The #CorsiCabal: Doxxing, Intimidation, and the Plan to Frame and SHUT DOWN Free Speech on the Chans! #QAnon #GreatAwakening

A word before we begin.

I debated for a while whether I should publish this or not… But seeing the coordinated efforts I’m seeing now… this is much bigger than any one single individual.

As a rule of thumb, I avoid drama related to personalities and such. I like to get along with everyone. The movement’s not about me, and it’s not about anyone else, and no one is perfect. I can pull the good from anyone, and cull the rest. This isn’t a popularity contest, and frankly, I don’t want to disenfranchise anyone.

But it’s different when you see someone advancing a subversive operation in plain sight.

There’s a line that, once you cross it, you’re in the territory of the traitor.

And the tipping point for me, where I became convinced I should publish this article, is when I saw a thread pop up last night – a thread you’ll see at the very end of this article.

Let’s get into it:

The recent attack on Santa Fe High School was a tragedy; make no mistake.

And it’s one Qteam warned us about, and helped mitigate:

#QAnon Warned Us. Stay Vigilant

But now subversive characters, some previously outed by #QAnon, are attempting to pin the attack on the chans, in order to censor the platforms completely.

The effect of this would be to cut off the real last bastion of free-speech, online, and cut off Q’s comms.

They can’t shut him up.

They can’t co-opt the movement.

So now they’re trying to shut him down by deplatforming him.

For the life of me, I don’t know how many times I have to say it:

This is NOT A GAME.

Individuals like Corsi ARE NOT your allies.





I even recently outed Corsi as a Mossad and B’nai B’rith agent (as well as his proximity to Private Intel Agency Stratfor), but evidently that’s STILL not enough for some people.

Corsi, A Rockefeller, Mossad, and B’nai B’rith. #MISINFO Everywhere! #QAnon

But my sincere hope is that after what I’m about to write here, everyone will understand the seriousness of the traitorous and self-serving actions performed on a daily basis by this cowardly, intellectual lilliputian.

Ever since Corsi was called out by Q, Corsi has been on the warpath, attempting to doxx and intimidate members of the Q community.

When reddit user /u/SerialBrain2 had his post highlighted by Q, Corsi immediately turned around and started attacking /u/SerialBrain2 (from here: SB2). While I made it clear that I have my own issues with some of SB2’s content – it was clear to me that SB2 was not trying to subvert the movement in any way. S/He was just pursuing their own style of research, and that’s totally fine and legitimate. If I didn’t like it, it’s easy enough to ignore. No big deal.

But what Corsi has since done is launch repeated attacks against SB2, and try again and again and again to intimidate and DOXX them.

In fact, he and 0hour have been attempting to doxx for quite a while now, with 0hour most recently doxxing “Codemonkey,” the guy who basically runs all the technical operations for the Q-boards. He’s the one, in the trenches, fixing the bugs as they crop up, or as Q-team makes him aware of them. He’s the one who can confirm Q’s tripcode.

And these two douche-canoes, pardon my French (but really… you should be more offended at what Corsi is doing than by my colorful language), decide this will be their new attack tactic:

Of course, Corsi panicked and attempted some damage control, in the wake of the pushback he received over this, from even his most loyal stooges:

And then he blamed all this “newfound hate” on a Q-related psyop that he had just magically uncovered and traced back to… wouldn’t you know it! SB2! And he did all this while deliberately twisting Q’s words:

He then continued his aggressive attacks, the most recent of which have been to repeatedly call SB2 a Satanist.

And anyone who defends SB2, or attempts to speak reasonably about the subject, is, of course, slandered as a Luciferian now:

This is… really basic disinfo tactics right here, folks.

So, agree with Corsi, or you’re literally helping the DEVIL.

What a privilege it is to have such a staggering intellect in our midst.

The sagacious titan of our times, guiding us back to safe harbor, like the legenday Pharos of Alexandria!

(I hope that reads sarcastically).

Okay, to go back a second though: there is no real “RetFBIAnon.”

Corsi is co-opting language used on the chans, and appropriating it to make his own sources (if he even has sources, and isn’t just pulling these “quotes” out of his obese, pockmarked, cottage-cheese derriere), to make them sound more legitimate. He’s done this before, and I’ve covered it before.

Hey Corsi – maybe I should run your tweets through the Jstylo stylometry software, and see who is really authoring these tweets. Wouldn’t that be interesting to see?

Come on, you old windbag, if your skill at navigating the chans is any indicator, I’m willing to bet you had no idea that kind of software even existed.

But my point is, no one identifying themselves as “RetFBIAnon” has EVER posted on the chans.

And even if someone was to appear and use that as their name, it would not automatically make their posts legitimate. The reason QAnon isn’t ignored and is considered legitimate is because he kept posting over a long period of time, and there are too many outside points of data which now confirm what he says to be the truth.

“RetFBIAnon” has no post history, and no points of data to correlate anything he’s saying.

Corsi might as well say he has an “Anonymous source,” but that would demonstrate his immediate lack of credibility to everyone, so he dresses his “source” up, to make him sound cool and mysterious and exclusive. Which keeps you coming to Corsi. It’s straight-up manipulation.

