4 thoughts on “The Chad God-Emperor vs The Virgin Rothschild Puppet”

  1. Not sure who draws the funny pictures but they are so funny. We have always referred to DJT as the God-Emperor so this one is extra funny. Love your website. I check it several times a day. Thank you

    • These “pictures” are called memes. Forged in the digital workshops of people under boot of current order. We meme’d Trump into office and we are memeing to tear down Cabal. Shills can’t even step to our game.

  2. I love a good meme war…


    Thanks for all your hard work.. May I say YOU DO MORE THAN YOU KNOW!… people like me share your hard work and continue to Red pill society…

    Take the time you need to charge the batteries so to speak. We are all very grateful for your posts.

    UK sending support

    WWG1WGA [WW]


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