Weaponized Memes? Reparations? And Nakasone Keeping Things QUIET! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Let’s get into it:

The car attack in Toronto the other day was a #FalseFlag, which was pretty obvious the moment the line about “supreme gentleman Elliot Rodger” came out.

Yeah, the chans can have a sick, grim sense of humor, but this guy is no “an hero.” And everyone knows /pol/ has been shilled to death lately, since the brain-drain caused by /qresearch/.

To illustrate what I mean, here’s a pretty old Elliot Rodger meme:

You can find other memes like this, sure.

It’s edgy, it’s nihilistic — but it was never something that was taken seriously.

It’s been done again, in fact, with the “Persian Princess Nasim” memes. You remember? The gal who shot up Youtube, and then shot herself?:

Do you know how many of these memes I’ve seen over the past month?

No, what’s  notable is that they’re trying to use memetic references as a way to discredit the chans on the whole.

So this is the plan:

  1. Attempt to adopt the lingo of the site.
  2. Perform some heinous act in public.
  3. Make the site seem like a threat to society/discredit the entire platform.
  4. Get the site shut down

Worst case scenario for them, people will be afraid to go on to the “dark web” (it’s not) and read.

Best case scenario for them, Q gets his comms cut.

Of course, they imitated the memes poorly, and this guy completely failed at being “anonymous” (on purpose). But are normies going to realize that?

Anyway, this attack didn’t even disrupt the news cycle, and it’s becoming increasingly clear and increasingly well known that the chans are just a vehicle for free speech. Just because someone, somewhere, posted something rotten doesn’t mean every person on the platform is rotten.

Regardless of what you think of the edgy memes, the change in tactics is notable.

I don’t want to give them any ideas, but if I had to guess, given the failure of this attack to change the news cycle, the black hats will start posting seriously disturbing stuff on the chans. It might get so bad, 8ch administrators will have to disable image posting.

#QAnon then posted this:

I honestly meant to talk about this earlier, but I haven’t had a chance.

I came across this link a few days ago:

Basically, yes, the Democratic platform for the next 10 years will have to be built on “gibsmedat.”

This is basically the Democratic slave masters saying, “No, no, look! We’ll reduce the beatings, and build you a nice, new slave cabin! We’ll even throw in some deluxe gruel two times a week! Just STAY ON THE PLANTATION!”

Not gonna work! Dems haven’t done anything for minority populations!

We know from yesterday, that the only reason Macron came to Washington was to try and convince Trump to stay in the Iran deal.

I think Q is implying that we have way more leverage against bad actors, globally, and has flipped the script on Macron.

Trump is now trying to convince Macron to turn against the Cabal.

It would make sense. Macron is relatively young, probably relatively unsullied. He has nationalistic tendencies.  And he has no leverage.

What if Trump made him an offer to turn against the EU, and work with him? You know Trump is going to bring some kind of leverage to the table.

Trump is going through, one-by-one, and building a Freedom coalition.  He’s already succeeded in the unlikeliest of places – North Korea, China, Japan, Britain – for example.

If he gets Macron onboard…

Well, don’t be surprised if you suddenly see new agreements between the US and France flourishing, and a very, very displeased Frau Merkel in the near future. 😂😂😂

The size and scale and scope of #TheCabal is global. You can’t just just cordon off the US and play this isolationist game here – because while you may have gotten rid of the domestic threat, you’d still be surrounded by a global threat, if not a domestic threat.

Think of the amount of work Qteam is doing, world-wide, right now.

#Anon provides some helpful commentary with this one:

Flynn knows how to play the game.

Everything the Cabal does is so heinous, it’s easier for most to believe it’s a lie, than believing the ruling elite would be capable of such things.

And again, Q is telling us they have it all, and that we have more than we know.

I hate it when he says that.

Q confirms here that WW = worldwide, because there’s been a persistent number of voices on the boards saying it means “world war.”

He just called them out.

Leakers are all gone.


11 thoughts on “Weaponized Memes? Reparations? And Nakasone Keeping Things QUIET! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. Admiral Rogers, we owe you a sincere debt of gratitude that cannot be repaid. Our hats are off to you for your service, esp your efforts to help bring on The Great Awakening. We welcome Lt Gen Nakasone in the hope that he can fill your shoes & follow your steps. Godspeed to you both.

  2. So is Q saying General Flynn loosing his house to pay for legal fees is fake? I sent General Flynn a hundred bucks! I don’t want it back he has earned it and more I just want to know if that is all a show?

    • Flynn’s problems with the investigation were both financial and personal. These Government hacks know that the burden of having a federal investigation breathing down your neck difficult to deal with simply from a quality of life standpoint. Your future is in the hands of these corrupt investigators, not easy to deal with day to day.

      I’m positive Flynn knew the plan, and his guilty plea was part of it.

      If his finances took a major hit due to the investigation, you can bet he’s going to get it back 10 times over on the lawsuit he will be filling after this is all over with.

  3. You know, the thing these deep state morons don’t understand is their memes are going to be easily identifiable.

    A meme made by autists is molded, shaped, and refined in a natural process online.

    These memes are competing with every other meme in any given topic.

    The memes that we download and spread online have separated themselves from the others.

    Their memes have not had to prove themselves to the critical eye of anons and autists.

    Only the strongest, funniest and most effective memes survive.

    Our memes are alot like Donald Trump.

    Theirs are alot like Manchurian Candidate Barry Sotero.

    He’s soft.

    We’re going to keep winning.

  4. Having a difficult time buying into the coalition of freedom idea in that the UK will be involved on the ‘good’ side. Anyone living there will testify to the 1984 style which the so-called Conservative government has adopted in suppressing the people, particularly those espousing hard truths. There are even people being arrested for comments on social media sites, making jokes, etc.

  5. Admiral Mike Rogers and LTG (ret) Mike Flynn are the two men who saved this republic from their “16 Plan to destroy America” beginning with Barry Soeberkah and foreign agent. He ran a rogue in-American op out of the white house together with John Brennan.

    The truth in this case is uglier tan fiction:
    Angela Merkel and Teresa May go way back to their youths both serving as commies. Merkel who’s father is Adolf Hitler holds the same office as her dad did beginning before WWII.
    History books do not reflect the truth. A deal was made between the Vatican, US and Germany that Lutheran priest named Hasnell posed as her father . This deal also included her to be the future German leader and here were are.

    Among Hitler’s scientists many more of Hitler’s worst of the worst we also imported via Operation Paperclip. Many of Hitler’s men joined the ranks of the CIA. None other than the ‘Angel of Death’ – Josef Mengele – worked with the CIA in the programming of MK Ultra.
    The rest of the Nazis were given the opportunity to emigrate to Argentina. George Scherff aka H W Bush was adopted by Nazi Prescott Bush.
    I’m sure the offspring of many of these Nazis are also part of the CIA.
    Josef Mengele divided his time between Argentina and the US and died in the US in 1987.
    Adolf Hitler himself spent his latter days in Prescott, AZ where he died.

    To defeat and defang this cult of the Rothschilds/Nazis we must eradicate them. Until then I do not see anything changing as they want their long planned NWO.

    I believe the German people would be going bonkers if they knew who Angela Merkel really is. She has so far achieved more than her father ever could without a shot fired. She works quietly in her many duplicitous deals and actions such as shipping poisonous Chlorine and whatever else.

    I believe the best way would be to incremental introduce true history because it goes back to WWI when the lies started.

    Then there is Israel – not an ally but rather an adversary.

    • That is not May in that photo with Merkel (the source of the rumor that they knew each other). I wish people would do basic due diligence, and verify these kinds of claims, instead of just believing everything they read on an image board.


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