#NewQ. Too Tired to Decode Edition. #QAnon #GreatAwakening

This is not going to be like my typical posts.

This is literally just here to keep a record of Q’s new posts. I’m really not trying to decode these at all, because I can’t be bothered today.

Why would Flynn plead guilty to something untrue?


I’m tired, Q. I’m tired, and I can’t really decode today.

Again, ¯_(ツ)_/¯

No idea what was completed and released today. Not going to try and find it, either.


Who interviewed Flynn?

I don’t care.

And I think I’ve said this before, but repeating “You have more than you know” is probably the single most demoralizing thing you can say. We’ve gone six months with you saying that, and frankly, no one is figuring out your little secret messages.

No. Comms not good. Comms opaque and frustrating to the point where I can’t be bothered any more.

That’s nice, Q.

We get it. There’s some kind of technical, legal nonsense that prevented Flynn from testifying while an adviser. I don’t get why. I’m not a legal expert, and I don’t really care about those details, so I’m not going to waste time, combing through today.

I’m taking a break. You do you in the meantime, Q.

Wake me up when someone arrests Hillary.


More boring Q drops, which I’m not going to spend any time on:

I honestly can’t even pay attention to anything happening on the research boards right now. It’s all just a noisy blur.

I need a real break.

I might not post for a few days.

94 thoughts on “#NewQ. Too Tired to Decode Edition. #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

    • IMO, (and no one asked me):

      Q is not only talking to the [w8ke]

      he is talking to the Junta’s enemies as well.

      So you have to communicate motivating propaganda and disinformation at the same time, a very tricky thing to do.

      You are watching a movie, the end result will be a movie as well.

      Hillary will drop dead, Obama will just go away and STFU, only small fish fry. Politics are hard.

  1. Look it’s probably quite simple, Flynn was used for flushing out the deep state mechanisms inside the FBI. They let this charade happen on purpose so Horowitz can monitor and document the fix up.
    Maybe Flynn is also the laser pointer towards FBI corruption.
    Chill man, the government doesn’t work for our convenience but in trumps case for our security and prosperity.

  2. According to 8ch anons the done in 30 refers to a q reply to someone a while back asking to free Flynn. And 30 days from then this drops.
    I saw the q post screen cap, I don’t know how to send it to you but it’s here https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/1213698.html#q1213809

  3. Flynn discussed plot to kidnap Fethullah Gulen,Turkish cleric, living in PA & NJ, USA to return him to Turkey.
    Flynn sat with Putin on a plane & didn’t seek Pentagon approval, then didn’t disclose it.
    Also, Flynn’s plea could link a reported investigation into whether TRUMP obstructed JUSTICE by firing Comey.

  4. I’m with ya Neon Revolt! I was asking my 12 year old son does 1 and 1 not equal 2? I must be a freaking idiot because I can’t for the life of me figure out what the hell “you have more than you know means”! So no Q comms are not good today! I did call all of my congressmen/women and told them to release the un- redacted version on the text between Strzok and Page. I also told them to either get into the game and fight for the truth, the American people, or you will be voted out next term! On a side note I don’t know if you have read Scott Bennett’s memos but the are amazing! It really pulled the whole thing together and exposes more treasonous behavior from the last several administrations! Scott Bennett is a true hero along with Admiral Rodgers and General Flynn. I truly hope and pray President Trump honors these great men with the Freedom Medal of Honor. In Obama’s administration it was handed out like candy and the honor of that medal needs to be restored!

    • You have more than you know = There is encoded information in these messages that is just not meant for the [w8ke].

      The messages may have a double (mirrored) , or no meaning. They are meant to deceive and [illuminate] at the same time, the world is watching.

  5. I kinda feel you neon.. I think we are all burnt the hell out.. I will say that you are usually my missing puzzle piece when I’m stumped. Your flow of writing is amazing and I hope you rest up and knock it outta the park.
    As the world turns was right under all out noses and I’m gonna dig more on the dreaded “you have more than you know” tonight

    Rest up Patriot, you deserve some time at ease!

