily and feel like I’m opening a gift whenever I see a new post. I’ve subscribed to you via gab and use MeWe. I am appreciative of your and like minded patriots’ efforts!

  7. Hey, I just wanna say I love what your doing here and I’m really happy I found your site. (You are the first, and probably last site I have/will allow push notifications for, please be honored)
    If feels super fresh and raw, like a dank red-pilled version of hipster runoff (-all the BS… you know what I mean) But yea, just wanted to show my support and let you know you got some great stuff going on here! Thanks for all your hard work!

    naow ken eye plz red-p1ll u on (our lord in savior) teh crys74l lizz4rdz? :}

  8. Hi, love your site and check here often for new posts and I am a WW Patriot and follow Q.
    I would like to know why no one is talking about this info since it’s related to the Jim Jordan letter:

    Republicans Announce They’re Going After Hillary, Comey, Lynch, And Others in DOJ and FBI For Crimes
    You can view the video here:

    Thanks for your insight it’s very much appreciated.

  9. Thanks m8 for allowing us to comment.

    About “crystal shealing”; it ISN’T something WE believe. It’s something our enemies believe in.

  10. I just subscribed to your output on GAB. If you had an alternative donation method it would be 10 times higher if I picked the amount. The reason I subscribed, you articulated well in this post. Value for value is a concept I support though I ‘m getting a bargain here.

    The main value you bring to me is the high quality research distillation in written form. The Web drowns us in information. Writers who sift the information, extract the relevant important items and then discuss why those items are relevant (analysis) are rare and need to be encouraged/rewarded. Your essays are roughly equivalent to the choice of a ton of rock with one ounce of gold in it (freely available on the web) or the refined one ounce gold coin. I’ll pick the coin.

    Also, people under appreciate the written word today. Writing concentrates the writers mind and easily allows the readers mind to do the same. Plus I can easily stop the input and ponder a particular gem as required. Your essays may vary in length but even the long ones retain a high quality density. Video’s are nice and have their place in information transmission but are more a side dish than the main meal. How people get their information meals today may explain why there are so many fatheads.

    Final notes: I won’t be posting much on this site or GAB. If I can add value to the conversation I will. My continuing subscription will be voice that says ‘Well done’ not a series of comments saying same.

    ‘D5’ is a term an anon proposed as decode in the Q posts as referring to avalanche warning conditions. Level 5 is a catastrophic wipe-out of large scale, the highest warning level. Seemed to fit for me when Q mentions it in relation to events and the consequences for affected actors. (reference to one of your earlier posts which had you unsure what D5 meant, not sure what post but the comments were off)

    • What a supreme compliment! Thank you for your support. It is especially appreciated as the site (and associated costs with running the site!) continues to grow!

  11. I’ll gladly support you if you turn this into a FT job. Thanks for all you do. I thought you might’ve been under DDOS attack for the pineal gland info.
    —-AtlasHugged/Bartmanson & DontSpeakLiberrish.

  12. I’m one of the crazies who believe in Aliens and Reptilian shapeshifter elites but that’s just me, Who knows, Q may reveal this in the future but I doubt it.
    Thanks for letting us comment again, I was afraid you were a CIA shill, But we all know who the real shills are… JC.

    • You can believe in that stuff. I’m not even going to attempt to convince anyone otherwise.

      Just don’t shill me to death on it lol.

  13. Thank you for ALL YOU DO! As a fellow researcher I like that you source your writing, you always give kudos to others & you include your thought process on how you came to your conclusions. For me personally I like this, I am a visual learner. The research I do is quietly or for my curiosity! I spend a lot of time on the chans & other places, I just don’t write or make vids. I love seeing how others come to the conclusions they do & there are times (I’m sure all researchers can relate) when I’m not seeing the full picture or I’m just not there yet. So people like you help me a great deal.

    I agree with Mark Cregan’s comment as well. Videos are great & they absolutely do have their place, but what goes into written word IS greatly underappreciated! I was out of town for 2 days & when I came back your site was the first I checked & it was down with the 509 error. I was kinda devastated, I won’t sugar coat it! I really do appreciate your writing & all your hard work, it has become so rare in this day. I do watch videos too & I’m in no way saying hard work does not go into all of it. I know it does.
    I used to write professionally (I have MS/Lupus & before I got sick I had some of my writing published) so I understand the dedication, research & time that goes into it. I also did fact checking for extra money for my professors in college & right after, and as Mark Cregan pointed out “The main value you bring to me is the high quality research distillation in written form. The Web drowns us in information. Writers who sift the information, extract the relevant important items and then discuss why those items are relevant (analysis) are rare and need to be encouraged/rewarded… How people get their information meals today may explain why there are so many fatheads.” He is exactly right. When I was doing fact checking for my professors I had to learn to “sift through the info” & make sure all the analysis was relevant. A perfect example of this would have been in 2013, after Sandy Hook Obama issued some EO’s one being for the CDC who was given $10 million to research gun violence, the 1996 congressional ban was lifted to research gun violence. The research was buried of course bcs the outcome didn’t fit the narrative. I personally didn’t do this, but it’s an example of relevant analysis for 2A. Though after Parkland many people were screaming for the CDC research “ban to be lifted” a 110 page report was issued in 2013. http://www.gunsandammo.com/politics/cdc-gun-research-backfires-on-obama/ (Link to article about key findings in 2013 & also link to actual report).

    I have been sharing your website on my Pinterest (twitter & I’m now using Gab more & just followed you there) & have gotten MANY thank you’s. I have a board dedicated just to Q, I have also shared your writings to others boards I have too.
    I was pleasantly surprised at the response I am getting on Pinterest, over the years I’ve mostly used it non political. I’m finding it’s a great place to “redpill” the “normies”. Many comments are thanking me for solid information & directing them to good sources that are updated & understand 8chn & Q, but also allow those reading this to NOT have to wander to 8chn themselves.
    Which I know is VERY much appreciated, One of the BIGGEST complaints I have heard since Q exploded from BOTH Anons & from “normies” is 8chn being invaded & also not being able to understand 8chn. Your writing has been VERY helpful & I have had many people thank me for directing them here. I just wanted to let you know that!
    Thank you again! Your work is very much appreciated!

  14. Neon you are my go to site for Q info. I can get more info from one short article of yours than I can from hour long videos of others. I also agree with the suggestion above that you should have an open amount donation option. I’m currently recovering from an auto accident that has put me out of work over 3months now but once I either get back to work or receive settlement I would definatly like to contribute to your work more that the subscription fee and I will definatly be ordering some T-shirts. Thanks to you and all the Anons who are helping this movement.


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