Today, We Are CANCELLING The #Apocalypse. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Something has changed…

Huh, that’s out of character for Sen. Graham. Remember, he used to follow around #NoName like a puppy dog – even if he didn’t look entirely happy about it. Almost like NoName had him on a leash…

Looks like someone’s had his strings cut, and is now able to move and act and speak freely.

And then there’s this:

Traitor McNoName knows the end draws nigh for him.

#QAnon comes back with this drop about an hour later, sort of picking up where we left off last night…

We know US and Jordanian Marines ran a joint-operation last night, taking out a [Renegade]-funded base.

Now, it appears the location of that base has come to light:

Iranian operators hanging out in Syria. According to Q, this is the “satellite” Iranian facility involved in manufacturing nuclear arms. These were the people Obama was funneling money to, through his little Iron Eagle shell company.

The other new bit of intel in these drops is that while Iron Eagle was used to cover up these “ransom” payments Obama made, Uranium1 was used to cover up the fact that Russia was providing the nuclear materials for sale to these nations! (Although there are some other possibilities, admittedly, which we’ll take a look at in a moment – but this is my reading of it).

Which, of course, implies that HILLARY had been colluding with the Russians the whole time, literally risking nuclear war and the destruction of our entire nation!


Go refer back to some answers on post 199, if you need help on the details:

(Okay, here are some other possibilities, explained by #Anons):

So there are a few candidates here, because of how many parties are involved. It’s hard to say who, exactly, right now.

But I tend to lean towards this view (Not sure I agree with the Putin bit, but it’s hard to say):

So what are we talking about as the end result here?

Again, look at post 199:

Materials procured from the US.

Smuggled abroad, through various countries.

Money laundered to bad actors, to fund their operations.

Bombs constructed with the ultimate goal being that of the movie, Sum of All Fears:

And a Nuclear False Flag on US soil that could be attributed to Russia and start World War III.

Are you gaining a better understanding of what that all means:

Hillary and Obama LITERALLY sold us out.

They LITERALLY wanted us dead, so that they could profit and remain in control.

Go back to Q drop 570, where he starts going over the 16 year plan to destroy America:



God literally canceled the apocalypse for us.

And then there’s this bit of posturing:


I don’t trust this guy at all. I like Bibi – he has that great orator’s voice – but I don’t trust him. Israel has, arguably, the best military in the Middle East, and oh, by the way, they suddenly figured out what was going on in their own backyard? Nah.

This comes hot on the heels of their unilateral strike in Syria, which literally almost started WWIII. Trump managed to miraculously defuse that situation, and take out a ton of Cabal-affiliated chemical and nuclear facilities in the process.

I know Q says they’re saving Israel for last, but part of me can’t help but think they’re leaving the most dangerous player on the field for an uncomfortably long time. Not that I claim to know more than QTeam. I trust the plan.

Maybe Bibi is a good guy, in charge of a bad state. I’m not sure. I’m reserving judgement.

With that in mind, Q’s last line is very reassuring:

Patriots in control.

Thank you, Patriots.

And just as I’m about to publish, Q comes back and addresses the “Bibi” Question:

First thing that hits me: Wait, Pompeo is in Israel now? He was just in Jordan last night…

Oh wow, he’s moving fast:

And you can be sure he’s negotiating something big.

As for the EU, they want us to remain in the Iran deal because they get a cut of all that cash!

Billions of dollars – very hard to trace – were flowing in. 5% of of 1.7 billion is 85 million dollars.

All flowing into the likes of Hitler’s daughter’s coffers.

But… that begs the question. Iran wasn’t just giving money away to EU nations for nothing. Something was being exchanged. What did Iran get out of the deal, and what did EU nations get?

The EU were cover for the shipment of these nuclear materials.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were providing more than that, but this implicates Merkel and so many others as entirely complicit in plotting the nuclear destruction of innocent Americans.

Our leaders sold us out.

Foreign leaders plotted to wipe us out.

And they did it all for a buck.

This is WAR! This is TREASON! And yes, its global in its scale.

Go back to November 10th, 2016.

Look at Trump’s face.

He knew everything.

That said, did anyone just catch Bibi’s live “powerpoint” presentation?

Sorry for the CNN link, but it’s the highest quality report I can find at the moment:

You better believe this is a HUGE deal, and a result of Netanyahu meeting with Pompeo.