    • Ehh…. nothing other military intel didn’t already know. This guy means well, though, I will say that. He is doing his part for sure.

  6. It does get tiring to be on the verge of something big that never happens, at least not in public view. We all know the implications are there and have been there for years but no charges are brought against these criminals. The only apparent thing is yes, they did it and they are getting away with it with no consequences to pay. And if there is really something huge like a pedo-ring involving Hussein, they will never let it out.

  7. Take a well deserved break dude. You have been pumping out stellar work. It takes it’s toll. Burnout is a bummer, Listen to your body n chill till you are refreshed.

  8. I have wondered why Q writes so obtusely. Frankly, I do not have the time to spend hours delving into the gray areas of vague info crumbs. Q has become the pied piper of information. If its true and really important that everyone gets it, why not just SAY IT!

    • Chrys. If Q could say it, he would. It probably drives him/her/them crazy. Like playing charades… So many moving parts. Foreign gov’ts, trade deals, the economy (keep from collapsing), the gov’t (keep from collapsing). It would fck the world if they dropped everything. I follwed FBIAnon back in July 2016 who said this is so fing deep.
      We spend so much time waiting for new Q, and we really should go back and look at some of the old stuff… Future proves Past.

  9. ….Drama. Loved this site until this post. Reassessing.

    All too much to focus? We’re on the brink of…..everything.

    Take a nap. Hopefully you snap out of it and get back on track.

    Everyone is entitled to a bad day. You were spot on before…take the nap.

    Thank You in advance and for everything you’ve already done.

  10. You just need some down time Neon, we all get burned out from time to time! Looking forward to your next posting 🙂

    • Oh my… you should’ve seen Dr. Corsi last night, after he found out the JFK files were delayed again. He turned into Don Corsioni right real quick. Those meant a lot to him. He was like, “why do you need a plumber? To unclog the damn toilet apparently.” It was much needed after the letdown yesterday was. Still… tons of amazing MAGA stuff going on. We do all need a break. I’ve been setting Twitter on fire, I’ve been posting so much. Can I stop? no.

      Best thing about today? WATCHING CLAPPER & BRENNAN SWEAT. They know they’re in BAD F’ing trouble. Clapper had an interview with Lord Fauntleroy Lemon and was honestly maybe more nervous sounding than Comey ever was. This is goooood…. gooooooood.

  11. Haha… Relax Neon. We appreciate your insight in collecting and connecting crumbs. You deserve some time off. We’re all good. There are lots of people digging. We have more than we know… (apparently)
    Trust the Plan! it’s not our plan, so we just have to Trust it, and meme for the cause. One day we will look back and realize that we were living through historical times! The Great Meme Wars – where the Autists from the East teamed with the Anons from the West. Young and old rallied around the 17th letter of the alphabet, and red-pilled the masses to help defeat the evil clowns, devils, and witches… #WeThePeople WWG1WGA

  12. Chin up brother. Sending rejuvenating vibes, prayers and love from Sydney, Australia. WW Baby! WWG1WGA

  13. Stay positive, the plan was always to drag this out to the point where there is a mass awakening; it’s meant to get to the point of ridiculousness.(like we are seeing). Its meant to get to the point where everyone is screaming for arrests! IT’S WORKING! EVEN US TRUTHERS ARE AT THAT POINT. #release the texts# will show the talking of AS THE WORLD TURNS.They are slowly unfolding all the corruption so people can believe it. fake news and lies can’t have power.

    • I agree.

      Wouldn’t we all agree that the dismantling of the globalist shop of horrors has to be done in ORKIN fashion – down to a science? I don’t want this brood of vampires getting back up because someone didn’t pound the stake in at the right place.

      Q is Trump. He is doing this because he needs our help and it is working so let’s not miss the mark.

  14. I also wonder if the Scott Bennett memo being made public this week wasn’t the MOAB. ABOUT 26,000 people have viewed it as of tonight but not many are taking about it.

    • Laser pointer sounds like the Bennett memo too. Very clearly and specifically lays out a complicated case of treason.

