Reigning in a [RENEGADE]. IT’S HAPPENING!!! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #MAGA

#NewQ! Let’s get into it:

#Anon posted the DOD tweet from tonight:

#Anons pretty much immediately recognized it as a comm for something big and explosive…

But one anon makes this connection:

And this pleased #QAnon very, very much:


I do believe Q is referring back to the black hat that tried to make contact with him on the boards the other night.

You remember, the one where Q called out his VPN. This set:

Because the consensus seems to be that POTUS and team played a very long con on bad actors here. Remember, Q always said: Disinfo is necessary. So they baited Dems into think Mueller was going after Trump for the longest time.

Remember how mad Q was when it leaked early that Trump wasn’t being investigated? So they had to set up enough of a narrative to make everyone think he was still being investigated.

#Anons are helpful here:

I love the glee. Anons are the best.

Now, here comes a chance to expand your thinking: Do you think Q team would let that out of the bag, if they weren’t ready to strike?

Okay, moving on:

Q’s comms got a little scrambled here, and he didn’t have his Trip code for this post, so he logged back in and confirmed that this was actually from him.

The gist of it is – and it’s not super important – is that some anons were questioning how EagerLion18 could equal Iron Eagle, when there’s a missing R.

Q responds with R = 18.

And in case it’s still not making sense, anon helps out:

So, personally, I’m taking this as a pretty good #QConfirmation for my theory that Obama using Iron Eagle as a shell company. But that’s just me.

(Also, PS, thanks again to all the woke anons propagating the story about it across the boards. The research seems to be resonating with anons. Here’s an archive, in case you guys need it):

Q then points us to this tweet:

And then he asks us to connect it with the earlier tweet:

If I had to guess, Pompeo just made a major deal in the Middle East.

But… for what, exactly?

So connecting them…

US Marines are in Jordan, working with Jordanian Marines. Pompeo just arrived there, signalling the situation is under control.

And we know Clowns and #TheCabal have secret bases all throughout the Middle East…

So… its implied that the Marines are working with the Jordanians to coordinate some kind of military operation – presumably a strike against some kind of base – and then… Pompeo strikes some kind of deal? Like he did in NK?

If the Iron Eagle theory is true… Obama was using that shell company to move money all throughout Iran, and presumably, the Middle East.

So, are the Marines going after Obama’s secret bases in Jordan right now, as a precursor to military operations in Iran?


And with every passing day, Obama loses more leverage.

It’s beautiful.

Whatever is going on, one thing is for sure:

It’s go-time!

Say a prayer for our operators and leaders tonight, Legionaries. They’re going to need every ounce of strength and resolve to get this done. Evil never goes down without a fight.

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15 thoughts on “Reigning in a [RENEGADE]. IT’S HAPPENING!!! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #MAGA”

  1. Almost 100 years ago, during World War I, the 91st Infantry Brigade was preparing to enter combat in Europe. The Brigade Commander, a devout Christian, assembled his troops and gave each of them a little card on which was printed the 91st Psalm, the same number Psalm as their brigade. They agreed to recite that Psalm daily. After they had begun praying the Psalm, the 91st Brigade was engaged in three of the bloodiest battles of World War I — Chateau Thierry, Belle Wood and the Argonne. Other American units that fought in the same battles had up to 90 percent casualties, but the 91st Brigade did not suffer a single combat-related casualty.

  2. I love that prayer to the Archangel Michael! I have prayed it many a time in my life and will be praying it again for the success of our mission. Thanks for your quick post!

  3. What’s the “missing R” anons refer to when translating IRON EAGLE into EAGER LION? The R in IRON becomes the R in EAGER. In fact, it’s a pretty easy anagram:
    EAG_E I_ON (L, R out) –>
    EAGE ION (compress)–>
    EAGER LION–> add the R & L to the end & beginning respectively

    I’ve seen R = Renegade = BHO, and I get that. I don’t get the “missing R” stuff. Maybe there’s something else I’m missing.

    • That was my first thought. I saw the headline about Netanyahu making an announcement regarding the Iran nuclear deal, saw the DoD tweet again, and everything clicked.

  4. Just another quick discovery for you, the Emmy association is called Natas! Think mirror of Satan! These people are sick!

    • Yeah, that’s been shilled across the boards for a while now. I chose not to cover it because it’s dumb.

  5. Picture from the tweet. Oftentimes military/police train on a full scale replicas of the scene.
    Who owns a house like that?

    • It’s a training facility in Jordan.

      The Grand Tour recently did an episode there, where they “stormed” that very same building.


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