“We’re Evolving At Warp Speed.”#NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

Have you been following @KanyeWest’s tweets of late?

The dude retweeted like 10 Scott Adams videos today:

He’s rapidly approaching escape velocity if he maintains these levels of #wokeness.

No, but seriously for a moment, do you understand the impact of him retweeting the videos he’s been retweeting recently? Between Candace Owens and Scott Adams, he’s a regular redpill dispenser for a YUUUUUGE swath of the population.

I do my work on this portion of the meme front, and Kanye’s doing his. And if you don’t think the convo between him an President Trump following Kanye’s forced mental incarceration didn’t precipitate any of this, you’re a fool.

I don’t think I need to add anything to this. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

As a side-note, I’m really like Grassley’s work lately. Between this, and his Red Cross work, dude is a total white hat.

I’m wondering if this is the MOAB Q was talking about earlier this week…

See, Planned Parenthood isn’t what it seems.

At its most basic, it’s a giant money laundering machine for Democratic politicians. Each and every abortion is subsidized by the American taxpayer, and then Planned Parenthood turns around and from its 77 million dollar-per-year profits (at least, in 2016), donates oodles of cash to Democratic politicians.

But beyond that, it’s been said that each and every Planned Parenthood is secretly dedicated to Molech – you know, that ancient Mesopotamian fertility cult that used to burn babies alive inside a bronze, bull-shaped altar?

And then, of course, I’ve talked previously about former Planned Parenthood President, Cecile Richards, and her public proximity to Witchcraft and Satanism:

And then, uh… there’s this:

So yeah, posts like this are satire. But only barely:


Oh! One more thing!

Did you get a chance to look at Allison Mack’s indictment?

Would you take a look at those charges?

But nah, nah, #Pizzagate isn’t real. Totally nothing to see there.


#NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening

17 thoughts on ““We’re Evolving At Warp Speed.”#NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening”

  1. I was reminded of a series on Youtube I watched of Zachary King. He claims he was a High Priest that utilized the abortion facilities to commit abortions after hours. His rise up the Satanic world was swift and he claims he had multiple high ranking pols and other world leaders, banking etc approach him to do wizardy or whatever it was to gain some favor.

    I will admit that I had taken him with a grain of salt after being brow beat about Satanism in the 1980’s during the Evangelical Christian craze. Now…knowing what I am learning, I think it may be well worth revisiting. Here is a link to one of his longer testimonials of his conversion out of Satanism.

  2. Hello,

    Be careful of Dr. Jerome Corsi.

    If his Wikipedia page is accurate, then he is a Jesuit, since he graduated from St. Ignatius High School. Leuren Moret says that Jesuits tend to use the “Embrace, Enfold, Extinguish” approach.

    Dr. Jerome Corsi is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. Abel Danger speaks a lot about two dangerous secret societies that were both founded in 1776. They are Phi Beta Kappa and Kappa Beta Phi.

    If you search the Abel Danger website for “Phi Beta Kappa”, then you will find MANY results.

    • Are all Christians by default good?
      Trump is part of the illuminated, (as were the founding fathers)—this is happening because those of us who have eyes to see know the dark side is out of balance and must be shoved back into its grimy corner. Christians believe they have a monopoly on goodness, however, the truth of s much more complicated to those who can see it. There is white and there is black, that is natural.

      • This is so far from the target, it’s obscene.

        There’s possibly one group Trumps is a part of, and it’s not the Illuminati. But I haven’t written about that yet.

    • A person is not a Jesuit if they graduated for a High School named after St. Ignatius. Where does that idea come from? Consider reading up on what it takes to become a Jesuit.

      With regards to Dr. Corsi, I do have a lot of reservations about him as you do. Not for the reasons you do (your reason his being a “Jesuit”).

      I have found that he is pro Israel. I think that a lot of people we know in our real life have been fed a line that amounts to a pro-Zionist stance. That weirdly has been incorporated into their faith.

      I believe Dr. Corsi falls into that category. I do not give him as much leeway as I would our friends and family because he is so well studied and researches things well.

      • There are three Roman Catholic all-male high schools in that area where Dr. Jerome Corsi lived:

        St. Ignatius High School [Jesuit – Founded 1886]
        St. Edward High School [Roman Catholic – Founded 1949]
        Benedictine High School [Roman Catholic – Founded 1927]

        You’ll have to ask Dr. Jerome Corsi why he chose the Jesuit all-male high school over the two Roman Catholic all-male high schools.

  3. I think that the Babylon Bee article about the Richards is a fake. I started looking closer at the other articles on the website. It does not seem credible. I think that it is a LARP. She is an evil woman, no doubt. But, you might look into it further.

  4. Thank you, NEON REVOLT, for a thoughtful, intriguing, and entertaining perspective about these issues. My thoughts about what all is happening (with The “Trump Storm,” deep state exposure, and many, many strange convergences) steers me to caution, though. While I can see superficial, positive intentions of DJT, and am a supporter of his presidency, I cannot help but remain somewhat reserved with my full confidence with the “reactivity” of every aspect of WW conditions, motives, and actions. There is always the possibility that we are witnessing maneuvering by opposing forces, neither of which are actually truly considerate of “the people,” and are only trying queue themselves in the hierarchy of WW control. With all the information being thrown out there (i.e. low information MSM, cryptic Q, and the many analyses by the various pro/con commentators who often filter and guide rather than just present the raw facts and truth) it can be a bit overwhelming.

  5. 8channers are saying :”The elites want Alex Jones to be the final word on “alternative media.”

    Anything he touches is supposed to turn to shit. That’s the idea.

    Not only does any narrative immediately lose crediblity once he embraces it, but once he denies it, we’re all supposed to go “Even c-r-a-z-y Alex Jones denies it! If you believe it, then you’re even crazier than him!”

  6. The Omnibus had allotments for PP. BUT the Omnibus is NOT budget! budget is restrictive. By passing omnibus’es all the time, Congress is giving the administration le-way in how to spend money. The administration doesn’t HAVE to spend PP allotment if they do not want to. THIS is why Obama ALWAYS wanted an omnibus.

  7. this is a war between GOD and satan

    we are the pawns

    believe in GOD and believe in JESUS is the way the truth the light
    GOD/JESUS=good and light
    satan=evil and darkness

    i don’t do organized religion anylonger
    i don’t believe that GOD’s word should be free to those that seek it

    i pray for my country and world everyday
    and i pray that GOD gives wisdom and continued courage to trump and his team
    please join me

  8. I know I might be one of the few that have been fans of Kanye before all of this just for his music. Which is why I thought I’d pitch in the idea that his last album was also somewhat of a “redpill”. I know it’s vulgar and many times primitive but if you give the whole album a listen there are a lot of songs that speak to the listener different than your average rapper’s songs do. And I am also not a christian, but I do believe Kanye has tried to encourage people to embrace some kind of faith with some of his work on there. He’s a great “weapon” we have on our sides for sure.

  9. Great perspective! Have visited a few times after I heard about your site. Can’t remember where. Had me worried there for a min. when you said, “I don’t think GOD’s word should be free”. Thanks for catching & correcting that! Blessings

  10. Anyone willing or participate murdering a child in the womb is an affront to God.
    Babies and children are the most innocent among us untainted by the sins of the world.


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