  15. Neon please take a break, posts like these are more demoralizing then recent Q drops.

    I dont want to shit on you, your posts are great but you must understand that this is all a puzzle. D&B time is over, we are back at putting pieces together, tomorrow is a red carpet day and the world is watching, the week is not over yet and it has been eventful as Q promised.

    Stay positive, stay strong. Dont you we are living the history, this story will be told to our grandsons and taught in school, The Great Awakening, and your grandson will proudly say “My Grandpa helped decode and spread Q’s word”.

  16. All is well.

    Hang on loosley, but don’t let go; If you cling too tightly, you’re gunna’ lose control…

    70’s pop wisdom

    All is well.

  17. Have a walk in the woods, or the nearest equivalent.

    Laugh at the gravity of it all, and respect the absurdity also.

    Watch, ( or re-watch ) the movie > 1776

    Thank you for your insight and effort.

  18. Thank you for all the decodes I really appreciated them. May your break bring you the refreshment you desire. Thanks again.

  19. @ Neon Revolt

    Just yesterday, I was reflecting on your intense commitment to Q and thinking that you might burnout like some of the PizzaGate investigators did. You are always on top of what is breaking, talented at connecting dots, and you have the personal pressure of knowing that a lot of people depend on what you do. I was not surprised to come across your post, but I did not expect it today.

    Here is some advice from an old-timer. Anything in excess is a problem including Q. Set aside a hour a day to unwind and make a personal commitment to unwind everyday. The best way I have found to unwind is to observe nature, appreciate the handy work of the Father, and be thankful for what he has done. Surrounding yourself in active creation and observing it allows your mind to be sharper afterward. Saying out loud, “Jesus, I am at peace” does wonders while unwinding. I do it in my quiet, critter filled backyard, but if I had to, I’d drive to find a similar place. I would recommend you do the same daily. The worst that could happen is that you spend two hours instead of one. 🙂

    Thanks for what you do. I’m looking forward to reading a refreshed Neon.

    • It’s true, Boomer…. what you said about excess. Does that mean I’m going to stop scouring the internet 24/7 right now, even to the point of skipping precious time with my family? No. I can’t stop. I know what wickedness has been perpetrated against children, #1, and I can’t look away for the moment. What you said is true though. God is telling me, “I’m in control… my ways are not your ways.” As cool as all of this is (my Lord, a president allowing military intel to keep us in the loop?), God’s ways are not Q’s ways. From what I can tell, Q team knows that. Neon just needs a rest… I pray he gets rewarded with a true MOAB, justice wise, soon.

  20. Neon, I completely get it man. This ebb and flow, theater of war is tiring. I’m waiting any second for another shooting or explosion or SOMETHING. No one but completely hopeless libtards will fall for it this time, though. Even Dr. Corsi was PISSED last night. Q did tell us this was only the precursor for the MOAB, but I do feel ya…. until justice is truly served there will a black fog over this entire nation. It’s made me realize that, even though Q team is great, God has the last say and has always been in the driver’s seat. Satan CANNOT win. You SHALL NOT PASS… FLAME OF UDUN!

  21. If I’m not mistaken, my friend, I’m pretty sure Q read your blog and has a message for you (#1290):

    “… Autists need Red Bull?”

  22. Forgive me if mentioned above but I’m too tired to read through all the comments. Praying Medic did a good job on Twtr of decoding a lot of this today. It made sense considering the sheer volume of information.

  23. I was also really disappointed at the lack of MOAB. I told my family and friends to expect it.

    There is a lot going on behind the scenes we don’t know about. I’m sure Trump wasn’t crazy about letting us down. It seems like a waiting game now. They have released all the intel that can be released. They are making the behind the scenes moves. Many lives are at stake.

    When this is over, I will read this blog until you quit. Maybe one day newspapers will hire real journalists like you. I will subscribe to any paper you write for. If you write a book, I’ll buy it. Your work is brilliant. Thank you for being a patriot.