As an anon put it:

#NewQ #16YearPlan #SumOfAllFears #Syria #Iran #Russia #TheCabal #Clowns #GreatAwakening #FalseFlags #LunaticLeftists

66 thoughts on “Today, We Are CANCELLING The #Apocalypse. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. It’s about time. Neon u r on point. I agree God intervened to avoid WW3 and you help HIM, make us understand.

  2. 1- Do not trust Bibi either, but Hitler was beaten with the help of Stalin. Sometimes you need a crooked stick…
    2- Bibi just made the “but muh’ Iran deal!” putzes look like shit, devastating.
    3- and yes–The God Emperor’s crew just needs to connect this new info with U1 and we got ourselves a party.

    So far so good– looks like we may skip that WW3 thing yet and move on to the golden age after all.

    Fingers crossed.

  3. “America is something that you can easily maneuver and move in the right direction. And even if they do say something, so then they say something… so what? 80% of Americans support us! It’s absurd! We have such support there, and here we’re thinking ‘what should we do if?’…”


    • I’ve seen these quotes. Can you attribute them to Bibi? Perhaps something from Israel or a book, or Bibi video? I tried but was unsuccessful. Hopefully you can help me out. Thank you.

      • Being anti-Israël is not the same as being anti-Semetic. Hating jews is not the same as being anti-Semetic. Aprox. 20% of the jews that live today have Semetic blood, most come from the Khazaar bloodline. But if want to place me in a box to ease youre mind than you may call me anti-Semetic. I don’t care…
        Its a choise to be a jew or muslim, as it is a choice to be a Christian. Judism is not a race.
        I do not like jews, thats a fact. Do you like people that think of woman as being filth, that think its normaal to have 2800 slaves, that suck the blood of a baby’s penis after they mutilate the genitals?

        This is the same sick shit that Q exposes en you are fanboying about.

        “An estimated 3,000 babies are circumcised each year using the method in New York City, home to the largest Jewish population outside Israel.”

        Jared Kushner is a sabbatean jew, thats the EVIL kind of judism. And he is wispering words of advise in Trump’s ear, and is married to his daugther. I think Trump is a smart man, he knows…

        Jews and muslims pray/ prey to the god of this world, thats Lucifer, Christians pray to the creator of ALL there is, who loves all and forgives all.

        No one is born evil…

        • You’re not awake enough, dude. Dig deeper. Rothschilds are Jews, and they’re Edomite Jews, too. And too many people associate the people of Israel as connected to the Rothschilds. The Rothschilds are the source of all the hatred, and you need to focus on them, and the NWO cabal that they helped finance through the centuries. Leave the innocent people of Israel OUT of it.

    • I bet he hopes they don’t find any nanograms from the U1 deal amidst the rubble in Syria created over the weekend.

  4. Really? We just went from the frying pan to the fire! LOL! The Bible says that we are going to see nuclear war here. Iran is developing the means to reach America with those nuclear missiles. That’s what Bibi was alluding to, in showing the 3 different missiles and their ability to reach Riyadh, Tel Aviv, and Moscow.

    We’ve gotten North Korea neutralized. Now, Iran is next. And I can guarantee you, we’re not out of the woods, by far. The Bible says otherwise. I’ll trust the Bible to be 100% accurate.

    • Where is nuclear war in the Bible? In America?

      These end times predictions of fire and brimstone are really frightening that it came about rather recently (1850’s). Before that it wasn’t a ‘thing’. I suspect that the very good people, Evangelical Christians have been hoodwinked.

  5. Awesome work, as usual!

    Q would always say we “are safe”. He hasn’t said that lately. Should we be concerned?

    This stuff is really complicated. What happens if it all goes awry & the Deep State & Cabal do something horrible in retaliation?

  6. I can’t wait to see these traitors hang! Wasn’t it awesome to see the Department of Defence tweet a pic of our service men going into Djibouti to get !
    They are rescuing kids and locking up sick pedophiles all over the world!!

  7. Neon: See Zechariah 5:5 This chapter details and describes a missile – the dimensions, the fire, the lift off with 2 fires lifting it up to the Heavens.
    Ezekiel 39: 1-16 describes nuclear war with hazmat burials. Also Zech 14:12-15 A Plague whereby people that have fought against Israel their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth. Does this sound like a nuclear bomb???? I leave it up to your imagination.

    • Protestant exegesis is one of the dumbest mental exercises on the planet. You literally just make up whatever you want.

