Buying Time, with #NewQ. #QAnon #GreatAwakening

This was re: Kanye, and subsequent media/tweetstorm he helped create. I just covered that, in case you missed it.


#QAnon is saying it already happened but it hasn’t been disclosed to the public, yet.

I like this #Anon’s suggestions, though:


Reminder: 187 is code for assassination.

Q posted his older post, which I referenced the other day in my “As the World Turns” Assassination theory post. I’m not going to post a link here, because I’m hoping you read that already.

Prediction, on top of this all: Macron flipped!

Was France among the “Foreign Allies” involved in all this? (Which would put these happenings before Macron was elected).

Wonder if he added something to the “MOAB” that made it even more explosive!

Once the Strozk texts are released, the Russia investigation ENDS. Rudy is prepping Mueller on how to handle that – because remember my prediction – Mueller has been working for Trump this whole time, hunting a Witch.

But yeah, the people who ordered this investigation go to jail.

The people who helped cover it up go to jail.

And there’s a very real likelihood that Hillary and Obama will BOTH be arrested.

On top of that, now, with the likes of Kanye putting a sliver of doubt into so many minds around the nation, making it more “socially acceptable” to support Trump, well… this is what comes next:

If I’ve been the shirtless guy flailing all alone on the green for the past three years, Kanye just appeared at ~1:25.

(Protip: this has basically been my strategy with Neon Revolt. Anyone can do what I do).

AND – because exposing these texts is like lighting a fuse – now we get to start seeing ALL THE OTHER examples of corruption and treason brought into the daylight.

Remember what Q said yesterday:

“Treason / corruption 1st.”

The really dark, diabolical stuff comes out AFTER all this.

You got your rain-boots on, patriots?

Get ready for #TheFlood.

And then there was this:

Uh, I think he was just joking, Q.

It was funny to me, at least.

21 thoughts on “Buying Time, with #NewQ. #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

    • I do not think that the ANTIFA “useful idiots” are smart enough to design a flag or symbols that so closely resemble the 3rd Reich’s symbols/colors, etc., or their tactics either…so smells of the Soros Stank. After all, if not, that would mean that ANTIFA morons could actually read.

  1. This whole release of truth is just so utterly amazing… Thanks again for all your deciphering & commentary … And thanks to Q !

  2. I had been dancing alone for the longest time and then good Americans like Donald J. Trump joined and then George Webb joined and then NeonRevolt joined and then Qanon joined and then Dr. Corsi, etc, etc, and now the masses have joined.
    We are almost there fellow Citizens.
    Now everyone join in and Dance, Dance, Dance!

  3. I have been trying really hard to look beyond the more boomer-tier elements to Q’s posting but ‘the left are the real racists/fascists’ narrative is horrendous. In other words, what’s being said here, if I’m not mistaken, is that the white population will be removed whichever way the people decide to go in this presented dichotomy of Trump/Good and Cabal/Bad. Civic nationalism just allows for it to happen at a slower pace.

    • I don’t see why you would automatically assume that would be the end result, but I agree: Q needs to cool it on the boomerism. I think he’s just making a point, and I can understand it for what it is.

      (Believe me, I’m redpilled on that front).

  4. Whenever memetic deity is mentioned, namely Kek, one thing starts to bother me. Are we giving strength to a god ,that could be in cooperation with our God and Father, and a #Cabal non-grata god to make (((them))) fall? We are stepping into E S O T E R I S M stage even Lavey couldn’t dream of.

    • KEK was just a laugh here.

      Kek started as an alternative to LOL. I was just laughing, not invoking “Kek.”

      Plus, “Kek” isn’t real. It’s just a joke. Everyone knows it’s just a joke. There’s literally ZERO “Kek” worshipers on planet earth.

    • Our “God” is called the “Creator”, the false God is worshiped by all religions on Earth and he is a High Dark Entity and lives inside the Moon. Taken out by the Russi Light Worriors already. Grey’s Main Baise in Antarctica also destroyed by the Russi in 2016.

    • Appreciate the shares, but I was seeing censorship from Cabal-operated media.

      I removed all facebook/twitter/google integration from my site so as to help mitigate those efforts.

  5. Q- the lone nut? 🙂 Fantastic, Inspiring, Uplifting video.
    Neon Revolt, you are intelligent, thoughtful, and articulate.Thanks for being you.

  6. Interesting video tie-in with the Q awakening. Is it a coincidence? I think not! It will so be cool to speak up about Trump and what he is REALLy doing for the USA.

  7. My sequence rounding them up goes like this:

    Obama – Hillary – Merkel – May + Brennan and Clapper = Core Group and flow chart of down streaming the assassination plan/plot of Donald Trump.

    The Antifa flag is very much copied from the Nazi flag.

  8. Dear Sir
    My investigations seem to reveal that the antifa flag pics Q dropped last night are fake. Search ‘National Front Antifa flag’ and you’ll see the original image is from this article
    Someone has shopped in the ‘A’ crossbar to make NF look like AF. Why would Q point us to a fake photo and use it to correct an Anon. If it’s a joke, it’s too confusing. Very odd

  9. Look at this crime!

    UPDATE: Suspect Arrested in April 10 Strong Armed Robbery of Elderly Victim April 14th, 2018 by milwaukeepolice

    Milwaukee Police need your help in identifying a suspect of a robbery that happened on April 10, 2018, at approximately 3:00 A.M. on the 6300 block of N. 76th St. The suspect pushed an elderly man down to the ground and demanded and obtained the man’s wallet.

    The suspect is a black male in his twenties or thirties, with a heavy build, having a low haircut and beard, wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt, a white T-shirt, grey pants and grey and white tennis shoes. Please call 414-935-7360 with any information.

    UPDATE (4/16/18 at 9:30 a.m.): Milwaukee Police arrested the suspect wanted in this incident on April 14. The suspect is in custody and has been charged the District Attorney’s office.

    Just LOOK! April 10th. Robber knocked elderly guy down and took his wallet. April 16th police arrested the robber! He is in JAIL! HE was CHARGED April 16th. SIX DAYS….ONLY SIX days.

    And Hillary (serial killer) Obama (major pedo) PAGE/STRZOK (assassin plotters) the list goes on and on and on….THESE people after how long are
    still running free, doing their thing?

    Let’s get this DONE. Time to clean up the corruption—get them remanded, in line for trial….and locked away for life

    and THEN America can move onto something more productive.


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