  24. You are doing good work. Disconnect and vent around the house for a little while. I get that hope deferred causes a sick heart. When it comes to pass, you will be rejoicing not as a spectator, but as a soldier who fought and helped win the war. We don’t always get the core facts circulating as quick as we would like. If awareness sets the stage then we have missed our timelines a bit too. You are not in the stands watching someone else. You are in the game breaking demonic corruption and secrecy with exposure. When you get a bit discouraged, remember how important YOU are to this fight. It may be military or criminal prosecutors that make the arrests to deliver our country back to us, but it will be this team that researches, questions, and exposes truth and lies that protects the country from a recurrence of this corruption. A free press is indispensable in a free country in order to combat political corruption. The old press has been converted into a McDonald’s and the great awakening is the birth of the new press run by a patriots. God Speed

  25. Hope you’re resting up fam, the last thing we need is you burning out.

    A quick aside, in 1286 & 1290 Q referred explicitly to the CIA, rather than ‘clowns’; I wonder if that’s because the threat from that direction has been neutralised, and the moniker is no longer necessary.

  26. Also by mentioning Praying Medic I did not mean to disrespect your work. I see Q posted an anon who is frustrated about not getting credit. I feel like we have to protect our anons. I assume you are one. The one time I mentioned you publicly, your Twtr got suspended the next day. So I see “not getting credit” more as to protect rather than give others credit.

  27. The first 30 years of this crap is the hardest. If quitting was an option, you wouldn’t be here in the first place. Cuss. Whine. Kick. Fuss. Get it out of your system. Go have some fun. Back in the saddle after that. We can’t let the guy in the mirror down. His family. His community. His country. This is for the long haul.

  28. Building air tight, lead pipe cinch cases against this insidious army of assholes cannot be done with haste. A year into it now is but a microsecond considering this endemic level of evil. Anons are rightly impatient with the wheels of justice, but they turn nonetheless.

    Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small;
    Though with patience he stands waiting, with exactness grinds he all.
    Retribution – Friedrich von Logau

    Don’t lose your coolness – Fritz the Cat

  29. Every knee shall bow
    Some under righteous judgement
    Some under the weight of the truth
    The creators beautiful plan allows for the passing of the baton until your strength is renewed.
    This is a sign of strength and redemption not defeat
    God bless and heal your mind and spirit.

  30. Chin up Neon, don’t let the bastards get you down. Best wishes from England. Enjoy your weekend. Your posts are essential for untangling this madness. (No pressure!)

  31. @Sarah
    I was asking my 12 year old son does 1 and 1 not equal 2?

    You’re being too simplistic. Q didn’t say “1 + 1 don’t equal 2”. Q said “1 & 1 don’t equal 2”

    In programming, the ampersand character (&) is a boolean operator (logical): 1 = true, 0 = false. 2 doesn’t have a meaning, so it’s null (something that has not been defined).

    So “1 & 1” is a logical value as in “this is true and that is true, so the result is true”. “2” means “nothing that has been defined”.

    So Q’s remark “1 & 1 don’t equal 2”, in context, means “the two charges against Flynn for lying to the FBI don’t mean anything”.

    Read the charges against Flynn:

  32. Just now found you; a Godsend. Praying for your recovery. Think on the Passion of Christ — even He was so weary He needed angelic support. You are fighting for Him and you do that by suffering with Him.

  33. I dont know you personally Neon, but you have become an indispensable part of this operation.Your decodes are easily accessed and understood by neophytes who havent lurked enough on the boards to understand the more subtle nuisances and obscure board culture references(Me).
    I have been a conspiracyfag for many many years but I was a late recruit to the Q train. Proofs won me over. Your decodes explained the comms that I NEVER would have deciphered. You are winning people over bro. Its working. More and more people are going to start coming to this website. Keep grinding man! Embrace the suck! Remember who, and what, you are trying to destroy.
    You are saving children, families, truth, righteousness, logic, liberty, life, love, peace and prosperity from a cabal of multinational, globalist, spirit cooking, kiddie diddler, clown-fuck dick wranglers that have spread fear, pain, and misery throughout the world for (at least) the last century. Thats a pretty fucking rockstar legacy Neon, but you still have more intellect to contribute. More minds to awaken. More memes to be weaponized. Rest up dude! More battles to fight! WWG1WGA

  34. I could not have said it any better than Tastygoatlettuce! You’ve been an INSPIRATION to so many and I know you have to be exhausted. Please please take a couple of days off to rest and renew your spirit! Do not let the EVIL of this world SUCK YOU IN! WWG1WGA!
    Hang in there Patriot Brother we are here to lift you up too!!! Thank you for EVERYTHING!

