Extremely Notable Timetable Theory #QAnon

An #Anon came up with a theory that references to “22” was a timetable #QAnon discreetly pushed to us; as in… 22 weeks.

Full Size: https://kek.gg/i/VyTfg.png

And what makes me really mad is that I listened to a “decode” by Jerome Corsi months ago, regarding Qdrop 436, and he said it meant something entirely different. Something like 1 of 22 reports.

With all that’s come out now, I have to wonder if that was deliberate. It certainly threw me off the trail here.

The only thing I’d add to this theory is… that they’ve since moved up the timetable:

So we probably won’t have to wait until 5/25. Things might start really hitting any day now.

Beyond that… I’ll take some time to prepare the site for the inevitable internet shutdown:

I’ll see if I can prepare some kind of “essential” Q-related archive for folks to download. I’m not sure what I should include, necessarily, so any suggestions you guys have, hit me on Gab or MeWe.