      I’m Orthodox. NONE of the Church Fathers, patriarchs, or Saints would interpret those passages the way you’re reading them.

      Next thing you’re going to say Gog is Russia.

  8. I’ve always been an Israel-supporting, pre-Trib, pre-Mill Christian. Sometime soon, evangelicals will have to begin re-evaluating a lot of our theology. Many believe Russia is Gog/Magog (it’s not). The destruction of Damascus and all the other events we’ve long assumed were imminent, perhaps are not. The Lord is doing something we never expected. I think we’ve been very presumptuous and determined to see the Rapture NOW. The Church has plenty of work to do. It’s a whole, new world. Time to rebuild, renew and seek the Lord’s glory, which may not align with our itinerary. Look what He’s done lately! So many lessons we’ve learned from our involvement with Q.

    • I have a question about the “Rapture”. It is always something that I wanted to understand.

      The way I understand the “Rapture” is that in one tiny passage this theology grew from. But the Rapture says that Christ is coming to take the “good” people, airplanes will fall out of the sky, car crashes, children orphaned as those “good” people were taken up to Heaven. The rest are to suffer through a tribulation that will last 7 years.

      The Rapture is a coming of Jesus, no?

      So Rapture believers are saying Christ is a liar? There are not TWO times He comes. The first with His death/resurrection, then the Rapture. Then the true end times is His third time. How does that square with the Bible and we all know Christ is not a liar.

      • Karen, any time you read about a wedding ritual, in the context of how the Jewish wedding traditions are held, in the Bible, you are actually reading about the Rapture. So, it is actually mentioned THROUGHOUT the Bible, in both the Old Testament AND the New Testament. Not just in two verses. And how you’re thinking it’s going to happen? That’s the ‘Left Behind’ version. LOL! Not how it’s going to happen.

        Paul wrote about the Rapture in all of his epistles (letters to the churches of Turkey, which were all Israelites). The ‘mystery’ of the Rapture was revealed to him, on the road to Damascus, by none other than Jesus, Himself. Have you ever looked up the definition of ‘mystery’? It’s no secret. It actually means ‘revealed’ or ‘revelation’. Everyone thinks that the Rapture is a secret event. It’s not, to those that are looking for it, watching for it. It will only be a surprise to those that are not looking and watching for it. For those Christians who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and are COMPLETELY obedient to God the Most High, putting Him first and foremost in EVERYTHING they do, and forsaking ALL other gods (idols), which in this case, following Satan, which is what Donald Trump is doing… he’s taking down the Satanists that is the Deep State/NWO that are following Satan, and turning away from ALL sinful nature (of which the Satanists are practicing EVERY sin against God the Most High), these are the ones that will be called up to meet Jesus in the air, when He calls us home, both dead (asleep in their graves since His death on the cross, since the OT saints were resurrected at the time of His death on the cross (Matthew 27:50-53), and ascended WITH Him when He arose on the 3rd day after His burial, on First Fruits). Anyone who is still sinning, who still does the ways of the world, partaking in the sins of the Satanists, by looking the other way, accepting it in any way, are the ones that are left behind to go through the Great Tribulation, as they have demonstrated by keeping in the ways of the world, that they haven’t put God first in their lives. And the Satanists, atheists, ANYONE who hasn’t accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior? They will also have to go through the Great Tribulation.

        Jesus comes back at the end of the 7 years of the Great Tribulation, and He brings those that He called up, before the Great Tribulation began, along with those that have died DURING the Great Tribulation but never accepted the Antichrist/Satan during that time as their ‘god’, but lost their lives as a result of refusing to accept the Antichrist. This is where EVERYONE on earth will see Him, for who He truly is… our King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. There will be NO mistaking who He is, then.

        • Rhonda,

          I appreciate the time it took you to share with me your beliefs. They are in no way something I believe, nor will I ever.

          The wedding that I can think of, the Wedding of Cana is Christ does His first public miracle at the behest of his Mother. You recall the awkward moment where the host ran out of wine. Being a host, hospitality- was a very big deal. Mary, knowing the predictament of her host, asked her Son to make the water into wine. One day that miracle of water to wine, will be His blood.

          Christ, knowing that in doing this public miracle says, My hour has not come. That is simply in relation to his Passion and His death. By his Mother asking Him to do this public miracle, she is asking him to reveal his Divinity. No longer a son of a carpenter, but the Son of God.