  35. Your blog is a huge service, so that the average person can understand without having to do the heavy analysis. I really appreciate it

  36. Never posted prior but wish to now regarding a different perspective of the entire affair.

    Like many, I have been taken aback by the successive waves of revelations taking us incrementally deeper into the rabbit hole of dark human behavior. It has occurred to me that this is increasingly less like a criminal take down and more like a silent World War III with the stakes equally as high. The first two WW’s ramped up over years and took years to resolve and years to recover. By the grace of god and very smart and good people, so far this WWIII has not turned into the level of shooting conflict that the other two culminated in.

    I offer this in the hopes it provides some solace to the exhausted most pointedly Neon. How you have connected so many dots out of obscurity is truly awe inspiring and I for one am grateful. I offer your site to all my friends who are beginning to ask questions as a perfect place for them to start seeing more than before. I hope this helps.

  37. It’s called Burn Out. You have been working too hard at this. I must admit, your blog is one of my go-to places when I can’t understand something in the Q drop. Take some time to unwind, do something nice…something you enjoy! When you feel refreshed, maybe you will have more focus. If not…I will miss your blogs but wish you well.

  38. Wow! I feel exactly the same way and I am gone gone.
    I have followed these posts diligently since Jan. We have spent a weekend staring at a videocam on a London bridge and nothing happened. We have spent days trying to find the original photo of a black congresswoman’s iPhone text from STOU to no avail. This is such a colossal waste of time. When something does not pan out like the MOAB that was to happen this week, Q reverts back to talking about Flynn–it is his/her/it’s go-to topic. He has been saying Flynn was going to be freed since Jan. Check the posts. My friends think I am nuts and I now agree. Sad

  39. Take a break man, You deserve it, Recharge get your mind off of things, People are wearing themselves out on this and it’s a frustrating process.

  40. Did ((they)) get to you? Did you forget this Q post?

    Those who cannot understand that we cannot simply start arresting w/o first ensuring the safety & well-being of the population, shifting the narrative, removing those in DC through resignation to ensure success, defeating ISIS/MS13 to prevent fail-safes, freezing assets to remove network-to-network abilities, kill off COC to prevent top-down comms/org, etc etc. should not be participating in discussions.

    • I didn’t say “arrest them now.”

      I said “Wake me up when…”

      I just need a moment to recuperate. Head felt like it was on fire yesterday, and I slept 15+ hours. Still not entirely recovered.

  41. This trial, emotional exhaustion, spiritual attack, however you want to frame it, is from God himself working his glory within your very soul. He is drawing you even closer to Him. When you emerge from this awful dark night of the soul you will be wiser than before. I will pray that you receive the grace to persevere. The choice is always ours to persevere; these dark nights can be tough.

  42. I hope you feel better soon Neon. God Bless you and the valuable work you do. I’m sure many of us could not decipher Q without your analysis.

  43. if u pay attention to the original post from 8ch.net you can get great info. i am coming to the conclusion that q is telling us to FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!!!. this is usually how u solve any type of money corruption scheme. the people running this operation as says do not seem very smart. it is kind of like a drug dealer, u sell a drug alot sometimes u start doing the drug yourself and just get caught up in for rush. i feel same away about whats going on in america. these people have let there(prob wrong damn tense) guard down and our truly stupid take comey for example. but out same time are committed horrible acts and unspeakable crimes. lets observe an anonymous response on 8ch.net. i take no credit for this info. i am merely pointing it out and there adding what i think but i could def be wrong. lets review the last q post….id# 1218542
    Up is down, left is right.

    Q mentions in post #161 that the graphic is key. I believe he meant to point to the clock-wise circle the girl is making with her body and the upside down cross on her tie. Instead of reading a row of posts from left to right, and top to bottom individually… WE ARE TO READ THEM RIGHT TO LEFT AND BOTTOM TO TOP TOGETHER.

