#Twitter Telling You to Change Your Password? #ByeJack #QConfirmations

Oh wow, it’s almost like someone hacked them or something…

#SiliconValley #SocialMedia #QConfirmations #ByeJack!

13 thoughts on “#Twitter Telling You to Change Your Password? #ByeJack #QConfirmations”

  1. Sounds like twitter is getting out ahead of the news that they store everyones passwords, and used the “glitch” as cover.

    • ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

      Are my readers really becoming this technically illiterate?

      Between the lady commenting, asking me to send her my posts via e-mail, and this, I’m going to have to purge the normies from here, pretty soon.

  2. Are my readers really becoming this technically illiterate?

    There doesn’t seem to be a system in place to just join a mailing list without leaving a comment, so it’s not that we’re technically illiterate it’s that you didn’t put a system in place where a person can sign up without having to leave a comment.
    By the way being rude to readers isn’t good for attracting readers.
    So if you want to boot me by all means go ahead skippy.

    • Imagine thinking I care about “being rude” and “attracting readers.”

      You’re clearly new here.

      • I’m not offended. I expect it from an Oldfag. I’m more of a right brain kinda guy. Logistics and dismantling the Q puzzle is where you come in. Cheers.

  3. There’s actually a button below that says notify me of new posts by email. Neon i got you!

  4. So in order to aid Q in his/her noble cause, should we comply to Twitter’s demand to change our password or should we not?

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