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#POTUS has been going after Sen. Jon Tester pretty hard lately.

Hmm… We know POTUS never attacks at random – even though he is always on the offensive. Wonder why he’s directing our attention towards him:

A big thanks to the #Anons who brought this to my attention, and an even bigger thanks to the researchers over at /v/Pizzagate for piecing this together. There’s no way I can piece all this together by myself, so the least I can do is shine a gigantic spotlight on it, and get it in front of more eyeballs.

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For those of us who watched Trump’s speech last night, he took time to talk about his disgust with Senator Jon Tester from Montana who had made some false accusations over Trump’s pick for the VA. In his speech, Trump said that he “KNEW” some things about Tester that if the people knew, they would vote him out of office.

I decided to look into Tester and found it odd that he had been involved the adoption of children in Haiti after the earthquake. Here is some info Dated Feb 04 on Tester launching an online resource center for adopting Haitian children. http://archive.is/lQG2y

In the article it mentions about how the previous month, he had been working with Secretary Clinton and DHS Napolitano on how to expedite the process of adopting children in Haiti. Here is another article discussing Tester’s communication with Napolitano regarding her commitment to speed up the process. http://archive.is/0XHlA

I just find it interesting that Tester was pushing Clinton and Napolitano to expedite the transfer of Children to the U.S. on January 20th and then on Jan. 29th, Laura Silsby and 9 other Americans were busted in Haiti trafficking as many as 33 Children. http://archive.is/mqeF3

Another interesting piece of info is that Jon Tester is a freemason, atleast according to his bio, in which he attends Treasure Lodge #95 in Big Sandy, MT. http://archive.li/GPH1Y

Tester also had taken heat from the GOP for failing to protect children from sexual predators by opposing a 2001 bill to require library computers to block access to pornography. http://archive.is/V2LOC

What exactly does this guy have in his closet? Was Trump trying to lead us somewhere? Think more eyes need to be on Tester to see if any connections to the New Life Children’s Refuge and the Americans arrested in Haiti or anything else that could uncover what it is that Trump “Knew” that is so damaging about this hopefully short lived Senator.

Selected comments:

Re: His Nephew’s strange death:

Great work. Toss this into the mix: http://abcnews.go.com/US/sen-john-testers-nephew-found-killed-inside-home/story?id=41941840 Archive: http://archive.is/Sybd8

Sen. John Tester’s Nephew Found Killed Inside His Home


Sep 8, 2016, 3:26 AM ET

A nephew of U.S. Senator Jon Tester was killed in his home in Washington state by a man suspected of wielding an ax and telling his 8-year-old daughter to stay in her room because he was going to kill her father, police said Wednesday night.

Bob Tester, 35, was found lying in a pool of blood in his residence outside the city of Spokane on Tuesday morning, reports KXLY, a local ABC affiliate.

“We do not believe that this was a random act,” said Mark Gregory of the Spokane Sheriff’s Office. “We do believe that the suspect knew the victim.”

Along with the police report, authorities also released the full text of Tester’s last Facebook post.

“There’s gonna be some hard days ahead of us but i want you all to know that I was victimized by someone close to me,” the Aug. 25 post reads. “He took my best friend from me and turned her life into darkness, thru drugs and manipulation… Just understand why I roar when i do. Understand my agony.”

Tester’s 8-year-old daughter told police she was asleep in bed with her father when she was awoken by a man beating him and wielding what the young girl described as “a sword and a knife,” according to court documents.

“The man told her to stay in bed because he was going to kill her dad,” the police report states.

Officers say they found a blood-stained wood-splitting ax lying next to Tester’s body, in “a large pool of blood.”

Deputies described a gruesome scene, with “blood on the walls and floor throughout the residence,” the court documents state.

The young girl called her grandmother to report the death.

Deputies also reported finding bags of marijuana near the body and said that the home smelled of pot. The girl’s grandmother told deputies her son grew marijuana for several dispensaries, KXLY reported.

Authorities say they have not detained a suspect in the case so far, noting that they will be looking into the victim’s cell phone records for any possible leads.

Senator Jon Tester’s press office said “his family would prefer privacy during this difficult time.”

EDIT TO ADD: Here is another version of the story, and it expands Tester’s Facebook post quote to include a comment about his family:

“A detective included in court documents a cryptic Aug. 25 Facebook post from Bob Tester.