          So, bless you. But if you interpret “hour” as rapture, then you are truly a minority. Perhaps in the U.S. this is popular, but no where else is this a known, or even accepted theology. NO WHERE.

          If you look at “hour” it is replete with Christ, His suffering, His Passion, His Death, being betrayed. I will pray with you as we together march in prayer to weed out the evil that we have been privy to, allowed, be present for in the history of time by God. Let our prayers of thanksgiving, and repentance to God allow the evil to be banished, if at least for a time, a season.

          Blessings to you and yours.

          • Karen, ask the Lord to reveal ALL wisdom and knowledge to you. I am obviously waaayyyy ahead of you in our walks with the Lord, just based on what you wrote. I wasn’t talking about the wedding at Canna. I’m talking about many of the wedding-related references in the Bible, throughout. Even the Song of Solomon, or Ecclesiates, are references to the betrothal of the Lord to His Bride.

            If you do not see this in the Word, then I would suggest that you prepare yourself for going through the Great Tribulation, and seeing what is being predicted in the Bible, like WWIII.

  9. Great write up Neon. Appreciate the hard work you put in to keep us informed. I am also not to fond of BiBi. I think he is playing a dangerous game and we are saving them for last for a reason. What that looks like I dont know but I hope we have a resolution to all of this before the mid terms. I know many think by the end of Trumps first term but I hope it doesn’t take that long. Sooner the better.

  10. let us not forget that the real reason JFK was murdered by the deep state is that he vowed to end the flow of nuclear secrets and supplies being funneled to the state of Israel by the military industrial complex.

  11. Interesting parallel between the EU involvement in transporting the nuclear material and the resistance of the FBI to release the texts which supposedly show a “conspiracy” of top level FBI and some nations that are supposedly friendly to the US in planning to assassinate the president or some of his family. It will be interesting to see if this comes out. Huge.

  12. A HUGE pill for me to swallow today! Praying the Archangel Michael prayer to deliver us from evil. ❤️

  13. The Atheistic State of Israel.
    Headed by the corrupt Bibi.
    Allied to the heretical moslem sect of the Wahhabi head choppers (Saudi Arabia).
    Making PPT slideshow accusing the Islamic Republic (Iran) of breaking “the deal”.
    Iran, the sworn enemy of the heretical Wahhabi state.
    And of the Atheistic State.
    The Atheistic State completely backed by the most powerful Empire in world history, that is.
    Oh yes.
    Its all believable.
    –Faux Q (whoa, there’s a pun in there!)

  14. spectre think
    world wide cabal all the clues in the craig bond movies
    from terrorism to market manipulation et al


    revelations never discussed in orthodox sunday school
    I also am orthodox

    • I’m not Neon or anOrthodox, just an attempting follower of the teachings of Jesus, but here is what Dionysius of Alexandria [Bishop of Alexandria in Egypt; died ca. 264] said about how early Christians viewed Revelations as quoted by Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea (ca. 260 – ca. 340).

      “Some before us have set aside and rejected the book altogether, criticizing it chapter by chapter, and pronouncing it without sense or argument, and maintaining that the title is fraudulent.  For they say that it is not the work of John, nor is it a revelation, because it is covered thickly and densely by a veil of obscurity.  And they affirm that none of the apostles, rend none of the saints, nor any one in the Church is its author, but that Cerinthus, who founded the sect which was called after him the Cerinthian, desiring reputable authority for his fiction, prefixed the name.  For the doctrine which he taught was this: that the kingdom of Christ will be an earthly one.  And as he was himself devoted to the pleasures of the body and altogether sensual in his nature, he dreamed that that kingdom would consist in those things which he desired, namely, in the delights of the belly and of sexual passion; that is to say, in eating and drinking and marrying, and in festivals and sacrifices and the slaying of victims, under the guise of which he thought he could indulge his appetites with a better grace.”

      Dionysius then said he did not understand it, but did not reject it.

      Personally, I believe that the early Christians Dionysius spoke of were correct especially since Jesus said in Matthew 13:37-43 how it would be at the end of the world. The angels will gather up all those who do iniquity and cast them into the fire leaving behind the righteous which is just the opposite of what those that believe in the bogus rapture say.

      I think your Sunday school is doing good not to polite your mind.

  15. Remember when BO shipped all that cash to Iran? Remember thinking, Wow, Now Iran has a bundle of money and Russia has a ton of Uranium. What could go wrong?

