“Tribunals!” New #QAnon T-shirt by NEON REVOLT

A big “Thank You” to everyone who has supported the site through previous T-shirt sales. The site is going to keep running for a very long time.

I’ve recently had a lot of readers ask me for a “dark” #QAnon shirt design.

I’ll be honest. I’ve was really struggling to come up with a design I was happy with. I kept trying things, but I just wasn’t satisfied with the way it was turning out for the longest time.

Believe me, what you’ll see in this post took a lot of iterations to create.

Sometimes, especially with apparel, less is more – and this is DOUBLY true for politically-related T-shirts. I want to look smart and good for years to come; not just wear a shirt once to a rally or a march, and leave it rotting in a drawer never to be worn again. I want something I can wear for years. And I think I nailed that, with this simple design.

So, without further adieu, here is the “Tribunals!” design, inspired by #QAnon post #491.

This here is the default unisex T-shirt  (available in 17 colors):

Close on the detail:


Here’s the women’s in dark blue. You can also get it with a scoop neck, or a v-neck, or a relaxed fit. Whatever works for you:


Feeling chilly? How about a lightweight hoodie? (For both guys and gals):


There’s also the tri-blend, which is a nice fabric:


Heck, it comes on iPhone cases, if that’s your thing:



You can even get sticker packs, if you want to leave these stuck somewhere.

Like a locker,
A door.
A sign…
Your neighbor’s car!


And I just want to be really clear here, because I know everyone’s been really sensitive to “Paytriot” issue, of late.

It is NOT necessary than you buy any of this.

Of course I would like you to. It helps support me and my efforts.

But I’m going to continue to write my reports on Q and all the recent happenings, NO MATTER WHAT.

You DO NOT need to buy any of this to gain access to any kind of locked info, ever.


I’m just an Anon looking to understand what Q is saying, spread that understanding, and help the message go mainstream.

This is just a fun way to accomplish that, support my efforts, and look good in the process.

Hopefully, you agree.

Thanks in advance to anyone who buys a shirt.

-Tradmin, aka #NeonRevolt