Imma Let You Finish, but Kanye Just Helped Usher In The #GoldenAge. #MAGA

Yesterday I covered Kanye’s #GreatAwakening. Get caught up/familiar, if you’re not already.

I also gave a bit of a timeline, here, showing the different phases of Kanye’s liberation:

Today, we’re seeing the threats mount up directed at Kanye. The #SunkenPlace has been trending on Twitter, which is a reference to the film by Jordan Peele called “Get Out,” a “film” where every single white person is so evil and racist, that they resort to kidnapping and hypnotizing black people for the sole purpose of imprinting the minds of white family members over the minds of the black victims, literally stealing their bodies. So that’s the memetic warfare he’s been facing.

He’s also been attacked nonstop by the clown-affiliated media:

But there’s been on really notable attack from a fellow celebrity, which has gained a lot of attention.

Watch how this works, because I don’t think we’ve had such a clear lens into this kind of manipulation and gaslighting in quite a while. It’s also notable because of who is performing the manipulation/gaslighting.

So late yesterday, John Legend tweets out this:

Interesting tactic. Refer back to crimes and offenses of the past, to maintain the identity of victimhood:

Scott Adams has this to say about that:

Now, I’ve written a bit about all the weirdness surrounding John Legend in the past. The TD;DR is that he’s probably a Cabal Satanist.

But John Legend didn’t stop there:

So how does Kanye go about counteracting this?

He tweets out this screencap today, featuring a text conversation between himself and John:


Do you get the veiled threats dripping from Legend’s words? Read between the lines:

You’re too influential!




Folks, this is a veiled threat. Make no mistake; this is just like when Comey tweeted about McCabe.

Remember Q’s translation of that tweet?

And the best part is, KANYE DOESN’T EVEN CARE!
Do you think John Legend wanted that text to be made public?

Kanye just put him on notice. He’s willing to expose them PUBLICLY.

That’s not just burning bridges. That’s bringing in a napalm airstrike. That’s nuking from orbit. That’s calling down hellfire and brimstone upon the heads of anyone in the Hollywood arm of #TheCabal.

The Leftist scum in Hollywood were just put on notice.

To writ:

I love seeing this pathetic estronaut squirm.

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10 thoughts on “Imma Let You Finish, but Kanye Just Helped Usher In The #GoldenAge. #MAGA”

  1. John Legend & his wife Crissy Teigen are Satanic Pedophiles! They attend parties & events with such people known to be Satanic Pedophiles! Kanye is BRILLIANT & ambitious. He doesn’t want to associate anymore with that cast of characters. May GOD give him strength & keep him safe!

  2. Kanye joining Trump would be “Over The Top”! Millions more would move over to the Q/TRUMP phenomenon!! They would be an unstoppable TEAM!!! Oh, is this MOVEMENT ROCKING MORE EVERY DAY!!! ANGELS SENT BY GOD, WALKING IN LIGHT!!!

  3. I tried to read what you have said, but for some reason I can not tonight as my mind is in turmoil! As a mixed race person, 60% native I am having a hard time! My white father (which is in doubt on % white) always told me it is what you do that counts! My last year working, before I retired, I worked for 6-months on a proposal for a government contract, in which I was the lead for a particular section on the contract. My supervisor, (in lieu of proposal lead) came to me 10-days before its was submitted and told me that for optics they needed to put another person on the submitted proposal. I looked at him and said, “you are replacing an native Indian, for for me is helping optics how? You still got 99% white guys & gals!”

  4. Once again this whole thing proves to be cucking out on the racial question. Whilst I don’t necessarily believe that this is a LARP, it’s certainly boomer nationalism on steroids.

  5. hollyweird is going down
    with that mac girl singing like a bird after her arrest
    the bad people in hollyweird are running scared

    not only is kanye now speaking his mind,stacy,the young black girl,i forget her name,roseanne barr,are now being open and unafraid

    trump is the forgotten man’s president
    these people in hollyweird that have started speaking up have seen the evil within their profession and they now have a president that has their back

    we all must pray everyday to our GOD in heaven that he gives trump and his team the continued courage to fight this satanic evil that is trying to engulf humanity.

  6. Hi Neon ..Ive missed you ..and now I know why ..YOUR THE BESTEST…and I appreciate the work that goes into all your posts …Riveting Stuff..I thought I knew sooo much 🙂 and now realise how much I dont know .. so Thankyou Neon for all your hard work


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