NewQ: Can’t Wake Up Edition – #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NewQ

#QAnon’s BACK!

How do you think #AlexJones is feelin’ right now?

Corsi, Jones, Zac, the lot of them – they’re the ones who are compromised. They’re the ones spreading disinfo.

And, oh, would you take a look at this?

It’s like clockwork.

(But seriously though, stop sending me this article).

I don’t know when Alex Jones got COMPED, but he did. He’s majorly connected to Stratfor – which is like a privately-owned CIA – so he’s basically just a clown these days. We call that “Controlled Opposition.”

He did some good work back in the day, when he did things like exposed the Bohemian Grove, but frankly, I’ve seen nothing worthwhile coming from Jones in a very long time. If anything, he takes too long to get around to news, is usually reporting on things DAYS after they hit the chans (and in much less detail), and you have to sit through a hours of infomercials for his products to get to any of this info.

(And believe me, I know publishing things can take a while while you do your due diligence, but at least I try to publish things the same day).

Oh u/SerialBrain2.

I’ll be blunt. I always despised your “Bible-code” style “decodes” of Q posts.

Mostly because they make no sense whatsoever, and end up devolving into a slapdash mess of tenuous connections and questionable logic (at best).

That was on top of them being entirely unreadable. (I’m not joking; you literally couldn’t pay me to sit there and slog through them).

And I know you have your devoted little group of boomers on your containment board who will upvote literally anything you post, because they want to feel smart and can’t figure out how 8ch works, and are desperate for “secret knowledge” (which you so “skillfully” extract from Q’s posts by referencing things like… gematria…)

So, MFW QTeam referenced one of your posts:

But I’ll reluctantly give you credit for this. There’s no “bible-code” nonsense here. It’s pretty straightforward, mostly readable, and shows clearly how and why the disinfo is occuring.

So props to you, m8.

But QTeam.


Y u do dis 2 me?

Oh, bonus confirmation! A firetruck for you!

(From Trump’s tweets, referencing Q’s 74th post on /patriotsfight/):


#QAnon #GreatAwakening #NewQ