It read, in part, “I stick to myself for a reason. Don’t do family bbqs for a reason. There’s gonna be some hard days ahead of us but i want you all to know that I was victimized by someone close to me. He took my best friend from me and turned her life into darkness, thru drugs and manipulation. Just understand why I roar when i do. Understand my agony.”

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jon-tester-senator-nephew-bob-tester-slain-docs-suspect-told-his-young-daughter-to-stay-in-bed/ Archive: http://archive.is/FvJOx

Suspect arrested: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/jan/06/secretly-recorded-phone-call-led-to-arrest-of-robe/ Archive: http://archive.is/itxB8

Another Comment:

Re: Tester’s Unlicensed Butcher Farm:

Jon Tester and his wife reportedly used to operate an unlicensed custom butchering service at their farm, and despite repeated visits from state health inspectors, no punitive action was ever taken and no license was apparently ever mandated or obtained. Tester closed down the butchering operation in 1998, the same year he first ran for state office in Montana.

http://helenair.com/news/state-and-regional/tester-s-butcher-business-never-licensed/article_0f468cd7-9c73-500e-845b-477050f2c460.html Archive: http://archive.is/Xmqao

Tester’s butcher business never licensed

JENNIFER McKEE – IR State Bureau – 10/31/2006 Oct 30, 2006 0

HELENA – Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jon Tester never had a state-required license for the butchering business he ran at his Big Sandy-area farm. State records show an inspector visited the shop, but did not cite Tester for breaking the law.

Tester cut meat in an outbuilding on his family farm beginning in the late 1970s. He took the butcher business over from his father, Tester said, who first started cutting meat in the family’s basement in the 1950s to make extra money. Tester took the business over after he and his wife assumed the family farm, he said, and realized they couldn’t make enough money farming.

Tester said his father never had a license and he didn’t realize he needed a license, either.

Failure to have a license for the kind of custom butchering Tester did is a misdemeanor, according to state law, punishable by a $500 fine. However, Tester said several inspectors had come to look at the place over the years and he was never cited, fined or told to get a license.

“The state knew about it because they’d been out,” Tester said.

State records show a compliance officer visited Tester’s farm in 1990, but he was never cited for anything, including a lack of a license.

State law lays out three different levels for meat cutters in Montana. People who cut meat for their own use do not need any license at all. People who cut up meat brought to them by the owner of the livestock for the owner’s own personal use need a license and are generally inspected several times a year, said Carol Olmstead, chief of the Montana Department of Livestock’s Meat Inspection Bureau. However, these meat cutters need not be inspected daily and do not have to stamp their meat with the official state inspected seal.

Finally, wholesale meat cutters – people who cut meat to be sold to grocery stores and the like – must have a license, be inspected daily and stamp their meat with an official stamp.

Tester fell into the middle category. He cut meat for livestock owners, mostly neighbors, he said.

Tester said an inspector came to the place in the early 1970s when his dad was running it. The first time an inspector came to the shop under Tester’s ownership was in the early 1990s. That inspector came in with a gun, said Tester, who asked the man to leave in a heated exchange.

A few days later, Tester said, “another inspector came out and said, ‘Fine.”‘

State records show that inspector later sent Tester a copy of the state sanitation regulations that Tester requested.

In 1998, when Tester was considering scaling back the operation, a third inspector came out.

“I said, ‘Look, if there’s any problems here, just tell me and we’ll board it up,’ ” Tester said. The man brought up no problems.

He closed the butcher operation voluntarily later that year, the same year Tester ran for his first term in the state Senate.

Erik Iverson, a spokesman for Republican Sen. Conrad Burns, said he found Tester’s explanation thin.

“I have a difficult time believing that a guy who rose to the president of the Montana Senate didn’t know that he needed a license to operate his (meat cutting) business,” [said] Iverson. “This is proof positive that the only law breaker in this race is Jon Tester.”

Iverson’s comment was a reference to Tester’s use of automated fundraising phone calls earlier this year in the Democratic Senate primary election.

“Jon Tester does not need a lecture on the law from someone currently under two separate federal investigations,” said Tester spokesman Matt McKenna.

McKenna’s comments refer to the U.S. Justice Department lobbying scandal investigation and a second probe into a troubled University of Montana space spin-off company initially funded with millions of federal dollars earmarked by Burns.


Jon Tester lost three fingers of his left hand in a meat grinder as a 9-year-old on the family farm. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jon_Tester Photo: http://archive.is/9v6ia

In a carry-on suitcase, he transports meat from his family farm just about everywhere he goes, even Hawaii: https://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/11/dining/senator-jon-tester-brings-dinner-from-montana.html Archive: http://archive.is/baJhz

Edited to correct typos.