Furthermore, going into the actual content of the tweet, the core thrust of it is that SB2 is a Satanist who has been… tasked by higher-up to get people to worship Q?!?


This is just… This is the most astounding thing I’ve read this week (and I’ve done a lot of reading).

No one, literally no one, “worships” Q.

“RetFBIAnon” has not seen anyone talking about “praying” to Q, because it has never happened.

Of all the pants-on-head retarded ploys I’ve ever seen, this takes the cake.

And, as if sensing this, Corsi pulls out another one of his “sources” less than an hour after his last one.

“SiliconValleyInsiderAnon” returns! This is another one of Corsi’s favorite fake sources, and isn’t it just amazing how he instantly “confirms” what “RetFBIAnon” said minutes earlier.

(Forget for a moment that RetFBIAnon had NOTHING to say about ANY of the #FalseFlag attacks that happened the very next day. No, this Satanic reddit user is more important!)

But notice the pattern: it’s attack, and then minimize.

Because “SiliconValleyInsiderAnon” is basically saying, “Yeah, SB2 is a Satanist… but they’re a low-level, fake kind of Satanist.”

Who… just so happens to be tasked to get people to… Worship Q???

So let me get this straight.

  • Corsi’s story is now that Q has been co-opted.
  • And that the goal is now to start a new cult around Q, involving literal worship and prayers to Q.
  • And they left this task in the hands of a literal “Satanist.”
    • (Ah, excuse me, a “Satanist” on Reddit).
  • But it turns out that “Satanist” isn’t actually much of a Satanist at all, save for giving themselves a few papercuts, and idk, listening to heavy metal.
  • Because forming a cult is exactly the kind of task they’d leave to an amateur Satanist on Reddit!
  • And you know this because you have sources who have “seen prayers” to Q… despite there being absolutely no evidence for this claim available anywhere.


Don’t piss on my boots and tell me it’s raining, Corsi.

This is amateur-hour stuff. How did Mossad ever hire you?

But it also speaks to the kind of mistakes an amateur, hack researcher, who doesn’t know how to use the boards at all, would make.

To illustrate this, just look at his tweets from last night:

Corsi is using a numbering error on Q-aggregation sites as a justification for him saying Q is compromised.

He says this not realizing that Q has nothing to do with these aggregation sites.

See, sites like, and were developed by anons in the wake of Q’s voluminous posting, as a way to archive and search everything Q had previously posted.

The code for these sites are open-source, and was initially hosted on github.

It is not in any way connected to the boards on 8ch, and the only thing the sites do are look for Q’s current tripcode, and then archive and link to the posts. In other words, they’re just pulling the raw data from the boards, and organizing it themselves.

There is no way for Q to post to these aggregators directly.

Yes, there was a numbering error last night on these sites, but again, this had nothing to do with Q. I suspect it was due to connection issues, but it was fixed the next day, by the respective owners and operators of the sites.

See, Q’s posts on /qresearch/ aren’t actually numbered like that at all.

So that 1396 post that appeared twice – yeaaaaaah, Corsi, Q had nothing to do with that.

But what you did reveal by posting this was that you don’t actually use the boards all that much, and rely almost exclusively on the aggregators.

By the way, while we’re addressing the topic of your confusion – while you seem to know that SB2 is a Satanist… you seem to be having a pretty hard time deciding what biological sex they are.

And that’s just from the same day!

But if doxxing, intimidating, and slandering members of the community, while spewing bald-faced lies every other hour, now you’re working with perpetual-Q-hater, and basic-disinfo-LARPer 0Hour.

Is this an attempt to censor the chans?

And how would the Corsi Cabal go about accomplishing this?


By trying to link the Santa Fe attacker to posts on the board.

Here’s an archive of the post in question:

The dubious claim being made is that this post was made by the shooter in question, before he went on his shooting spree. The implication is that this young man had been “radicalized by the internet” and that thus, these boards are dangerous, and by extension, need to be shut down.

And this follows in the wake of an almost-month-long media assault on so-called “incels” (involuntary celibates) over on the /r9k/ board (which is where the above archive is from).  If you want to get a sampling of that regurgitated media puke-stew, just google the term “incel.” I, too, debated writing an article on the subject, but decided against it.

But for those who don’t know or understand chan culture, chans are topic-specific image board sites, and yes, there are many chans out there. They tend to be obscure, very insulated, and have their own culture. Depending on the individual chan, you can have boards on just about whatever subject you want. You could have a chan for sewing, for hunting, for reading, or, for the vilest cartoon pornography imaginable. It literally runs the gamut, and on some of these sites, anyone can create their own board.

If I wanted to go right now and create, I could. I won’t, but I could.

These boards are generally unfiltered (apart from moderators deleting illegal content posted by a-holes, who then get promptly blocked), and the anonymous nature of the posting generally means people are genuinely free to express themselves in a truly unfiltered manner. This, of course, can be really repugnant sometimes, but that’s the risk you take when you’re talking about truly free speech.

