Kanye and Trump’s Bromance. #DragonEnergy #GreatAwakening

The Trump/Kanye bromance has been amazing to watch.

Are you surprised the #GreatAwakening is happening via such prominent influences and artists?

Chance The Rapper soon got onboard, dropping redpills.

And, of course, the tweet that inspired this post:

#DragonEnergy #GreatAwakening

11 thoughts on “Kanye and Trump’s Bromance. #DragonEnergy #GreatAwakening”

  1. Easy does it, dead white president loving racist white supremacist dixie white confederate slave-owning white uh, white… white…

    Wait. The dude’s black?

    …Where’s my crying closet?!

  2. Found something in the email dump…

    There are a few emails between HRC, Tony Blair & Lynn Forester de Rothschild. They were quite chummy. See page 246 of 281 9/23/2010

    Here’s an excerpt of the email from “Lynn” to HRC

    You are the best and we remain your biggest fans. Sweet dreams and Godspeed with everything you’re doing.

    How weird…

  3. Barack Hussein Obama put black people under welfare programs. Trump put black people into deeper welfare and unemployment. Trump made move jobs than ever available for black people. It’s amazing!

    In response to this post with Kanye’s tweet, in current day, “dragon” sounds evil, but in ancient times there were both distinctly “good” and “evil” dragons, and hence, “dragon energy.” Metaphors with powerful insight. It’s actually very good. The good dragon conquers and prevails over the evil dragon.

  4. OBAMA put black people into deeper welfare and unemployment. (I was in mid thought when my wife asked me a question.)

  5. Trump is the empower of blacks, let’s make that clear… and let’s be clear that that is a very good thing for black who choose to step up and play ball. White, yellow, red, black, or otherwise, if that person doesn’t step up to play ball and earn their way, then they are usurpers, essentially vagabonds, who have no real place in our civil society. No handouts.

  6. Interesting to me that the scribble on the side of the hat looks distinctly like a cursive “Q+.” Where have I seen that before…

  7. After my many drops on the “truth” channels about Neon Revolt de-coding AS THE WORLD TURNS, people start to except the “theory”. Example: “Blessed To Teach” ch. on utube, 25/04/18, 42:00- min mark. I love Neon Revolt!

    • When I saw the hat I thought 2 t, like 2 terms. Then your comment and Yes, A proper cursive Q looks like a curly 2! Good catch! Q+


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