[CNN] in the KILLBOX. #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Just a quick post here. Looks like [CNN] is going to get power-suplexed through the floor!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the “news” by now:

But Q already told us the real story:

And just a reminder what that fake news was that day:

So Trump’s letter is basically in response to these kinds of reports that Kim is flexing his muscles, and such.

But recall…

Q wouldn’t have tipped CNN off to a move they hadn’t made, yet, so that they could react and escape the killbox.

No, Q is announcing to the public that CNN is in the killbox because they are already trapped.

#Anons extrapolate one (imho, very likely) scenario:

A “respected” news organization trapped in treasonous subversive plot, about to be exposed?

You don’t say!

Meanwhile, they’re forced to cover this, going on, as scheduled:

So NK is already done. The scheduled Peace talk in Singapore will go on, as scheduled, but it’s mostly for show. Kim is showing his commitment to peace by demolishing all these sites. And Trump is using Fake News to catch an entire news network in a treasonous plot.

Now, add all that North Korea stuff, to this:

It looks like there’s a war being launched on multiple fronts against CNN.  Looks like #AndersonPooper is about to have some very rough weeks ahead.

And you know – you just know – that Don Lemon is going to be caught up in all this, too… He won’t be spared.

Why do we know this? Because he’s squealing like a stuck pig right now, he’s so desperate:

And imagine, a homosexual like Lemon railing about someone “undermining the values and traditions of our society.”

How many layers of subversion are you on, my dude?

He even repeats the old deep-state adage that asking for Obama’s birth certificate is RACIST! 

Top tier propaganda, Lemonade. Can’t wait to see you locked in a cage.

Anyway, don’t worry about this North Korea stuff. Even Scott Adams predicted such a thing, and that’s just at a non-Q level of understanding. Note the date:

And… apologies for the language, but this is just TOO funny.

Peace is coming to the Koreas, and CNN is going DOWN! Thank GOD!

#QAnon #GreatAwakening #NorthKorea #CNN #FakeNews #Treason

39 thoughts on “[CNN] in the KILLBOX. #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. I agree. This whole show is being used to set up and then further humiliate the MSM. They simply can’t help themselves as they re-act PREDICTABLY time and again.

    Trump has a laser pointer and they’re the cat.

    In fact, I believe Trump already has the deal in hand. Which I believe will play out just as scripted. #4DChess

  2. Is it possible that this is also to move the date out a week or two, so two major events don’t clash, thus one dilute the other? Thinking this with reference to the -23 in Q’s exposed password.

  3. Since I can’t comment in the “FLOOD Inbound. HelperAnon Returns!…” thread, the abbreviation “GP” could be General Public.

  4. Q has been very clear that “They have everything”. CNN was trapped and I say good, let’s see what happens next!

  5. I didn’t think of this angle that Trump team may be setting up CNN, but then I am not an anon. I am just a middle-aged woman with 14 children and nothing else to but read this stuff. (eye roll)

    My initial thoughts were Kim is being pressured by bad actors so Tump was publicly canceling with the intention of the proceeding quietly, with a few select news people, and take everyone by surprise.

    OR, Kim is starting to kick up a fuss. Trump can back out and orchestrate a regime change now that the world knows that a peaceful resolution was offered to Kim but he chose to reject it at the last minute.

  6. Thanks for letting us comment! 🙂 The 14 children is true, so, if I scold you for rudeness please dont ban me. It, scolding, comes naturally to me. 🙂

  7. Great reporting Neon! You always do a wonderful job breaking this down for me! God Bless and keep up the good work!

  8. You can’t imagine, Neon, how much we appreciate your work. There’s no one like you. On YT it’s Dulcefoe. For written explanations and background, you’re the go-to. I just like to know how to be able to pray effectively! Thanks. The Lord is listening, too.

  9. Excellent report! Trump is pure genius. The last time that him and Kim went rounds with the whole red button thing was to cover the fact that they met at the Forbidden City and worked things out. Kim’s CIA strings were cut and he is looking happy these days. Kabuki theater.

  10. A big, visible takedown of a CorruptMedia member is just what we need. Fingers crossed it happens soon!

  11. Art of Dears MurraFuckas – funniest thing I’ve seen all day. I almost spit my coffee out. We know POTUS is playing laser light with the foolish cablal, but appreciate your wise and witty interpretation. It makes my heart happy….. and not in an ouchy heart gun way. God Bless anons, God Bless Q, God Bless our GEOTUS and God Bless this great country.

  12. Neon,
    Ultra-mega huge giganic thanks for all the insight and decodes and humor

    You are my Rosetta-stone,!

  13. Surprise the masses while exposing the MSM when the NK deal has come to light. Trump will begin to flip the naysayers that have fought him and soon after when the indictments are made public, and the truth comes out, we will have many more on our side to fight #TheCabal.
    Keep up the incredible work Neon! It’s appreciated!
    (patiently waiting on my Q t-shirt)

    • 1) This is a Traditionalist page. Equality is a false god.

      2) You clearly aren’t familiar with Chan culture, where everyone is called a faggot. Oldfag, newfag, fitfag, Qfag, etc.

      3) Don’t try to police my language, or otherwise tell me what I can or cannot think/say. If I wanted to be bullied into ideological submission, I’d still be on Facebook.

      4) Neither of the individuals in the picture are Chinese, lol.

      • One of the men in the picture is Xi Jinping, the leader of China, so he’s certainly Chinese.
        Were you thinking the pic was of Kim and his South Korean counterpart?

        (Still and all, keep up the good work.)

  14. Like a Boss Neon. I’ve been watching more CNN of late. Watching their desperation is cathartic. But I am well prepared. Kleenex for tears of laughter and a barf bucket just in case.

  15. Awesome! We can comment again!

    Hey, I just want to say that you have been a GREAT HELP in unfolding an understanding of what is going on in our country and throughout the world at this special time in history. Yours is one of two specific sources that I depend on for getting a better understanding of all that is going on. Keep up the good work. My prayers are with you.

  16. GP… General Petraeus maybe?? (allthough I don’t see the correlation/fit – in the rabbit hole statement)
    Thanks Neon for THE WISDOM SHARED WITH ALL OF US and for sharing your analogies on the hard to decipher Q posts. God Bless our POTUS, You, and all the white hat’s, Anons, and Patriots here and abroad!

  17. I like an Anon’s comment about the different spelling of Jung and Jong. Jung means dear friend in Korean and Jung means slave. Trump sending a message with his spelling of Jung.

  18. Take a look at an Anon post referenced in this Dulcefoe video (which are great by the way, no words, just inspirational music) -look at the 49:52 mark where they theorize that KJU met with Pres. Trump using the cover of “Melania illness” and therefore the Singapore meeting was not needed – but maybe Deep State setting up a hit in Singapore during that scheduled meeting was monitored for later use.

  19. also Pres tweet about Kim Jung later corrected to Kim Jong (another Anon stated that Jung = very good friend in Korean & Jong = slave – Messaging that he is now a friend ?? crazy times we are witnessing.
    It’s comment #153524 but I didn’t know how to link to that specific comment by itself but it is in the linked thread and highlighted in pink – hope it was ok to post this and prior post with link to Dulcefoe video- Great work Neon.



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