The Double Agent, the Punisher, the Filmmaker, and a Whole Lotta Bodies. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Q is back, with an update on everyone’s favorite double agent!

Q posted two… really oddly sized screenshots in his latest post.

I’m not joking. One is gigantic, and the other one was a screenshot for ants (kidding, kidding, come on).

So I took the liberty of replacing the latter, and resizing the former:

Go back to my article for the older drops re: Erik Prince, and LISTEN TO THE VIDEO INSIDE:

Notable #Anon Chatter 4/12/18 – #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Then read about Erik Prince in this post:

“NoName” McCain’s Adventures In Syria with ISIS. #QAnon #GreatAwakening #DeepStateGasAttack #NoCoincidences #ThesePeopleAreSick #TraitorMccain #ChemicalMccain #IsisMccain

Q already confirmed that Prince was a double-agent, back on April 8th (which is a detail that makes me wonder about my McCain theory, earlier today, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯. We’ll sort that out, soon enough, and I’ll be right, or I’ll be wrong, [or, potentially, I’ll be close]).


Rudy is bringing the PAIN!

How do I know this?

An #Anon made is very clear this evening:

I’m a little ashamed to say I didn’t come up with this connection myself, because I was a longtime fan of the Punisher. But I’m glad the connection has been made.

Hey Barb (Project2by2) – you know Bruce, right? Congratulate him for getting featured!

But yeah, Q is basically endorsing the idea that monetization is fair-game.

“The worker is worth his wages.”

Usurping is something entirely different, and not to be tolerated.

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Ahhh, Rudy, the Punisher.

I love it!

Mack was arrested on 4/20. Q already confirmed she was squealing, revealing names – including – and I think I missed this detail before… what looks like NXIVM providing Obama with then 10-year-old “Wendy” Maggie Nixon – and how Adam Schiff helped run these children through the Standard Hotel.

NY AG Schneiderman resigned on May 7th, giving that a 17 day delta, amid sexual abuse allegations, including

And then there’s this:

I should have put this together earlier, too, and maybe I’m just not firing on all cylinders, but here it is now:

Authorities said Raniere, who is known as “Vanguard” in the organization, formed a secretive group within NXIVM that had women join a slave-master club called “Dominus Obsequious Sororium,” which translates to “Master Over the Slave Woman.”


Does AG Schneiderman sound like he was trying to create a “DOS” relationship?


The DOS program was the reason the women were branded in the first place:


But getting back to Q, Q says:

Eyes Wide Open.

Eyes Wide Open is a reference to the old Pizzagate investigation “breads” on the chans, long before the QAnon breads, and the name itself is a reference to Kubrick’s Eye’s Wide Shut, which famously features elites, in masks, performing in all kinds of orgiastic sex rituals.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to post that clip, but there is some relatively minor nudity featured in this clip, prior to the scene I want you to see. Skip to 30 seconds in if you want to avoid that stuff.

Hmmm… remind you of anything?

And really, one of the things Kubrick was trying to do with this film (and others) was reveal secrets about #TheCabal to which he was privy as an elite artist (at a time when no one else really knew this was going on), to a world-wide audience.

He actually had a very long-running track record of doing this. Dr. Strangelove is probably his most “superficial” attempt at this. You’ve got an American general believing the water supply is being poisoned, false flag attacks on the mainland, Nazis taking over positions of power and influence in the US (aka Operation Paperclip), a pretty zany Werner Von Braun proxy, and these elites nuking the world so that they can repopulate it from their underground bunkers with the help of their harems.

And if you go study his film The Shining, there’s a wild whole meta-narrative in that film about the Gold Standard, and ending the Fed (YES, I’m serious). He talks about FDR, Woodrow Wilson, Fed Bankers, and more:

And then, of course, Kubrick died after Eyes Wide Shut. Many of his fans long speculated he was killed by The Cabal, because he was giving away all their secrets and exposing them to the world. I tend to lean in that direction, too.


I forgot to mention the films of his I hadn’t seen – Lolita and A Clockwork Orange (I know, I know, I know. Kind of required viewing. And I don’t think his earlier work really fits this “disclosure” paradigm, so we’re really talking about everything post-1962):

No mention of Full Metal Jacket in there, though… That’s a very spooky film. He’s doing a lot of things with ghosts in it, even though it’s ostensibly about Vietnam.

I’m guessing it’s about Ritual Satanic Abuse, and the creation of dissociation identities in the mind, as a survival mechanism.

The movie is split in two parts: Training, where Private Pyle is on the receiving end of non-stop abuse (to such an extent that he ends up killing his instructor, and then himself), and then the war half, where these soldiers, now turned into programmed killers, are let loose on the world. Joker, in particular, struggled with this dehumanization, and is haunted the whole time. This comes to a head when he is asked by the Vietnamese sniper to shoot her. It looks like Kubrick is presenting suicide as the only logical way out – because it’s ultimately the only effective rejection of this psychosexual/violent paradigm. It’s essentially the only way presented to “opt out,” as it were. The ones choosing to die are choosing to not play the game by the rules of the violent any more. The only alternative is to become a ruthless, dehumanized killer, and obtain that “thousand-yard-stare.”

And it makes the cover, featuring Joker’s helmet with the word “Born to Kill” on it all the more poignant.

Yeah, the more I think about it… the more it makes sense. And it even implicates the corporate media in the process:

But that’s all kind of an interesting side-trail. Back on Q:

Now Q is now directly tying NXIVM, Schneiderman, Hussein to #Pizzagate.

And I did see this article earlier today (well, yesterday, at the time of this writing), and had to pause for a moment at the headline:

He’s taunting them. Again. (I love it!)


Pompeo is NOT the most senior official to have been there.

A former President was there just a short while ago (searching for a new handler, presumably):

When Q says heads will roll, he means it.

NK is a major human trafficking site. They move kids from Asia through there.  Remember the “garden” pics?

Remember this?

It’s not a stretch to say that the Cabal was running NK, obtaining children from other Asian nations, trafficking them through NK, into the US, and through hubs and organizations like The Standard Hotel and NXIVM.

Who will be next?

I don’t know (I really hope wormy Adam Schiff. Hopefully John Legend, too), but I’m excited to find out!!

Watch NYC.
Watch CA.

We’re about to see some major honeypots exposed and purged, I think.

One last thing I want to add before I log off. Anon came up with an anagram theory regarding the “pickle” drop last night. I think it’s very plausible:

Oh… you’re right.

How could I leave without posting this clip of The Punisher taking down Elites at a fancy dinner?

(Disclaimer: blood, guts, violence, gore, etc. But just imagine Rudy Giulani’s face over Ray Stevenson’s face, and put like, Bill, Hillary’s, and Obama’s faces over all the bad guys):


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