Has the Rice Queen Donned a White Hat? #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Quick followup to last night’s post about the planes:

An #Anon noticed a Warlock callsign flying out of Lexington:

I’m also sure you’ve all heard about the C-130 crash that happened a short while later:

C-130’s are part of the backbone of our armed forces. They’ve been flying C-130’s for over 60 years now.

These things just don’t “crash” on their own. Not when they’re being maintained by the military.


9 are dead from the crash, but I haven’t seen a list of names yet. Pray for their souls.

Think #TheCabal is trying to send a message?

Moving on:

#QAnon came online and dropped a few images.

The consensus seems to be that the plane is a JetBlue plane, taking off from San Jose. (I’ll update this later if proven otherwise)

The circular building? That’s Apple HQ:

So… is someone, or something from Apple on that plane?

(And no, it’s not Tim Cook. He’s prohibited from flying commercial, due to his contract).

Q then posted these two images:

That’s the apple store in Hong Kong.

And these are shipping pallets, on a truck.

Trump then tweets this out:

Trump had previously tweeted about Tim Cook:

And just to give you a sense of what Trump definitely knows about Cook, here’s what #CDAN wrote about him recently:

Tim Cook is a #RiceQueen.

And it may be gross and immoral… but it’s not exactly illegal, is it? At least, not provably illegal in a court of law.

Q has done a lot of drops regarding phones in the past, and at least one drop concerning Apple.

The gist of it is, basically every smartphone is a spying device. We’re all being tracked, if not by the hardware itself (for instance, if you install a custom rom, or run some kind of strange platform), then by the network itself.  Think back to the drop about the [3] scientists who were killed for researching mobile phone relay signals to end users, and their research subsequently made classified.

We also know from Q drops that signals can be sent to certain individuals to trigger pre-programmed responses – such as going on shooting rampages.

One anon suggested looking back to the San Bernardino shooting, and referred us to the OIG report on the subject:


If you remember, the FBI took the shooter’s phone, but couldn’t get past the lock-screen.

They then tried to force Apple to open the phone for them.

Apple held the whole thing up in court (rather than disclose that their devices were sabotaged/insecure), but then, the FBI, kind of out of nowhere said, “Nah, got it. Don’t need you guys to unlock this for us any more.”

Hey, did you catch the name of the FBI Director during all this?

That’s right! “Leakin'” James Comey!

Congress got pretty upset with him, because it appears he, at the very least, misrepresented the FBI’s technical capabilities during his Congressional testimony.

Was the FBI actually able to crack iPhones, at will?

And who was the third party that helped them crack it?

At any rate, Horowitz eventually cleared Comey of any wrongdoing following an investigation.

But the point remains: iPhones are coming from China, and they’re compromised.

Any coincidence this came out today?

Anon gives us a quick timeline, and some supplementary information:

But let’s review what Q gave us.

Someone left/was allowed to leave California.

Presumably, someone who had been to Apple HQ.

A trusted, international Apple representative?

There was a shipment involved… Either acquired through normal channels, or possibly seized.

And it may have either been coming from or going to Hong Kong.

We also know that Trump met with Tim Cook.

And that Kanye also wanted to meet with Cook, and was calling attention to Trump’s meeting with him:

But hey… so if the government cannot use iPhones (or, frankly, a lot of different phones) due to them being insecure… they’d want to replace them, right?

So what if that’s what Trump had his meeting with Cook about? “Get us secure hardware. Custom spec.” Did Trump threaten him with the “Rice Queen” thing? Trump probably has a whoooooole dossier on Cook, after all, filled with things that would make your skin crawl. And you can bet your bottom dollar that Cook knows exactly what is going on with his colleagues Zuckerberg and @Jack. He won’t want to end up like them – and maybe he doesn’t have to… if he plays along and does as Trump says.

That meeting was 7 days ago.

And the Government would have to order a lot of new phones.

Possibly enough to fill several pallets, right?


You know we’re in something of a #SilentWar right now. The planefag post from the other night highlighted it perfectly. Operations are being conducted around the clock.

So what if that shipment Q just showed us ended up on a plane destined for somewhere… like DC?

What was that C-130 carrying before it crashed?

And just… for extra integrity – this is a really developing story right now. My line of thinking could prove completely incorrect here. Let me roll with the punches and refine as necessary. Thanks.

#TheCabal #Planefags #FalseFlags #SiliconValley

34 thoughts on “Has the Rice Queen Donned a White Hat? #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. I agree with you for the most part. Q seems to be saying there is an Apple associate going to Hong Kong Apple to procure a special shipment that will be sent to Apple Headquarters – Possibly in connection with the Cook/Trump/Kanye meeting. Then we hear on the news a military plane crashed last night in Georgia. Is it related to the Apple deal? Not sure yet. It is more than suspicious that there have been so many military planes crashing lately. Something is def going on.

    Thanks again for all cross references posted. Your time and effort is of great value to many of us.

  2. I thought an Israeli firm cracked the terrorist’s iphone. I know they offered because they have the capability. Not sure if it was ever confirmed if the FBI took them up on the offer or not.

