A Legend Exposed, a Renegade in the Killbox, and THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED! #RELEASETHETEXTS #QAnon #NewQ #GreatAwakening

Page and Strozk,
Sitting in a tree,
T – E – X – T – I – N – G!
First comes TREASON,
Dems in Confusion!
When Sessions drops the HAMMER
Russian Witch Hunt sees its Conclusion!

Thank you! Thank you!

Let’s get into these latest #QAnon drops, shall we?

From early 2017, Jeff Sessions realized that he was engaged in both a legal/criminal battle and a public relations fight. He could never succeed in the former without simultaneously winning the latter. And for the PR offensive to work, Sessions could not be perceived as leading the charge or being aggressive. It worked out better than Sessions could have dreamed. As the DOJ received a criminal referral for Andrew McCabe in April 2018, James Comey—one of the most arrogant men ever to hold any office—released his book that had information in it that again prodded Congress to demand his private memos. Once again, after a public standoff, Sessions relented and handed over Comey’s memos, which incriminated him through his leaking of classified materials. Sessions had gotten McCabe and Comey to build their own gallows.

Read the whole article. It’s a really good play-by-play:



And in case it wasn’t obvious –

Q WANTS #RELEASETHETEXTS trending across social media.


Get that hashtag trending!



Legend confirmed for #TheCabal! The Moonchild theory is CORRECT!

You know I’ve written about him before; and I won’t post the articles again because I just referenced them in this morning’s article.

But yeah, dude is a total Satanic sell-out. Been that way for a while (which explains his runaway success, since, you know, every song he writes sucks. [Seriously, he’s just a very average musician and always has been]):

The whole song is basically LeVeyan Satanism, in a really condensed form.

What can you buy with the ultimate sacrifice

If you don’t believe in the afterlife?

Oh I still grieve rememberin’ what you were like

Now what good is a dream when the dreamer dies?

Legend performed at Hillary’s coverup concert – called “Hope for Haiti Now”- which was supposedly raising funds for Earthquake relief. We all know how that ended up.

In fact, Legend has done a lot of work with Haiti:

So yeah, this isn’t just a musician with a dark aesthetic, and powerful connections.

This is a guy involved with human trafficking and human sacrifice and Satanic rituals – and he’s putting it out on display.

Utter scum. Should be purged from the face of the earth.

Looks like the anon copied @SarahCarterDC’s text in another language. What is that? Dutch? Afrikaans? I can’t be bothered to find out.

Anyway, the important part is the message that the FBI texts have now been released to Congress. Which, again, I’ll remind you:

[R] = Renegade.

Renegade = Obama.



April Showers bring #THEFLOOD.

#MOAB #GreatAwakening #Hussien #JohnLegend #TheCabal #StrozkPage

25 thoughts on “A Legend Exposed, a Renegade in the Killbox, and THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED! #RELEASETHETEXTS #QAnon #NewQ #GreatAwakening”

  1. If implicating BHO in an assassination attempt AND confirming JL and his moonchild Luna are Satanists ISN’T the MOAB, then I don’t know what is. Thank you for laying it out so clearly.

  2. As always, a great summary Neon! Hey I was wondering if I’m late to the party with some info that I found. Is it widely known that Clare Bronfman (of Bronfman Rothschild group) took over as financial head of the Nxvim cult? This, in tandem with Trumps executive order on confiscating funds related to human trafficking, could be a big deal no?

  3. Thank you Neon! Great analysis as always. I hope that now, all the non-believers who were screaming for POTUS to fire Sessions feel really, REALLY BAD for doubting!

  4. geverifieerd = Dutch/Flemish for Verified. Afrikans = geverifieer

    I try to contribute when I can on boards but I am not very good at navigating them. But the service you are doing is unmatched. Buying your shirt today. Thank you Anon!

  5. If I am reading the recent Q post correctly – the texts are sitting at the national security committees. The Senate has 2 rabid cabal globalists on it McCain and Kamala Harris (she is the chosen one to run D in the next election cycle). Perhaps she is into witchcraft as well (all the elements are there to connect the dots for that one). That is a bad sign. The House subcommittee is easier.

  6. Kamala Harris is the perfect combo of Michelle and Oprah. They are paving the way for her for when she comes out of the shadows. She was on Ellen 2 weeks ago and practically announced she was running.

  7. Any idea what the [1 of 22] refers to?
    Post 1267: POTUS win – 1/20.
    Post 586: Forget the Russia set up [1 of 22].
    Post 570: Will SESSIONS drop the hammer? 1 of 22.

  8. Q has added another person to the kill box [EG] Might be Evergreen, the Secret Service’s codeword for HRC.

  9. Hey, I love your work and wanted to drop something since a lot of us trust your work and research. Craig “Sawman” Sawyer on Conspiracy Farm podcast Ep. 58 confirming the worst of the child trafficking and coming Hammer drop from DOJ. Very worth the listen…


  10. –shills? I think not. labeling “shill” is a left tactic, kind of like everyone is a racist, only in reverse. Right-wing tolerate original thought once in a while.
    –Sara Carter stuff was Dutch “Verified” account “to follow”
    and Meer is “Lake”?
    –Legend is a sad Faust, tough to make it in the industry without selling soul
    Nominated for grammys 28 times, won 10 Was it worth it?
    –Senate committee wants to protect Mueller, protect bill proceeded forth, now McConnell has to decided what to do with the bill

  11. Thanks Neon!

    In my opinion the worst of the worst on my top list are:
    Barry Soeberkah, John Brennan, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder.

    Nobody would drop a tear if they were gone.

  12. this is truly a battle between GOD and satan for the world’s soul
    good vs evil

    only someone following satan can brutalize and torture a child
    those doing this will face an eternity of burning in hell

  13. I shudder thinking how many children in Haiti disappeared into the child sex trafficking/torture/ritual sacrifices!?

    Coming to think of it Laura Silsby – child sex trafficker – is now working for “Amber Alerts” under a new name.

  14. Prediction. Renegade’s sins will not be public. Hillary is going to drop dead. Only small fish fry. This does not mean Trump’s junta does win, the result will not be as graphic as the Chan’s hope for. Politics are hard.

  15. Obama is hiding on an island in the Passific. Took off few weeks ago. No intention to return to US to face charges. Marines on standby.

  16. Dear Mr. Neon Revolt…. I came across an old news paper article out of Virginia from 1914 that proves “They” eat from the Pineal Gland of the brain (Adrenachrome). Also on the same page is an illustration of Moloch and human sacrifice. Been wanting to post it on the Q Research boards of 8Chan but don’t know how to use it, as I’m not the most “Tech Savy”…nor have the patience and time to figure it out. I know u post on there so thought u may find it a highly interesting find. I’ve pinned it to the top of my TWITTER account. Look me up if you please @illami416

  17. Hey JimJonesQoolaid…..saw your twitter post on that old article. REALLY interesting! And so bizarre! We keep hearing about #Adrenochrome and you should share this with that hashtag on Twitter. I will too. I wonder where the research went on this whole thing?


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