  16. So then, the retaliatory strike on Syria could have been to take out some of the harder to reach Renegade bases working on the program and the chemical attack a manufactured pretext.

  17. I’ll have to play wait and see.

    I do not trust Mueller regardless of what branch of the military he was in. He was the head of the FBI during the U1 deal. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I remember reading that he even delivered a sample of uranium to Moscow. If he gets immunity, that means that what Q says about “no deals” is not true.

    I do not trust BiBi or Israel. Never forget the USS Liberty or the Palestinians.

  18. Would you be satisfied if this week’s MOAB turned out to be that explosion thing in Syria last night? That might be a big bomb, and the base might even be Obama-funded, but it’s not a farking blip on the radar of letting people understand what I’ve been raving about for months. Not a fart. No proof of anything. Q seriously needs to reconsider his terminology. Marines and intelligence types might consider that a MOAB, I call it a bloated steaming nothing burger. Justice is only done if it is seen to be done. I see some grainy phone-footage of an explosion and zero context. Colour me deeply unimpressed

  19. In my comment above I had hit the emoji for pizza which obviously didn’t come out. So what I was saying was I found it awesome that the dept of defense is tweeting about pizza down there in Djibouti where our military is parachuting down to.

  20. Once again we are seeing the boomer narrative coming into play here – muh based Israel. The only way any of this is actually going to work out in the end is if the Qteam et al. are all aware of the JQ, otherwise this all leads to the same slow death of the white race that most politicians are currently offering us. I’m open to the possibility that they are simply ‘playing the game’ to overcome each hurdle in their way but my point remains as far as the end strategy is concerned, and it’s getting difficult to maintain this faith when there’s so very little evidence to go off of that it’s a known issue and subsequently being dealt with.

  21. Neon – this one is one of the best analogy yet although all of your posts about info given by Q are superb!

    I agree with you in everything you posted: “They thought she could/would not lose” is the premise from which we now see what was in store for us if she had won.
    The first act of the 16 plan to destroy America in her administration would have been to declare war in Syria and Russia at the same time.

    Everything they did was set up for that moment!

    Israel and Bibi are duplicitous as we have seen time and again the last act was the IDF’s participation and collusion with the deep state. Bibi/Israel want the oil belonging to Syria and located in the Golan Heights.
    Remember the permits they sold to the gang of Cheney, Murdoch, Woolsey, Richardson, Kissinger and others – all deep state creatures.

    They together with Hussein/Hillary and deep state sponsored ISIS together – they were their tools and who did they target? Christians more often than not.

    Also remember the Mossad was involved in the assassination of JFK. There is much more but that’s for another day.
    Their power over our government via AIPAC and more is a big problem ergo Trump saving Israel for last as Q stated.

    For those believing the Bible speaks of nukes destroying this country it says no such thing and as a matter of fact America is not mentioned anywhere in Revelations. God instructed to close the book and not reveal any other end times occurance.

    The pallets of untraceable cash laundered via the EU paid many players that also included some of our politicians, some very angry middle eastern donors to Hillary who demanded the return of their monies to her after she lost.

    Then there is Germany who is undergoing changes that includes a silent and unreported movement against Merkel. Her true identity is a subject that is used by educators to query students about Merkel. Being the daughter of Adolf Hitler has been introduced leaving said students shell shocked. They have their own red pill movement taking shape over there so we’ll see how its going as many German citizens reading Q at the 8chan board. Based on their comments it looks promising.

    • Your comments about Germany are interesting. “Her true identity is a subject that is used by educators to query students about Merkel.” – what exactly do you mean by this?

  22. Reading the comments I weep over the commentary about Orthodox and Protestants. I am reminded of Matthew 12:25: Knowing their thoughts, he said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand.”

    Jesus came to teach about His kingdom and invited everyone but not all will come. No matter your views on the end times:
    1. Be mindful of those that are listening and that a house divided will not stand
    2. This should be minor doctrine and not worthy of name calling
    3. If all here stand for Q but not for Jesus… I wonder what is being worshiped?

    Neon – keep up the great work as it is such an encouragement that some great positive changes lie ahead for a country I love so dear.

  23. “All flowing into the likes of Hitler’s daughter’s coffers.”

    Dude, seriously, how can you parrot such idiotic statement? Hitler died in 1945, Merkel was born years later.


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