  3. the military should check every plane they fly

    the black hats are also fighting a silent war against our country and prez

    don’t trust anyone,the black hats are very dangerous and have lots and lots of money and lots and lots of people that will do anything for money

    maybe we are in the end days of this earth
    maybe we will not win this war with the satanic black hats

    i pray for our country and our world everyday
    i also pray for trump and his team to have wisdom and continued courage to fight for our country’s sovereignty
    please join me in prayers

  4. The C-130 had Nat’l Guard on it…all going to Arizona. They Nat’l guard were to train for fighting fires.
    I do not doubt the plane went down suspiciously. It had just been fully inspected. So to go down within a couple miles of takeoff…is totally weird. Once in AZ, that same plane was pre-scheduled to be retired forever IN AZ.

    You do realize that through the Hillary/Obama passing of top secret technology to our enemies, the Lockheed Martin-type communication weapons on the top #1 plane of our entire military (disrupting, intercepting etc) was sold by HRC & Obama to our enemies? It is now possible to just sit on the ground and knock everything out of ANY plane.

    remember awhile ago when there were reports of laser beams being shined at planes? I fully suspect that this was a form of testing going on….right under our noses AND on American soil.

    I do not think Tim Cook’s oddness/phone & money shipments/Hong Kong has anything to do with this C-130 going down.

    • Some of those guys, as important as they are, think EVERYONE is a Mossad agent. Corsi isn’t Mossad, he’s just a devout Christian (Catholic) and wants Israel to do well. Corsi has had contact with all sorts of people throughout his days, doesn’t make him a ninja. But the antisemitism on those boards gets crazy sometimes. I get it… Zionism is evil. The Talmud is one of the most vile, Satanic books ever written, but that doesn’t mean every Jew (or gentile) they see is Mossad.

  5. I’m concerned over the black hats from other countries … like who was in communication with our FBI folks on possibly assassinating our President, or harming one of his family. The “swamp” here seems bad enough, but the world “swamps” seem daunting to overcome. I pray every night for our President, his family, and our country.
    On another note, where and how is Jullian Assange? I fear for his safety …

  6. My question…HOW are they bringing our craft down? Are passengers dead before hitting the ground? Is everyone on manifest present at crash site?

  7. Kanye is getting a I phone! So that can’t sap him again with MK. Mind control! Him and Our President are working together to bring down the zappers!!!

  8. Why do I think that all the CCTVs in the surrounding area will be found to have mysteriously malfunctioned just before the crash? Hmmmmm?

    • Either malfunctioning CCTV or the FBI/NSA will go around confiscating all surrounding footage, from corporate and private entities alike, in a Pentagon missle strike…I mean jet strike concealment manner. (Think home video security systems that can be watched on one’s “smart” phone.) If you can watch it…so can THEY.

  9. I read that helicopters that had Jared and Ivanka onboard almost crashed a few times this past year. Then you had all these military plane crashes. On top of that, 4 American Navy warships were destroyed due to fishing boats being remotely hacked and deliberately driven into them. There is a serious war going on between good and evil taking place on land, air, sea and maybe even outer space since Trump wants to create a Space Force. I just wish Trump would stop trying to fight such a clean war while the enemy uses every dirty trick in the book. Trump needs to get brutal and play just as dirty because the bad guys seem to be winning all the battles. At least put the big fish like Clinton, Obama and Soros in Gitmo because the only thing we seemed to have won was the election.

  10. Trying to have a national discourse when you REALLY need one has been made impossible.

    People I agreed with when Bernie was running have been turned & weaponized against Donald J. Trump.

    I didn’t vote for him, or $hillary Ȼlinton, but I support his war on #pedogate ~! #NXIVM

  11. Neon Revolt I have been seeing these Q+35 posts on twitter referring to these lasts posts do you know anything about it? It seems they were dropped in conjunction with the photos. If you have them can you post them please! Thanks!

    • Not covering that individual, yet. No reason to. Not seen any confirmation of anything they’ve posted.

      Looks like more distraction-shilling. Likely a clown-operation.

    • That’s the first thing I noticed when I first saw the video. Some said it was a bug or bird in the foreground. I watched it a very slow speed numerous times, about 30 minutes worth, and it still looked like a missile to me. The speed of the object seemed two fast to be a bug or bird.

      There seemed to be a little too long between the crash and the explosion. The explosion occurred immediately after object came down.

      If the investigation reveals that it was not a bug or bird close to the camera, we probably won’t hear about it.

  12. why don’t we throw one big party or “SUMMIT” as they call them; on some island
    ….have them all on 1 plane…and use their tactics. DONE !!! No trials, NO fighting ‘others’ about they were innocent, etc. Sorry GONE !!

  13. Dr. Bobbie Anne White posted a link to Hidden Tax on Humanity, so I clicked. It is authored by Mel Rockefeller, son of Nelson R and discusses many names including Reagan, but the point of the link is exposing Corsi. There are many reasons to be suspicious of Reagan and I am on the edge of my seat to see if Q finally exposes him to be a black hat. Mel also has opinions of president Trump that I don’t agree with. He considers the most important White Hatter to be some kind of Israeli agent. I am an Old Baptist, more commonly known today as Primitive Baptist, and we are traditionally not Zionists. Christ will appear in the clouds to call His children home. Period. No rebuilding of the temple, etc. Can’t wait to see the end of the Q book.


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