/r9k/ is Robot9000, and is generally considered one of the most “autistic” boards – and that’s not a compliment in this context. /r9k/ tends to be a collection of people who consider themselves societal rejects, and who are just looking for others to commiserate with. The term “incel” was coined on that board. I am not going to join in the bandwagon and start dumping on these guys, because the truth is, I have a heart for them. In the post I considered making, I was actually going to defend them.

Read this post, and get a sense for that board:

How does that make you feel?

How do you think it feels to live life with this kind of self-perception?

Do you think anyone would ever lash-out in anger over having to live life like this?

Point is, I GET the mindset. I don’t endorse it, but I understand where they are coming from.

And the media, for about a month straight (and still ongoing), dogpiled on top of them, out of the blue. They picked out some of the weakest, the most hurt, and the most desperate and depressed, and just unloved individuals among us; the ones most would rather pretend didn’t exist, and DEMONIZED THEM FOR OVER A MONTH.

Here’s a sampling:


It was strange, really, to see this come out of nowhere. You can find DOZENS of these articles.

And then I remembered… it didn’t come out of nowhere.

#TheCabal did a dry run in Toronto:

The Toronto van guy had left “his own” 4chan post before his attack.

Yeah, this is what he supposedly left written on the boards:

Except… No one really talks like that, even on those boards.

This was almost universally called out as fake by everyone on almost every board, the moment it was posted. It was laughable.

But that’s okay for The Cabal. That was the dry run.

Lessons learned.

They would try again, very soon, with another “incel-type”:

I hesitate to publish his pictures and his name… but, judge for yourselves:

Do you think the Cabal could fit this kid with the “incel” label? Possible MKUltra mind-slave?

It also looks like he was a bisexual Satanist, obsessed with symbols of “power” (no matter what conflicting ideologies they represented). That certainly isn’t him in the suit jacket from the /r9k/ thread, at any rate, because he was muuuuch heavier.

But the thing that got to me, and what convinced me to write all this up and publish this, was a thread I saw tonight.

A thread that made me sit up and say:


(Note: I censored those links in the image here, so as to be above reproach).

But this was posted on the Politically Incorrect board tonight, and frankly, it’s a total honeypot. A setup by deep-state cabal actors to implicate the chans in some future crime.

A crime that would be committed with a homemade machine gun, no doubt (or, perhaps a real machine gun, but then later blamed on a homemade machine gun).

Anons weren’t buying any of it, however:

Now are you beginning to see how Corsi fits into all of this?

His original mission, according to Q, was to co-opt and derail the Q movement.

He failed in that regard.

The evidence presented here, today, Corsi’s own words – demonstrate how he is now trying to discredit and destroy the movement by going after individuals.

The aggregate effect of this action would be to police the chans themselves, effectively trying to cut out our tongues with public outrage.

See, anyone – literally ANYONE could post on the chans. Mass murderers like Stalin, or even Hillary Clinton, could post on the chans.

But so could the likes of Mister Rodgers and Bob Ross.

It’s a free and open platform.

Is the Corsi Cabal trying to vilify the platforms by associating them with these mass killings, in order to ultimately shut them down?

Don’t just dismiss this info yet again with a handwave.

Corsi is NOT your friend. He is NOT your ally. He is NOT part of the movement.

He is a subversive agent, playing his part.

Watch – as soon as he sees this article, I can almost guarantee you he’ll say I’m some disinfo op. Might even try to call me a Satanist, though admittedly, he’ll have to concoct something else, since he already played that hand with SB2.

(I actually have an idea what he might try to label me, but I don’t want to give him any free ideas. No, Doc, you’re going to have to strain that aging gray matter of yours and concoct something on your own).

But it won’t work, because that will never get me to shut up. So don’t even bother, Corsi.

Bigger and better than you have already tried, and already failed.

Do you remember what happened last time?


Well allow me to take you back in time:

McMaster, Moonbeam, and @Backchannel17 is a FRAUD? You Don’t Say! Vindication is SWEET! #NEWQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

The #CorsiCabal’s pathetic attempt at subversion has now been exposed plainly, for all to see.  He’s lost all credibility.

Continue to expose and oppose the Corsi Cabal at every turn.

For the sake of Q, for Freedom of Speech, and for the sake of our Future.


HE’S AT IT AGAIN! Almost as soon as I hit “publish,” he’s at it again!

This time he retweets an account that links to a post that says CORSI TOOK OVER CONTROL OF Q’S ACCOUNT ON JANUARY 5TH.

In other words, Corsi just endorsed the idea that HE, HIMSELF WAS POSTING AS Q, from January 5th onward.

On top of that, Q just changed his Trip.

And this, of course, was immediately capitalized on by Corsi YET AGAIN.

Unbelievable. No evidence. Just bald-faced lies and repeated attempts to shut Q down. They’re just throwing up whatever they can, in an attempt to see what angle sticks.

(Spoiler/Prediction – and congrats if you found this hidden text: Corsi will slander me by trying to label me a “Neon” Nazi, on top of any efforts to doxx me, as retaliation for writing this).