Have I Ever Mentioned that Johnny Depp isn’t a Good Guy? #CDAN

#CDAN dropped this today:


Also note:

Hey, do you remember Johnny’s history with the West Memphis Three? You know; the three young men accused to raping and murdering three boys in ARKANSAS in a Satanic-style ritual:

Yeah, Johnny Depp and other celebrities rallied to their cause, claiming their “innocence.”


Strange, huh?

Very strange.

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  1. I just read that blind about 20 minutes ago. I dont post much on Cdan, but I check regularly for blinds on human trafficking. This blind was very disturbing. The evil is incomprehensible.

  2. I always thought that Damien Echols kid looked a lot like Aleister Crowley, and figured Hollywood etc sprung those kids because of his likely relation to Old Lady Bush. Notice how he’s the only one of the three who still hangs with those Hollypedos? Of course they couldn’t get just Echols out of jail, they had to rally for all three to better justify their “cause.” Echols is not shy about his devotion to Crowley and OTO, actually I’m pretty sure he has a YouTube channel. Go fig.

    • I’m very conflicted about this. I grew up near the area and thus had more exposure than most. I cannot figure if these boys (or Echols alone) did this or not. I tend to lean to not. I simply cannot get the stepfather, John Mark Byers, out of my head as unhinged enough to have committed this as a fit of rage because his “son” hadn’t returned home. I don’t think it was pre-planned and perhaps he went WAY deeper than his consciousness allowed him to remember. That said, there are no “gotchas” that override any theory. I wonder, if because of the accusations, Echols began exploring what he was accused of while in prison and because he was an easy target H-weird said, “Yo, he could be brought aboard easily!” I mean after becoming what he was accused of being and already exposed and railroaded he could be a real asset to them. What do you think? And what is his connection with Bush?

  3. That’s awesome. I was just getting ready to link to that video here. Hunter S. Thompson, as talented of an writer/observer as he was, was a twisted F too. Depp worships him. Go back and watch Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and I swear it tells you something. The scene where he’s tripping out so hard he sees reptilians having a bloody orgy? I’m not a big reptilian believer, but that makes you at least stop and think, especially after the adrenachrome scene too. I think the Hunter S. stuff is in the vid above, but if not, here you go…. Hunter S. knew things and was such an insider, divulged things…


  4. There were some celebs that I wanted to like .. but the list just keeps getting shorter and shorter. ;-(

  5. Hunter Thompson was a known producer of snuff films, along with his circle of creeps, people love to cling to this romanticized fun druggy image of him but don’t realize what that guy was really into. There is a reason he was sooo popular in Hollyweird. Rumors of kid stuff as well. Johnny Boy here spent millions of that production companies money to build a cannon to shoot Hunter Thompsons ashes out of.

  6. will not watch tv anymore or the new hollyweird movies

    hollyweird=sodom and gamorrah

    also, horror and death for the children that they steal and rape and toture and eat their flesh and drink their blood and drain their adrenaline glands.

    may GOD take their souls and throw them in the pits of hell

  7. Hunter Thompson was going to call out 911. He knew who did it. They found him at his desk, after a phone call, suicided.

    Have you seen Avantii’s video “For a Better Day”? He was suicided last week after he discovered a ring of pedophiles in Oman. Check it out. He was 28 years old, too young to die. Rest in Peace, Tim.

  8. This goes WAY deeper regarding Phoenix death with Depp & fleabag Chili Pepper, Hunter S Thompson pedophile/snuff films, the viewing of a horrific one with a screening for MANY known politicians, including Presidents, Vice Presidents, Governors, etc. (one with a scene filmed at Bohemian Grove & the 2 boys who weren’t killed but tossed around at screening as toys were forced to do horrific things to the kid who was killed was at height of Franklin cover-up) as evil as it gets! Depp was attracted to Winona cuz of the witch cult that she grew up in & the philosophy was it takes a village & among those in her village was beatnik poet Alan Ginsberg, drug guru Timothy Leary & others that Depp idolized! He’s a master of inflicting physical & emotional pain on others & is very PROUD of his creativity in his mastery of such manipulation, control & POWER over such ppl! He’s been attracted to the dark side in an open way, passing it off as eccentricity! So much MORE here! The personal involvement & cover-up of Phoenix’s death is too much to even begin to write about here! Look into why Phoenix was excited about that night & how Depp ruined it! Look into the CC cameras at his club(NO LAW enforcement have but then again, Depp & company left town next morning with club closed down)! Look into who ordered Phoenix taken out of the club after he fell & was seizing in middle of dance floor! Look who left him on sidewalk & went back into talk with Depp for 10 minutes! Look into who knew he had no tolerance cuz he JUST ended filming & was clean the whole time! Look at who all drank same thing & other substances in Depps office in his club that night! LOOK at the Franklin cover-up thoroughly! Look into rising black Republican star, Larry King who WAS the mastermind of the drug, pedophilia blackmail operations against powerful politicians & ran the underage call boy services! Look at HOW light of a sentence he got for ALL of the horrendous crimes compared to the SEVERE sentence of a witness who recanted their testimony due to horrific intimidation! Her perjury sentence was TWICE that of Larry King who committed atrocious crimes cuz it was a warning signal to other kids NOT to talk! The kids who came forward had FBI tell them, if they told ANYONE, they wouldn’t be believed & would be thrown in jail! Her intimidation came after seeing what happened to the others who were killed, had family members killed, etc. So she testified she lied as instructed to do & got 30 years in prison for perjury! This ALL goes MUCH deeper!

  9. Actually it was because she refused to recant her testimony they gave her that crazy sentence. SHE NEVER RECANTED and Paul Bonanni backed up her testimony. The Troy kid that did recant was killed.


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