They lay down their lives for YOU. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Thanks to everyone who bore with me while I took a break and recharged.  No, the site was not hacked. I was just genuinely that beat, and I have to wonder if I’m not fighting some kind of bug. I slept for some 15+ hours on Saturday. My brain felt like it was on fire, and I couldn’t think straight any more. Plus, I’ve been in a bit of an emotional funk/very worried about my future.

I’m not 100% yet, but history marches on, and I’m not going to be left in the dust.

And for those who think this site is the work of multiple people – no, it’s just one guy, so the responsibility for everything falls squarely on my shoulders.

But I’m in good-enough shape to put this together, so let’s get to work:

Here, Q responds to an “anon,” Except… it’s not an anon.

Looks like a malicious actor using a VPN.

Hard to say who it was, or what exactly they wanted. But Qteam apparently has enough power and resources to correlate different anon posts to different IPs, in realtime – and run some kind of traceroute on them.

Which means he probably knows who each and every anon really is, IRL, even if they’re using any kind of IP obfuscation.


The rally was pretty golden. Trump snubbed the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, yet again, and instead, held a “campaign-style” rally in Michigan. The Press dinner was foul and disgraceful and not really worth our attention – especially in comparison to what happened at the Trump rally:


(EDIT: Okay, upon more consideration, probably more Beanz than Corsi. Corsi has at least been around for a while. He’s not really looking to go mainstream. Beanz is, however, looking to become a full-time “journalist).”

Yeah guys, don’t buy anything that purports to explain Q, or give you insider knowledge in exchange for cash. Don’t buy the books of hype-men. Don’t sub to their Patreons. That kind of gnostic-styled heresy should not be tolerated. I realize many struggle with understanding Q, and thus, seek out so-called “experts” (or even sites like mine), but don’t fork over your cash for this stuff. Everything is already out there, for free, online. Granted, it may be very difficult to gather across diverse threads, and render everything together into some kind of understandable whole – which is the kind of work I try to do for people – but don’t pay for it.

Yeah, I sell T-shirts, but you don’t have to buy one to gain access to any kind of “hidden knowledge,” locked behind a paywall. And to be fair, I started as an edgy meme page long ago, and I sold shirts then, too. So it’s not something new. A t-shirt is a tangible good, and there’s an exchange of actual value going on there. I get to pay the server bills, and you get to look smart and good.

But you’re not paying for special access to any of my articles or anyting, and it’s never required. All the knowledge here is posted for free, and always will be. I’ve been an anon since ’05, at least; an “oldfag” if you want to call me that. I fought in the first meme war, and am happy to serve in this war as well. I want a better future than they one the likes of #TheCabal had intended for me.

And when Q goes away, I’m happy to return to whatever it was I was doing before Q came along. (Though I don’t think that will be exactly possible. No one comes out of this unchanged).

I don’t think I’ve articulated this well enough, but none of this is about me. None of you have any idea who I am, what I do, or much beyond the few vague factoids I’ve dropped here and there – and that’s intention. It’s not about me. “Neon” has been my mask.  The mask lets me speak freely, and helps keep “me” out of the way. The time may come when one day, I’ll take off the mask, but that day is not today.

This movement, whatever you want to call it – is bigger than you or me, or any individual. It’s about the ideals. It’s about bringing the truth to the surface and exposing ancient, horrible evil to the light, so that it can be purged from the heart of this nation.

And so, we are grateful to Q, and anons, and anyone else who wears a mask so that they might spread truth, freely, to all who would hear. Thank you for being here, and spreading the message. A time will come very soon where no one will be able to ignore us any more.

Q+ is probably Trump, for the record. It’s all but been verified.

So, thank you, sir.

And did you catch it?

We’re in the final phase. Q said the other day that the timetables have shifted, and that [this week] is going to be huge.

Guys, this is it. Arrests are going to start happening VERY soon.

This phase brings JUSTICE!

May the Lord make the memory of our fallen Operators to be Eternal, and may they now know even greater freedom than they could have ever dreamed.

It’s almost go-time.


Thanks to the #anons who highlighted my article and just got it into notables. Been very frustrating seeing all the crackpot theories flying about Iron Eagle, and hopefully… hopefully my article is over the target:

#NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

55 thoughts on “They lay down their lives for YOU. #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. You ‘re brilliantly glowing as always! AHUGAH!!! “Lifteth up both the bright sword & the glittering spear”! (Nahum 3:3 KJV Bible) Stay healthy & wise! Blessings, as always

    • Nahum 1:3 (NIV) The LORD is slow to anger and Quick to love; the LORD will not leave the guilty unpunished.