    I took the three posts dated October 29th and arranged the sentences in this manner. What I got made a lot more sense than reading the posts individually left to right. Check it out.

    God bless, Patriots.

    Trust in your president.

    Why is the NG called up across 12 cities? Patriots are in control. Sit back and enjoy the show. Have faith.

    Where is HRC? Don’t fool yourself into thinking Obama, Soros, Roth’s Clinton’s etc have more power present day than POTUS. Operation Mockingbird. US is the first domino.

    Not about republicans v Democrats at this stage. Many in our government worship satan. This was a hostile takeover from an evil corrupt network of players (not just Democrats). Also many are thinking from one point of view, US only, this evil is embedded globally. Priority to clean out the bad actors to unite people behind the America First agenda. The truth is mind blowing and cannot fully be exposed. Operation Mockingbird.

    Follow Huma. Not everyone is corrupt (fewer than you think). Why is POTUS surrounded by generals. Again, there are a lot more good people than bad so have faith. Why is MS13 a priority _ nobody got this. Could people pay such gangs to kill opponents and why / how to insulate against exposure. Can you rely on being able to board a plane and fly away?

    Gowdy comments on Comey (history will ….) Bob is unable to serve as Dir per the law. Why did POTUS meet Bob under the cover of FBI Dir interview? Focus on Military Intelligence / State Secrets and why might that be used vs any three letter agency? What SC decision opened the door for a sitting President to activate – what must be showed? Why did Soros’ son have several meetings with Canadian PM and how is that related to Clinton’s? Why did Soros transfer his bulk public funds to a NP? Note this doesn’t include massive slush funds that are pulled by several high ups.

    It finally came out that Rod/Bob were key players in the Uranium scandal. Don’t you think POTUS would be tweeting about removal given clear conflict. POTUS will not be addressing nation on any of these issues as people begin to be indicted and must remain neutral for pure optical reasons. To suggest this is the plan is false and should be common sense. POTUS is 100% insulated – any discussion suggesting he’s even a target is false. What if John M never had surgery and that was a cover for a future out if needed against prosecution? Cover for possible future indictment to plead what? What is Pelosi’s net worth by way of one example. Why coincidentally is her memory apparently going?

    Open your eyes. Some of us come here to drop crumbs, just crumbs. Follow the money, it’s the key.

    if we follow to several companies. comes up with interesting stuff but i am not sure if has anything to do with it. follow the domain register to facebook using whois lookup. they have a interesting company backing there registrar. analytic

  44. Neon,

    Yes, you are valued greatly. Yes, your message is spread far and wide. Yes, no one can fill your shoes.

    And… yes, the cause is great. Yes, there are those who say, “Q delays, Q is full of promises, but (seemingly) little action; nothing will come of it; you should give up like I have.” Or, “Buck up, you weakling! Have you forgotten the cause? Do you not know how Trump suffers, worries, loses sleep, is maligned, and works to free the enslaved? Get with it!”

    But I, a fellow sister in the Lord, an American, a lover of your soul says: “Be you, Neon. You are not at all like anyone else. You are not formed like anyone else. Your spirit, your mind, your soul, your strengths, your weaknesses are not like anyone one else’s. Take time to reconnect with your life passion, with God/Holy Spirit. Renew your strength in HIM. Only God (and, possibly, you) know how you can recharge. You cannot take your orders from others. No, you are unique, with unique needs. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Seek God and his reinvigorating strength. What is His heart? What does His heart beat for in the freeing of America, the world, the children…? What will renew you? What will reset your soul and spirit? Nature? The Word of God? Connecting with others? Worship? Do it! And in that, align your heart with His heart… let it infuse your being… then, and only then, pick up your spade and start digging again in His Name… for others (and yourself).

    Love you in Christ. Love you as a fellow patriot. Love you as a peculiar and specific gift by God to many.

    Recharge, reinvigorate, reboot, and (possibly) re-engage in the work God has called you to, receiving His wisdom and understanding for the fight against spiritual darkness on behalf of your fellow sojourners.

