Comments Disabled Until Further Notice

Comments Disabled Until Further Notice

Brainlets and boomers are going to be the death of me, I swear.

Here’s a protip: If you have no idea what you’re talking about… keep your mouth shut.

Comments on the page really aren’t providing anything of value of late. The vast bulk of comments are just adding to the noise – and I don’t need any more noise to sort through.

Even the “good” comments, the ones I’ve approved and which you can see on the articles, aren’t really doing it for me.

So from this point on, comments are disabled on the site.

If you absolutely, positively feel the need to speak, join the conversation over at the official Neon Revolt MeWe:

(At least this way, if you post something stupid, all the other members of the group can call you out on it, too).

(And please, for the love of god, read the sticky post on the MeWe group page. If you all start trying to add me as a “friend,” one MeWe, I will ban each and every last one of you, without warning).

But just to give you a sampling of the caliber of comments I’ve been getting, and what’s really been driving this decision:

Stasis beings…

Big brain in the house.

Comments like this are a good way to make sure you’re never able to post a comment ever again.

Yes, that’s right; comments needed to be approved by me, first, so people didn’t spam their favorite “trutuber” links and other brainlet nonsense. Can’t tell you how many SGTReport links I’ve had to delete.

Not only did this guy link a zip – expecting people to trust that it was safe and open it.

He linked a zip that was on his desktop.

Absolute genius.

The next two comments are from the same guy:

Nah, didn’t like the comment, so it didn’t get approved.

Thank you for justifying my decision to keep your comments off my site.

This comment is a TURD.


Altogether that equals 53.

53 is a reference to the 53rd Parallel North.

The Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia is located along the 5rd Parallel North.


You are a CYKA BLYAT.




(Kill me).

Gud comment.


No complaints here.


#Brainlets #Boomers #NeonRevolt

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