  2. I’m sure you reviewed the movies “Iron Eagle” on Wikipedia. Main one & I think, 3 sequels. Very relevant countries. I know TRUMP enjoys film & often references them. If you haven’t, take a look.

  3. Glad you’re back, NR, and hope you feel much better soon. Gotta say, though, your last post was more than “I’m tired and I need a break.” You expressed major frustration, and no small amount of impatience (“No. Comms not good. Comms opaque and frustrating to the point where I can’t be bothered any more … Wake me up when someone arrests Hillary.”)

    That was not only surprising and disappointing to read, it was uncharacteristically careless of you because it potentially pushed some away who might be on the fence. Worse still, you played right into the hands of those working against DJT, Q, etal.

    Just one fan’s reaction; hope you take it to heart.

  4. Thank you so much! Take care! Stay safe! God bless our president and all of those who are trying to make things right!

  5. Thank you Neon! Was praying for you yesterday…much deserved day of rest. I learned about Q mid-Feb this year and lurked on chans for the last couple of months. Seems like years. My heart is in my throat. I can not rest knowing what people are doing to other people, children and babies. Babies! I know a lot of us feel the same. I remember reading anons on 8ch deriding Beanz for seeking attention and I unfollowed her that day. It is best reading q posts for ourselves, but great to find people like you to explain as well. I am really seeing God’s discernment at work in people right now. You included. And that strengthens my faith in Christ. Thanks Neon, whoever you are.

  6. So happy you rested and are doing well, my friend! You were sorely missed, but I’m glad you used wisdom and got yourself healthy. We need you in this fight, Patriot! You are in my prayers and will continue to be! We got your back!

  7. Brilliant! Thank You ! Praying for your health , physical and spiritual ! I think a good week of Cabal busting will make us all feel better !

  8. Thank Q and NeonRevolt for calling out famefags like Tracy Beanz and Corsi. Corsiis a charlatan, a merchant of Q’s posts.

    When I first heard about him on the now-dead CBTS sub, I followed a link to one of his YouTube videos. It took me two minutes to pin him as a snake oil salesman, the White version of Al Sharpton. |

    Then there’s Tracy Beanz and her shills promoting her everywhere.

    It’s sad and disgraceful to see these goons profiting off Q’s posts but it’s not unexpected. This is the good old United States of America at its finest, probably the only place on Earth where any schmuck can make a buck selling anything, even by stealing 8chan posts. God bless America.

  9. Oh, I forgot to mention Corsi. The first and only time I listened to him (around the end of March), he said it would take at least two years to put the perps away. Two Years! My heart was screaming, “but what about the babies!!!” Seriously, no one learning of this could let it go on that long. That is, in and of itself, evil.

  10. You are doing some GREAT work. I wanted to say that I have been experiencing very similar symptoms to the ones you describe during the same timeframe. And although this may qualify me to the wall of weird comments. (Hopefully with one of those awesome memes attributed to it) I do believe that as we are collectively reaching for liberation with and through the Q phenomenon, from bad actors casting their nasty spells on us. At the same time we are pushing for planetary liberation ( As Q says WW) on a psychological/spiritual front. Which basically means cleaning up our act on the inside as well. And since society is a reflection of our inner reality and vice versa … it would make sense that we need to do inner work to stabilise the outer work that is being done on a planetary scale. To conclude I would like to add that (although probably farfetched to most of the followers here) that those of us slightly ahead of the curve are naturally more sensitive and therefore do this kind of observational work. And as we are more sensitive to our environment we are also more sensitive to inner cleansings occuring worldwide orchestrated via unseen good actors in order to support the external cleansing as mentioned above. And although having similar symptoms can be attributed to coincidence or fanboy copying , i do believe what I try to propose stands as a case to examine. As one of your hall of famers which proposed the Law of One etcetera here. It can actually be examined experientially that all is connected through simple sensory expansion methods.

  11. Neon, God bless and thank you. I feel your site has the most comprehensive evaluation of what’s going on. I hope you feel better. It’s funny…I feel like my brain has been “on fire” since I started following Q in November. I used to read GP, brietbart, drudge etc. now I read anxiously look for Q posts about 3xday, if not more. I dig, but not post, as much as I can. Everything else just seems irrelevant and just BS. I truly appreciate how you have helped me understand. I don’t need to know who you are…it’s not important. Your WORK is what’s important. Again….thanks

  12. You are my Hero and love your selfless ideals. I was drawn to your sight by divine direction/in other words by Gods direction. Ive found becoming part of this Anon movement to be quite fulfilling. It has given me a new passion to serve not only God but my Country and I can do it without anyone knowing, including my family and friends! Some day after I’m long gone I’m hoping my kids or children will find my notes and prayers and of course your posts and see that WE were a part of History.