    In love,

  45. Strzok was one of the FBI agents that interviewed Flynn.
    Rudolph Contreras (Rudy) was the judge that recused himself from the case AFTER the guilty plea… Rudy is also on the FISA court..
    Rudy Contreras was appointed to top surveillance court on May 19, 2016.
    Flynn’s guilty plea was accepted in federal court by Contreras on December 1, 2017.
    Contreras was recused from the Flynn case on December 7, 2017, and the case was reassigned to Judge Emmet G. Sullivan.
    Flynn signed a deal with Mueller so he could work with him… to find the bad guys… That’s why he plead guilty to something he didn’t even do.
    Are they trying to get Rudy implicated? Strzock? Now we know Sally Yates is involved… Mirrored… He looks like he plead guilty to a crime, but they are actually ensnaring others… Did Rudy know about the Steele dossier in FISA court?

    Time for a nap Neon…
    My two cents…

  46. We need you brotha! They said it couldn’t be done. They said it was over. They told us to go home.They said The American people are asleep. They turned out the lights and qued up the fat lady to sing……..John Legend told us to march into the darkness….a lot of people did!
    But some of us caught a glimpse of something. Neonrevolt! A NEON light flickering off in the distance. People began to gather.People began to talk! “ Some of us see THIS NEON LIGHT like a ROCKETS RED GLARE, LIKE A BOMB BURSTING IN AIR, GIVING PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT THAT ARE FLAG IS STILL THERE! I like the new shirt design buying now! Thanks NEON

  47. My sentiments precisely Neon. Pulled out my “Hillary for Prison” T-shirt today. That was summer 2016. Starting to feel like it is a relic. I get that Q-etal wants the Trump-base to stick around for mid terms, but when I see the word MOAB, I expect more than a pop and distant fizzle. Let the normies suffer whip lash with the torque of sharp realities, they deserve a little shock therapy for their rampant and willing ignorance.

    • I fail to see how images of Pompeo with Kim at Easter or pictures of both North and South Korean leaders meeting at the line are not considered a MOAB. Not too long ago, maybe even weeks, this was an impossible consideration.

      What is happening to us that we demand more and more when we are witnessing such a miraculous event? Shame on us! How can they possibly keep up with our pressure plus the sheer horror of what they are already dealing with?

      I understand burnout, and spiritual warfare, I get that, but for those of us not working ourselves into exhaustion, we should not be complaining because the MOAB was not what we wanted or expected.

      • The NK/SK reunion was already front page before the MOAB comm. Your timeline is off. NK stage was set at Olympics, so that is not the MOAB ad dated 21 Apr. I do my part upriver to those sitting in their adirondacks as Neon breaches the dam, so when I inform people of an impending flood, or MOAB, the dockside people are like, meh, dredging dead tea leaves for meaning. I get that Q-etal have a yuuge task and am humble in the scope of it as the one tagging along in the WWG1WWA. I don’t just live in this bubble. And believe me, the other bubbles are teflonm coated. Get this, people actually booed during Brits got talent when a dude impersonated NFarage as kind and intelligent. I mean, WTF. We really need a serious MOAB to wake these people up.

        • I am in agreement with you debt-slave, except to say the Olympics was not the same as images of Pompeo with Kim. The Olympic image was his sister giving Pence the evil eye look. I can’t even pretend to surmise the stress level of anons or autists.I have been trying to wake people up for many years just leaving comments never mind spending hours each day researching etc. I want the MOAB as much as anybody; however, if we are sincerely honest with ourselves the MOAB is as much for us as it is to wake up others. We are tired of being treated as the tin foil hat club and walking on glass to slowly spoon feed others the truth. We are tired of listening to people we love to wish the president dead It is utterly sickening to think of the evil being perpetrated on innocent children, but they have to do it right because this may be our only chance. Kind regards, patriot! 🙂

  48. “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.” Winston Churchill

    • Yes, but I have no idea what you’re talking about because NEYEN isn’t a word in the English language.

      Try being clearer next time.


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