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Before I get into the Q drops from just a little while ago, I want to issue an update on -23:

23 might not be a reference to the 23rd. It might be 23 days from now (well, 22 now).

This jives with Q post 1355, which has a [-30] listed, and puts us at the meeting with Kim Jong Un, in Singapore.

Of course, it still could ALSO be referencing the 23rd… it could also be referencing 23andMe… but I wanted to make my readers aware of all possibilities here.

And there are some who believe it meant 23 HOURS… which would actually make sense, given Trump’s absolutely amazing tweetstorm today!

Trump brings up the Russia investigation, Hillary’s emails, calls for Podesta’s arrest, and OH BOY, things are about to go down!

Watching the usual suspects react has been amazing, too:

(Thanks to anon for putting together this helpful collection of the “loudest” voices:

You know what this sounds like to me?

That sounds like wailing and gnashing of teeth, at the approaching STORM, knowing they are helpless to stop it!

Now, to get into today’s explosive drops:

I blew up the new images here:

And here’s the one Q references from February:

See, what’s interesting here is that these pics were taken BEFORE the pic posted in February.

And just to be clear, all the naysayers who are saying “Q is compromised” have said that he was compromised AFTER that original NSA traffic cam pic was posted.
In other words, Q is once again proving his legitimacy because he has pics from that same NSA station, which are OLDER than the pics everyone agrees “real Q” posted.

Naysayers BTFO!

And go back to Q’s questions: note the time of year, the way the people are dressed, the vehicles on the road…

#Anons quickly dated the photos within a short time-frame, with probable dating being around the time of the Presidential election:

And note the 6 high value targets Q says were being surveilled…

3 men. 3 women.

Any of them look familiar to you?

Note the height difference:

Looks pretty close to me!

One anon suggested this looked like Brennan:

And then compared it to the Strozk pics from the 17th:

One #Anon also noted this, about the pics, referencing another “swamp drainer.”

They are losing [all] control.

Including bowel control, Q?


Come on, come on, come on! We’ve been following this for a while now. You all should know what this is a reference to, by now!

The Executive Order Trump just signed last night:





Tentatively… I’m going to say this is just the “rotation” of the images. Q is verifying that this is a sequence, following the 6 POI through the streets, from Camera 1, to Camera 3.


This… shouldn’t exactly be news to everyone, but I want you to remember how utterly demonized the “Birthers” were by the Media.

I downloaded the birth certificate myself from whitehouse.gov at the time, and they were so stupid, they left the photoshop layers in the doc.

For those not familiar with what I mean, layers are exactly what they sound like. You can different images on different layers, and they sit, one on top of the other. You can toggle them off and on with switches.

You could literally turn off entire sections of the document – which immediately indicated that it was a fraud.

In other words, they scanned in a bunch of pieces from a bunch of documents, pieced them together in a way that looked convincing enough, and passed off the forgery – and then killed off the one witness who could say otherwise, to tie up that loose end.

Here’s a video showing what I mean:

And of course, Sheriff Joe Arpaio had a big investigation into this, and the thing is…

They actually found the source documents they scanned all these different pieces from:

Moral of the story: stand by your convictions, even if you have to stand alone.

And if you want to go down that rabbit trail even further, read this:



Q just proved them both liars AGAIN, today, with his streetcam posts.

Good guys are winning!

Will the trash take itself out, this weekend?

And a resounding AMEN to that!



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