  13. Glad your back and rested. I was pointed to this site from a Reddit post a month or so ago. Glad I clicked the link. I have been following Corsi and a few others but to be honest Corsi can be hard to follow at times. I used to listen to Beanz but the asking for money made me look for other sources. I am also not a fan of the CBTS live stream any more. I gave them ample time to get their act together but it seems like it is slowly turning into a cult of personality with them, and they spend a lot of time slapping each other on the back or having conversations that are interpersonal and not related to Q, and they seem to spend less and less time explaining the Q drops anymore. Not to mention some of the theories they come up with are flat out incorrect (proven false by Q and Anons). Not knocking them but their style doesn’t work for me anymore. And I have had a few short conversations with Pamphlet Anon and he seems like a great guy, no buts, he genuinely is a great guy trying to do the best he can. I have been sending out links to this site for anyone asking me “who is Q” or “what did the last drops mean”. I appreciate how you pull information from all over to show connections to Q drops. It really helps paint a much better picture of what is going on. Keep up the great work and remember to take some time for you!

  14. If things start to look weird in your future, there’s about a million patriots who would be happy to have you crash in the spare room, give you a job, date their sister etc. We got you man

  15. Thanks, friend. Of all the times, in the past few months, when my heart cried out in prayer, this weekend was the most labored. Now that you’re rested, this coming week of justice will be more of a pleasure. But we have to stay alert. War is still on the horizon. We’re Gideon’s/Q’s happy band of brothers (and sisters). What’s a little Agincourt now and then. Good for the soul.

  16. NR its good to have a rant when frustration is high. I’m more than happy to support you in your humanity. Glad you’ve pushed thru and posting again. Your future, like mine, is in Gods hands. Enjoy the view whenever possible. Love your work.

  17. Welcome back. Take some apple cider vinegar in the morning if you feel something in your throat. Fast if you can to cleanse out and think clearly. I am glad you have confirmed my feelings about Tracy. I shut her down pretty good after she replied to a tweet of mine calling her out but she never responded. She looks very desperate now. Thanks for everything, friend!

  18. Glad to hear you’re up and running after 15+ hrs of sleep. Analyzing and writing about everything that’s wrong with this world has to be grueling. I’m confident there isn’t one follower who wouldn’t want you to step back for awhile. Even readers need to do that often. So appreciate your work, patriot.

  19. Is it possible that it was Q who dropped the MOAB, with the posts about Mueller, which essentially told the Cabal that Mueller had been turned, and rather than investigating Trump, he’s been investigating…Them?

    That had to be a HUGE mo-fo of a MOAB for the Evil.

  20. PS NR, there’s a reason essential oils have long been suppressed and discredited by Big Pharmacide, because they work. Get yourself some Peppermint essential oil (health food stores, online) and put 1drop on the back of each ear, or the roof of your mouth, or just inside your ear canal. Do this 3x/day or as needed whenever you feel symptomatic.

    Also eat citrus (oranges, grapefruit, tangerines) as much as you can, in SEGMENTS. Oxygen kills vitamin C. That’s why Nature cleverly made citrus in enclosed, bite-sized segments! (And/or Orange or Citrus blend essential oil, 2drops in 8oz water

    MOST IMPORTANT: To cut your recovery time the most, get into the hottest bath you can tolerate, and drink a cup of hot tea, or water. When your insides become warm like your exterior, you will begin sweating, and because the skin is the body’s largest elimination organ, you will eliminate the virus thru the skin in 1/2 time it would take to process out thru the respiratory and internal elimination systems. Do this every 4hrs as needed.

    Feel free to E if you have questions. Its ALL about uncovering what they’ve hidden 😉

    As always, Thank You

  21. Best to remain anon as long as possible, Neon. Look how all who reveal themselves get devoured by the piranhas of the mainstream — fame and fortune cannot protect anymore. The water bleeds and its a feeding frenzy. Let em grind “Neon” between their fangs, leaving you without a scar. Some day, after the war is over, maybe the patriots can be saluted at the parades, with you among the veterans. But not now.

    • I’m not looking for salutes or recognition. Just a little more symmetry in my relationships with people.

      But you’re right. There’s no way I’m doing a “reveal” until after this war is over – and maybe not even then.

