Barb’s the Greatest

Barb has been covering my articles on her channel for a while now., and she’s an absolute sweetheart. I’ve been remiss in failing to throw a link her way, but I’m grateful for her work.

Thanks, Barb!


2 thoughts on “Barb’s the Greatest”

  1. Finding you and your site was one of the most blessed days of my life. You are awesome, my friend, and my listeners know exactly how I feel about you.

    Thank YOU for all your hours upon hours, days, weeks and eons of study and hard work.

    Without patriots like you, America would be shrouded in dense darkness.

    You are the salt who enables us to taste and see that life is good; the torchbearer who shows us the way to victory; the sword that eradicates the enemy; the shirtless guy who created a movement that is just about to reach the tipping point!

    Well done, good and faithful servant!


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