Another commenter responds, and digs up a Clinton connections:

Hope the only thing this guy was butchering was cattle.

Your info stated Jon Tester’s spokeman was Matt McKenna. Matt McKenna was also the spokesman for none other than Bill Clinton. https://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2015/04/16/matt-mckenna-bill-clintons-spokesman-is-leaving-for-uber/

Mckenna Digs:

Interesting. McKenna was running interference for all things Clinton when the Haiti earthquake happened. He probably knows plenty. From his LinkedIn page:


The Office of President William J. Clinton

2007 – 2015 (8 years)

Over a significant tenure with The Office of President William J. Clinton, I coordinated and led the execution of communications, media, PR and reputation management activities for Clinton family members and associated entities including the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative. Ensuring efficient and consistent resolution of high-volume media requests whilst managing all engagement with selected media outlets, a key priority in this role was building awareness of the philanthropic endeavors of the Clinton family. Honored to be President William J. Clinton’s sole spokesman and communications advisor for over seven years, I also acted as a key contributor in early stage preparations for Secretary Clinton’s most recent Presidential campaign.

Edit to add link: http://archive.is/t1jGh

And finally, a Podesta connection:

Looks like he received contributions from Tony Podesta. These names always seem to go together like hot and cold water. https://archive.li/AovNz Tester is also involved in a Child Bridge which works with state child placement services with Steve and Mary Bryan.

Looks like a trafficker is trying to go toe-to-toe with Trump.

He can’t possibly win!


#TesterTheMolester #LunaticLeftists #NoCoincidences #TheCabal #Pizzagate #Haiti

11 thoughts on “#TesterTheMolester Should Resign. #QAnon #GreatAwakening #Pizzagate”

  1. Way to go Neon!

    When Trump refers to someone as sick, it most probably means that they are pedophiles, maybe even baby eaters. I believe that Qanon uses the term sick in the same way. The senator has all the connections to be just that, both Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, Podesta, children services, Haiti, and a private butcher shop. The only clue he might be missing is hogs on his farm.

    You can bet that the reason Tester was not ever fined over his butcher shop is because Freemasons stick together and Freemasons love politics.

    Freemasonry was created by two jews (I forget their names) in 1717 AD in London, England as a way to get gentiles to work against themselves. Before 1717 AD it was known as “The Mysterious Force” created about 43 AD by Herod’s grandson and nine of his buddies to fight against “The Way” which is what the earliest Christians were known as. Membership in “The Mysterious Force” was passed down to the eldest sons of members all the way to 1717 AD. It was initially and falsely established as ancient to avoid questions and enhance the name, mysterious. Every lodge has a “Most Worshipful Master.” Jesus said you can only serve one Master. If it’s not the Father, it’s the devil. Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma” reveals that Lucifer is their head dude.

  2. Strange how MSM said it was his last facebook post in full but the court docs showed it was not and the part about not going to family bbq’s was deleted.

    I thought it was strange he was sleeping with his 8 yo daughter. The reason for his murder speaks volumes. http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/jan/06/secretly-recorded-phone-call-led-to-arrest-of-robe/

    There’s more to this story. The apple didn’t fall far?

  3. It has been said that these people are stupid. It shows! Tester just outed himself on the national stage. My guess is Trump knew just which button to push to get Tester to expose himself so openly, thus giving anons something to dig at.
    Great work Qarmy! Thank you Neon – back in the saddle in style!

  4. A dad sleeping with his 8 years old daughter? Really? What’s wrong in this picture?
    BTW Silsby now works for Amber Alert under her new name!

  5. Another informative, well-researched in-depth post. Hope everyone is starting to connect the dots here, especially Tester’s connections to child trafficking in Haiti. And finding out he’s a Free Mason. Very interesting …

  6. Seems to me they have enough to bring charges against Tester and that’s why Trump is speaking out so vehemently……just a hunch but it makes sense.

  7. This is good stuff. Tester has a lot of skeletons in his closet. The murder of his pedophile nephew is quite interesting, not to mention his connections to kidnapping in Haiti.

    The guy is scum.

  8. Do you think that this Tester used the butcher shed to get rid of bodies for various bad actors? He could have been grinding hamburger, or making walnut sauce? It would take a butcher to prepare the adrenochrome.


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