  22. I have followed your site for a few weeks now, and Praying Medic, I am very skeptical of very many people who pretend to have the goods on who and what is what. I have found two that I mostly trust. You’re one. I have followed Q since November and I sit back and observe. My time is not yet to engage, tho’ I do repost your articles to my Gab, left twit in Dec. 15 years ago, I was called to the Philippines for a ministry, it took 13 years to fight off the tangle of webs which bound me to home. Here I see the same growing threats to liberty that the US began going through in the early ’90’s. Some of us are beginning to stand against it now.Thanks to POTUS and people like you, the “Greatawakening” is happening in more places you know. President DU30 here needs everyones prayers, the cabal is out to destroy him. The EU reps, and the UN are constantly trying to interfere. He has banned them from the country lately. America will be great again, all that is happening is the war not just for the real estate and masses of slaves, but for the souls of men. This, is the precursor of the final battle. God be with you, and you will get better. Salamat, (thank you)!

  23. The very first time I listened to CBTS I heard Pamphlet say how this World needs one world government we have just not evolved there yet?!! Hello! What are they fighting against then if they are wanting one world government?!?! I can’t stand that we now can see their faces when they talk.
    Another person to be careful about is Scott Binsack with MFA. He was very vocal after the Vegas Shooting.
    I’m loving Neon Revolt, TRU Reporting, and Quniverse. Also check out National Liberty Alliance.

  24. Neon, I will add my thoughts and prayers with the others. I am glad you took some much needed “me” time. The selfless work you and others do us priceless to a little person like me. I look forward to this week with hopeful anticipation. I’m glad you are with me on this joyrney. May God bless you and keep you safe and healthy. Much love and respect!

  25. @ Neon Revolt

    “I’ve been in a bit of an emotional funk/very worried about my future.”

    Don’t be. Command out loud with authority, “Jesus, I am blessed. Thank you.” This leaves the door wide open to be blessed perfectly by the Father. If doubt raises it ugly head, say it again. Volume counts as an indicator to yourself of your faith/belief/knowingness.

    I knew you would be back because the selfless always do the right thing as best as they know how. Those who have never considered quitting something are those that have never done anything. You are doing plenty.

  26. Neon, I prayed for you yesterday and today during mass. I haven’t been lurking long, but I sensed the first time I came here that you were an important warrier so to speak. I am happy to see you are getting back up for another round.

    Voodoo, I so get what you are saying ! The outer world does reflect who we are inside, the true condition of our hearts. Each one of us can make a difference when we do the internal cleansing required to emerge a better person. For me it is a spiritual journey with God who transforms me with my consent, and shows me what needs to be changed. Occassionally, He allows me to be hit with a two by four to redirect me back onto the correct path, but it is always worth the internal cleansing.

    I am middle age. All of this evil flourished on my generations watch because we were luke warm and in a complacent slumber. We have some atoning to do that is for sure!

  27. Beanz is ok. Marines get paid for what they do. Beanz does good research and should be paid well as she does it better than many others. corsi is ok too, but he is a peddler.

  28. @Neon: I am unable to overlook your mention that you were/are somewhat in a funk worried about your future!?
    Is there anything I and others frequenting your site can do to reduce the load?

    The real reason our site has been so popular is simply because many find it difficult to navigate the 8chan board.

    I watched a U-tube with Corsi and found it off-putting because he keeps plugging his book. Is all about selling his book while his decoding at times is way off the mark.
    From what I understand Tracy supposedly scrubbed all her Q info from her twitter account. Being called out on Twitter by QAnon thread caused her to become defensive.

    Good to know that you re-charged and back better than ever but please let us – your supporters know if there is anything we can do to help you reducing your worries about the future.

  29. Pretty much what I figured out. When Sessions appeared before the Congressional House Committee on Thursday, handing over the texts from Strzok and Page, he also informed the committee members that the Mueller investigation is complete. That was the message to the members that the cover that the Mueller investigation was creating so that they could do their investigations without the Deep State’s knowledge of what was going on, controlling the black hats while giving them work to chase their own tails on, revealing, in actuality THEMSELVES, was no longer needed. That was the signal… the MOAB! Mueller has been helping the Trump administration. He was appointed Special Counsel only to create a façade for the Deep State, to make them think they had Trump in a box. But the Trump administration and his allies used their own playbook against them. They fought fire with fire, which is what we ALL know is what had to be done. We couldn’t keep placating.

    Anyone notice that we have had 43 GOP congressmen resign, or retire, from politics? They were caught up in the sting. They were told, resign, retire, whatever you want, but you’re done. If you don’t, you’ll go to prison.

    Mueller was tapped, given immunity from prosecution, if he aided and abetted the Trump administration. Who protects the White House and the President/Vice President? It’s not the Secret Service. These are the US Marines, the only branch of the Armed Services that the President can direct to do additional duties. Mueller is a Marine. Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine. And that’s what they tapped into, with Mueller. Mueller has done a wonderful job of distracting the Deep State. The Deep State thinks they’re going to sweep the midterms. Only, in the next couple of weeks, between now and the time the IG releases his report, anticipated to be around the 15th of May, they’re going to find out that they are done. The Marines are standing by, waiting to extract Barack Obama from the Pacific island he’s hiding on, right now. That’s the reason why the man has spent so much time out of the country… he knows that he will be nabbed, at some point. I’m surprised he came to Barbara Bush’s funeral. He risked a lot by doing so. But they weren’t ready to nab him yet, because it would have given it all away as to what is going on.

  30. I knew you’d be back. Researching and writing are like air for you. Maybe you were just hyperventilating. It’s been a busy April! Lots of Q drops.

  31. Jeez….someone said if you like Tracy Beanz you are a shill. Uhm…no shill here. Been following Q from the first day. Tracy did some Q stuff in the beginning then started researching parallel topics. She has done some amazing research. She has not done Q in months.

    Most everyone has Patreon or asks for donations to help offset costs. Hagmans, Quayle, Hodges, Lazinski, your local pastor, etc., just about every site you visit asks for donations. Since when is this “proof” of nefarious intentions?

    Also, why did Q put a picture of her march on his drops if Q was referring to her?

    I’m not a cheerleader/shill for Beanz. I follow lots of sites and make up my own mind. What I find disturbing is how everyone has jumped on the “Beanz is bad” bandwagon with no proof of who Q was talking about.

    What if that was you? What if the chans decided you were the one Q was talking about? You do sell t-shirts, after all. What if you were being crucified and vilified all over the place. You do great work on Q. Beanz does great work on parallel topics.

    I don’t get it. Seems like a witch hunt to me. Just sayin…

    • Because I can’t be bothered to correct the mistakes you made, all throughout your pointless diatribe.

      For instance, you said Q posted a pic from one of her rallies – when he actually didn’t. He responded to what someone else said, when they posted the pic.

      Which means, you don’t understand how the boards work in the first place.

      Which means, I literally can’t be bothered to deal with you.

      Lurk moar.

  32. I just recently found your website….heard your name on Spaceshot76’s youtube video. I try to use discernment as to who I follow. I found it very exciting when I discovered I was led to Praying Medic on Amazon Kindle about 3 months before Q started posting. I had downloaded one of his books and enjoyed his testimony….then BAM….there he was on YouTube when I did a search for Q content. I found very quickly that if the Holy Spirit did not lead me to follow a person regarding Q info….I absolutely could not receive the info. I would either read an article and not comprehend ONE SINGLE WORD…LOL….or find it impossible to be interested in their videos. I am so thankful that He leads me and corrects me this way .
    I first read your article on (I think) the 27th ? (the article posted out of frustration.) I knew immediatley that you were exhausted, frustrated, and just ready for some sort of justice to be visible (however minor) and absolutely knew you would pick your cross back up after some much-needed rest. Thank you for being a fellow Patriot standing beside myself and many others in this war for our children’s future and protection against the enemy.
    This has all been so supernatural for me….and I know, that I know, our POTUS was appointed by the Almighty for these wicked times. America will once again be what it was when our grandparents were children, and that is DEFINITELY worth fighting for.
    I just want to say that His timing is not OUR timing, and His ways are not ours. He DOES have a perfected plan that is unfolding right before our eyes. Our Commander In Chief’s steps are being directed by God Almighty, therefore there are no mistakes. A mere man could NEVER accomplish what is being brought to the light, and he is opening each door at the perfect time.
    I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done(and will do) and hopefully leave you encouragement with my words.
    WWG1WGA, a fellow Patriot and Sister in Christ Jesus, our Savior. MAGA ✝✝✝✝

    P.S. The ⛈ is HERE !!!!!!!

  33. Lol…now it’s a pointless diatribe? I was giving my POV. Is thoughtful discussion not allowed here? I get how the chans work. And you also knew what I meant. Q responded to an anon and put the Tracy Beanz march on his board. So, my statement was correct.
    Anyway…I like your stuff…but your attitude leaves much to be desired.

  34. If there are too many screaming that someone is bad but without any facts then know there is a propaganda push against them out of fear. Tracy Beanz is a sincere and efficient journalist and her information is on the money. Until I find she is pushing lies as the leftist thugs do I will continue to praise her style and reporting! Think for yourself people!


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